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She wants marriage and a stable relationship as a condition for spending her savings on their trip, not as a condition for sleeping with him.

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By Los Angeles Times L. Movies Veena Sud's 'The Lie' explores the lengths to which desperate parents will go and reflects America today. Veena Sud's 'The Lie' explores the lengths to which desperate parents will go and reflects America today. What does Lauryn Hill still hear in her 'Miseducation'? Fifth Harmony vet Lauren Jauregui is ready for the spotlight — alone. Phil turns , an opera inspired by David Lynch, tumult at a university museum.

Ex-Hallmark Channel host sues, claiming he was fired for backing colleagues who alleged harassment. Will it be Comcast or Fox-Disney? The battle for Sky will be settled in a weekend auction. Digital ads represents half of U. Company Town Ex-Hallmark Channel host sues, claiming he was fired for backing colleagues who alleged harassment.

SVU' is as relevant — and addictive — as ever. If the most anticipated show of the fall revolves around a woman over 70, it has to be 'Murphy Brown'. A year into MeToo, some movies, including four Weinstein titles, are still stuck in distribution limbo. TV This Week, Sept. Anthony Bourdain, 'Murphy Brown' and more. Here are the feature and TV films airing the week of September 23 - 29, The week ahead in SoCal theater, Sept.

Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I've just discovered yet another bestselling author that I've never even heard of before - Victoria Danann - who is prolific and has an imagination beyond compare. My Familiar Stranger has intriguing characters - that one kind of wishes really did exist in our dimension And I love the concept of parallel dimensions, which I haven't run across since I read Roger Zelazny, decades ago, probably because I've generally leaned toward other genres.

A captivating story, with sub-stories, sexy characters, funny dialogue, romance, and magic. And this is just the first book in a series, so I'll get to continue to enjoy these characters! I've actually already finished the second book and am about to order the third. There are a few editorial glitches, but they don't detract from the story a bit. I have found that the readily accessible book reviews written by other regular readers, have led me to many authors I might never have found otherwise.

Thank you to all the other readers who take the time to write reviews. Thank you, Victoria Danann, for your entertaining books and for the affordable pricing! Keep them coming, please.

The story was endearing and allowed me to know the girl and the Knight's. Looking forward to more. Another author who knows. This was a great book! Elora Laiken finds herself thrown into a device that transports her not very nicely to another dimension While there are many similarities between her dimension and this new one, there are some things that are quite different -- like the existence of vampires and elves. I absolutely loved the story line and concept behind the book.

There was action, adventure, romance, a love triangle, humor There were some laugh-out-loud moments, and even more moments where you got those wonderful little tingles.

The characters were memorable, and I absolutely adored some of them. There were a few hiccups along the way, which was why I couldn't rate this book higher. Overall, I'd probably give it a 3. The head-hopping was really frustrating and annoying. Every other sentence, we were in someone else's point of view and it was really difficult to know what was going on -- especially in the beginning of the book.

The beginning itself was very rough, with too many characters and every single one was physically described and had the feel of an info dump. The promising story line was what carried me through this part though.

There was also a scene where Elora is slipped an aphrodisiac -- which was more like a roofie or date-rape drug with the main heroine not having any recollection of what happened the night before. Not only did I have an issue with how this was presented Elora even mentioned that the male character wouldn't have done anything -- because he's not a "rapist" , but I felt like it was a cheap author trick for Elora and a certain male character to act on their emotions and physical attraction without any "consequences".

Quite frankly, the entire scene could have been taken out without causing any detriment to the story -- except you'd have fewer spicy sex scenes. Overall, I definitely enjoyed this book. While it's a standalone book, the next books in the series appear to follow some of the other characters from this book.

Unfortunately, I won't be following the rest of the series. I don't think I can handle the head-hopping and I wasn't very fond of some of the other main characters.

However, if you don't mind the head-hopping and you enjoy hot paranormal romance books with intriguing story lines, you should definitely check this out. I'm going to be bold and say this sits quite comfortably in my number 1 chair. Well, I'm gonna tell yah why without spoilers of course 1. The characters are incredibly developed and each with realistic personalities. Rarely do I come across a book where I love all of the characters. You have your serious character Storm , funny character Ram , the voice of reason character Kay and that character you just can't help but fall in love with Baka.

Together, they're a riot. Hardly do I find an author who can make me genuinely laugh. I was reading at around 3am and some dangerously loud laughs escaped my room and a few embarrassing snorts I will admit and awoke my mother. Let's just say she doesn't like this story much Don't let my capitals scare you off. I wasn't yelling, I was enthusiastically talking loud.

I loved it from beginning to end. At the beginning I was a little skeptical but once I got a good bite I got angry at my eyes for not being able to read faster. Also, make sure it's within your reach because you're not going to want to get up to get them. This warning should be included in the book before the prologue. It makes you argue with yourself. A good book has that ability. His sense of humor..

She has to choose the elf with the adorable accent. Get the hell out of here elf, she needs some vampire loving! Now that sounds like a lot but the story folds it all together nicely. She isn't a slut who wants a chunk from each of them. In fact, I had zero clue who she was gearing towards for most of the book. Then it started to unravel and I started making that girly "eeee! I have found that many books are prone this this horrendous disease.

The main character doesn't make you want to rip out every organ in her body and feed it to vicious animals. She's very laid back, real, selfless, and yes I'm going to say it A paranormal romance novel with the lead female character wielding a sense of humor that can make you laugh?

Not one of those try-hard sense of humors that just make you cringe? I know I'm shocked too. See all 1, reviews.

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