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This is where I choose the colors. I know I am twisted, but I am delighted to find a fellow traveler in Tim Dorsey.

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This painting is perhaps 5" wide. After I transfer an image to the paper the final piece will be painted on, I make corrections to the drawing, add any final details, and then ink in the lines with thinned pthalo blue paint. He knows how to make errands exciting and the little things in life robust. Gator Dad sets off on a day of imaginative adventure through the grocery store, the park, and the neighborhood and even back at home.

Gator Dad's energy knows no limits, and kids will love seeing how he tackles the everyday occurrences in life. The illustrations are colorful and fun, adding a great deal of humor to the story.

The hues are rich and vibrant, and the characters' expressions are full of joy. The concise prose is lyrical but not rhyming. Dads, squeeze the day with your own children just as this one does. This is great fun as a read-aloud, and early readers will enjoy the challenge of independent reading as well. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? From seemingly mundane tasks such as grocery shopping to more active pursuits like a romp at the park and fort-building, a loving and playful father alligator shows his gator kids that the simplest pleasures done together can make for an incredibly fun day.

Presented by New York Times bestselling author Brian Lies Bats at the Beach , this heartwarming story demonstrates a series of very special ways children can connect with their fathers and should appeal to parents and little readers everywhere.

Read more Read less. Prime Book Box for Kids. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Buy the selected items together This item: Ships from and sold by Amazon. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Box of Bats Gift Set. Bats at the Ballgame A Bat Book.

Bats at the Library A Bat Book. Bats at the Beach A Bat Book. From the Publisher View larger. Gator Dad Office When I'm working on sketches and final art for a book, I tape the images up in order on the walls of my studio, to see how the story progresses from page to page.

More Art In Process This is another image of a piece in process. Test Painting For most images, before I do the final art, I do a miniature color test painting. Inking the Art After I transfer an image to the paper the final piece will be painted on, I make corrections to the drawing, add any final details, and then ink in the lines with thinned pthalo blue paint. Product details Age Range: Preschool - 3 Lexile Measure: Start reading Gator Dad on your Kindle in under a minute.

Don't have a Kindle? Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. This delightful book depicts an extraordinary dad engaging with his children. The exuberant illustrations wonderfully fulfill the text. Trips to the grocery store, the park, etc all unfold in rollicking adventures. Imaginative, descriptive language convey a mood of fun and affection.

Gator Dad, is a book that every family can enjoy. What comes across clearly is the joyful bond that connects this dad with his kiddos. Dad understands that making fun together intensifies the affection they feel for one another. This presupposition is an important concept for all families, especially adoptive families.

Too often we can get caught up in balancing school, homework, behavior, etc that we forget to have fun. But fun is integral to attachment; it must be a strong feature of family life. This story shows dad having fun even while doing chores! A Multicultural Picture Book". One person found this helpful. Gator Dad is fun to read so I bought copies for my two nephews whose boys are one week apart in age.

When I read Dad Gator Dad to my great nephews, they were enthralled. My memories of reading "You and Your Dad" by Lou Alpert to my girls when they were young still brings me joy. I trust my nephews will squeeze the same type of memories out of Gator Dad David Calnan. Great book for stay at home dads or dads on Father's Day! I teared up the first time I read This book is amazing! I teared up the first time I read it. Beautiful pictures, short read, and my husband does all the things this Gator Dad does in the book, so my son is able to make personal connections to his relationship with his Dad!

Alligators are generally timid towards humans and tend to walk or swim away if one approaches. This has led some people to the practice of approaching alligators and their nests in a manner that may provoke the animals into attacking. In Florida, feeding wild alligators at any time is illegal. If fed, the alligators will eventually lose their fear of humans and will learn to associate humans with food, thereby becoming both a greater danger to people, and at greater risk from them.

The type of food eaten by alligators depends upon their age and size. When young, alligators eat fish, insects, snails , crustaceans , and worms. As they mature, progressively larger prey is taken, including larger fish such as gar , turtles, and various mammals, particularly coypu and muskrat, [15] as well as birds, deer, and other reptiles.

They will even consume carrion if they are sufficiently hungry. In some cases, larger alligators are known to ambush dogs, Florida panthers and black bears , making them the apex predator throughout their distribution. In this role as a top predator, it may determine the abundance of prey species, including turtles and coypu.

Alligators, unlike the large crocodiles , do not immediately regard a human upon encounter as prey, but may still attack in self-defense if provoked. The mating season is in late spring. In April and May, alligators form so-called "bellowing choruses". Large groups of animals bellow together for a few minutes a few times a day, usually one to three hours after sunrise. The bellows of male American alligators are accompanied by powerful blasts of infrasound. In summer, the female builds a nest of vegetation where the decomposition of the vegetation provides the heat needed to incubate the eggs.

The sex of the offspring is determined by the temperature in the nest and is fixed within seven to 21 days of the start of incubation. Nests constructed on leaves are hotter than those constructed on wet marsh, so the former tend to produce males and the latter, females. The baby alligator's egg tooth helps it get out of its egg during hatching time. The natural sex ratio at hatching is five females to one male. She will provide protection to the young for about a year if they remain in the area.

Adult alligators regularly cannibalize younger individuals, though estimates of the rate of cannibalism vary widely. Alligators, much like birds, have been shown to exhibit unidirectional movement of air through their lungs.

For a tidal breathing animal, such as a mammal, air flows into and out of the lungs through branching bronchi which terminate in small dead-end chambers called alveoli. As the alveoli represent dead-ends to flow, the inspired air must move back out the same way it came in.

In contrast, air in alligator lungs makes a circuit, moving in only one direction through the parabronchi. The air first enters the outer branch, moves through the parabronchi, and exits the lung through the inner branch. Oxygen exchange takes place in extensive vasculature around the parabronchi.

The two kinds of white alligators are albino and leucistic. These alligators are practically impossible to find in the wild. They could survive only in captivity and are few in number. Alligators are raised commercially for their meat and their skin, which when tanned is used for the manufacture of luggage , handbags , shoes, belts , and other leather items. Alligators also provide economic benefits through the ecotourism industry.

Visitors may take swamp tours, in which alligators are a feature. Their most important economic benefit to humans may be the control of coypu and muskrats.

Alligator meat is also consumed by humans. Alligator in the Everglades National Park. Alligator in the Canberra Zoo in Australia. The dictionary definition of alligator at Wiktionary.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Alligator disambiguation. Daudin , originally Crocodylus.

Different stages of alligator life-cycle. Alligator farm and Alligator meat. Memoir Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. Spanish Word Histories and Mysteries: The Cuban crocodile, Crocodylus rhombifer , from late quaternary fossil deposits on Grand Cayman. Caribbean Journal of Science, 29 , Archived from the original PDF on Archived from the original on Physics of the Future: Downloaded on 27 August Retrieved 17 November The Amphibians and Reptiles of Louisiana.

Louisiana State University Press. The role of the alligator in shaping plant communities and maintaining wildlife in the southern Everglades. The Florida Naturalist, 41, 2—7, 69— Principles and Conservation 2nd edition. Human Impacts on Salt Marshes:

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