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This Review Explains If A Scam Or Legit Way To Meet

OH, the site didnt post my GrandPa pic u could click to see what the girls saw and I imangine there may wel have been some honest girls there- the fat ugly ones hoping they would get lucky.


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After reading the terrible stuff happening to other guys I just gotta say I am cancelling my subscription with Amolatina. My dad and grandpa had a saying "If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck more than likely it is a duck! Run like hell and keep your money. I am not saying the sites are a total scam, there are some legitimate woman who are very nice. However, i have seen first hand the using of women's profiles who were not them, as well as the old talk talk talk then sorry i have to say goodbye sickness in the family.

I have better friends on Amolatina than i do in the country i live, i know that a few women are real and very nice. I was told by several REAL women that men came to meet them and wanted only sex, asked to go their hotel room right away, or made advances requiring police intervention, who are the assholes here?

I like Latin's, they are friendly and very kind and helpful, one bad apple does not spoil the …. Give them a chance, be careful, and if planning to go down anyway, what have you got to lose? Robert, not knowing where you live and it could be here in the states BUT saying it isn't the websites fault is like saying Busch didn't start the war in the Middle East and that Trump would make a good President- him and AmoLatina are both scammers.

For me bells and whistles. I had posted an older pic of me and another of me now holding my grandson and in less than ten days I had over 33 emails and another plus messages in my inbox on the site. I read and read profiles. It was funny, ALL but a few had college degrees or where in college, even if they had a full time job and I'm sorry but you can't get thru school with a Dr.

My last night, the later it got the bolder the rolling pics with notes and always using my name, became and they wanted computer sex and it wasn't hard when they started asking IF I would help them as they felt so Hot or naughty was another word- bottom line- the longer they keep you using credits the more they make per shift.

I am with the Gent who ask"when is 60 minutes" going to do a piece on these scammers. The world needs to know. Glad I'm not rich like some of the above chumps where, I am poor soI was very slow to buy credits.

God has always watched over me, even when I was telling a woman more than half my age or visa versa to marry me. OH, the site didnt post my GrandPa pic u could click to see what the girls saw and I imangine there may wel have been some honest girls there- the fat ugly ones hoping they would get lucky.

All have asked me to tall naughty with them. I told them that i was not on the site for that. I told one that i was really in to her, and i have even told her that i was planning a trip to her country. And she was going to rape me.

I would like to join and agree that this is total scam. I talked to 2 ladies on chat and all they asked is to keep on going with conversation while your credit card is charging. After 10 minutes the same profile poped up with chat request without any memory that we just have talked.

Its a total scami have met a few girls that i was talking with online but when i met them in person they knew nothing about me and when i asked them questions about them selves their answers were completely different to the ones they gave on chat and now the have cancelled the dateme service which mean tou now have no chance of meeting these girls.

Thanks for leaving a comment and helping inform people with your personal experience on AmoLatina. How come no personal info, how is it 22 yr Olds are doctors, lawyers etc. Not, they work for this site. I'm sure some other woman. Absolutely stunned, I was litterally on the verge of submitting my credit card info to purchase a package that would allow me to communicate with these thieves.. I found it very odd comparing to experience with other dating sites that in this first week i litterally recieved over messages from different "women" and all messages very virtually the same.

They all sounded like they were coming from the same person. And most sounded just overly eager and basically saying the same thing. Anyway, I fount this web review very useful. Models send highly suggestive messages to bait lonely guys.

Please take another 'selfie' , and with your non-camera hand flash the 'peace sign' as I am doing in the attached photo. Amolita is definitely a scam. I really think latin women are the finest on earth to bad there isn't a legit site cause there are a lot of good ones out there that have the same problem communicating with us as we with them.

I was suspicious about the similarity of the letters coming from different women, with exact same bad spelling, syntax, sentence structure, and similar font characters used between words. But then I received a "7th" letter from a woman I had never communicated with, and she used my nickname "Dear [nickname]" which I had used in earlier letters with other women. After deleting dozens of these women, my mailbox quickly filled up with new passionate letters.

Never thought I would become a sucker-victim, but I have. I hope my credit card bank will refund me? It is easy to discriminate between vulnerable women who want to move to the United States and profiles which are illegitimate. By far, the majority of women are real. To be a success, do not be coy as you would be on OK Cupid. Openly state what you want. Enter chats acting and behaving as a polite and respectful man who wants to get married but wants to be a friend first. These are good and modest women.

Many of the young women are shy. You must be a gentleman. Why will she marry him? It is because she is impoverished and lives in a rural environment with two sisters and a mother at home. All the men in the family are dead. I do not know why. Ask her if she wants children. Allow her this opportunity or make sure she knows that she does not have the option.

There are lovely women who do not want children, too, of all ages. I will say also, get an immigration attorney. An example is Jose Sanchez in Longview, Texas. Compare other attorneys to him. If you cannot afford to do so, work hard to get her citizenship as quickly as she can.

She risks deportation if she gets in trouble with the law, possibly minor infractions which have been misinterpreted. I found my own future wife in this way. I am in my fifties and in excellent health.

She is 23 from Santiago, Chile. I can tell more if you want to know. These are fine, good women. One woman I might have married is 18 years and 4 days old. Absolutely gorgeous from Bogata. I am a moral man. She was intelligent and very sweet.

Only, she looked so much like my daughter that it was too weird to allow to happen. No, AmoLatina is valid with the vast majority of women total knockouts. Old men know what you should know by now. They are bringing beautiful women home. I am going to, too. AmoLatina is awash with very sincere and beautiful women.

All you have to do is possess a sincere desire to get married. I am in my fifties, live in Haughton, Louisiana, have almost 29 years in my career, 19 years a supervisor, born in Texas.

Do you assume that I have no sense because I say the site is legitimate? My God, men, you are missing out on a gold mine of beautiful women. You may have been correct at one time. I just got there.

You are so incorrect that this site will cease to exist were you to know the truth. To keep from spending too much money, pick one or two women. After a few days, ask if you can hide your contact information in a gift of electronic flowers. I have no fear of being identified. Look on AmoLatina yourselves. Check out the number of women who write me. The owners of this blog can contact me. I have no interest in lying. I am here to stand up for these beautiful good women whose lives totally suck.

My reputation there is so good as a marriageable man that I have crossed over into AnastasiaDate and ArabiaDate. If you have the money, you can get one fine young woman to share your life with.

Just drop this conspiratorial attitude, use your judgement as grown men, speak to women with humility.

Ron, I am sorry you say these things I have been scammed, I caught the women impersonating a 38 year old women and she admitted she was 21 and a virgin just gradutaed from school and was hired as a translator and than they forced her to impersonate another womens profile, she says the women in the profile is married with kids too, I filed a complaint and the Asaindate just " replied and agreed I was scammed ".

I am man and beautiful woman is evey men's weakness. I wish i could stop myself and saved my money. I am afraid to check ,my credit card statement now. How much money i wasted. Today is my last day. I am writing to tell you that I liked you very much. Ive never thought that I could fall in love at first…. Guys never use your personal credit card or debitcard always purchase a prepaid card like I did I put Is the bottle half full or half empty?

I have only been on AmoLatina for a couple of weeks, and I read many reviews here and elsewhere a few days in. I too wondered how the hell one is supposed to make contact off-site, until I looked deep into it.

To be fair, Amolatina is unethical , granted. But they haven't completely closed the door for you to get private details of that lady. Under the guise of privacy and security, they will tell you that personal info won't be allowed for exchange and that you need to prove you are genuine, except as below, which is "hidden" on the site. Yes, most of the girls are model material. My investigations showed that there are recruiting agencies that nearly all the ladies go to, and who groom them, and dress them and video them on behalf of AmoLatina.

But for the most part, these are genuine ladies, mostly IT challenged, and don't know that they can register without the agency's input becasue of the Agency's blanket advertising in their faces To them it's the only way, or no way.

But they are, in my humble opinion, also providing a valid service, if you know what to do and read their policies. So, I am now in personal contact with my lady by having sent her an orchid and chocolates, not that expensive, which is at the low end of the cost scale.

The ladies themselves also don't know whats going on, as I found out with my lady. But she is the real deal, has money and therefore is not wanting mine and we are presently arranging for a meetup face to face, YES!! Off to Colombia in January.

Please don't write off the many lovelies on there just because of AmoLatina, there is a goldmine of fine ladies on there who are none the wiser of how the system works. A bit of makeup goes a long way, accompanied by professional photography, videos, and suddenly the website is full of stunners!

My lady included one photo of herself in "ordinary" mode and yet she is still beautiful. Don't fall for the sugar daddy trick. I got heaps of ladies young enough to be by daughter looking for their "soul-mate" offering everything from penpal to explicit sex, mostly tthe latter.

I'm reckoning they are there for two things: Yes, it is quite true that all of them are chasing the green card, but who wouldn"t. In fact if my lady was not prepared to relocate to Australia, I would have already lost interest. Go for ladies close to your own age; my lady is 50 and I am I like to be realistic.

If you are still unsure, LatinAmericanCupid and ColombianCupid are the real deal, they allow personal email infor on 1st contact, and there are many fine ladies on both of them. I would have gone for any one of several in a short list I had made on LAC, until the lady from AmoLatina came through. She did so without being offended, knowing where I was coming from. She is the real deal. Good for you Billy, other comments tell us otherwise. But you have a right to an opinion.

Anything having to do with the Russians is a ripoff! File your complaint today with the BBC. Instead there are many fine ladies on LatinAmericanCupid, ColombianCupid and Every Other "Cupid" sites which are transparent in their approaches to members.

I hope this helps anyone who is thinking of registering on AmoLatina site. Although the information in my 1st 2 posts were factual as far as I was aware, I have caught them out. After paying for the privilege of obtaining the lady's personal details, I used the WhatsApp to make contact off-site. I gave my usual greeting on AmoLatina to get the ball rolling, all I got as a reply was 4 question marks. She also said she hadn't been on there for a few days, yet I was chatting with the noew deemed to be fake lady EVERY day without fail.

I will be immediately going to PayPal to see what monies I can recover, Maybe nothing, maybe some of it, I'll find out. I'm just glad I used the PayPal option, to have some recourse of refund and reverse payment if there is fraud involved.

Apologies if I have misled anyone on here or anyone who read my slightly positive review. I hope no-one else has been duped. I read a lot of complainings about this "amolatina" website and many doubts about it and even worst, "people" that deffend it and encourage others to give it a try! I am going to write the other side of this situation, the side from the people who work behind the computer making u believe you are talking with the love of your life.

Few months ago, august , I was desperate to have a job, I was searching for one on this very famous south american website for job searching and then I found an ad, a very important company they didn't write their name wanted translators, people who could speak english to work between 9 pm and 5 am. Now some of u may have been very naive to believe in these websites, well, I was very naive too when I aplied thinking that it could be a good thing. They called me on a saturday morning for an interview for that same day.

I thought it was very weird that people make job interviews on a weekend but was so desperate that I decided to attend. The interview was in a very pretty house, in a very luxurious neighborhood in my city.

Inside the house there was an office and on the living room, there were 6 computers. The interviewer, let's call her Maria, I don't even remember her name, presented herself, she was supposed to be the woman in charge of human resources and said that the company was small, just starting in my country, but have been very successful in the short time they have been on business.

Then, she ask me a few questions about my english skills and other stuff. Next, she started talking about the vacancy. This "agency", according to Maria had at least 15 profiles and behind them, 6 girls that managed them.

What do these "translators" do? The website offers virtual gifts options, and yes, there's a commission for that everytime a guy buy those for the girl they are trying to know.

Then, they have to translate and answer letters, of course for that there's a very little almost miserable commission.

If the guy come to visit the woman in the pictures, if that ever happens, the agency reaches that woman and she will be there to receive the guy they dont even know and don't even care, and the translator that have been talking to him, well that person obviously will have to be there too yep, that's one of the highest commissions they can receive. And there's one even worst: This agency make tours.

Tours where those foreigners come here to visit their ladies. And well, of course, there's a very very little rate of success. Because let's be honest, these ladies and this agency just like many others that do this same scam don't care about people finding the love of their lives. There's a sad part for the people in this agency, mostly women that work there. The first month they don't have an income, only the "shitty" commissions they get from all the money these people with no heart charge foreigners.

The shift I was supposed to do was from 9: As I was leaving this place, another girl came to an interview with a friend of her, maybe they had that feeling that it was a weird thing to have an interview on a saturday as I did….

I left that place feeling really bad, I have been a foreigner living in another country, never scammed or betrayed by locals, always respected.. S there's a documentary about this "agencies" on netflix, totally recommended! Scam — Stay Away…. I wasted a lot of money…all the testimonials above are true.

Gorgeous women just want chat, chat and more chat.. All have the same "safety concerns" as if they've been "coached' by the site…. There is this female name Luisa Tamara, she is fake!! Is like she never run out of credits. She did a video of her walking on the beach, I thought she was real! I found out she is not real!

She send the same message to some of my friends! Site is a Total Scam run by Chinese. I know some of the Filipina Girls who work on this Site. They live in Cebu, Philippines, not in Colombia. They are Filipina, not Colombian. It is a Total Scam. The photos of the Girls on the Site are stolen from Facebook. Well, I must say I also feel this site is a scam together with the other sites connected with it. I could not find any buttons..

The first words she wrote me were: Please write slower … Why would i write slower? If I do not want to receive mail from anyone I can just block it and that would be all to it. I am latino also and let me tell you , laino girls are anything else than shy. And with the photos some of them have on the site and introduction words they say, where the hell is the shy part of them there? If love would cost money then it would not have been love or you have never been in love. I guess trolls are everywhere.

I will investigate some more and come back later, without spending any more money , with some details…. In the spatter of my life, your banana is my favorite fruit.

Hi honey, do you want to do rich things under the sheets? Do you want to get in bed with me? I think it is better to do things in pairs or individually? I want to meet you, darling, let's talk, kisses. This is clearly one or two operators that write messages.. If I don't write because my innitial free credit is exhausted, they never write back.. They explain everything in the fine print and in this review we try to highlight the fine print, so you can find the girl of your dreams without busting your budget.

Did I mention that the women profiled on Amolatina are hot. Also, they have more women than most other sites from several countries including Brazil, Venezuela, and Argentina. I really do not understand why Argentina has not become a mecca for mail order brides, but Amolatina does have profiles of sexy Argentine girls and a TON of hot Brazilian brides.

Amolatina has recently began operating romance tours. I have not read any reviews yet. One popular way to do this is to use our Phone Introduction service. We have more than 30 operators waiting right now to connect you to your lady. The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act forbids agencies from transferring anything but postal addresses through the correspondence system so please use one of the above services to make it to the next step with your lady.

But they do offer gift services, phone translation, and several chat options. Like we have said, Amolatina has tons of sexy Latinas and lots of ways to get your money! And far and away the best way for them to get your money is through their chat system, but it is a good system.

The first thing you will notice if you also use either Anastasiadate or Asiandate is that the Amolatina interface looks nothing like the other two sites. Back in early Amolatina launched a new version of their site that was probably the biggest flop since New Coke. It was a mess.

It did look more modern and I am sure that made someone very happy, but it lost a lot of the functionality and means there is a learning curve if you move from Amolatina to its most popular sister sites. However, the basics are still the same. They have three levels of chat. Live Chat, Video Chat, and CamShare, but one of the nice things is that you can toggle between the various functions. Live Chat is basically just instant text messaging.

You cannot see who you are communicating with, but it is the cheapest at 1 credit per minute. Usually, this is the way you will want to conduct most of your chats. Video Chat allows you to see who you are chatting with. It is 2 credits per minute and great to get a look at the lady.

If you ask her to wave at you or smile and she responds at least you will know you are actually communicating with a stunning young lady.

CamShare allows you to let the person you are chatting with see you. It is 6 credits per minute, but you probably do not want to use this unless you are really getting serious about a woman. I've read reviews about Anastasia. I've been looking over this site this morning and it's become obvious pretty quickly that it's a complete scam. The women describe themselves under 3 headings: Character, Interests, Her Type of Man.

After looking at approximately 12 profiles all girls either intermediate English or advanced English I found exactly the same responses for each respective heading cut and paste into multiple profiles.

Probably, one scammer has multiple sets of photos for different girls and they're operating multiple accounts which I suspect they must get paid for. Either that, or they probably encourage you to send them money once contact is made. Probably the only thing going on here is identity fraud. This is Amo Latina not Anastasia mate Online Dating Sites ,.

Well, the joke is officially on us. Not only are we having difficulty finding the right romantic partner, but now there are so many online dating.

How does charge you?

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