Imperial Cleaning Review Is It a Scam?

Well what needs to happen they need to be closed down and taken off the internet all money repaid back to people.

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They want your credit card so they can bill your credit card. They will charge your credit card with monthly recurring charges a charge you pay every month. Remember they said it was only for "age verification". Screen show showing the charges billed to you credit card.

We touched on "Love Stars" and we would like to elaborate to show you know widespread this con is. In fact the vast majority of member profiles of women are "Love Stars". It's very easy to identify "Love Star" profiles, they all have the letters "LS" on them as seen circled in red in the evidence shown below.

The real problem is that the whole site is filled with them making this site completely useless. It's a completely fake dating site. It looks like a real dating site, functions like a real dating site but in the end the site is all an illusion. It's a make-believe dating site used to squeeze money out of hard working people. Screen shot of fake "Love Star" profile. Another tool they have at their disposal or should we say trick is using automated computer bots to send phony web cam chat messages.

Look at just one of the chat messages we received. A cute blond was live stripping on her web cam or so we thought. Unfortunately it's all fake. She's isn't stripping live on her cam. It's actually video that has been prerecorded and then is played over and over again to every single guy that registers on FreeLifeTimeFuckFinder. It's a very complex scam that is used to get you to purchase a monthly membership to the site see evidence below circled in red.

Not a real girl stripping n her cam, it's all staged and prerecorded. Any emails you receive require you to upgrade and that's the reason you're receiving them. The email messages are all a scam to line the pockets of the crooks behind this fake dating service. Fake emails designed to lure you into upgrading. Do you like being played for a fool? It's time for you to get smart and get informed.

All the evidence you need to know that this site is con job that is designed to scam you is available in the terms page of FreeLifeTimeFuckFinder. Read it so you can truly understand how this web site is playing you for a fool and a sucker.

They want your money and they deceive, lie and cheat to rip you off. From now on we suggest that you always read the terms and conditions of every site that you want to join. Unfortunately this web site continues to run with impunity from law enforcement, or maybe the law just hasn't caught up with them yet? The list includes, BangSociety. All these sites look the same and they defraud people in the same manner. Well what needs to happen they need to be closed down and taken off the internet all money repaid back to people.

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