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The scent now dances into the Evening. The opening is heavy and sticky and lasts for a couple hours. After that, you start to lose the heaviness and it just evolves into a burned out vanilla candle. Leans too feminine for my tastes. Feels like a cold-weather, formal scent. Big projection in the opening but becomes more manageable after a couple hours. The whole thing lasts for hours.

Molecule 02 by Escentric Molecules The opening is woody, fizzy and salty with a little citrus zing that brightens it up. That opening doesn't last long as the salty-citrus that gives this scent some bite fades and you're left with just a soft woody base that's very pleasant.

Hard to gauge projection because it comes and goes throughout the day. I was still able to pick it up hours after spraying. Zealot Crusader Show all reviews United States.

Bleu de Chanel Parfum by Chanel What does a house like Chanel do when their biggest-selling male fragrance line since probably the first continues to sell well nearly a dacade after it's launch and without the aid of a myriad flanking varieties? Like it or not, the final mainstream masculine work of Jacques Polge, his commercial "aquatic done right" which finally placed Chanel into a category it was more than twenty years behind on, was a smash success, and Chanel was smart about not fixing what "ain't broke" and handling the line like a feminine one, with alternate formula tweaks via concentration levels rather than entirely new flavors wearing the Bleu de Chanel badge a la their Allure Homme line.

The latter frankly needed the variety to survive after the Y2K mediocrity that was the original pillar, but such isn't the case here. Jacques Polge took one final stab a year before retirement making an eau de parfum version of Bleu de Chanel simply called Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum , and it was a slightly warmer, sweeter, more ambery take on the original that supplemented heavier doses of the ambroxan and norlimbanol the original contained with additional citruses and an old-fashioned vanillic composite amber note.

I personally didn't see that one as an essential purchase for owners of the more complex and dynamic eau de toilette, but folks who hadn't yet entered the BdC game might dig it. Jacques Polge was tired, and ready to hand the reigns over to his son Olivier Polge, who had trained under both his father and Chanel artistic director Christopher Sheldrake, so it wasn't much of stretch to imagine that he didn't really try much with the eau de parfum before turning in his keys.

Bleu de Chanel Parfum answers the question first posed at the beginning of this review, and is the first official masculine outing from new head perfumer and prodigal son Olivier Polge.

I feel like Bleu de Chanel Parfum is a direct reaction to competitors like Dior Sauvage and Yves Saint Laurent Y for Men , as both of them continued upping the ante with ambroxan and norlimbanol in a "loudness war" for the title of screechiest chemical fragrance of the century and I like Sauvage so I say that kindly. Bleu de Chanel Parfum keeps itself distinguished by moving not up, but to the side, offering a fundamentally different experience from the core pillar of the Bleu de Chanel line, unlike the erstwhile EdP.

Bleu de Chanel Parfum sees Olivier Polge strip away a lot of the rather impressive blending his father did with the original Bleu de Chanel note structure, and indeed hacks away at unessential notes too, with a lot of the citrus outside the grapefruit gone with the wind. Pink peppercorn surives the cull, while the dihydromyrcenol and mint are kicked up, giving the parfum a stronger "dryer sheet" aquatic lean not unlike Wings for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills , but these notes rush into the heart very quickly and all but the mint drops off.

There, in that glorious middle, cedar joins this mint, alongside labadanum and ginger, with the rest of the old heart also excised from the composition. The base of Bleu de Chanel parfum is where the most dramatic difference lies between it and it's fore-bearers, since the ambroxan is turned up but the norlimbanol turned down, and some form of Australian sandalwood New Caledonian according to Chanel taking the place of the trimmed "karmawood" scratch.

The composite amber note from the eau de parfum is also here, but it is turned down and therefore less vanillic or sweet, serving just to round off the additional woods, the lingering mint, ginger, and soft citrus.

The result of this stark simplification is a version of Bleu de Chanel which feels more natural, with much more note separation, and clear-cut transitions from the top, heart, and base through the wear.

Now I'm not saying there still isn't a prescription's worth of synthetics in the parfum, but they share space with more natural-smelling, if not actually natural accords here, with minimal traces of the "scouring powder" scratch that many things from the genre the original Bleu de Chanel created seem to break down into in the end.

Just like the advertisements say, this is a woody, more aromatic, and intense interpretation of Bleu de Chanel. Whereas I felt the eau de parfum was a sweeter, richer, and quieter take on the eau de toilette made void of it's freshness and charm , the parfum isn't similarly an aquatic with it's wings clipped, but rather not really an aquatic at all thanks to the prominent lavender.

What we have here is a woodsy parfum with a minty lavender citrus barbershop top, using aquatic elements blended into mint and lavender to make the appropriate "bleu" vibe, but without actually feeling like it's replicating the smell of water.

Bleu de Chanel parfum has a similar approach to what Aqua Velva or Gillette Cool Wave take by placing an aqueous note back behind lavender and mint and not the other way around. Without sounding like I'm debasing the Chanel by comparing it to a drugstore aftershave, let's just say that it's an ephemeral freshness meant to introduce and not dominate the rest of the composition. Once Bleu de Chanel Parfum gets on skin for any appreciable amount of time, it's minty woods, lavender, and amber for the duration, which is a far cry from the original EdT or even EdP, meaning owning the parfum would not be redundant for owners of the EdT, unlike the EdP release.

Wear time for Bleu de Chanel Parfum is long and sillage is actually greater than with the Eau de Parfum release, and since it jives differently, one could almost layer the original eau de toilette on top the parfum so as to get that dynamic citrus and pepper on top the lavender, amber, and sandalwood base. People who took issue with the synthetic nature of the original entry, or just hate all things modern will not click with this, and if the original Bleu de Chanel couldn't change your mind about aquatics, this parfum won't change your mind about the Bleu de Chanel line either.

The parfum feels like a companion fragrance that's nearly a flanker with the way it stands apart, which is something Dior and YSL also seem to be doing with higher concentrations of their marquee masculines as well. Bleu de Chanel sees Olivier Polge hitting the ground running, and the simple elegant quality here has me hoping that the next great masculine pillar will be a real return to form for the house of Chanel.

That's some funky stuff! But did it smell good? You want to smell it again? Then maybe it's good. You know this stuff ain't half bad This Zara Polo Red 's? Escentric 01 by Escentric Molecules I get light, sweet, woody notes with a little bit of tea in the opening. Also, there's a pepperiness or dirtiness to it that pulls it back to being acceptably masculine. Feels like an all-weather scent that works for most occasions to me. I get average projection and very good longevity, lasts all day.

The former is Hindi slang for copulation shortened from "bakachouda" while the latter simply means "headstrong". Cabochard was made for the smoking and drinking woman, the commanding woman that couldn't be tied down by a husband because she had things to do in her life, and wasn't afraid to crack a whip.

Guys in modern times who love leather could certainly love this too, as it's of surprising quality given the palty prices it commands. The smell of Cabochard really wasn't super ground-breaking in the leather chypre realms, as Caron Tabac Blonde , Knize Ten , Chanel Cuir de Russie , Lanvin Scandal , Alfred Dunhill for Men and MEM English Leather had all infused various degrees of nostril burn from light tanning aldehydes to full-on gasoline depending on the scent, but what Cabochard did differently from the rest of them was add a dollop of androgynous sharp green galbanum, a grassy top note that would come to dominate designer fragrances in the following decades, and mixed with aldehydes and leather, galbanum packs quite a punch.

Much like we see with ambroxan and norlimbanol in the 21st century, the galbanum and leather combo was on display with moderation in Cabochard, then subsequently dialed up in a loudness war little by little as competitors emerged, but here, the hefty petrol green combo is at harmony with the rest of the composition.

Galbanum and leather is obviously joined by hesperidic citrus notes which were also gathering favor at the time, with herbs like clary sage and tarragon finishing out the top. Ylang-ylang and orris also make a show here, but by the base we're moved into familiar chypre territory with mossy layers of dry woods and vetiver ontop a re-asserted leather note with just a smidge of castoreum.

Cabochard still had to appeal to the ladies, so we're not drowning in the animalic castoreum like in Bogart One Man Show or Chanel Antaeus , but it supports the moss bite and leather crackle nicely. Cabochard wears well almost year-round like most green leathers, but probably best in extreme heat or cold, where different sides of it's wild dynamic will show through. Cabochard is a must-buy for fans of petrol leather from any part of the gender spectrum, and wears rather masculine in the 21st century but likely seemed unisex even in due to the high amount of green notes.

A CIS-gendered heterosexual woman can still very much pull off Cabochard given that she's the boss in the office or head artist at the local tattoo parlour, but otherwise this is way too butch for the "fruitchouli floral" mall scent crowd associated with modern perfume concepts of femininity. Guys who own Aramis will get a kick out of knowing that it was a re-tooled Cabochard with rounder florals and moss, with a higher dose of aldehydes, and wearing Cabochard side-by-side with Aramis will reveal it to be stiffer, greener, more bitter, and ironically more intimidating, so therefore more "masculine" than Aramis outside of the higher presence of rose and jasmine, which these days are stuffed into a lot of masculine fragrances from the niche segment anyway.

Eau de toilette is the way to go for a more terrifying top and greater sillage, but the eau de parfum will last longer whilst glowing closer to the skin with a heavier floral bass riff. Vintage will have higher animalics and oakmoss, but modern is tamer but still damn good.

Like most virile leather chypre scents, there's no "right" time to wear Cabochard, so headstrong ladies, gentlemen, and kind folk will just have to take their chances with it. She may not be as spry or loud as those under her keep, but she's the one you should fear most. Rose Silk by Unknown Very minimal floral fragrance. Wears close to the skin. Equal parts magnolia and rose. Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum by Chanel I said my piece on the whys and wherefores of the Bleu de Chanel line on the entry for the original eau de toilette that launched it, and despite every indication from the learned and scrupled crowd of male fragrance connoisseurs here on Basenotes pointing toward Bleu de Chanel being a vapid generalist sell-out, the overall effect of wearing the late coming Chanel entry into the aquatic genre was actually pleasurable.

Granted, an aquatic is an aquatic is an aquatic, as all the myriad children of Davidoff Cool Water have a very narrowly-defined blueprint to which they must adhere if they wish to be recognizable for what they are, and that makes even Chanel's uncommonly sophisticated entry still a victim of the "if you're not a beer drinker" argument that states if you don't like the style, Bleu de Chanel still won't change your mind.

If you know anything about Chanel's practices with concentrations as per what they usually do with their feminine lines, you'll probably have already guessed that this is a slightly different composition and not just more perfume oil. Four years after the release of the original mega-popular Bleu de Chanel, comes this EdP, and there still wasn't much competition then since Prada Luna Rossa didn't really light anyone's world on fire, plus we were still a year away from the launch of Dior Sauvage , the biggest challenger Bleu de Chanel has in the ambroxan and norlimbanol loudness wars.

In practical terms, this means a similar but dialed-down opening achieved by a few top notes being moved to the heart for sustain, then more notes stuffed into the heart, which is where eau de parfums work hardest, then a shuffled-around base to make the dry down feel differently than in the eau de toilette to attempt to warrant a purchase.

Drier and lighter notes like lemon and bergamot, join the peppermint in the top, while grapefruit, vetiver and pink pepper move downstairs to live in the middle here alongside the nutmeg, labadanum, and cedar, with jasmine and ginger also intensified a bit. The only new addition to the composition is an old-fashioned composite amber accord, which provides a vanillic sweetness that hides the scratchy harshness otherwise caused by ramped-up ambroxan and norlimbanol, which is something later perfumes in this style by other houses would seldom even try to do at all.

Sillage is lower than the EdT but the burn is expectedly longer on skin, but is it really better? No, and in fact, I find this iteration of the 's Chanel masculine pillar to be less dynamic and therefore less interesting.

Kip Clohessy kipsplace yahoo. I thought I would send you a picture of the finished product of my kitchen remodel. Minus the dishwasher that will go in the opening right of the sink I learned from your videos how to do it.

This is the first time I have ever installed cabinetry. Your videos were indispensable; thanks for making them available. I have bragged about them to numerous people as well as the guy from whom I bought the RTA cabinets. Thanks for creating these. If I ever do or help someone do their kitchen, I most definitely will use or recommend this system.

To all you doubting Thomas's and "Can't teach an old dog new tricks" people, The EZ-Level cabinet leveling system is the real deal! I have been installing kitchens since and this product is as good an innovation as the laser. Used together, it's an unbeatable combination. I too was skeptical at first, but after using them for over a year now, I wouldn't install base cabinets any other way.

Jones ZeroGap Fabrications, Inc. Just wanted to drop a note to let you know it's coming together. The Counter tops were delivered yesterday and the installers were amazed at how even and level the cabinets are.

They stated to me that they go to a lot of "professional " installations and don't find cabinets this level. I told them I owed all the credit to you and your system. I took time to explain how they work and to show them how they work.

I gave them the name of your web site and told them to pass this on to all the cabinet installers they know. I explained how little they added to the total cost and the time saved in actual cabinet leveling and plumbing.

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I came across your product while searching for a good cabinet leveling system that would make life easier, so after reviewing all of your videos which are great I decided to give the EZ-Levels a try. I must say that they are much more than what I expected.

To anyone reading this and thinking, that's just an added expense to my kitchen, please know this, for the time saved and the structural stability of you cabinet they are not an expense but a great time saver and one of the best options that you can add to your cabinets. I have used these on standard base cabinets and some very large and heavy custom storage cabinets. I will never do another install without them.

Not only do you get a great product but you get the pleasure of dealing with a great company. May God richly bless your business, your family and yourself Mr. I've never done anything like this before The knowledge I had going into the project was vague at best. It was sheer coincidence that I happened upon a video for your ez-level system while looking for kitchen ideas. Boy am I glad I did! Your instructional videos gave me the mental and physical tools I needed to get the job done like the pros.

I bought all the same tools and did everything precisely as you demonstrated Everything is split-laser level, perfect, and beautiful! Believe it or not, I actually pulled off this entire job without so much as a single mis-drilled hole.

The ez-level system is THEE system to get. Don't shop around any longer. This is the one. It may seem pricey compared to some 5 dollar store-bought deal, but I'm here to tell ya folks, it's WELL worth it just from a standpoint of frustration avoidance alone.

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Thanks to Karen and the team for my new car - it looks ace x No hesitation in letting anybody know how good the service was. Excellent service, seamless way to buy. Would like to thank the staff for a great service, allayed any fears. Car arrived last night at 5pm, great service from all the team and the delivery driver was a hoot.

Brilliant experience buying online - was nervous - now I know I had no reason to be. Love it, love it, love it - so so pleased thank you to the girls in the office, will definitely recommend you. Delighted with my new Fiesta - turned up this morning - thank you good discount great service. Quick contact Contact us Quote Newsletter subscribe. Welcome to GB Car Deals. DS DS 3 Hatch. Kia Ceed ceed Hatch.

Volvo V40 Hatch 2. Audi A3 Hatch 1. Fiat Hatch 1. Citroen C1 Hatch 1. Vauxhall Corsa Hatch 1. Hyundai i10 Hatch 1. DS DS 3 Hatch 1. Hyundai Tucson SUV 1. Nissan Juke SUV 1. Kia Ceed ceed Hatch 1. Many thanks to Alex and Tracey for a brilliant experience Jean.

Turned up promptly with minimal fuss. Professional and pleasant service from Alex and Tracey Peter. Definitely the way to buy new cars in the future Lorraine. Many thanks from one satisfied customer Jill. Customer service from start to finish has been brilliant, firstly they saved me thousands compared to my local dealer, and the sales team have kept me up to date and well informed, very happy Rob.

I could not have had a more relaxed and confident purchase, from the moment I decide to pick the car right up to the delivery everything was perfect and done professionally Chris. Yes I most certainly would Alan. I would recommend this service to anyone thin king of buying a new car Bryan. To Carolyn and alex its been a privilege to do business with you would recommend you to anyone once again thank you sam Sam.

Best wishes Jerry Jerry. If you want a good deal when buying a new car. Buy from here Bert. In perfect condition I had my doubts as I had seen bad reviews about your company on other sites but I would not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and relatives I know I had to wait few months for my car but alex updated progress of my delivery date every couple of weeks it came just as you said when I first put my order in Peter.

Thank you once again and best wishes Ian. Very Kind Regards Martin. Testimonial posted 2 months after delivery - I would like to thank you for an excellent service you provided,I have purchased from Internet companies before,they mostly gave out no information until the car was ready for delivery,whereas your regular updates were very reassuring that all was OK-Regards Fred.

Had Yeti delivered 12 mths ago and I am more than pleased with it, does more than itsays on the tin will certainly go back to GB cars ex service ex price Trevor. By the way I'm an ex-treasurer and I have trust in this company Gordon. Assistance to any potential client. Would recommend to anybody to use GB car deals Carl. Assitance to any poetential new client. Such a positive experience delivering an excellent car at an amazing price Sandra. So good we have recommended this company to our close friends and a relative who are both in the market to purchase a new vehicle Neil.

I was very worried about buying from the internet but could not be happier Great service, great prices,friendly people and very helpful would recommend Alex and co to all the people I meet they do exactly as it says on the tin Thanks to all at GB Car Deals Paul.

Assistance to any potential new client. Dave and Michele Dave and Michelle.

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