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When I replied I never heard from them again.

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Dating Sites That Are NOT Scams

We hope our investigation and findings succeeded to shed some light on the scamming fashions in which FreeHookups. Warn your friends and help prevent them from becoming the victim of online dating scam and rip off.

We will try to respond promptly to your inquiries. Visit the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint and report the site if you feel you have been conned or overcharged.

I posted a craigslist ad and received a quick hit. First email promised pictures and phone number when I responded I was instructed to verify myself with freehookups. I looked at the site saw they want CC info and clicked off. I told the emailer no thanks and received a follow up message providing me with a CC number, CVS, and exp.

Your email address will not be published. Time limit is exhausted. Not one "supposed" woman replied back after "she" sent me the 1st email. When I replied I never heard from them again. I live in a very small village, of people, yet there are single women MILFs here?

I don't think so. This site is a total scam. After being a member of Milfshookup. It became painfully obvious to me today after looking at the section notifying you of who viewed me recently.

It shows where the women are supposedly from. I live in Washington state. Some of the women were listed as being from Denver, Wa. If this is not a scam, then nothing ever is. Why are these guys allowed to do business in the U.

They want your credit card info to verify that you are over 18 years of age all lies. It all sounds legitimate until you read the fine print lower down the page. Remember, these charges are a complete fraud since initially they asked for our credit card to verify we are 18 years of age.

They said nothing about charging our credit card. They specifically stated that there is no charge! And on top we are getting billed for porno sites, not an online dating service.

This is an elaborate scam that preys on the ignorance of people to verify your over 18 years of age. In the end people who fall for this scam can easily lose out on hundreds of dollars if they're not looking at the credit card statement every month.

Please take a look at the evidence below with the credit card charges circled in red. You can also click on this link to see the full page of the scam where we circle everything in red for you as well. Fake "age verification" that actually fraudulently your credit card. See the screen shot of evidence we have provided for you below. Credit card charges for your "age verification". It's a blatant fraud created solely for the purpose of extracting credit card numbers so they can charge it.

There should be a criminal inquiry into this website and its operators. C heck out these these legit dating sites if you want to search for real women. Is there a way to get off their Notification List.? There are several ways to cancel this site. First, cancel the credit card. Second, contact the better business bureau.

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