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They need to all be jailed, and throw away the key. November 21, at 8:

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I was wondering the same thing. Why should I disclose my credit card details of all things. I was on this site and had message from girl saying she coming home for Thanksgiving, yet how can she coming home to me without my address.

Or do I need to try and go to each site? Happens all the time. I found only one real girl and that was the only time i actually talked to someone real but nothing happened we just became friends but thank god i didnt pay for any of that shit. Yeah Lots of fake girls on this con. And 2 years later they are still getting away with this scam!!

I have also been ripped off by this outfit, they have girls to sucker you, and it worked on me. They need to all be jailed, and throw away the key. Now im having trouble stopping the payments. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Now you can cancel your membership and stop wasting money for nothing.

Here is the step by step cancellation process to delete your member account and also how to cancel your monthly membership. While researching how to cancel our account for this tutorial we found no way to do it! They actually won't let you delete your profile, they only let you hide it. So we came up with the best idea we could and that is to hide our profile page so no other members can find it.

On top of that we also deleted the pictures we uploaded to our profile. And, we changed our personal data in our profile such as age, city, zip code and country so if anyone was to look for our profile it would be completely different so they can't find our profile.

The instructions to cancel are ready for you to use. To get a hold of customer support you can email them or call them through the information available here: If you want to find real women on genuine dating sites go here. My problem is that the icon "Internet' goes directly to this site. Here is an idea to use on these fake sites. Set up a free account on google, yahoo, bing.

Because each time that you seemingly are communicating with a female member of the site which will likely be a site employee or robot the site will invite you to go to your registered website to retrieve an code to either see photos or chat with your choosen site Female Member. When you do that likely at some point, you'll be asked to upgrade your membership to a higher status with your credit card to continue the chat.

When you realize that you are being lead in a circle, break the routine by dropping your temporary e-mail account with the sites of google, yahoo, bing, or any site which allows free e-mail accounts to be set up or an e-mail account that you know of that is still active or has been deactivated that the fake site is not familiar with or had been registered with.

Then watch the fake dating site keep asking for your e-mail address. Then move on with your life or go to one of the sites that this site recommends you to go to for real dating sites to meet real women. Just a suggestion from myself to you. I'm glad that I ran across your site, and thank you. Not only for the exposure of fake dating sites, the LS in the aformentioned site, but also taking the time to set up a website that helps folks to not be scammed. You should be commended. I have a gal online emailing me back and forth, and her verification link goes to Fuck swipe.

Her last email said that she had a girlfriend over, and that I could ride them both. As appealing as that was I thought I'd google fuckswipe, and see what comes up.

FUCK Swipe is a joke. And thw ones that appear real will want Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. September 1, at 4: November 9, at 9: July 29, at September 3, at 2: October 16, at 3: October 29, at 8: December 5, at 7: November 28, at 5: December 22, at December 22, at 2:

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