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I have to go to my bank to tell them that my money is somehow stuck in the internet!

Friday, Sept 14

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Moved into a new apartment and had to get comcast because no phone service available. Wifi service is terrible. Bandwidth ranges from decent to 0 mbs.

Service fluctuations are unpredictable, but it is down more than up. Already had one service call, no improvement. The worst internet service I have ever experienced. I had UVerse in my other place and it was much better, much more reliable.

I hate being affiliated with this company. It kills me To pay the monthly bill. I hate Comcast I had to rate them. I am so fed up wth Comcast!! Customer for years and every year gets more expensive and less service. On demand drops episodes then tells u to subscribe. I'm not giving you more of my money assholes!

I already pay too much! Prices change behind your back. Next best offer they can find you just removes the channels you watch most. Who do they think they are ripping people off daily??? We pay you for tv and internet- just give us that!! Stop finding new ways to screw us and do your damn job! I'm so sick and tired of Comcast right now. Thank you for making this website! So stop bitching and if you dont like youre bill yoi can go get other shitty service with another company. Waiting a month and no internet hookup cancelled.

Looks like I am lucky. No timeframe promises kept. The problem is the monopoly that Xfinity has over this industry. I am so upset that we have only two big providers feeding the market with unfair offers. I was with them for over 20 years but they would not give me the same price as a new customer. I bought an antenna and cut the cable.

It is better than them. I agree with all of you and am happy to have came across this site and to see so many people out there that feel the same way I do about Comcast. They think that they can run things because they have the market cornered in most places but just like everyone here, there are a lot more people that hate Comcast that don't speak out and we need to band together and make a difference.

I support this website and Facebook page please do the same for mine. On FB its call boycott comcast. Comcast has 1 job - keep the network flowing. They have billions upon billions of dollars to do that. Too bad they suck the sweat off a dead monkey's balls. They don't even deserve one star.

Between selling me packages that don't exist, billing me for installs that never happened, incompetent sales representatives and technical support agents that like to argue with the me rather than helping resolve issues Could have gotten more in court, but I am just seriously tired of having to deal with them. All I want is the service I pay for without all the bullshit. Comcast tells CNBC that a "fiber cut" at a "large backbone network" partner has caused a service outage affecting its business and residential video, internet and voice customers.

This is the fall back answer for "we don't know what's going on"! They just want that money I'm cancelling my Comcast at home this weekend. Where is the negative star option? This company is the absolute worst. Can't log in anymore. Second phone line doesn't work anymore. That's the Comcast way! They always seem to be aware of the problem and are working to resolve it. I've been hearing that for over 25 years from Comcast or whomever they need to change the name, trying to lure new fools into their sespool.

I'll go ahead and open your account so that we can help you replacing the modem. I would highly recommend to swap the modem because the issue can be with the equipment. Dating all the way back to What we can do here is to swap the modem or send you out a technician to fix this once and for all. Please provide your best contact number.

Please give me few minutes. It can be a line or equipment issue. That's why I am trying to sort things out before sending you our a technician. Also, wireless connection's speed will vary due to factors like your range from the modem. I'd much rather you read off to me the times you can have a technician come out on saturday. I hated even putting one star I work with companies for a living, and can say that Comcast is by far the worst yet.

Um, no thanks Comcast! No one should use you because its very evident that you stopped caring about your customers a long long long time ago. I call the line and after an hour of testing, "suddenly" it shoots up to normal.

I can watch youtube, but my anime streams won't even load 1 second. The end is here. Xfinity WiFi hotspot is contributing to the garbage experience I have with xfinity. Worst company for sure. My fucking internet has been down for 12 fucking hours thanks to this fucking god awful bullshit company that is run by inbred apes. Why in da fuck would you make your service set as to if the main tv box don't work none of them will????????

Has to be the dumbest shit a cable company has ever thought of storm zapped the main box now I can't watch none of the others??? Love the apps and the talk button and all but clearly someone needs to be fucking fired to have customers stuck like this I have 4 boxes 1 don't power on and I can't watch the others. You people are idiots. Majority of the time you cause your own issues then blame Comcast for your ineptitude. Fuck you comcast you fucking idiots dont know how to do anything rigjt your a shit service going out all fucking day and dropping speed, ever fucking time i try and do something services magically fucking goes out.

Tried getting them to do some repair work. Scheduled me for a month later. I got it escalated and they rescheduled for 1 week earlier.

On the day the repair work was supposed to happen, I came home early from work and waited Called them back later just to find out they rescheduled for 2 weeks later because of weather. Didn't even call to update me. So, i am currently still without cable They show up the next day How is there no clas action lawsuit already for these fucks stealing our money?

The prices go up randomly whenever they feel like it and one person tells you one thing and promises you great deals then a bill comes and BAM hundred dollars more. Oh sorry mam he was new and quoted you wrong.. Comcast is fucking clown shoes! This shit goes out more than Dish?!

S I gave 1 star cause it made me. The worst part about living in a small town is that the only internet provider is Comcast. I cannot go a day without my internet cutting out for hours a day every fucking day.

Not working or B. This is just insane. I fucking pay a ton of money and what do I get?! Every fucking single day, I come online trying to send my god damn money to a relative or someone else and guess what?! I have to go to my bank to tell them that my money is somehow stuck in the internet!

I fucking wasting my fuel and damaging the world! My files are already thick like a fucking shitty roman! Am I seeing right, "no service, please wait for a few minutes. I have had their shit service for years and it honestly makes me want to kill myself.

I get get out because my city has a fucking shitty deal with them. Internet is faulty atleast 3 times a day. Their troubleshoot system is a joke! And the bill is always way too high! Fucka comcast and their shitty service. I purchased cable for my elderly mother who is I was informed that they don't have a lesser plan that lets you watch national news AND local news.

Bottom line is I WILL find a way to cut the cord and ensure they no longer benefit from my hard earned cash. Their crap, that they charge you money doesnt work. They expect the consumer to fix it. They want you to pay to send it back. Or, there just too big to think they can fail. WOW, here I come!!! When Comcast is the only service available in the area, they have all the power to jack up their prices for the worst internet service imaginable.

The largest drawback to moving to a new house was the major downgrade in internet. How does it make sense that I used to pay the same price for internet service that provided 3 times the download and upload service than the crappy Comcast one I have now? Along with wifi randomly going out weekly and calling a technician and throttling just ever so slightly literally every ten minutes.

Worst company in the world with the least care for their services, your ass Comcast. Our internet has been going out every ten fucking minutes every fucking day. I am getting sick and tired of this cock ass internet service that we have to pay a fortune for. There prices are shit and that goes along with their internet service. I fucking hate Comcast. The Xfinity cable modem is not safe That's slower than dial-up.

The internet goes out far too often. Imagine the outrage if you didn't have water or power for hours pretty much everyday?! Internet is a necessity, and comcast has a near monopoly, charges outrageous prices, and we as consumers can not do anything about it. I mentioned Speaking to a guy from India and they deleted my post on their forums. I guess you can't mention India. Where's is that policy? I can't get a local number to speak to an English speaking agent in my area who understands my problems.

Years and years of crap. Worst company in America. Internet goes out daily, multiple times, between 9 AM and about 4 PM. Comcast wants to send out a tech - like that will do any good. Problem is in their system and they know it.

For all I know, it may be intentional. We have the very basic cable. Lousy selection of channels, standard definition. They could give us more channels at no cost to them, but they don't. Shithead ran a wire right through the siding into second floor bedroom - left the cable just flying in the wind outside the house, and didn't even put in a box where the service enters the house.

Fuckers know they're the only game in town, and they pretend to care. Can't even understand their service techs on the phone, between the foreign accents, low volume, and background noise on the line. Internet never worked as claimed by Comast. Worst customer service ever. They try to upsell to more expensive plans before resolving current problem. Unable to understand them anyway. You know how net neutrality has been repealed? Well, not a day after this repeal happened Comcast decided to throttle many sites like this one, and throttle the DNS's I use so they could collect data.

My wifi legit goes out every 30 fucking seconds I have to un onnect and reconnect every god damn time or else it stays off for about 2 mins. I can't do anything unless I'm connected to Ethernet literally as I'm writing this it's gone out twice.

I have to keep an extra tab open with like minesweeper or something so that when the wifi goes out and doesn't come back on I have something to do. Fuck this company I want it to burn to hell.

Internet went out for the second time in 4 hours. Called and was told it was my outdated modem. Told them I had the same trouble at work a major university.

Suddenly it was my router that was the problem. Then back to trying to sell me a new modem. They can't even get their bogus story straight! So, I'm a Comcast customer since for cable and a broadband customer since In , Verizon has contractors run fiber throughout my neighborhood. I resist their sales pitch since they dug up my yard without actually telling me they were going to.

Had the service guy out, he replaced a splitter and some coax, said it was fixed. Of course it wasn't. Next service guy comes out and says its in the junction across the street and it'll take a few days.

They do whatever to the junction box and it's good for about a week. Basically, I had 4 service calls over a 3 month period and shit never got fixed. Also, I need to reboot the modem about 4 or 5 times per week, which I thought was "normal" for broadband. Now, I'm disgusted so I start looking at what Verizon is offering.

They offer basically the same thing "I had the Triple Play" for almost I call comcast to let them know I'm looking to maybe get a little lower bill as well as get the connection issues fixed.

They try to upsell me saying it will "save" me about I made that phone call to them 3 times, hoping I might find a sympathetic ear, nope. I call Verizon and get my install date setup and then called crapcast to have them disconnect my service on that day. He recommends upgrading my package, I fully explain how much money I will save in the next 2 years to which he apparently doesn't give a fuck. Verizon installs their hardware and runs fiber along my driveway from the box in my yard.

I have a minor issue with rated speed on install and the guy who installed it fixes it in 5 minutes. I reboot the router about once or twice a month although I don't know it even needs that done. The picture clarity is soooo much better too. Forgot to mention that with crapcast, the picture on my TV's would regularly get pixellated and would go out, but not as often as the broadband.

Thank God we now have a choice! Crapcast, you fucking suck. I love that you're sending me all these promo papers via mail. I like to send them back as "delivery refused" so you bitches can pay postage twice.

Its time i be able to stream a show and have the page work right. You internet is fucking garbage as usual. The hardware and software manufacturers of your infrastructure and management systems need to pull their heads out of their asses and think about how this fucking technology SHOULD work, not how you think it should, you fucking useless pieces of shit.

I hope you all end up jobless and homeless and staving. I hope all the bad things in the world happen to you all and no one else. Extremely poor customer service and products.

Just spent another 1. Overall, one of the worst companies ever. Dumbass fucking remote unlinked from the cable box, have not been able to watch for a week. Fuck your shitty unnecessary remote codes. Promised super-fast download speed. Unfortunately I live in an area in which Fios not available, so over a barrel. There should be a category with - stars Ever since I upgraded to xfinity 1 2.

I've had comcast tech rep out to the house 3 times of course all in normal , ALL my components replaced 3 times, I even had my motherboard replaced on the LG TV. Ok there I vented! Oh by the way Grow some balls and admit that the are tech issues with your equipment, credit the customer and fix your junk.. Xfinity prepaid wifi is fucking garbage you cant watch a fucking show without it having to load twenty times a fucking hour.

Fucking garbage i repeat. The absolute worst i have ever had! Internet and tv go out multiple times a day. I can't wait until my contract is up!! I only went with them for the BigTen network, and they took that channel from us! I am looking into other providers even if it means breaking this shitty contract. I make sure i tell everyone i know how horrible your service is, and they don't have the BigTen network anymore.

Comcast you absolutely suck!!!! I call Comcast and they want ME to jump through hoops, read this number off of your router, it's you, no one else, we can have a tech there in 72 hours blah blah blah. If murder was legal, I'd pull a youtube on Comcrap. Internet service ONLY at Pro -speed was plenty fast for gaming , could understand the customer service people with no heavy accent.

Con - it was like some kind of g'dam game when annual renewal time came. Concast could not come to their senses and lost another customer to corporate greed. I'm paying about 3X as much for the same internet speed I had almost 20 years ago. The rate of each package isn't even the same, depending on what area of the country you live in.

What the hell is that all about? They're using old infrastructure and charging top dollar. They deserve zero stars. Ever since they took over from Storer Cable.

There is absolutely nothing good that I can say about this company. Unfortunately they have a monopoly. There is no other option, besides satellite TV. The most irritating blood-sucking-capitalist-cretin-fee-gouging-reprehensible-arrogant-asinine-money-grubbing bunch of scrooges in American history.

These pick-pocket-snake-oil-double-crossing-two-faced crooks would make a herd of 19th century elixir salesmen cringe with envy. And that's when it's not being as slow as molasses. Every time I bring it up to Comcast the only thing they do is remotely reset my router something I can do on my own without their help and then tell me to make an appointment for someone to come out.

Even getting someone out here to look at it does nothing, I still have horribly slow internet that drops constantly. The second that any other provider of equal speed becomes available I am going to get rid of Comcast. They deserve zero stars as they suck so bad. Their internet service is the worst ever.

Even when I go to the store down the road I cant use the ATM or buy things half the time as it has Bumbblast as a service. They however donate to political parties so That's the end of that. Where's the fucking 0 star option? I have Comcast come to my house to install these new amazing X1 boxes, and guess what? The second that fucker left, the box stopped working. It then turned on but it had to "update" every hour or so. Had to go back to the old box. Also, my internet never reaches 10 MB download speed when the package says it should be MB.

I called and they coudln't do shit and blamed everything but themselves for the low speed. The FCC is clearly paid off my Comcast to keep their mouths shut.

I work in a field of computer science I have projects that require internet to transfer to the rest of my team. Thanks to xfinith I am unable to complete my work. And now the internet is out almost every week when I picked xfinity I thought I would pay for internet I Hate You Comcast.

I really do not waste my time dealing with Comcast customers service. They rarely know what's going and can't tell me anything about my service issues other then do basic diagnoses that is a waste of everyone's time. Best just to wait it out, or find a better service if you have that option. I would get rid of them in a heart beat. Having 4 accounts with them is of no advantage whatsoever. You would figure they would allow you to link accounts together, which would show them what a valuable customer you are, but no they will not do that, they do not see any value in your patronage.

When you do finally get to speak with someone, they are usually more lost than you. It is incredible that this company is so poorly run. Just think the day they get their shit together it might be a good company. In the mean while I continue to search for alternatives to cancel my four accounts with Comcast.

Problems with phone service constantly. Horrible TV channel selection for local provider, The only thing this works 6 out of the 7 days is the internet. My business runs on the phones and they fail almost daily. Today I have no phone service and I pay for the phones to transfer to my cell phone.

Guess whats not happening. The contact line has a 48 min. All I want is my phone to transfer like it is supposed to, and get this. The online chat is not working, nor is the email or any online service which they tell you to go to since the phones are such a long wait.

Called Comcast on May 30, 3 times and each time was told different prices. Christine priced us one quote. We hooked up the antenna and have over 20 channels. How can they get away with offering people different prices? Loyal customer means treating us with respect and actually trying to assist us when we call. It also means they want to keep us as customers and try quoting prices that make since. Fucking internet goes down every goddamned day. It's so fucking annoying but it seems to have gotten marginally better recently.

Whoever fucking made Comcast should die in hell. Why cant I just do that myself you pig company. Hell, i'd even drive it to you for free. I called in hopes of being able to fix it on the phone. They have to schedule a technician to come. I work on the computer and now have to spend several hours a day at somewhere I can access internet. Really wish I could cut them off and sign up for any other company besides them!!

The new area I move to will have to have to have a different service provider in the area. We cancelled TV service 3 years ago, bought a 25 dollar antenna RCA and get better picture quality all for free.

We get all of our local channels and then some 52 in total. Best thing we ever did. I had to give 1 star, no place for minus star. Service has been going down several times a day for a month. I call to reset the signal, it works again, then it goes down.

Technician comes to the house. Seems to work, but then it goes down regularly like before. A customer service agent says I need to get a new modem even though my modem is less than a year old. Service still goes down three times a day. I pay for "Blast" service, which is supposed to give up to MBS. It is like paying for fillet, but the waiter gives you a cheeseburger. And, there is no competition where we live, so we have no choice.

I review all the time. Yelp, Talk to supervisors. Give plenty of positive as well as negative feedback. Honestly, I have been on the phone with Comcast for 2. They are idiots over there. They fucked up my entire login information. They dont know how to do shit and just confuse people. Fuck them for having a monoply and the goddamn CEO roberts.

You are an idiot too. I am sure i would win. You just know more about diplomacy and climbing the corp latter than I do. But you are running a piss poor organization. Call them up and try to be polite and pleasant. Guaranteeed whomever answers the phone will go out of their way to pick a fight.

Rude and condescending until you are miserable like them. So, I've met Brian Roberts. He's a very average person -- only able to rise behind a disgustingly corrupt father -- a quintessential modern American success. Frankly, he is feeble — intellectually, physically and emotionally. My fantasy would be to have him placed in a UFC cage match with each customer given 10 seconds to pound on him until he is no longer recognizable -- not as Brian Roberts, but as a human -- for he is not.

A crushed skull, flattened ribcage, disjointed limbs, dark blue bruised flesh soiled with dried blood is the image I have. I would like him to feel the collective insult of paying what we all pay for a zero-confidence product suite with no competitive alternative. Does that sound angry? But what do we have when all recourse in honorable legal channels yields nothing?

Pay-per-view public execution anyone? Now that would get some ratings. We could get President Trump to MC. Missed the last 6 mins of the finals The service is so night and day its not even funny. Fuck you comcast you monopoly having mutherfuckers.

My mother died back in Sept. She had comcast for phone, internet and one cable box. I was not allowed to cancel her account over the phone as I was not a listed agent on her account.

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