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When she left, all Bianca could do was cry and attempt to rub away the pain.

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You are currently signed in as: Temp Out of Stock. Temporarily out of stock. Add to cart and we will ship as soon as this item becomes available. Free Returns on all Orders. When will it arrive? Terms and Conditions Estimated delivery date applies to in-stock items and may not be available depending on shipment details. Blakstar December 26, at 8: Naughty Nomad February 9, at Man do people actually contact you through this site???

Naughty Nomad March 16, at 6: Kenny April 14, at 8: Lika May 8, at Just got back from 3 weeks sarging in Addis Ababa. I posted the same report on Roosh forum Got my flag on the 3rd day there from previous online game.

Girls are eager to meet foreigners and they will give up their numbers easily. Cafe restaurant BON on Bole road too crowded on weekends but good during the week The Bar of the Intercontinental hotel Casanjes , I also like the pool and the food there and the wifi is very fast Outside of Axum hotel there is one table that is quite good for a date.

Cereal Killer November 9, at Joshua June 2, at I was really looking forward to this trip in October, but he kinda of threw the mood…I would like to hear ur thoughts on his comments…evryone is different, but i want to hear ur thoughts on his writing Reply. Naughty Nomad June 3, at 8: Joshua June 4, at 7: I see the Ethiopians in Dubai; obviously they are working girls; but the bodies, face, beauty is amazing……I see what you say; in DR I felt like all the guys were leeches as well; i hated it…Like please just go bro lol…Thanks man Reply.

Charlie June 14, at 5: Louis July 17, at 5: Dave dobson October 5, at 5: Just left ethiopia last week the best vacation I have had I started in Egypt early this summer but do to all the conflict in Sudan Egypt and most of north Africa I decided to check out Ethiopia I had read the city guide and I said ef it and I landed in addis from Sudan the airport Bole was nice then I met this taxi driver who put me on to Dexter jay then it hit me I remember reading the post on naughty nomads Dexter jay came to my hotel on asmara rd and blessed me with the best pot I have had in years thanks dex Reply.

Bazi May 13, at Dexter jay November 30, at 8: Well dex jay is back been out of Ethiopia for a while so if you need the weed I am back in deed got really good stock of light greens and also afgan hash the source is back Bless Reply. SkullBreaker December 6, at 2: I knw it is too early but cant wait to see some good stuff… Regards, SkullBreaker Reply. Dexter jay December 26, at 7: Bye for now and see u in happy newyear to all Dexter jay Reply.

Dexter jay December 31, at 1: Dexter jay the source in addis if you call I shall come 1oz minimum pls different grades of sinsemilla also bubble hash all day lets make a good one jah bless Reply. Dexter jay January 17, at Dexter j is a scam artist!

Dexter jay February 16, at 5: Dexter jay February 27, at 3: Well springs right around the corner for the best smoke in addis contact the I Dexter jay and get your smoke on The number one source out this bitch or so if and when you are in addis hit me up and we can meet for coffee so if you need make the call and you shall recieve also pls adults only love the kids but prefer the grown folk Dexter jay one love Reply.

EthiopianKushite March 7, at 4: Hey Dexter, I will be in Ethiopia this summer around june, july and august. Bashua March 16, at Dexter j April 12, at 1: Cool D Runnings April 21, at 5: Cool D Runnings April 21, at 6: An hour and 40 minutes and the high is going nice and smooth still good heights Reply. Superman April 28, at 4: Naugthy Nomad, You are a joke! Kaleab January 26, at 8: Dexter j May 18, at The police no problems however u must take care yes I do grow and finally 5kgs will run u a bit if your serious u know what to do Reply.

Wow, thx Dexter for your lengthy and detailed answer. I am very informed now. Dexter j May 25, at 6: Dude dude WTF you got contact details or are you writing a book report if you serious you know what to do Peace Reply. Dexter j May 29, at 7: Jacob June 4, at Dexter j June 6, at Hey Dexter jay has a new number in addis ababa for the best cannabis experience in Ethiopia hit up Dex jay up on and also new Nepali bubble hash as well as afghan and morrocan Reply. Dexter j June 7, at 3: Dexter j July 7, at 3: Dexter j July 18, at 8: Dexter j August 13, at 5: Okay as you like Reply.

Dexter j August 15, at Dexter j August 23, at 7: Dexter j September 1, at 5: Dexter back at you once again there is a greenery drought next harvest in october but till then plenty of bubble Nepali hash so enjoy Reply. Dexter j September 12, at 1: How would one acquire them? Dexter j September 16, at Dexter j September 17, at 5: Dexter j September 24, at 9: Dexter j October 2, at 7: Just come mescaline like strawberry fields Reply. Mario October 9, at Hi guys, thanks for the interesting article and the nice comments.

Will come on the 25th of October, it will be the first time in Africa if you disclose Tunisia. I am going to travel as single guy no wingman. The Guesthouse is in the Bol area. Wonder about rip offs, can you comment on some except the usual taxi driver story? Dexter j October 16, at 2: Wet willy an eight ball will run you about birr really great quality and delivery in addis free my contact info on page Reply.

Cristobal November 19, at 7: Naughty Nomad November 19, at 4: Cereal Killer November 9, at 1: Lester December 23, at 2: Naughty Nomad December 23, at 2: Dexter j January 1, at 2: Happy new year may all have health and peace in this new year god bless Reply.

Simon Deacon January 18, at 1: Andy January 19, at Agree Etihopian ladies are god looking and good fun… after 10 year of travelling in Africa,Middle East and Asia i met a few in Etihopian and elswere…one observations is that many have a reservation for oral sex… Reply. MrMonte January 23, at 6: Pete King January 23, at This is shaping up like a bad novel.

Look at the cast of characters: Pete King January 23, at 1: Or maybe, like so much else here, somebody did. Anyone want to cast the film version? How about Mackenzie Crook for the paedophile role? Pete King January 24, at Naughty Nomad January 24, at 1: MrMonte January 24, at 6: You got a chip on your shoulder. Pete King January 26, at 6: Naughty Nomad January 26, at 6: Pete King January 26, at 8: Cereal Killer November 9, at 2: Pete King January 27, at 3: Peter King January 29, at 5: Naughty Nomad January 29, at 6: Peter King January 29, at Naughty Nomad January 30, at 1: I smell an academic with too much time on their hands.

Hey Dexter jay back at you bubble hash is back around so if your in addis ababa pls check me out also the source for all party favors you can contact me and get connected as always free delivery anywhere in addis Reply. Peter King February 4, at Jinny February 7, at 1: Dexter j February 11, at Peter February 11, at I can only take your word for it… Reply. Andy Lynch February 26, at 1: Naughty Nomad February 26, at 4: Dexter j February 28, at 8: Endale March 2, at 3: Dexter j March 4, at Call me endale and the highest is gms and sell it at birr so do the math and I can make it happen Reply.

The naughty nomad was in addis last month and we met nice guy hope you enjoyed my weed the best in town and free delivery so If you are in addis just contact Dexter jay at the best party favors in addis Reply. Endale March 4, at 3: Dexter j March 4, at 4: The Afgani hash black hash is sold in gm pieces keep in touch you have the contact info Reply.

Endale March 4, at 5: Dexter jay hey just hooked up with the naughty nomad last month on his visit to addis ababa hope you liked the weed bro and speak to you soon Reply. Dexterjay November 9, at 2: Dexter jay, so i take this as you are not interested to talk? Dexter jay March 11, at 8: I think I answered your questions and o gave you my direct number sry if thats not enough I run a good dependable service chat rooms are not me if you need my services just call no chat rooms Reply.

Endale March 6, at 5: Dexter jay, so you are not interested to talk? You dont seem interested to talk dexter? Dexter jay March 12, at 4: Svensen March 31, at 5: Peace out Svensen Reply. Dexter jay April 2, at 4: Nick March 31, at 5: Great speaking, looking forward to seeing you next weekend!

Johnny April 7, at 6: FakeName April 8, at 6: Naughty Nomad April 9, at 1: Nick April 9, at 2: Naughty Nomad April 14, at 3: Dexter j April 15, at Definitely martins next to atlas hotel or Sorgems kitfo house both places are cool and next to everything clubs girls etc Reply.

Keith April 18, at 8: Hey Keith well your friend is a friend indeed you can contact me direct or or all link you to me here in addis as far as the women you know how it goes the finest in Africa so see u in may bro Reply.

FakeName May 2, at 2: Dexter jay May 3, at 4: Lika May 11, at 9: Mark, you were there in February after Somalia, right? Naughty Nomad May 11, at 5: Ozzy May 21, at 4: Dexter, are you Ethiopian? And do you permanently live in Addis? Dexter jay May 21, at 7: Dirk May 21, at Dexter jay May 21, at 3: Dirk contact Tekle belay he has so many guest Hse in addis party friendly ok mate let Em know Dexter jay sent ya Reply. Ozzy May 21, at Dirk May 22, at 7: Much appreciated Dexter Jay!

Steve June 2, at Dexter jay June 12, at Hi my name is Solomon and most have not heard of me Dexter jay is not in Ethiopia for the moment so I will be keeping you updated he still has the same tel numbers and e mail contacts so feel free to ask your questions and provide the same reliable services in addis so even with Dexter gone nothing has changed still the same quality so when your in Ethiopia you can contact me and to those who support this section of this blog keep Dexter in your hearts and minds Reply.

Quayum June 12, at 9: Mesfin June 24, at Elias July 10, at 3: Naughty Nomad July 11, at They do not allow guests. Paul July 12, at 7: Solomon July 17, at 5: Paul July 23, at 9: Planning on returning regularly from now on….

Hi Paul, I am 61 of age! Do you think I can find beautiful girls in Addis? Zak August 7, at 9: Hey anyone know where I can get rolling papers and some really good weed? CuriousGeorge October 16, at 8: DaBaws November 11, at 7: Jay where can a tourist grip some opi-um in addis Reply. Ali Shakur November 10, at 8: Hey dexter, where can I get opium in addis?

Dexter jay November 15, at 4: Slow man November 11, at 8: Can someone give me names of some hotels in Ethiopia that are guess friendly. Hey Nomad or other , Does that hostel that you recommend cozyplace let you take girls to your room?

Do hotels like Sheraton or Hilton allow women to spend the night???? OriginalThug November 29, at 4: Ethiopia is the shit and girls are fucking hot!!! EthiDC January 15, at 5: Nick January 15, at 7: Nick January 16, at 5: I did indeed, Darya is a good guy! Has he been over to see you?

Hope you had a good holidays my friend, would be good to hook up with you again. Hey folks well its the second harvest is in and its Indica so for those who like that feeling you can contact me in addis ababa the ounce is a bit more for the organically grown Indica but its the bomb an Oz runs Dollars Reply. The network is really bad in Ethiopia so the phones are crazy if you need to contact Dexter jay for your herbal stimulation just keep trying you will get through by phone the number is Reply.

TeflonDon February 19, at 7: OK dude just saw the prices in Vancouver for an oz of Og kush runs USD on the average so the Qp would be like over a thousand dollars but that is in British Colombia so next time you are in addis I will pay you the dollars for the QP Reply.

Biniam Endeshaw February 19, at 7: Sean February 21, at March 2, at 7: Naughty Nomad March 2, at 8: Ayan July 1, at 9: Sesiy March 12, at 4: Colin July 19, at 2: I will be coming to addis next Sunday night 27 august and need some herbal stimulation.

Also looking for some quality chat ….. Is this something you can assist with this? Advice me I wanna go to the best clubs in addis Reply. May 13, at 9: Cheb coco July 20, at 7: Dexterjay July 22, at 4: Very good place no worries on smoke and call dexter of course For that bombs hit Reply.

Richard Michaels August 3, at 3: Dexter jay November 26, at 2: Yes I do call me and we can talk. Naughty Nomad July 22, at 9: I already mentioned the hotel across from martin cozy place. Kevin July 28, at 4: Hey man how are you when will you be back on this side of the pond Reply.

Richard Michaels August 2, at 9: Dexterjay August 9, at 8: Professor Charlie August 3, at 2: Empire September 13, at Dat Guy November 11, at 8: Dexterjay October 30, at 8: Hey folks dexter jay back at you with a tip there is a place Called Oh Canada on Mickey Leland avenue in Bole for Good western cuisine it is the place to go also good music And drinks the atmosphere is very adult with many tourist and expats so If your looking to have a good time in addis check it out Oh canada Off Mickey Leland av in Bole close to the Atllas hotel Reply.

Hodgy October 30, at 6: We can help you out with that herbal request call me Reply. Jay Dee November 30, at 2: Dexterjay December 2, at 7: Max January 4, at 5: Dexter jay January 4, at 5: Ok email me Max Reply. Dom Torres January 4, at Dexter I just emailed you brotha. Dexter jay January 4, at Yo call me my dude or send your location Reply. This game had me waiting for it. To my surprise I played it a total of 5 times. The concept was cool, the whole serial killer teddy bear.

The plot was not so much. It makes you want to play manhunt. My grandson enjoy this game. The story just makes me laugh so much. Your a bear whose taken on revenge against other bears that hurt his feelings. Very morbid so I wouldn't recommend this to children Overall, I love the game. Before i let you know why i tell you not to buy this, let me start by saying, when this game works it is fun as hell. It only suffers from being very repetative! But no more than, crackdown 2, GTA, and assasins creed.

So why oh why do i give it an overall 1 star rating!? Because this game doesn't work right. The company games who rushed this game out left it full of bugs. Constant freezing, game not fully rendering all the the level i spent one level walking around an empty map with no trees, characters or anything but flat ground and 2 empty houses Also whilst checking online for other people who may have had similar issues, one person had mentioned how the game wiped his achievements and saves off his xbox!

I don't know if there is any truth behind that one. However many people had issues just like me. I also know the problem is not with my xbox for 2 reasons Now Amazon have been more than helpful with all this. They sent me a replacement copy I have since returned both copies to amazon for full refund. However i have emailed games and called. They know about the issues with the game and are planning a live patch update online to all systems the game was released on.

However what guarantee that this will solve all issues? What about those people who don't have their games systems connected to the internet Yes i can't imagine many in this day and age, but still you never know How will they have this problem fixed??

The long and short of it is this As a game if it can be called a game at all it is flawed. As a result of a game company so eager to rush this product out that aparantely they never game tested it. In finishing, i beg you not to waste your money here!! At least amazon gives a full refund God bless them. If you tried to return this to a gamestop they could only give you another copy, or a trade in value way less than you paid for it.

Its fun at first but gets old pretty quick. I don't exactly know why I purchased this game but I kind of regret doing so. Fun for kids maybe even tho its a fairy violent game, but won't keep an adults attention unless impaired possibly.

This game works great and is such a blast to play. This game is fun if you like or think its funny for a maladjusted bear to kill his friends because he didn't get invited to a party. This game is fun and challenging but once the novelty of the killer bear wears off its just another game. The voice acting is done well and the environments are exactly what you would expect. This game is a good time waster when you don't feel like playing other games and is good if you are waiting for your taxi to the airport to arrive.

But in terms of hours and hours of non-stop fun, look some where else. The game is challenging but in the end all you are trying to do is kill all the bears before time runs out or before they can escape the island. See all 49 reviews.

Most recent customer reviews. A little monotonous at times but still

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