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Seriously I thought match was bad.

Wait, How Are People Fooled by This?

What’s the Scam?

Please check and try again. This is NOT abusive. I pressed this button by accident. It is offensive or harmful. It does not contain enough information. It contains or requests illegal information. It does not make sense. Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. I just made a new account on meetme last night, now today, it says my password or email is incorrect and wont let me sign in, help please?

This site is best viewed while logged in. There might be a website maintenance when you were trying to log in to your Hotmail account. You can try later on.

Or your Hotmail account Was this answer helpful? Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? Or your Hotmail account must have been compromised. You can try retrieving it by clicking the link below and follow the instructions on how to retrieve your Hotmail account.

It can be done in a few minutes. Cant sign-in my email hotmail and i have try to forget password but always appears the answer the microsoft account is incorrect. Did you find out what the problem was my account did the same thing yesterday. I tried logging in to my meetme account last night and today, but its coming up with this email address is not associated with meetme.

I think it was broken. Was this comment helpful? I am having the problem. Did you ever get on? It is happening to me too did you guys find out why. It says it says its been deleted?

My meetme account is not letting me log in it says email not assocated with meetme but it is i was using it earlier today? I know mine isnt deleted i can get on it with my phone. My email and password are the same but all of my pics,messages and my name were replaced with other ones of another girl.

I have being trying to sign up and not getting through I once had a an account why am i not getting through. Mine is doin the same thing. Yea I looked it up its from Africa and I have gotten so many of those scammers they are on all the dating sites I joined different ones and can't seem to get away from them They love you the very next day of talking..

I tecinize them a lot faster now.. Hi I just started chatting with a guy by the name of William John Richard on fb. Idk he seems nice but he keeps putting in certain messages Alaye omg mi kilowa.

What does this mean and have u ever heard of him being a scammer. Copy it then go to google and write: I've become accustomed to exposing these guys frequently. How do you expose them I have been on various sites. It got to the point where I wasn't looking for a partner, I was enjoying running scammers off. There's a new scammer on waplog going by the name of Angeline that after two days asked me for money and when I became curious as if she was a real person or not she proceeded to curse me and say omo Iya.

I don't know why you would tell a scammer how to fix his errors. I've gotten some to admit they are young boys in West Africa being made to scam white people and want help getting out probably another type of scam. If you find anyone that wants you to send money to a place in the US, get the name, city, state and then turn it over to the police. It means a person in the US is helping them. They could even be a terrorist connection which I have encountered.

This is the same person, but stole a beautiful black models photo as his own. Had the nerve to ask me to go on whatsapp. Then claim he was a U. These people are ridiculous and sad. Someday they are gonna pay for what they did and still doing. May God forgive them. This comment has been removed by the author. I just got a weird message on Facebook,but it was from a woman not a man. Does anybody know what language this is or what it means? Why doesn't Facebook do something about it?

I have lost my jpb and thousands of dollars. I have lost my ID and bank account. Anyone know of a guy on Facebook that goes by Cole Smith?

I'm really thinking he may be a scammer just by his lack of fb info and it's only been open for 9months and then he said he was in Africa, Nigeria for business but lives in Miami Florida. Something just isn't right. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've just spoke to two women, both claim to be from different states in America!

Funny thing is, they both are antique collectors! When I mentioned scammers, one immediately texted "Bawo omo iya"! What does that mean? The other asked me how I knew the previous ladies were scammers, but not 2 hours later said she was in Africa with a 6 year old daughter and scared for her and her daughters safety!

Then asked if I would send an iTunes card so her and her daughter could have food! She claims she will be back in states by Saturday! Is she also a scammer or are they forcing people to do these things out there? Please help me out and give me a response to this predicament!

Hello My name is mike and i am a Nigerian undergrad student of medidcine and surgery. Its no news the tarnished image my country has because of this lazy nigerian youths.

These people even scam us here in our own country. I and a group of students like me are getting a website ready where you can come on and send us your various cases and we will investigate for you under 30mins as we are very infact too familiar with their tactics. You could also contact me mikedonmills gmail. Donmills Mike or whatever you call yourself, you are a scammer too. A whole undergraduate student of Medicine and Surgery who can't spell "Undergraduate" or "medicine" correctly and still claim to be a university student.

Anyone asking for iTunes cards, phone minute cards, or anything like that is scamming you. Horrible English and grammar is the 1 indicator of a scammer. Falling in love with you in a few days or sooner is another red flag. Their claimed location and area code mismatch is another indicator.

Any references to grandma or grandpa is another flag. Working for charity organizations is another flag. Not knowing time zones is another flag. Anything that is suspect to your common sense should be a major warning to you. A requirement of a in person meeting very soon will usually stop them in their tracks. Never accept any photos of ID's or passports, all are fakes. Never,never, never send anyone a red cent or cash checks or help with any financial matters.

Always mention you will report any scammers or fake profiles to the authorities and website administrators. Only deal with profiles that are local to you so you can verify the person easily and if they try to scam you then you can turn them in to local authorities for prosecution. The guy you are on about from Facebook messenger, I hate scammers a knew he was one instantly but he's called Steve Ingram.

Not talked to him in a month and that was to say sorry I don't know you so I'm deleting you. He now says he loves me. I was thinking how can I say three words to you. Then I found a way. Now join first words of the sentences. How can I explain my feelings to you. Its pain, its numbness, its like I can see only one thing, hear one thing and think about one thing.

I will never let you go. No matter what situation we are in, I love and care about you for ever. That's his message he also keeps saying silly things like omo iya I wish these idiots can be stopped. I've experienced similar messages So I now recognise the scammers The last one whom I caught out sent me this Omo iya mi oku ise Does anyone know what this means?

I got one on Instagram. Supposedly his name is David porter. His username is davidporter Everything he sent is exactly like the first few messages you got above. Including the omo iya mi. I get a day on IG. Whatever city they claim to be from, I tell them my family is from there. I use 2 counties near to me and they always pick one.

I love to slam scammer women -they make laugh with there wild claims.. Mr Mills there is a name, Graham Allen, being used quite frequently. The scammer sometimes switches the name or even adds a name to the end. Graham Allen Edward theyarth stealing the identity of an internet celebrity, pictures and all. I counted 27 Graham Allen's or visa versa on FB. The one I met used pictures and was on Kik. His username was King-size. Am I ever glad I found this feed. I've been seriously getting attacked by scammers on a daily basis through Messenger.

How do I make them stop? Is anybody on FB even real anymore? I've started using a website called Tineye. What does Ome ope mean? Thanks for your help! It is a great way of learning if you are being scammed. When they ask for money I stop communication. After a few days I connect with them and dump what I know. Oh, some of my best wasted hours are scamming scammers. I have a file full of females who have contacted me and thing I am "beautiful"? What is dating website scam, a blacklist of dating scam websites, tips to avoid scammers Dating scammer letters.

Can anyone help me pls!..

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