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Does Really Have Legitimate Local Women? Find Out Now

Hello yes just recently setting my card for billing purposes on this FL site,seems as though the card had the last say. Home Scamming Strategies of FlirtBuddies.

What We Found in Our Review


There's a lot of sites that are owned by the same corporation. You can tell by going to their Help section. If you get back the same answer word for word. It's under the same management. So I started to check on your site recommendations. And right away I spot crap at the first site. Only she's in Sacramento. Are they just stupid? Or are you getting paid to slam the competition? Or a stack holder trying to boost your quarterly? Bet you don't post this. We have no clue what's up.

Why not ask Adultfriendfinder. It's not our doing that they got the logistics wrong, seriously. We am not getting paid to slam FlirtLocal. If you don't like Adultfriendfinder. They do have real women on Adultfriendfinder.

Wish I would have been able to read this page before I signed up. The site is a total scam. Computer generated E-mails will make it appear that women living close are interested. To respond one needs to sign up for a membership.

Once a member the e-mails are again computer generated and will give a fake site andd username of a fake person. Don't fall for this dating Scam! Hello yes just recently setting my card for billing purposes on this FL site,seems as though the card had the last say. My experience then,phone numbers have been wrong when consulting the billing company,no easy answers,a red lettering called Too many attempts on your card,Please try again later came up,sorting out 3 months package,what else have I possibly done right and incorrect????

Reason I said that is 18 of the profiles I saw on there are of real women that I have either did work with or went to school with. Uknowing members receive these emails and they think that women on the site are interested in communicating with them. This of course is completely false and the emails are sent using computer software programs that have zero human involvement with them.

We personally received over 20 to 30 emails in a short period of time. And of course like we mentioned all these emails are not sent from real women. This part of a scam is that if you try to communicate back or reply to the woman sending you the email you get redirected to the upgrade page where you are asked to purchase a paid monthly membership.

And buying a paid monthly subscription is completely useless since any women emailing you are not even real to start with. After using the site for a period of months we must emphasize that this is site is not operating in a legitimate matter. With that evience we cannot and will not recommend this site for anyone looking to meet real local women. The facts are the facts and they speak for themselves.

We hope you found this review before you got conned yourself. Please share this information and warn others about about how this site operates. I would like to report this site is a scam unfortunately I had to pay for it twice.

But hey leasoned learned. For all those single males do not fall for this bullshit lying deceiving fucking website. Watch this video to cancel you account For FlirtBuddies. The link in your article takes me to two websites which are identical in layout and navigation. Only the name is different. And both of these sites start charging you just to look at profiles and they have the same pricing structure — no surprise.

Had my bank account hacked. They always say lets talk more but thier profile says lets hook right up. So I have a question….. The reason they get away with this scam, and yes I fell prey to this site as well, is because in their terms of service, one of the paragraphs clearly reads, like we all read all that legal jargon, that many if not all of the women are fantasy girls and each profile has a gold star with fc in it.

I got curious about that and clicked on the link and another window popped up with an explanation. I don't understand how they can get away with that. Flirtbuddies is one big scam you need tokens to chat with the girls on here or send gifts to, they ripped me off 9 times on here take your money and get nothing for it that's a scam and that's fraud….

The goal is to convince you that you need to pay for a membership in order to move forward. But, some inexperienced members may actually believe that those women are interested in them and want to communicate with them. This fraud should not last long either, since if you try to reply to a conversation or start a new chat with someone, you will start receiving vague, thoughtless responses if any at all. This fact is a proof that the site uses software programs to lure you into paying.

Just in case you want to double check, here is another proof listed in the terms of use section on FlirtBuddies. We do not recommend this dating service to anyone, and we encourage you to spread the word and warn your friends about the conning fashion in which this site operates. We hope that we provided you with some useful information and that you like our review.

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