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Internet sites The current list of internet sites that have permission to distribute this crackware as well as official supporting of previous and future crackware releases and crackware updates: Medium Time of cracking: Far, Debug and own Brain ; Created with: Author's projects support page: If your look for trainer update - you know where you can find it ; 3.

Note, that this is NOT the game language. For example the language may be English, but the release is for the Middle East for ex. I can't reply to every e-mail! People sends me hundreds of e-mails sometimes!

I WILL ignore the most of the messages! No, I am not a collapsed person! The reasons of such unfriendly behavior is described below. Please DO NOT ask me about generic computers-related questions alike 'where the "game directory" is located? Just find and read a good computers- related book.

Please DO NOT send e-mails with "please add the 'blahblah' feature into your trainer" or "make trainer for 'blablah' game". If I am doesn't make this feature I am really have some mention about this. And of course I observe all crackware scene, so if I find new trainer with new and interesting feature, I will add this feature to my trainer Of course, if I have enough time for this.

Yes, I am very glad to hear such good words about my work, but please - save my time! If I can't resolve your problem I will ignore your e-mail. Not totally, but I doesn't reply anything. This is just means - "Thanks for the information, but, sorry, I can't help you now. Maybe in time I can find solution for your problem.

After the day period was up, we wrote a review about each site — for you to read — and discovered the REAL top cheater dating sites. Each participant was required to use the same strategies for meeting someone on each site. Our goal was to give each cheater dating site a fair shot. We went into this process with absolutely ZERO biases towards or against any of the 15 cheater dating sites. In fact, we barely knew anything about any of them. These were all new to us.

We were not paid to write a positive review for any of the sites. All of the opinions we give are based on our experience using the cheater dating sites. After testing these cheater dating sites, we got terrible results and strongly recommend you stay away. You may be wondering why we even took the time to write reviews bashing many of the non best cheating sites. But we do have a reason for it and that reason is NOT to destroy the credibility of a cheater dating site that rubbed us the wrong way or refused to pay us to write a positive review about their site.

The real reason we wrote reviews about crappy cheater dating sites was for YOUR own good. That includes website owners using fake profiles as discussed here to attract new members to their site, foreign extortionists, and private investigators that are just waiting to expose your attempted affair to your spouse…unless you pay up.

There are ONLY 3 sites that we are aware of that are not either bogus due to a lack of having enough members or overrun by scammers….

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