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His father's name was James.

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They all agve me a link to where their personal infgo was supposed to be. They all took me to a site called LocalMilfAffairs. I turned off auto billing on all of them. They were all from that Guernsey address. Now Im brginnig to wonder about: I went to this sit in search of fun…before buying a membership l would get two pr three flirts a day that some hot chick wanted to hook up…the very day l joined the flirts stoped….

The flirts are all automated through computer software of course just to lure you into buying a membership. I just told bank I didn't make the charge. Why take a chance. I had my money back in my acct 10 minut s later. I am sure if they get your money. I figured it out real quick, but not before they scammed me. Please potential buyer's do not bite!!!

First, contact your bank and report the fraudulent activity. They will immediately cancel the card and reimburse the amount of money lost. They will open an investigation to determine if you are trying to defraud them.

In the same process they will investigate the perpetrators and, if unlawful activity is identified, they will prosecute to the fullest. Understand that this latter part rarely occurs. For the most part the crooks are not apprehended. But if by chance they happen to detain one it is a happy day.

Firt off, I thought the site might be fair dinkum, but now I know it is a scam — I've been thinking about it and I wondered at one stage if it was a front for a police operation, but I suppose not — if the police contact me, I will get back here with an update of what went down.

I do suggest to everyone that they view all dating sites which ask for money as a scam — the only probable safe ones, are the free ones, which connect like minded people together, without a price involved. Never, never spend money — but if you do, never with your Mastercard or Visa, do it through PayPal or a similar payment option which keeps your Banking details private to you.

If you paid out and want the money back, go through your bank. You can stop automatic payments from there and if the money taken was fraudulent, you might be able to claw it back, via your bank, because you have been scammed and like someone said, these girls are simply too beautiful, to not be getting dates and so on, to need to make contact with you or me — we get the not so beautiful ones, and you see plenty of them in various shapes and sizes around shopping centres and in the industrial hub of the city where you live……….

As a male, I found with online dating sites in Aussie, I was getting 2 to 3 responses to my profile each week, one or two, I had a look at in person, but the women concerned put pix of themselves when they were years younger and they did not look at all like their pix when I met them — if they were dishonest from the outset, what hopes then of a truthful relationship with me — no thanks. If you do make a date, watch her eyes, if they are everywhere around where you meet and not on you — she is not interested in you and I recommend you don't touch her with a barge pole.

My female companion, who I eventually met, did not post her picture and said she had lost 40kg, which I thought meant that she would be skinny, so I was floored when this huge woman got out of her SUV — I said from the outset I was not interested in her physically and we have agreed that I will look online for the occasional sex date, however, that said, in all other ways she was ideal and after 2 days in my home, in one of my spare bedrooms we don't have sex shudder and she has her own bedroom and I have mine, I asked her to move in with me, which she eventually did and I am now so happy with my life and with her — so "if" you eventually meet someone, be upfront with your expectations and don't knock her back if sex is going to be an issue, you can always punt around to try and get that elsewhere — a really good friend of the opposite sex if that is how you swing and company, is paramount, especially as you get older, instead of remaining single and hellishly lonely.

My friend was flooded with men looking for company and sex referred to her from the dating site — she had hundreds to choose from whereas, as I mentioned earlier, I only got 2 or 3 replies each week. It made no sense to me at the time, but now it does — these dating sites get loads of men who sign up, but very few women and since only the woman knows how many contacts she gets and never us men I would say the chances of actually making a connection through online dating with a woman is remote, even when the dating site is kosher.

Few women, loads of men. So how do you meet women in real time now, when everything is electronic and computerized and "women", if they exist, all seem to have predetermined ideas of their ideal mate and if you don't fit their profile, you don't get a contact — probably meet someone on the hoof at the local pub, or social club, or in the agony columns of the local rag newspaper singles columns , or at least where women congregate — cooking classes at your local school in the evenings, would be a great contact place and you get to eye the goods first, too and see if a date is possible and learn to chat them up and don't set your sights too high, lol.

If you do get a screw, make sure she is on the pill or use a condom — the last thing you want is a kid and maintenance for the next 18 to 20 years, here in Aussie, deducted from your pay packet before you even see it — I had a vasetomy years ago, so I can't have kids anyway and the women I've met since had their kids and had their tubes tied, so there was no worry about that.

Yes,me too am a victim of flirt local. The only conversation I had was two times. I'm not signing up for another site. Different girls gave me the same name to look for one I sign up for "free" lifetime use! In this particular investigation we got redirected to FlirtLocal. This is a site that we have investigated and exposed for fraudulent behavior in another previous investigation. But why then is LocalFlirtBuddies.

Not only that but I m profile shows my address that I had 10 years ago. This is so Fake!!!!!!!! Yes it's really, in HornyAffairs I received a lot of message before upgrade and pay I pay for one month but after no one answer,. My boyfriends email was signed up to this site. It was an incomplete profile, but he received about six messages In a week.

After seeing that he had an account on this site I confronted him. I pointed out it was he email. He continues to deny ever signing up for it.

Ive been having a hard time believing him, but after reading above, Im thinking maybe I should believe him. I doubt he signed up as I have had the same type of thign many times. I agree with the Admin's response. Finally, I came to the conclusion he wasn't utilizing that site because his very public, well established for decades, email was his handle.

No other info, pics or outgoing correspondece under the profile. I'm going through the exact same thing.. I went and made me a fake profile…emails started being sent to my inbox…fkn asshole I'm so hurt idk what to believe. Read into site, most all from god awful named countries..

Just to say I was completely scammed by flirtlocal. Hopefully I have got out and cancelled everything before paying any more! I wish i had come across your report and warning before going into this. Hey everyone… I was just messaged by a supposed date from flirt local!!!! I live in Vancouver, Canada and this person claims to live in the same area as well!!!

I haven't been on this site for over a year…. I was wondering if anyone else has been approached by her ,or if she is another victim of this scam??? She claims to reside in my area Los Angeles and goes by the name "miacu. This site no doubt is operated by the same crooks! A lot of websites are scams.

Found out early on. One tried to rip me of for Bank automatically canceled card and called me to tell me. Got lots of replys and no further communictions from the women. Knew each site was a scam when the money requet came up. Cancelled out of all and have an empty mail box and no chances of viruses to damage new computer. I signed up to this as I was messaged by a couple of local girls, they were not exactly model material but nice enough for me and since I payed to become a premium member to reply after being aloud a couple of free messages I was lured in also because they didn't display the upto date prices of course my card kept being declined, it took two days just to upgrade and in that time this one girl messaged me asking if I had lost interest, so once I finally got on the site I send my replies etc but nothing back at all and their support team keep telling me to clear my cookies and things.

Definately a bogus site, the minute O signed up the e mails and flirts from girls stopped. I immediately disputed the charge with my Bank and they told me they couldn't do nothing about it so I closed my account to avoid any reccuring charges. It's a shame nothng can be done about rip off sites like this. Hello everyone in the future open any photo with Chrome right click on it and search for it with Chrome if theres doubles its bound to be fake.

Does this profile pic look like it was faked? Just to add, out of fun, I created 2 different accounts and if I bring up a search, the complete set of girls are completely different in my town on both accounts.

I can't find a girl on my first account anywhere in search on my second vice versa. These people tried and tried to scam me. Yesterday, I got into an hour long, 12 e-mail conversation with a "woman". I finally busted her when she said she would meet me in the lobby of a hotel that had closed 10 years ago. Finally she said "You win. I give up ". Yhen she sent a? At least you figured out they were fake before it was too late.

Ya I'm a sucker too I wasn't sure then I bought in and sure enough I feel scammed, stupid me, well at least it was a prepaid card, and it will run out. Still though how can I trust anything. Yes , this site lured me with lots of gorgeous women doing lots of nasty things we dream about and say they live in your town.

Got me for a sign up fee and then nothing from no-one. I ragged on their comments column for several days about it being a scam and their erection pills were worthless- thankfully did not go that far But they kicked me off the sight.

Least I got in several days of bad advertising of them on their own site. So I guess I give them their monies worth of scam back at them. I'd suggest everyone else to do the same. Why isn't there internet police for this crap. This was last year and they are still operating Gives the whole internet thing a bad image. My only question is how in the hell they got the pictures on that flirtlocal site?

I am on that standard and have got a few response from these ladies? A Fake of many fakes. I found this review too late… but at least I paid just a few days with a pre-paid card.. I can confirm that this site is a complete scam…. This site also copied my profile into other sites, where later, checking deeply, I found same girls but with other names and cities… those sites were: Sorry I didn't see this sooner because I just signed up using a credit card for 3 months.

Anything I can do now to get out of this? Then a hot college student started bombing me with explicit messages for a little while. I couldn't respond — free membership — and I didn't hear from her for a while. I did and the reply was to click on this link which is just sending you to another scam site. I sent her emails and then the replies are that she can't read your emails.

I just delete them anymore because it is another scam set up to rip you off. Your email address will not be published.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. October 19, at 7: October 20, at 4: July 23, at 4: November 5, at I have already connected with relatives on my grandmother's side but I'm having difficulty connecting with the Salladini's. Any help is appreciated. Any information on the Faenza family would be much appreciated.

Visit my website to learn about a common myth surrounding Italian origins: Looking for information on the last names: I'm searching info about Davini surname and the collected genealogical data are in the site http: Looking for any information on Stefano Cusimano, from Palermo, Italy. Australia - Friday, September 29, at This site is a wonderful resource.

I have just begun to search out my family and am amazed at the numbers of people out there doing the same and eager to help others. I am searching for my father's family from Modica in Sicily: Also searching mother's family from Naples and Casserta: Voy a ser breve. Mis bisabuelos Paternos ambos vinieron a la Argentina desde Italia a principios de siglo. El apellido de uno de ellos es el mio, Panelli, y el del otro era Seccini. Si alguien sabe algo We came to Canada in They lived in S.

Four sons, Alessandro, Victor, Emile and Mario worked in the silk. I am searching for information on my grandfather - Antonio Capolingua. I have found relatives there but the could not tell me much some of the problem is caused by the language barrier. I also found Capolingua's in Australia but they couldn't tell me much of the family history. Any information would be appreciated. For those of You doing genealogy research in the provins of Lucca.

I have published an online genealogy community focusing on that area. I am looking for any relatives by the last name of Spitaletto, Ianantuono, Oriente, Pouvia. My mother's family came to the US in , they were from Compobasso. My father family from Avellino, Rome, Naples. Any one know any info on them please email me at aspitale pica. I am looking also for info on Francesco Paulo Vilani. He might have been from Gagliano Aterno,Italy.

I think he was from Gagliano Aterno,Italy. Also,Teresa Colilli Del Greco fromsame area. I am searching for any background on my ancestors from Italy. The only infomation I have is my grandparents. Their names are Paul and Francesca Formica Emanuele. He was born in Italy August 5, And she was born May 23, Francesca was born in or near San Petro, Massina, Italy.

As far as I know, they came to the USA in or about Also Francesca had 2 brothers and 1 sister which I would like to find more about. My family and I do not know anything else about their family. I would really appricate it if someone was able to help me. I am also interested to find more about their parents. Any infomation will help.

My mother [Palmera Alberti] born near Naples Italy went to usa one of 14 children married to Frank Caponegro of the usa lived in Boston mass. I want to kow my family I'm an italian journalist and i'm looking for interesting stories about people moved on from Abruzzo Italia , and in a particular from Teramo, or surround it.

Whoever believe to novel his story, or the one of his parents,friends, can e-mail or write me. The most important will appear to an italian newspaper. Hi, I am just beginning my search. One other surname that my mother remembers is Lieno but where it fits in is anyones guess at this time.

The web site from a calabrian little town. The Gioia Tauro' planes. The people and the traditions. Hey, i'm so glad to have found this website. I am looking for Rando's from Sicily in particular, but there are others scattered around europe. I'd like to contact people who can help me to know about my ancestors.

I do not know anyhting about my ancesters, except the name that i carry. My grandparents names are Frank and Jean Conetto.

They lived in the Fresno, Ca area thier entire lives. I would appreciate any information on my last name or my Grandparents. I wish to add my names to the sea of beautiful vowel filled surnames If anyone thinks they are related or has any interesting information about these names or families please email me.

My grandparents were form Italy and no one knows much about them.. Their last name is Montonini and I wuld love to find out if I have any relatives in Italy. Just came across your site as I've just started looking for things ancestral! Hijo de Francisco "Mangona" y Carolina Russa. Hi, found your site, looks interesting. I'm searching my grandparents who immigrated from Salerno, Italy sometime before G'father mothers maiden name Bollini.

Not sure where g'father born. I am looking for imformation about my Italian heritage. My family worked in Lawrence's mills, a city made up entirely of immigrants, before moving out to the suburb of Methuen. If you have any imformation about the history of a DeAngelis family in Northern Massachusetts, I would greatly appreciate you sharing it.

Looking for relatives in Sicily. Giuseppina Josephine later returned to Sicily where she died. Looking for information on relatives. They had a son name Joe Amato. They left Sicily and moved to New York, then L. If anybody knows anything please let me know. I hope someone will give me a response soon! My family comes from avezzano,Italy. Lost family in disaster. Emil had a brother Amedeo married Jennie Borino son Vittorio vincent.

Looking for any relatives and any info to research. My husband and I are searching for info about his grandparents, both sets from Sicily. Francesco Frank Plescia was born Aug. My birth surname was Reghi and I was adopted in the "Kulka" family. I am in search of my roots in Italy.

I have found that the name Reghi is usually a shortened version of Rheghetti or Rhegetto. I would greatly appreciate any opinions on where to start or to hear from other Rhegi's! This is my first time at your website. Tried clicking on "Sicilian Towns", but the page wouldn't display. Yes, The surname, Nestler, originates from Germany; but in this family has been in Sicily since about 's's, originating with the first Nestler from Germany Bavaria , Cristoforo Nestler.

There are still some cousin's in Sicily and in Rome. My Husband has much info from the old country about his family, but I have very little. Would love to hear any info about the regions of Corio, Enna, Dipignano and anything about these surnames.

I liked your site. I am looking for the originys of Family Cordioli. I my name is john a. Caruso,Jr Fathers name is John A. USA - Friday, September 01, at I'm looking for relatives on my father's side from Messina. Family name is Bille. I know that my grandfather Guissepe had a sister Antoinetta. I believe they own a large bakery or pasticerria in Messina.

Also looking for any Belli ancestors from Campobasso. With all the Italians in the United States, I cannot find any that can give me the color of the Royal Guards dress uniform which has a high collar trimed with braid, fancy braid on the shoulders of the jacket two rows of buttons down the front of the jacket, wide band across the jacket from left shoulder to the right waist,heavy cord from the right shoulder and looped through the front of the jacket.

Wish to have Benvenuto tinted but do not know the colors. I am always eager to hear from anyone who is related to the Cordato family. I know there are descendants all over the world, so keep those emails rolling in. If anyone has any informationabout these surnames would appreciate your sharing it with me.

Thanks for your help. USA - Monday, August 28, at I am trying to find the boat that my grandfather came in on from italy, I know that he arrived here with 2 brothers in I have checked all the sites for that year for arrival for the boat for , but their names are not listed.

I know he had several brothers, but I have little additional information. I really need help in finding my grandfathers ancestors they lived in Bargo,Italy. His Name was Peter Verzoni. I'm Looking for any Verzoni that lived in Bargo Italy. It dosen't matter if its a cousin or if you knew a verzoni. I'm just looking please write back at averzoni yahoo.

I am a freelance writer, currently writing a mystery set in the s in Trenton, New Jersey. In doing research I discovered that I don't know much about my own family background.

So anyone related and I know there are many cousins out there or a family friend, any help would be appreciated. My mom's father was Frank Muccie and had 11 kids, all in Trenton. My grandmom was named Guiseppina Tunnillo changed to Josephine Tummillo.

I know next to nothing about my grandparents and great-grandparents. My mom Annina Micuccio married an Englishman and was an outcast! I do know that the family hustory begins in Trenton in the late s with Tummillo coming here in the s. I know it used to be spelled rizzo. I'm looking for some family on my great grandpa's side of the family.

He passed away dec. I'm trying to start a family tree and trying to find some of our my family. I'm trying to put our family tree together, what a huge task! Both came to Rochester NY around I would love to hear from long lost cousins or nayone with more information.

I'm traveling to Sicily in October and hope to investigate more. Looking for any info on Natale Girgenti born in Italy. Looking for ancestors from Delianouva Reggio-Calabria. My grandfather, Angelo DeMarte came to America alone at the age of 19 approximately His parents were Alfonzo and Elizabetta DeMarte. He also had a brother Giuseppe. They had four children, Elizabeth, Alfonse, Gerard, and Joseph my father. I am also trying to find out more about Delianouva as I cannot find it on any maps.

Anyone familiar with this town in Calabria? Would like very much to travel to this area. I am excited about this site as my search has just begun. Thanks so much for being here! If so, please drop me a line. USA - Tuesday, August 15, at My grandfather was Nicola Nick Colangelo b. Two brothers also made the trip to America: Tony had a son name Joseph who would have been born in the 's.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Looking for information about Col. Father, Dominick emigrated from Naples, Italy about the 8th day of Dec. Dominick was born December 6, at Antonemia, Italy. His father's name was James.

Also, his mother, Antonette Zaccari from the same area. What, if anything, does this have to do with Marilyn King of the King Sisters? He immigrated in Luigi, Silvano, Eugene, Carmella and Renato. They all heve been to visit here in Massachusetts and Since my parents have passes we have lost track. ANY information will be helpful Grazia He was a shoemaker. His wifes' name wifes'name was Concetta DiPaula.

He came to Baltimore about from Sicily via Argentina due to immigration regulations. He had an older brother, Guiseppe,and two younger brothers, Santo and Michaelangelo, who were confectioners. Their father was also named Guiseppe, and his wifes' name was Marianna Campagna. I am searching for links to my gg grandparents. I have information for my great-grandparents listed below and all were from the town of Lucera, Province of Foggia, Apulia or Puglia region of Italy.

Therefore, I assume that their parents and other ancestors are from the same town and province. Specifically, I am searching for the parents or other ancestors of: Consiglia was born on 4 Apr Alessandro died on 2 Feb Consiglia Maria died on 28 Jul Beniamino DiGiovine was born on 27 Aug He married Angela Maria Capriotta on 3 Jun Angela Maria was born on 20 Aug Beniamino died on 30 Dec Angela Maria died on 20 Jun Thank you for any help.

Searcing for any information on the Amanti surname. Both Salvatore and Lazarro had large families and my mother Nella is the youngest daughter of Salvatore born We believe the birthplace of the Romagna brothers and possibly a sister was either Fano or Pesaro, Italy. Their parents were Guiseppe and Barbara Romagna for whom I am named. We believe that Anna Giangolini had two daughters and that one was named Maria born early s? It would be wonderful to locate some living relatives of either the Romagna or Tamburini families still located there.

I had the opportunity to visit the Adriatic coast of Italy last year and the Emilia Romagna region. Pesaro is also located near here but I did not visit the town. However I plan to return in May, and would welcome the opportunity to meet with any distant relatives.

Thank you to anyone who can put me in touch. I am looking for information on my ancestors from Cefalu, Sicily. My g-grandfather Salvadore J. Please email me with any info. I need to get a birth certificate form that city and want information on how to do this. If anyone lives in ACRI and reqad this message pls write me. I know that some of our relatives opted to work and live in New York instead at that same time. Many of the Italian Families moved to Arizona and purchased land after many years, including my family.

Some Federico's from "Back East" visited with my Grandfather in the mid 's but that is the last I heard. Grandfather was Augustino Lombardo and grandmother was Catherina Spicuzza. They came over in and have 7 children 6 still living.

My great-grandmother was Josephine Spicuzza and her husband Lawrence Spicuzza moved to California and left her in Indianapolis with my grandparents. We think he may have started another family in California. I am looking for relatives: Family memebers came over to USA approx. To Joseph Stumpo of Toronto: Your forgot your e-mail address. There are about Stumpo in the United States and about 25 of them have e-mail addresses.

How can I contact you with the information for which you are lookinf. Feel free to join my search at any time. I set out this evening to find and discover the Stumpo family tree.

Please feel free to join my search. Joseph Stumpo canada - Sunday, July 30, at Iset out this evening to find and discover the Stumpo family tree. Your website is wonderful!! I have found many relatives and some just returned from Italy with news of my fathers sisters, they surely must be in their 90's. I also have aided some on this site by suggesting alternate ways of finding their relatives through telephone and mail address searches, I found 15 Pezzanities relatives of mine in various parts of Australia.

Many Italians immigrated to that Continent. If anyone needs help on this just e-mail me!! He came to America in the second half of 19th century. Any comments by anybody connected to name or the region are welcome. I am looking for my Grandparents surname. My grandpa was Anthony Diego Pirrotta,born in Sicily. My grandma was Rosalie Sarafina Cuti-Pirrotta.

She was born in Calabria. Thanks so much for any info. Hello again, I am now looking for my grandfathers brothers family, his name is Bartolo Rizzo, and he was born in Castrovillari cosenza calabria, my grandfathers name was Luigi, and he was born in , I don't have the year that Bartolo was born but he came to America and settled in Elkhart Indiana, I have found the relatives in Italy and now I need to find the family of Bartolo, he used to go by Bart, anyone with any info please contact me.

I am looking for Mrs Sabina Rissi I am looking for amy Salomoni family members that might have migrateds to the south part of Brazil. I am very impressed with all the resources for Italian genealogists which are listed on your page. I intend to return often! I messed up on my URL and so am resubmitting. His is the father of my granpa. Any Bianco's from just outside Paleremo? Noccilino's from around Vasto? Siamo agli inizi del' Un discendente ne racconta con passione la storia, addentrandosi anche nelle vicende storiche di Rivello.

Sito in portoghese, in previsione le versione italiana ed inglese. Le invito a visitare il mio sito: I know my mothers grandparents all came from palermo, sicily. Surnames are Pagano, Corolla which we believed was once Corollo and Ragusa.

I know my great grandparents all came over at the turn of the century. I know we have lots of family over there and I am planning a trip to palermo soon. Siamo agli inizi del' Please email me if you ever heard of these names. I am searching for the origin of my family name, Coccia.

My grandfather rarely spoke of his heritage, and therefore I have very little information to work with in my research. Just starting to research my heritage with the last names of Zarlinga, Antonio, Zappa and Delmonico. My husband's family name is Saglibene. At this point I know very little. But this is interesting.

I am looking for info regarding my grandfather Achille Lunardi who supposedly came to australia approx He came from Massa Carra or Casiglioni in the Lucca area I hope the area is right I have no other information so any assistance would be apprciated.

I am looking for Fillipo Avellino, who moved to Madrid in Just want to congratulate you on a fantastic source you have provided. I enjoy visiting and reading your guestbook. If anybody could provide any leads in the U. I wouldn't mind corresponding with people from this site!! Australia - Tuesday, July 04, at I am trying to find ties to my husbands family..

Hi there, I am trying to find any information on my Fathers family. I know his Fathers name is Nunzio, Mother Agelina, he had a few sisters one was named Adele and still lives in Toronto. He has a brother Nicola that lived in Toronto but now has moved back to Italy. If anyone knows about San Valentino or know any Gigantes please drop me a line!! I am seeking the one who can translate my poetry please go to Tricolore. The name of my ad is: My father Peter J.

Arrighi was born in Pompa, Brazil, son of Joseph and Josephina deLuca Arrighi, they also had a son charles and a daughter Clorinda Italia, charles and Clorinda were born in Italy, Joseph had been married before, he had a son Joseph, the mother died in birthing, have never seen or heard of or from this Uncle Joe, Josephine had family in Argenstina, Meninjeres?

I have 2 sisters, Mary JO and Barbara I'm not sure of the spelling! My grandfather would have come to this country around the s?.. He had three children there James, William Bill , and Hattie. My father is gone now, and never told me very much about his father This has been a long search I understand he was a "Swiss-Italian" Please feel free to email me.

Just perused site some more. This is so delightful Joe. Many thanks for this fine idea. Makes me feel warm and cozy to see all these Italians visiting. Hope one of you knows some of our history to share. All ancestors were stone masons and lived in Boston,Mass. Luigi born ,Henrietta born ,son Antonio born , all in Italy, but no town given.

Anybody with info please email me. Really want to find out more about the family. I believe the Panetta's who are married into this family are in Massachusett so any Frank Panettas out there send up a smoke signal and if one of your relatives was Countess Carmela Panetta Pezzaniti who live in to mid in Calabria, let me know as I am searching for Panetta cousins.

Thank you Gerr P. Must say what a great resource website this is for doing Italian geneology. They may have came from the Lugo di Vicenza area before coming to USA around through Ellis Island since at least two of their four children were born there. Children were John, William, Victoria, and Mary. Hi Joe, I check your guestbook periodically and enjoy reading the messages from other researchers. I've been fairly successful in finding family; however, I can't nail down any info about my grandfather Raffaele LaRosa's brothers Ignazio and Matteo.

If anyone out there is a descendant of these men, I'd love to hear from you. I belive the name of Macalotti figures in the family in the Mid 's. Search is on for decendants of Guiseppe's sons, Frank, Benvenuto, llario,and Orazio ther were two sisters one named Maria. Any help out there? I am researching my husband's Italian grandparents. Researching the following family names from the Palermo area: Would also like to know if there is any Fescina family in Naples?

My grandfather was Nick Colangelo, he had two brother, Charles and Tony. Their parents were John and Jennie. Nick came to America abt.

Any help or info would be greatly appreciated. USA - Wednesday, June 21, at Any information of people with these surnames from mid 's is wanted.

They immigrated to Rochester, NY and had about 9 children, only one of whom was male. I am interested in the area, the surname and anyone out there that might be related! Father was Salvador A. Giglio, Mother;s mother was eddna Liberto, Father's mother was ethel Gordon Giglio step mother one fatere was from polermo the other from siccilly Salvador A. I have been able thus far, to trace my family back to Palermo, Sicily.

To a Salvatore Ministeri Magistrate in the early If anyone has any other information in regards to the Ministeri family, or DiMinisteri family from Sicily, I would appreciate hearing fom them. I am looking for any information about my ancestor. I think he was born between and I need to get one of the following things about it: Italian Genealogy and Culture [mailto: Monday, June 12, 3: Could you send me more information about Luigi Antonio Bado?

Could you send me any information about Domenico Bado his father , or Catalina Gandullia his mother , Pietro and Geroinio Bado probably his brothers? Could you introduce me by mail a person who could help me to get this information?

If you want to contact me do not hesitate to do it, I will be very glad. Best regards, Fernando Bado ferbado rieder. Hi Joe, great site. I looking for my grandfathers family, his name was Luigi Rizzo, he was born in Castrovillari,Cosenza,Calabria in , he still has some family there, some have moved to Torino, he had I think 3 brothers and 2 sisters, one sister married a Mancuso and came to the United with my grandfather her brother, she lived in Pa.

Need help locating some of the family. Great place to spend some time. Hi JOe, I have married into the "Zuccaro" family and have begun to look into the family history and hopefully have a start to the family tree for this years family reunion. Your site has given me a path to take to start looking for the many relativeswith many of the elders passing on it is hard to find information on the family who is still in Italy.

Hi Joe, My father's name was Palmiro Fazzi. I would like to know what port of entree was used in U. I understand that he left for this part of the world from England. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Paul F Fazzi, 77 watertown st. I am new to this, but I am interested in finding out information about relatives on my mother's and father's side.

I have been told that my maternal grandmother and grandfather both came from Sardinia. My grandfather's name was Paul Spano, which may have been spelled Espanu in Sardinia.

My grandmother's name was Mary Fiori, she may have been born in the U. A, but her father was also born in Sardinia. I am also looking for information about my Father's family, from Calabria. My father's name is Frank Pugliese, so was his father's. His mother's name was Concetta Pugliese. I was born and raised in northern New Jersey, where most of my Dad's immediate family still resides.

This is site is terrific and gave me a couple leads already! They came from Castellamarre del Golfo, Sicily. She came through Ellis Island about He came to the USA in the late 's. Guiseppe first settled in Boston, Massachusetts where he heard there were jobs in the mines to be had.

He stayed a short while as all jobs were filled He became a citizen of the USA on Sept 13, Would appreciate any leads Just starting to trace family roots. I want to make friendships with Italians in the world, you write. The surnames are Liucci, Frasciello, Mottolla and Abbruzzese. The settled in the Western Massachusetts area in the early 's.

Researching Pedretti and Lucia surnames from Fonteno in the province of Lombardy. My email address has changed since I last posted and I have more information. I am concentrating on the Cimino family Calabria. My great gradfather, Serafine was one of three brothers. I am trying to locate their names. I am also looking for their names. This is a great site, Joe! What a wonderful way to stay connected to our Italian roots.

My families are from Senigallia and Fossombrone in Marche Italy. Could someone stop a huge argument about the name 'Malaspina'. Some of us think that it is Italian and other declare that it is Spanish. Does anyone know what it means?

Thanks Joe for the site. You seem to be doing a great service for we Italians searching for our roots! Thanks for the links. Both sides of my father's family are from Sicily. I am almost sure that my grandmother's family is from Prizzi. Would like to know more. I started researching the Borgetti name in from info my uncle had and a family tree from Bernezzo, Italy. My grandfather remained in the USA but the two brothers moved to Mexico to avoid the war?

Last year my hard drive crashed and I lost most of the info, I am rebuilding the family tree now from my orignal notes and records. If you would like a list of the names I have dope me an e-mail and as soon as I get it complete again I will e-mail them to you.

USA - Wednesday, May 24, at He was born in and his name was Domenico. I am looking for my Father, "Bruno Galeotti" who was born and bred in Florence. My mother became pregnant in April and eventually came back to England where I was born Jan All contact was broken with Bruno, but he would be between 66 and 70 now if still alive. I would be very grateful if anyone has any information at all I have letters he wrote to my mum and some photos. The site from cittanova and surronding - Calabria - is at url: This is a very nice place!

I am searching for any family history about my grandfather, Bernadino Perseo, who was from Chieti, Italy and emigrated to the USA during the beginning of the 's. My husband's maternal great-grandparents: Both from Italy, possibly Naples.

I'm looking for info on my grandfather Vincenzio Fierro, came over I believe he was from Firenza. Settled in Boston area. Vincent Bratti, m. Son John died Hyannis, MA Hi I am looking for any information on my Sicilian relatives. My greatgrandparents came over from Sicily somewhere between and I believe. He sent for his wife after getting to the United States her name was Providence Cottone her maiden name was Cirra.

I am looking for information on my grandparent's family in Pofi, Italy. They came to the USA around I know that that was the year of their marriage. They settled in the Pittsburg, KS area where my grandfather mined coal.

Any information on those names or Pofi, please contact me. I am looking for relatives by that surname. Note that the e-mail address is changed from that shown in my entry on my Caproni family.

Since that note I have determined that one of my relatives, Aida Gonnella, was the wife of Peter Paul Caproni's brother and partner, Emilio. Peter Paul came to the US in and established a famous art business, copy-casting many of the great works from Italy. He made many trips to Italy to copy famous works.

He built the existing building on Washington st in the district of Roxbury Boston in A newspaper article presummably around October or November, says that he has several brothers all in Italy. He retired and sold his business in but had retired his pace for the last few years.

Perhaps this corresponds to the departure of Emilio in I am currently looking for more information on my family name. I know my father was born in Iowa i recived imformation up two but i'am still trying to get the rest of the family tree up to date. Hello, I am looking for info on my great grandparents. Any thing alse on this generation of Sulfaro's from Faro would be appreciated. If you have any ancestry of Latronica Latronico , let me know and I'll try to help you.

A few names associated with our family: The above 6 are all located in Pittsburgh, my birthplace and where my grandfather Labarto Julio Latronico came over in '29 with his Mother, Father, brother and 2 uncles Have a good one. Hey Joe, nice that you have this page. Keep it up its nice that you are keeping our heritage Looking for contacts for both grandparents: I welcome responses from anybody with info on these families. I'm just starting to search on my family name.

Please help me to find informations on Martino, Compobasso, married with Fonza. They came in New York before coming in Montreal around with their son Vincenzo born in I would like find informations on Longo, Caserta, married with Marrocco, they came in Montreal before If you have something about those names please contact me.

Hello Joe, How wonderful to find this website as I begin the search to find out about my maternal grandfather. His name was John perhaps Giovanni DeVincenzo. It was changed to DeVincent when he came to the U. He studied in Rome for 13 years to be a priest and when he changed his mind, he came to America. He had a brother Joe, who settled in Illinois and worked as a shoemaker.

I understand that both of his parents were murdered back in Italy. I don't know their names, but it would have had to have occurred sometime around or shortly after.

He died at approximately age 37 in Wisconsin in I am just getting started. Thank you for creating this page and for the excellent tips. I am looking for any of the Rimi family living in Palermo, Sicily. Also looking for Federico in Licata. Oops there was a typo in my email address. I am researching my father's side my grandparents family for Santo Lofaso and wife Nofria Mussumeli -- he is from Bolognetta Italy born May 4, He possibly entered this country aroud I am researching my family names:

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