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I live in Arizona and wanted my search for a friendship person to be local. I don't want to have to drive across the USA to pick someone up for a dinner date. No chance of that happening. When I got their searches these people were from all over the USA. The daily matches that they send are the same people over and over again. One would think that if you looked at a match and didn't like it that it would not keep showing up. Deleting such unwanted matches is impossible.

Selections on their website to isolate certain types of individuals that one is looking for is very limited. It seems like their selection process is non existent. Same old, Same old. I would like to have the option of selecting an age group of people that I would like.

Their search for matches is based on your birthday. I am a healthy individual and I have found that a lot of people my age are unfortunately bothered with severe age related illnesses and cannot do a lot of the things that I enjoy doing, yet I keep getting those individuals on my match. I could go on and on regarding their shortcomings, so do yourself a favor and go elsewhere. Do yourself a favor and save your money and your time by avoiding this site.

Having a one star rating is being very generous. I have been scammed 3 time on this site - all lead-up to requesting money. I have had numerous unauthorized log ins to my account. Twice I have had my profile changed by someone else. You have to subscribe to Ourtime. This dating site is no better than pof. Obviously, they don't screen their clients.

I was also sent messages from scammers. To top it off, my account was hacked. I called customer service only to be told since I used their dating site, I can't receive a partial refund. She reinstated my original profile and pictures. Currently the pictures are of me, but the profile has changed back to what the hacker wrote. Please don't waste your money on Ourtime. It isn't worth it! As Bonnie has stated on the ConsumerAffairs website, I have also received messages from women, old men with no shirt no teeth, men who look inebriated or high on drugs?

I received the almost same exact message from 2 men, with only a change in which they were born. The one I chose to respond to communicated that we should exchange email to communicate off the site.

The next thing I knew he was planning our life together, the same thing Bonnie alluded to in her post. At one point I discussed speaking with him on the phone to set-up a time to meet in person.

I wanted to know he was real. He originally provided his number and I responded likewise. Chris, if that his real name? After an email of a really bad day, I decided to call the number he provided. His voice sounded very young for a 71 year old. He then proceeded to tell me he was at work even though it was only 6am his time.

He originally stated he worked 8: Caught in a lie? At this point my friends and I went to Google, obits, public records and guess what? No info on Chris or his wife who died in a car crash 6 years ago. And so I sent an email bidding Chris adieu. Obviously, he had no idea what this meant. He then proceeded to email with a plea for money. This site is a scammer paradise.

Hopefully, ConsumerAffairs can address the issues quite a few of us have now notified them of. I first signed up for free, very soon I had about 15 messages which I couldn't read until I paid so I did.

These were from webcam models 30 years my junior doing some "catfishing". Later a lot of messages being sent were accidental including 12 I sent without knowing it. All have the phrases "You look like someone I'd like to know" or "You deserve a flirt.

Well you get the idea, you click the wrong place and you've sent a message or flirt without your knowledge. There are good people on OurTime, but the site itself is a joke and ripoff in my opinion. One was about lbs heavier than his pic the next was planning my life before I met him in person. I can only describe this site as looking at a prison line up!!! I have been on our time for more than a year.

But that might be my achilles heel. My problem has been more with the quality of men I have met and dated men with moderate to severe mental health issues.

I even had to beg OurTime to take steps to consider removing one after proof. Some of these men could actually be a danger. What I'm looking for is to spread the word about some of these very challenged men so women don't waste their time and possibly heart on some of these guys.

My most recent nut no showed twice and then called me a stalker. We didn't speak until 3 weeks later when all of a sudden he had to meet me. He began his initial introduction on OurTime with he just wanted to meet a woman his age that still wanted to be intimate. Yet twice he wanted to break off talking because he'd never please me due to ED.

Next day break up. Yep you guessed it I invested a lot of time and patience into this man. I think there should be a place to let someone else know his name at least first and where he lives.

The guy is a fearful nut. It's just been guy after guy like this. And those who say the same picture floats through continuously are correct. I joined "OurTime" for free, Once I paid for a subscription, nothing worked. Every time I attempted to sign in, it stated something was wrong. I could not sign on.

I called customer service immediately, could not get a refund. But I did cancel any further charges, I hope. I came onto the site with honesty and openness rarely afforded to anyone. I had all good intentions. Except I was the only one with good intentions. And, of course, both said they would pay me back. And one of my personal favorites was the one that had the photo of himself, shirtless, with a bit in his mouth admitting that he was "submissive".

Further, very few of the "Today's Matches", followed my profile. I have requested a refund. Let's see how that goes. I had been communicating with an individual who held himself out as military close to retirement. There were many red flags in the communications. I finally did some digging and could not confirm the details he was stating and discredited the ones that he did.

Fortunately, I have family in the military and they were able to help me with this. The site needs to have a better vetting policy in order to have legitimate individuals interested in meeting. This was my only time and will be my last. I carefully and specifically put what I am and am not looking for. I have no interest in atheists; I get matched with atheists. I get matched with smokers. The culmination of emotional and sensory overload. I did meet a few people, but it's just not worth wasting money on this.

The majority are not in my town, and some are even out of State. Also some same sex people have propositioned me. It's all a flip of the coin whether you find someone. At this time the site does not work. It keeps flipping to a site in the U. I don't like the fact that OurTime will tell someone you found them interesting, when you did not. I have received quite a few messages from guys thanking me for showing an interest in them, or that I said I liked their photo!

Then I see my photo and a note in a bubble saying "I am interested in you", "Let's chat" or something to that effect. So, it seems if you just look at a photo or maybe read a bit of the profile out of curiosity, it will tell the person you are interested in him or her.

I feel this is deceiving to the man or woman, as to possibly get their hopes up, when there is no interest at all. I did not see this in the rules, so I'll just have to try to be as careful as possible and wait it out until my account expires. Warning to people looking for relationships on line. Avoid this website at all costs. You will regret it if you don't. It doesn't even deserve a 1 star rating and you will pay through the nose to cancel your subscription.

I met a couple of truthful men online but the rest are pathetic. I just joined yesterday. I'm hoping I'll be able to stop a renewal next month. I also can't believe how silly I was to not check the reviews first. Thank you Devlon -- we'll see you next year at the home show! Kyle from Nevada home fire safety. Thank you so much for coming by and being our safety advisor! Peter's presentation was very good, but too long.

The information received was beneficial and in the future I'll look to invest in this system. It's good to know something like this can be found in Lethbridge. Very informative polite and a good talker. I would give him 10 out of Kirsten from Pro Fire Safety was very helpful at explaining exactly why our current fire alarms are not going to be incredibly useful in a fire.

My husband works as a maintenance director in a nursing home and is the head of the safety committee and he thought what we had in our home was sufficient. Boy were we wrong. Kirsten showed us why alarms typically found in homes are largely useless in a fire. Thanks to her, our family will be safe should a fire ever happen to us. Devlon from Pro Fire Safety showed us just how vulnerable to disaster we really were. As a family involved in volunteer fire service, we had felt sure our family and home were safe, we were wrong.

After evaluating our home, we quickly acted on installing Omnishield the same day. The investment came without question as we are extremely happy with our system.

We no longer need to wonder if cheap smoke detectors have working batteries. We sleep easy at night, knowing we've stepped up measures to protect our family with Omnishield. Devlon was very professional and continued support even after installation.

Tony Ritchey, was informative and responsive to setting up the fire alert system tailored to our home. Definitely should consider this system to protect your family. Quick install, no hassle, lots of confidence in the protection level. Had my system installed recently. Installation and information given was completed an given in a very professional manner.

Would use this service again if it was needed. Tony Ritchey did an outstanding job on all accounts. Our Safety Advisor, Tony Ritchey, was extremely helpful in helping us to insure our fire protection. He showed us the best and most efficient places for the sensors to be placed, and proceeded to install them.

We will be happy to encourage our friends and family regarding the safeguard. The presentation Tony Richey was very informative; an excellent job explaining the product , giving demonstrations and the benefits of the product.

I will now sleep much better knowing my home is protected. My husband and I before he passed last month had talked about replacing our smoke detectors because we felt that they didn't work.

Peter Rooyakkers of Family Fire Safety here in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada came by my home and gave me quite a crash course on fire safety and early fire detection technology of the Omnishield network which he promptly installed from attic to basement. I feel more comfortable and safer now and am at ease when I am away from home.

My son and daughter-in-law as contact immediately called when they instaneously received a text when the water sensor was tested in the laundry room.

Very knowledgeable, on time, was there when they said they would be, friendly, very personable. Cookie explained all Subjects thoroughly, answered our questions But not overbearing. Niik from nvhfs was fully understanding and there information was easy to understand their product were phenomenal. The safety meeting was beneficial to the safety of myself and my family. Our rep was Tony Ritchey and he explained everything great in terms we could understand.

He was very polite and easy to talk to. I think we are going to sleep at ease tonite and not worry when we are away. Devlon from Pro Fire Safety. Was not aware of high failure rate of alarms sold at stores. Country of manufacture DOES matter, and those manufacturers don't really care about the consequences of the failures. Omnishield is making the product here and standing behind it. With others, the manufacturer can attribute fault back to the homeowner as responsible for replacing batteries, cleaning, etc.

Had to scale down the coverage for our home to get started, but will be adding units as funds are available. We appreciate and commend Peter Rooyakker's commitment and knowledge of family fire safety best practice!

The information provided with regards to latest technology in fire safety and how current standards are lacking, has allowed my family to be better protected incase of fire. I enjoyed every second of the fire safety meeting. We were very pleased with a presentation a young outgoing man by the name Nick Burton gave us. The presentation and life saving information was was a value.. Something we will think about and the info was memorable.

Yes, the information was useful and very helpful. Have monitors installed in my home. I feel more at peace and safe. I will tell others about first class fire safety. Saw Tony Ritchey's fire safety program and learned how important it was to protect our home with the improved fire alarm system.

I feel safer now and feel I can be alerted in time to save my family. We think Tony is pretty awesome. I feel so much better that he has come into our life. I sleep much better having alarms in my house. Like I say he's pretty awesome perfect personality.

The way Tony sells the product he shows that he really cares about the people and their homes. We consider Tony part of our family now. This was an eye opener. You just don't realise how important safety is until you see how all these fire, water, carbon monoxide alarms how fast they detect.

I'm just amazed what they do. Thank you Peter Rooyakkers you helping me to keep my family and my animals safe I'm just pleased thank you once again. Tony Ritchey's presentation was informative, brief and he sold us big time on his knowledge and sincerity in wanting to be instrumental in the saving of lives.

His visit was enjoyable, fun and the installation was completed in a timely manner. We feel blessed to have met Tony and feel as though he is part of our family and we know our home is well protected at all times.

Laurie with Nevada home fire safety,we learned a lot of information we didn't know before. Very informative, up to date fire safety material. The presentation was very thorough and covered in a very personal way.

Matthew and Allison brought to light the unsafe fire hazards we had in our home that we were unaware of and the failure rate of our present equipment.

Our choice to upgrade to omnishield has given us a greater piece of mind. Our time with Tony Ritchey was definitely an eye opener. He spotted hazards that we never knew about. The value of this product is times the worth of any kind of insurance that someone could buy. Prevention is far more better than After the Fact Protection! Safety is of paramount importance to me and for my family. Nathan Huffman did an excellent job to present information about the shortcomings and dangers of "inexpensive" smoke detectors.

I asked a ton of questions and Nathan answered all of them. I am very happy to have met him and even more happy that I am better informed about the real dangers of house fires. Allison and Nathan stopped by to talk to us about Omnishield. They were very knowledgeable about the service and products that are available with Omnishield.

We are very excited about how Omnishield will help us to protect our family and are happy to become members of the Omnishield family. Thank you Allison and Nathan!!! Tony was great when he came to our home to do the installation. He took his time explaining everything to us. There was no pressure in what items we wanted to purchase or not.

He also took the extra time to explain how the detectors worked when our son got home from work. He is very passionate in what he does. Terry Dalton was happy to explain the product in detail, help us choose the best areas to place them throughout our home.

His detail, knowledge, and friendly demeanor could not easily be surpassed. Being able to monitor your home away from home is such a peace of mind.

This system will certainly prove to be the best and only choice for optimal safety. John from Nevada home fire safety, it's a really great system and it's seams alot safer of a option. Which we will purchase as soon as possible. Ty john for sharing this info. At the presentation, at Georgio's in Lethbridge AB, had a wonderful dinner and Peter Rooyakkers, presenter for Family Fire Safety was very knowledgable and gave us a lot to think about over night.

So when Peter Rooyakkers came to our home the next day and we decided on a network system that we could afford and then be able to add to at a later date. This was very helpful and affordable, so thank you so much.

Tony Ritchey was very knowledgeable and did a great job in explaining the lack of safety with the standard devices typically in use and how and why the Omnishield devices Are superior as an early warning system.

He performed the installation in a an effective professional manner and all of this was in addition to being a great guy. Peter Rooyakers convinced us that this saves lives and potentially even more than your own family if you are in a condominium,apartments etc. He is friendly, helpful and professional.

Peter Rooyakker was very informative and pleasant to speak with. He certainly opened our eyes to the dangers within our home. Will definitely inform friends and family to sit down and listen to what he has to offer. Thanks for the knowledge Peter. Laurie with Nevada home fire safety,very informative nice and we learned a lot that we and I'm sure others do not know. Peter Rooyakkers gave a very informative presentation. The material was logical in content.

We appreciate your time in this presentation. We were very happy with Tony Ritchey's professionalism and knowledge when he brought us our OmniShield home protection. He was both thorough and patient about answering questions. I like his attention to detail, and he is comfortably approachable.

Impressed with the technology and the way the units connect with each other and that it texts alerts to up to 8 contacts. I would like to suggest that the system interfaces with my existing alarm hardware from a previous alarm service so that I can monitor other safety aspects, like glass breaking, intruder, and open doors. That would make it a real bargain.

Tony did a really great job at explaining the products. We enjoyed the class he did with us. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning fire safety.

Devlon from Pro Fire Safety, Devlon did a great job explaining how fast a fire can spread with todays synthetics materials in the home. My wife and I decided to have the smoke sensors, heat sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, a bed shaker, and water sensors and a fire extinguisher installed.

Cookie was a pleasure enjoyed her presentation. Very professional very informative. Knew answers to all my questions. Jayson and John from Nevada home fire safety. John from Nevada home fire safety Was very knowledgeable and informative. The products demonstrated are superior to what we have. His presentation was outstanding and we appreciate all the information. We are impressed with the products. Learned many issues that never thought about and he made me aware of areas I wasn't aware of that needed attention.

Jeremy is well-versed and extremely knowedgable. Hoping to arrange presentations for me as my friends and family would greatly benefit from his time and effort. Laurie with Nevada home fire safety,the information was very informative. John from Nevada home fire safety taught us about talking to kids about meeting spot and how effective our alarms are currently. Laurie with Nevada home fire safety,. Matt Heydrich with Pro Fire Safety we learned that fire moves faster than you thought and your time to get out is short.

We decided to buy the system because life is irreplaceable compared to the cost of the system. Jeremy Herr with Pro Fire Safety was extremely informative concerning fire safety as well as practical lessons for every day life concerns. We have had 3 times alarms go off when we were not in the house that could have been a horrible disaster. The alarms are all joined together so we were able to rush in the house before any fire broke out.

I am so thankful we bought this fire alarm system. We definitely feel safe having the system in our home and throughout the outside buildings. It has been worth the money. Bre from Nevada Home Fire Safety very informative and very well done. Taught us a lot about safety. The presentation was very clear. Do your self a favor and have a fire safety education session with someone who knows their stuff!

Thank you Peter Rooyakker; We were not aware of the inability of the regular smoke detectors to not go off when they had bad smoke around them. Thank you, Peter for letting us know of the dangers we all are exposed to by using faulty equipment.

Cookie did a very fine job in her presentation. She was concise in presenting all the information necessary for our educations.

We learned a lot of ways that fires are started by innocuous reasons. She also taught us the futility of trusting bargain-bin fire alarms. Our family thanks your company in letting her present her ideas to us.

I appreciated the fact that he took time to listen to what I had say and did push his product on me. That makes me want to hear what he has to say. I felt that he was truly interested in my safety and that was the purpose of his job.

Laurie with Nevada home fire safety,Did a great job of explaining of your system. Matt Heydrich with Pro Fire Safety presentation was very informative and eyeopening. He arrived exactly when he said he would and to our surprise did the installation the same visit. Very knowledgeable and polite. Jeremy Herr of Pro Fire Safety's presentation was thoroughly informative for our family with 2 teenage daughters. He kept them engaged during the presentation which created additional questions from them after the presentation that we hadn't thought to discuss with them.

He installed the product on site directly after the presentation so we didn't have to wait for the product to be installed. We will be recommending Jeremy to friends and family! Laurie from Nevada Home Fire Safety was very professional and informative. She pointed out a lot of procedures that most people may forget.

I was very happy to meet her and learn more about safety. Autumn and john from Nevada home fire safety did a great job explaining the product. They are friend, not pushy and very knowledgeable of the product. Matt Heydrich with Pro Fire Safety family security, better unit system. Really satisfied on how everything was described, learned from the video how quick a fire can start even when you don't expect it.

The best thing to invest in. Jeremy Herr with Pro Fire Safety was very thorough with his fire analysis of our home. He was informative and got the kids involved. He showed the advantages of the products compared to what could be bought at the local hardware stores. It was a nice visit. To be prepared at all times. We learned a great deal about fire safety! Some we didn't know before! We look forward to buying from him! Laurie with Nevada home fire safety, Explained in detail and was in detail all aspects of the product and was patient with questions.

Autumn from nv home fire safety was a blessing to have in our home. We now have a meeting spot outside our home for if we did have a fire. We're going to sleep much better knowing our family is protected when we get the sensors within the week. We realised our grandson couldn't properly open his window, glad Autumn pointed that out. For we will worth with him on that. Autumn taught us something's we didn't know.

My husband's a firefighter and admitted that he's heard quite a few stories of alarms not going off. Its a scary thought. I'm grateful to of had autumn share this information with us. She was super witty and smart.

Not to mention, she knows how to work her charm. Beautiful girl with a great attitude. Thank you for everything. Never realised how many hazards we truly have.

Laurie with Nvhmfiresafety,she did a great job on how everything works and the process and reasoning beh ok nd it all or a a great system. Matt Heydrich with Pro Fire Safety we learned quite a lot about the typical alarms. They are not worth the time to purchase and install in your home. The OmniShield product line was very impressive and greatly increased our sense of safety and well being to protect our family.

We were very satisfied with the presentation and professional manor all the information was demonstrated. A very nice informative meeting. Laurie with Nevada home fire safety, Great info I did learn that smoke detector do not work. Having these alarms would be safer. Autumn from Nevada Home Fire Safety was wonderful in her presentation.

She gave valuable information about our alarms not working and not being properly placed. It's concerning consisting how many individuals have no idea of this information.

Autumn was very bubbly and kind. She really knew what she was talking about as she extensively answered any questions or concerns we had. We foresee autumn going far as she was excellent at this. Had we known anyone out here we would strongly recommend her. However were snow birds so, we don't know anyone.

I moved the oils from above my stove and oven as she stated that's only adding fuel to the fire. We also are going to purchase those safety plugs for our circuits. Those people locator stickers are a great idea. Thank you so much for the kit. Autumn was a beautiful young lady whom was a pleasure to have. She had an awesome personality and outlook. We enjoyed every aspect of the fire safety meeting.

Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us Autumn, you're going to go far in life. I'm sure soon you'll find yourself very successful. We also found our bedroom window won't even open which is quite concerning. Laurie with Nevada home fire safety,I now have please of mind thankyou for this lifesaving information as I have 5. Seeing the video and listening to Tony, made me want to keep my family safe.

Our house is about 44years old and I want to continue to own it for many more years. Autumn from Nv Home Fire Safety had a great presentation and provided valuable information. She was very friendly and helpful with any questions that we had. Laurie with Nevada home fire safety did a great presentation and told us good info.

Marie with Pro Fire Safety shared fire safety information with me. I learned how fast fires can destroy a home. I also learned how important it is to read the ionization alarm warranty because of the failure rates of these alarms. I really liked the monitoring feature of the network as well as the bed shaker.

Dave Vogel from Pro Fire Safety really knows his information. The material and information presented truly opened our eyes to what can happen to our house and family in the event of a fire.

Thomas with Nevada home fire safety was informative about their product. Matt Heydrich with Pro Fire Safety we had a very pleasant experience, if it wasn't for them coming we wouldn't have known how unsafe our home was. If it wasn't for Matt coming in and doing a walk through we wouldn't have know that some of our current smoke dectors were out of date and some didn't have batteries.

He showed us about some dangers in our house. We choose OmniShield because we like that the system actually works and that it all runs together. I am proud to have a fire system that will save our lifes. Bre from Nevada Home Fire Safety was a pleasure to have in our home. She was wonderful and gave us a great education on fire safety and the dangers of store bought smoke detectors.

We will be contacting Bre soon to update our home safety and keep our babies safe. My husband and I thought very highly of David Ricketts, who came to our home to talk to us about your omnishield Home Safety products. We were not only impressed with how knowledgeable he was about your product line, but it was clear to us how much he believed in your products. After his visit, we felt quite informed about what products to buy that prevent all types of fires from happening.

Taylor and Devlon from Pro Fire Safety helped make our home so much safer! Last night, I was laying in bed and our alarm next to our bed started going off and then immediately myself and my husband as well as our emergency contacts were all alerted about water being detected in our downstairs bathroom. We are so glad that we got the Omnishield system when we did and appreciate Taylor and Devlon for all of their help and great information!

Jeremy Herr and Kirsten Latsch from Pro Fire Safety will come to you home and do a full inhome walk and talk to find the best way to keep your family safe. Jeremy Herr with Pro Fire Safety provided us their fire safety awareness program. Justin and Bre from Nevada home fire safety were very respectful and gracious in there presentation, i commend them on there attitude and explanation of all equipment available, at present i am not ready to commit for a purchase, but kudos to both of them for a job well done.

They're presentation was great. Referring them to friends. Learned smoke sensors weren't even properly placed. Who would've thought those had such high failure rates? Never realised how many potential fire risks we have.

Will purchase in future. Jeremy Herr and Marie Rauch from Pro Fire Safety provided us their fire safety awareness program and it was fantastic! My husband is a fire fighter and we still both learned so much about fire safety.

We had no idea how lacking we were in knowledge and preparedness. We were both amazed at the statistics regarding fail rates of common smoke detectors, typical burn times, and common fire hazards that can be found throughout the home. I can absolutely say we will both be able to feel so much more confident at home and while away, day and night, no matter what the emergency, that we are as well protected as we could possibly be.

Devlon and Taylor from Pro Fire Safety did an amazing job! We learned so many things about fire safety that we didn't know before. Learning so many new things about fires and fire safety has really opened up our eyes. It made us realize that fires can happen to anyone at anytime and that regular everyday things that we have in our home can start fires that we normally wouldn't think of. How could we ever feel safe in our home again knowing this? I believe that everyone should have a fire safety meeting to learn more about fire safety and how to protect your loved ones.

I can't even imagine losing one of my family members or friends to a fire. The day that Devlon and Taylor came over to our house for the meeting, we decided that it would be best for us to purchase the Omnishield system. They even installed it for us right while they were there! It was super convenient! Included in the system, we received smoke sensors, heat sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, a bed shaker, and water sensors.

I love that there is an app that we now have on our phones and we are alerted by text if any of the alarms go off. We also set it up so our parents are also alerted by text whenever any of the alarms go off. We truly feel so much safer now knowing that our house and loved ones are protected.

Hopefully we never experience a fire in our home, but now if anything would happen, we will know much sooner and will have a much better outcome! Thank you so much Devlon and Taylor! You've given us some piece of mind knowing that we are living in a much safer home for our family!

Autumn from nvfiresafety was very knowledgeable and friendly. I was familiar with omnishield already, but learned a few new things. I learned some things I didn't know. Laurie with Nvhmfiresafety was informative. Michael Brinegar from Va Profire Safety. We were really amazed to learn how unreliable a regular fire alarm is.

Really made us think about the safety of being able to protect our family. Is a good produt. Autumn from Nv Home Fire Safety her presentation was excellent in context and her integrity was too. Her compassion was phenomenal. Bre was an excellent presenter and very knowledgeable. Love the education that was provided.

Very useful info for fire preparedness. Peter Rooyakers came to our home and educated us very well about Omnisheild technology and because we are not Morons we are now protected.

Patrick and Travis from Nevada home fire safety. Nice presentation, looks like an excellent product. Especially the bed shaker. Tony is a fantastic human being. Anyone can tell he cares about people within seconds after meeting him.

After spending a few minutes one on one, I know he cares about me and my well being. Thankfully, he is in the safety business, so I am in very good and safe hands when I put my faith and trust in him. I know I can call on him like a brother anytime I have a need. The product he sells is superior. Their name says it better then I, First Class. Dave from Pro Fire Safety It was a great presentation that really educated our entire family.

Dave was very informed, polite and got right to the point. Jeremy Herr with Pro Fire Safety provided us a fire safety awareness program. What I learnned today is that I did not know that you could not put smoke alarms in gradgs or addics and that i learned that batteries could start fiers i never knew thatWhat I thought about Jeremy Herr is that he explained every thing good and so i could understand and my daughter too.

I think about the network is that it is a pretty nifty idea and that i like it a lot. Autumn from Nevada Home fire safety autumn I should give the highest recommendation. Showed me many factors that could pose a safety hazard or fire risk. Bre from Nevada Home Fire Safety Bre was very informative and knows her business and she is a delight.

John and Autumn from Nevada home fire safety, very informative. That our smoke detectors probably won't go off, omni shield sounds like a better alternative. David was in our house today I am very Conscious of fire safety in my home he did teach me things I didn't know.

Donna from Nevada Home Fire Safety is in our home today and provided us with a very informative fire safety presentation and demonstrated quality fire safety home detectors. Devlon Pro Fire Safety. After meeting individuals of the is company at a Craft show and winning a free fire extinguisher. Devlon delivered the fire extinguisher and completed the safety discussion with my husband and I.

After understanding how out dated out safety equipment is, it was a no brainier to purchase this system. My husband and I have experienced a home and a barn fire and understand how important fire safety is.

We purchased what we thought was good products to protect our family and our home. Little did we know that just because the fire extinguisher shows green does not mean that it will work after many years.

I guess we did not think about how much technology had changed over the years and how out dated our equipment was. Devlon was professional as well as friendly during his time in our home. Devlon respected our home during the inspection and installation of out new system. Great Job Devlon and the app is awesome!!! It was so good that we bought it. They explained how our current sensors were not adequate in location or at all for that matter. The System seems to be more advanced than store bought.

Salesperson was knowledgable and accommodating with price ranges. Didn't feel pressured but recognized good closing skills. Jeremy Herr with Pro Fire Safety i was very impressed with the products your rep.

The best experience we have had Cookie was very involved and caring about our concerns and comments. Cookie can be a person we can see being a life long friend. Autumn and john from Nevada home fire safety presentation was very enlightening. Presentation was very informative. I learned many facts that I was not aware of. Autumn from Nv Home Fire Safety is selling a great product. It was very well presented. She was very nice and down to earth. If we still had kids at home we would get it.

She was detail oriented and answered all of our questions to full satisfaction. Hope to see her around town. If we knew people around here we would strongly recommend her. Thank you for sharing such a lovely lady with us. Natasha Rush from Va Pro Fire Safety, was very professional and extremely informative in her presentation.

Me and my family really learned alot about fire prevention, and fire safety. And we look forward to spreading the word about this product to friends and family. Both Jeremy and Marie were very knowledgeable about the product.

I learned a lot of safety information I didn't know. Travis from nevada home fire safety showed us that our smoke detectors were not in thr right place and may not even work when we need them.

There presentation was very informative and hi-lited areas of our home that were safety hazards. The product is very well presented. John from Nevada home fire safety. John gave us a lot of great info. He made us realize there were a lot of areas of opportunity in our house. Omnishield gives us peace of mind.

Our sales representative Tony Ritchey went beyond the norm we are used to, explaining the system we purchased and it's advantages. We are so pleased that Omnishield is US made, and is backed by a great warranty. We love Tony He is very knowledge of this program.. He aanswered all our questions and we are very happy to have this protection in our home.

John from Nevada home fire safety lots of great information. Autumn from Nv Home Fire Safety was super in her presentation. She was able to a answer all of our questions. Jeremy and Marie with Pro Fire Safety shared their fire safety awareness program with us. We learned the value of having a meeting place for our family.

We also learned that anyone can have a fire, anytime and anywhere and you could die very easily. Our family, our dog and cats included, as well as our home are so precious and now, with the OmniShield network we feel safe and protected. I would advise anyone to listen to ALL the information provided in the fire safety awareness program because it might save your life.

Make an appointment as soon as you can. It was made very clear the safety for our family was at risk without the proper equipment to protect us in case of a fire. The professional way that Tony Ritchey conducted his presentation and the personal touch he gave to each person there was exceptional. We would recommend this product to anyone. I didn't realize there was so much I could do to prevent a fire from happening. We are very thankful for all of the information.

Kirsten was very informative and professional. She told us how to make our home safe. Matt came and installed our life savers in no time. The system proved itself Worthy the first night.

I hit the button and we waited to hear where the alarm was but we didn't hear anything so we went back to bed. My alarm clock went off and I got up and got ready for work thinking to myself that I'm going to have to call them because something went wrong. I went to the basement bathroom and as I approached I can hear the water sensor going off.

They really work because the moisture from the basement floor cause that alarm to sound. That gave me the peace of mind to know that if it has been a water leak of any kind we would have known right away.

Needless to say that particular water sensor needed to have a different placement under that sink and this proved to us that this system is really going to save our lives. We also learned that when that bed shaker goes off you need to go and look and listen if you don't first hear something because it's going off for a reason.

Thank you Professor Fire Safety. Bre from Nevada Home Fire Safety super nice and friendly people not pushy. She was helpful with my questions if i had anything and cared about my time. The importance of having a fire system in the home.

Discovered we were not as protected as we thought. Matt was informative and able to answer to answer all our questions. He explained both the sensors and the app. Good product and representative. Will recommend to our friends. His enthusiasm, skills, knowledge demonstrated an impressive dedication to making a difference in the safety for the lives of people, should be acknowledged. We are very thankful for the peace of mind this increased protection provides us.

We look forward to future customer service follow-up service and visits with Tony. Autumn from Nevada home fire safety was very through very informative and very well done.

Also, I would like to say she offered information I wasn't aware of and now am. My extinguisher was expired and I had no idea, she had a great personality and was very pleasant.

Welcome in our home any time. Travis from nevada fire safety was very prepared and professional. He explained everything thoroughly and was resectful to all our questions.

Both were knowledgeable and helpful about the system and options. Bre from Nevada Home Fire Safety, was very helpful,friendly and knowledgeable. Bre really opened our eyes and helped us understand the importance of fire safety and prevention.

Matt and Kirsten with Pro Fire Safety The demonstration was very informative, we learned quite a bit about the millions of typical smoke detectors on the market that are not as,effective as everyone thinks. Jeremy Herr from Pro Fire Safety did a very good job explaining the fire saftey program to us. He answered all our gustion I would recamend this promgam to family and friends. There was some things we did not know,but now we do.

Laurie with Nvhmfiresafety good information. Jeremy Herr with Pro Fire Safety Was an very educating experience, My husband and I learned alot of very inportant safety issues we had in our home and ways to solve the issues we have. Thanks for the great products you introduced us to. I can sleep alot better now, knowing we are protected. When we needed Bill Kellett he helped us Immediately with a friendly smile and really understood the product.

You can really see that enjoy's what he does in this field of Fire Safety. Sincerely, Thank you so much. Travis and bre from nevada home fire safety.

Autumn from Nevada Home Fire Safety was ver thorough. She had a lot of knowledge and truly believed in what she was talking about. I gained a lot of knowledge from her today and found that I had many fire hazards in my home. Her vibe was awesome, she is great at communicating and I loved talking to her. I did purchase this product and would strongly suggest her to loved ones. She really knows what she is talking about. I don't think it gets much better then her. Thank you Autumn for protecting myself and loved ones.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and positivity. I hope to see you soon. Autumn from Nevada Home Fire Safety was very educational and uplifting.

Amber and Cookie showed us an amazing safety meeting. He answered all my questions. He provided information that I did not know prior. He is a great asset to your company. Cookie and Amber gave us such wonderful information.

Travis from nevada home fire safety very nice and friendly. We learned alot from him today. He showed up for the appt. I would recommend travis and nevada home fire safety to family and friends. Natasha from VA pro fire safety. She was a very sweet girl and taught me a lot of information I never thought of. She was very respectful and listened to all my concerns. Everyone should hear this information and get these alarms if they can. Matt Heydrich with Pro Fire Safety provided a very nice presentation of the system.

Devlon from Pro Fire Safety was awesome to work with! First, he provided us with an incredibly informative safety meeting that showed his purpose was to help save lives. He went over information and tips that I would've never thought about until it was too late.

I had no idea how unsafe we had actually been living and how untrustworthy our detectors are--and my husband is a safety-wiz!

Devlon had both of our attention! My husband and I had never even discussed a plan or went through a fire drill--let alone prepare for how we would save our fur babies. Now we feel prepared just from his lesson. Devlon would've been perfectly happy to end the visit there knowing we now had a plan and useful knowledge that could save our life someday, but we allowed him to do a walk through of our home because now we were concerned about our home and safety.

So secondly, he did a walk through with us to see how protected we were, and we came to find out we really weren't at all! It was scary but eye-opening! Our smoke detectors weren't even in the right spots, we had fire hazards in most rooms, and he helped us discover that our thermostat must have been smoking recently which could have at some point soon caused a fire!

He even helped us remove it to be preventative. If you didn't trust that he was a caring person yet, you did during the walk through. Devlon still would've been perfectly content to end the visit, but now we were scared for our safety. So finally, he shared about the OmniShield system. I didn't even hesitate to have the system put in my home that night, which surprised my husband and I as I am typically so indecisive and cheap, but I realized my "cheap-ness," especially with our standard smoke alarms, could have cost us our lives.

I could not have imagined going to work the next day, with what could have been a faulty thermostat and this does happen people- my mom's thermostat caught fire when we were there thankfully to put it out! The price actually turned out to be SUPER affordable per month, and knowing our new system that will be paid off soon and will truly truly protect my home and family, is priceless.

Devlon helped install the equipment that we wanted that night, and we went to bed feeling relieved after an emotional and eye-opening evening. She did a great presentation. I learned a lot that I never knew. Those cheap alarms shouldn't even be sold. I wish I could have gotten those great alarms they are selling. I'm getting this system because the presentation was outstanding. Natasha Rust with Va Pro Fire was an excellent presenter. She was professional and knowledgeable regarding fire safety.

I was appalled to learn about the ineffectiveness of the traditional smoke detectors. Jeremy Herr from Pro Fire Safety was a great instructor. My husband and I learned a lot and found the presentation very informativie and interesting. We learned a lot of new fire safety tips, that we weren't aware of that that could save our lives if we wold ever encounter a home fire. We were very pleased and would recommend the presentation as well as the products to anyone.

We are hoping to have the products installed in the future in our new home. Dave from Pro Fire Safety yes, I thought the presentation was terrific! Bre and laurie from Nevada home fire safety did an excellent job with their presentation. I am looking forward to being able to better protect my family now. Kyle Bower with Pro Fire Safety did i very god job and learned a lot. Peter Rooyakkers, is very knowledgeable about this product and very informative with any question that I asked. I was quite surprised about the garbage that the other smoke detector companies try to feed the regular people, most of it is just a money grab.

I learned a fair bit about the way fires spread and how fast they can move, thanks to the way I was told by Peter. I am really impressed with what I learned, that I bought a system for my own home. I think it is a life saving product. It was very informative. The price is reasonable for all that is offered. Cookie did a great job. Kyle Bower with Pro Fire Safety came out and provided me with some fire safety education that was very informative. Kyle was new at this and did a good job for his first time doing it and will get better as he learns.

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