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According to Gianluca Spezza, an informed critic and one of the directors of NK News , the documentary was of low quality, comparable to many of the videos frequently taken by tourists and posted to YouTube. On 22 June she received an index which indicated that it was a Rule 30 application that was enrolled.

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Hadid was spotted by The Goss laughing, hugging and rubbing Blake Irwin's Zimmermann-clad hips at the rather loose, cocktail-fuelled after-party, but insiders say they are "just good friends".

Confusing, but not as complex as the time when the black sheep of the Kardashian family, Robert, had a daughter with Blac Chyna who also has a son with a man who was dating Kardashian's half-sister, Kylie Jenner, at the time.

It's the band's first album in seven years after Lightbody took some time away from the spotlight to deal with depression and alcoholism. He told The Goss he's taking things "day-by-day" and said getting back with the band hasn't made staying sober more difficult. At midnight my feet turn into pumpkins and then I'll do the old Irish goodbye," he laughed. Kellie Hush's 'enemy' makes Bazaar swipe about her resignation. The Sydney Morning Herald. The Upside or downside? Are you keeping up? In a national launch of Generations on Line on September 7, , the U.

Our secret sauce is in the software. Developed with experts in older adult learning, and tested, for months in multi-centered trials, the program has trained nearly , older adults, most of whom had never touched a computer — although some were the first to work with IBM punch card technology. We provide PC and tablet training in two ways — to institutions and to individuals. For institutions that serve seniors, we offer a web-based version of both the tablet and PC training programs.

We have served nearly facilities, including assisted living and retirement centers, HUD subsidized housing, senior centers and public libraries. For individuals, caregivers, and families, we provide our tablet training through apps in both the Apple App store and Android Google Play store. We also have developed tutorials that simplify the Internet for seniors seeking specific tasks — from the Medicare Part D Plan Finder to the Social Security website.

We pioneered a Workforce Development training program for institutions that helps retirees who need to learn how to find part-time employment online, as newspaper ads disappear and most applications require digital submission. Our story is the story of embracing and always including "The Paper Generation. The inspiration behind Generations on Line, the mother of our founder, laughing with her granddaughter.

She reflects the joy when the generations connect — and GoL's passion for ensuring that our oldest and wisest deserve to have their voices included. Staff Tobey Gordon Dichter, M. She was known for the first corporate television news program for employees worldwide, and later as the founder of the Drug Testing Index and repositioning Pap Screening from a finite test to a screen.

Dichter left SmithKline in to pursue Generations on Line. Dichter is a frequent speaker and consultant on the digital divide. Founder of Precision Media Works, Mr. Pappas is a Philadelphia-area producer of print and electronic communications. He is the former vice president and general manager of United Press International's business news and financial information division, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, and the founding editor of the National Business Employment Weekly.

Pappas is responsible for strategic planning, security, and oversight of Generations on Line service. Director of Training and Techhnology, Mr. Pierce has been in computer technology and training for 20 years, with a multigenerational focus. As the formerDirector for Information Technology for the Association for Education of Young Children, a nonprofit youth agency, and a Pastor, he brings the unique combination of training and counseling, troubleshooting and communication to seniors.

He is a recognized and lauded speaker at national aging network meetings. Burke was formerly with Chilton Research Services, as market research project director.

She holds a B. An active community volunteer, she has chaired and coordinated events and raised significant funding for a range of church, school, health and childcare projects,inbcluding robotics school competitions.

Consultant, Aging Positively llc. Debbie Ellen Dalecki, Ph. Advises the Benton Foundation on issues related to broadband adoption challenges for low-income seniors. S House of Representatives. Principal, Consultants for Community Resources,a national network of experts providing critical services to change makers. Program Officer Chicago Community Trust. Executive Director, The Brook J. For use in facilities that serve the elderly: An overview of GoL for PCs With step-by-step directions on every screen, there is no need to remember the instructions.

The GoL program for desktop and notebook computers has four sections: Email Enables Elders to communicate directly with family and friends. The GoL email program is a scaled-down version of a typical web-based e-mail service, providing key features in a simpler format. Generation to generation An application that facilitates threaded discussion between elders and children in participating US classrooms.

Elders are able to contribute to the education of youngsters, by fielding classroom questions about specific topics in which they have had related life experiences. Students are able to obtain unique first-person perspectives on historical events, social changes and culture; while affording elders a new outlet to share their memories.

Look It Up A simplified search feature that allows elders to access information through the Web. Importantly, there is instruction and support to exit at any time, recognizing that through a search, one can easily get lost in cyberspace and advertisements. More Choices a linked index for elders that provides a sampling of useful, entertaining, and practical web sites to visit. The purpose is to give novice users a taste of 'web fishing' rather than typical 'surfing' on the World Wide Web, which can often be overwhelming to newbies.

In this application, we bookmark a variety of options, including those on health, travel, finance and community. The GoL clothesline is a visual metaphor for bridging old and new terminology. Those old enough to remember times before clothes dryers are old enough for Generations on Line. GoL for tablets Tablet training programs for individuals The simplest way to get your parents online!

This is computer training reduced to reading a recipe! Just load the free Generations on Line APP on an iPad or Android tablet full sized is best for older eyes and have your older parent read the simple instructions out loud and follow them. Offered at locations that serve seniors e. An overview of the GoL tablet app The GoL App is designed for those who have never touched a tablet, and also for those who use a tablet tentatively, perhaps for only one or two tasks.

By tapping on one of the four tablets hanging from the home page clothesline, novices are taken step-by-step through the learning process. Instructions stay on the screen at all times, and it's easy to return to any section at any time for a review what you have learned.

Get Started The first step in helping your favorite elders learn how to use the Internet is to get the free GoL App set up on a tablet and demonstrate how to find and open it. Insist that they read the directions out loud and perform each task with their own hands. Letter of Comfort LoC: Economic offenders who scam poor rural families through chit-funds, ponzy schemes and frauds in cooperative banks.

Economic offenders who scam gullible urban investors through penny stocks, dabba-trading, cryptocurrency and other financial instruments. Economic offenders who flee from Indian jurisdiction. Both 1 and 2 HINT: Which of the following Committee s are associated with digital payments? Find incorrect pair s of notable personalities from North East India.

Bir Bikram Kishore Bahadur: Last king of Tripura State before its merger with India. Last queen of Manipur state before its merger with India. Assamese girl who was shot dead while hoisting flag during Quit India Movement.

None of the above. Tripura shares international boundary with both Bangladesh and Myanmar. Tripura falls under the territorial jurisdiction of Guwahati High court. None of the above HINT: Permitted Active euthanasia of terminally-ill patient, IF medical board certifies that patient is in incurable pain, and relatives are unable to bear treatment expenses. Scholarship for girls pursuing higher education or vocational training courses. Subsidized loans for women-only SHGs.

Grants for improving the infrastructure of centrally funded institutes for higher education. Loans for improving the infrastructure of centrally funded institutes for higher education. Environment and Agriculture Q.

ISA membership is open to only the countries whose entire area is between Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

All of the above. Subsidies for purchase of machinery for in-situ and ex-situ management of crop residue. Kambala cart-racing is done only with Bullocks. Australia, Malaysia and Maldives were among the participating countries.

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