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The main tip we can give you is to create an edgy profile.


The real scam behind the scenes is XMeets, this is the site that you will interact with and where you need to login in order to get into the members area. We did a very extensive investigation into XMeets. You can read the full review here. X Meets is a full-blown fraud. It has everything you would see in a regular legitimate dating service except for one thing and that's real women!

The phony dating site has very few legitimate female profiles as we have concluded and show you in our review of X Meets. Everything is completely fake and they confess and admit to all of it in their own terms and conditions page section 4. Everything from the made up pretend profile pictures, to all the data and personal information you see in the profile pages is all a lie.

On top of that is the fact that any form of communications including text messages, email messages and instant messages are all sent to their members using highly sophisticated computer bot systems a robot or simply bot, is a software application that runs automated tasks like emailing people. These computer bots are designed and built to send automated emails and communications that appear to be coming from real female members of the site.

This is all a massive deception and one of the biggest tricks that the site uses to entice people into wanting to upgrade and purchase monthly subscription packages to their fictitious dating site.

On top of that is the fact that they even have paid employees who have been trained to lie and make you believe that they are interested in you. These people use computers as weapons against you. They send instant messages back and forth, write you emails and essentially finesse you into purchasing their paid monthly membership. Once again all of this is completely verified you just need to read our full analysis to understand what's really going on behind the scenes that XMeets.

We really feel like we're chasing our tails with these investigations. When one dating site is exposed a new one pops up. This has been an ongoing battle for many years with no end in sight. We already concluded XMeets. You always need to keep your guard up because these fraudsters always have a new trick up their sleeves, they are very sophisticated and very greedy. They could care less about how many innocent people that they rip off or how many people that they steal from it just doesn't matter to them.

You need not chase the single women on this site. Out of all the hookup sites we reviewed, NoStringsAttached. In a 2-month period, we hooked up with a total of 10 women. They were ALL very attractive, and very very, very, very married.

The main tip we can give you is to create an edgy profile. And, as stated above, avoid the married women. There are many great features on NoStringsAttached. You can sign-up for NoStringsAttached. The results speak for themselves. You know how we feel about this site.

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