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I built and maintained the website and maintained all of the IT infrastructure and even served on the board of directors for the company. There were only about a dozen employees, and I was good friends with the CEO. We previously worked together when he plucked me out of high school as a teenage hacker and started a business with me almost a decade earlier. I consider him a mentor and he taught me much of what I know about business.

We amicably split the first business in half when he wanted to focus on hardware and I wanted to focus on software. Turns out, he was right… he built his new company into a successful enterprise and called me a few years later to join the team.

That takes us to The startup was having troubles. I had spoken with the CEO earlier in the week and knew that he was going to lay off our marketing person and a couple of admins. In total, I think 4 or 5 people were sacked that Friday. I went home that weekend feeling bad for my former co-workers, but with a new commitment to do what it takes to make sure our company would flourish. On Monday morning, I got up early and decided to take my bike to work.

I put my bike in the rear warehouse area and went up front to my office. I laughed and took it as a joke. Leave everything where it is. Your possessions will be mailed to you. I was completely baffled and dumbstruck. I had no idea what to say or do. The cop took me in hand and began to lead me to the front door. The common area was uncommonly bereft of people. Only the in-house lawyer stood there. As he took me to the front door, I protested and said my bike was in the back. Everyone paused for a moment when the lawyer decreed that I shall be allowed to have my bike.

As I was led into the rear warehouse area like a criminal, all of my co-workers were standing around in back very unusual , essentially hiding from the drama unfolding up front. They were shocked to see me face-to-face.

I looked at each of their expressions, one by one. No one said a thing. I literally have never felt so low. He could not be reached. For three days, he was unreachable. I knew that he spent every waking moment at the office, so it was obvious that he lacked the sack to tell me himself and was now hiding like a coward.

The next weekend, I went back there, to an empty office where only the CEO was working. I walked directly into his office. I wish I had a picture of his face. He apologized and made excuses and floundered around without really saying much at all.

I laid into him with a prepared speech about loyalty and integrity. Not much later, the company was driven into the ground by inept management and gross negligence. Please remove her immediately. It was my first job in Worked day and night and even on Sundays just to learn new things.

Our CEO came to our office stayed there with us for a week. Our team was small with only 48 members. We had party one evening. I was new to corporate world so I just kept to myself during the party. A week later a new guy came in from USA. I wondered what his job was. I asked my seniors about his visit purpose and they too were unaware. He sat with us for 2 weeks and watching us. At first I was curious and then with time i grew cautious.

Either I was too naive or was just more interested in my work. One evening I was about to leave home when my manager was called in the cabin where this gentleman from US was already there. I wondered why he had tears. I politely sat in the chair after taking permission. He said that the company has decided to let me go.

The company was not able to secure second round of funds and the best option they have was to let go some employees. They reasoned that since I was only 8 months in the system, I could easily find another job.

I still do not know how I maintained such calmness during the exit. I said I can understand his position and I will try getting a new job asap. I asked details about the pay and they happily agreed to pay me 2 months salary. I was asked to stop coming to office. I was happy that they gave me time to give interviews any time I wanted.

I went the next day to meet the gentleman and to ask him if he can increase my experience letter from 8 months to 1 year. He really wanted to give me experience letter with 1 year but the account team denied saying that the PF provident fund records will defer and will cause trouble during the audit. I knew that the account team does not want to extend that favor I asked. He asked me to come to his cabin. He said he really feels sad that he is not able to provide me the extended experience letter and was really impressed by my calm and composed nature.

On my way out I saw my manager smiling. He asked me not to worry and asked me to concentrate on preparing interviews. His smile gave me confidence. I started preparing for interviews.

In one month and 15 days I was able to secure two options. One option was to cut down my salary i. I still wonder whether its was right choice or wrong turn but I decided to shift to Chennai with better package. I was sure there was no point in arguing with them. I was young and was able to find a job then. Perhaps, searching for a new job or starting a new venture is the only way to go ahead.

After firing me he got the feedback about me from other team members and he was really impressed what he heard. The day after I was fired, my senior called me and said the guy fired every one in the company and decided to move the organisation from Pune to Mumbai.

In this turmoil only one guy was spared. He was spared because someone was supposed to handle the existing customers. They changed the name of the company and were able to make it run for 5 more years only to shut it down again completely.

The worst thing happens when these companies fail to keep record of their old employees. I was about to join a multi national company last year. I called the old company which fired me and asked them if they still have my records as prospect company wants to conduct background verification. They said they do not have any records of past employees. I though i was doomed. I share the appointment letter, past salary slips and relieving letter of old company.

The new company was not able to confirm the address of the company and wanted more proof. Paying Tax saves your sometimes and this is one of those incidents.

I shared the 26 AS form to prove the new company that the old company paid taxes on my behalf. This confirms that the old company was genuine and I worked for them. There was no way of me proving that the company for which I worked was legitimate other than these. I was fired as a teen for adding an hour to my time for the evening shift in a pizza restaurant - I truthfully recorded that I worked until 10 p. I was deeply angry and frustrated at having my young reputation tarnished.

After retiring from military service in I worked my way up to a six-figure job as a data networking services manager in Cambridge, Mass.

In the networking company ceased operations and let of its or so employees go fifty or so stayed behind to help make proper disposition on the assets. The company had been expanding too rapidly on VC funding, and then lost its funding, leaving it with insufficient funds to continue. I was disgusted by that. I had been a middle manager with a great income but was relieved by the thought I didn't have to suffer daily conflicts, people problems, exhaustion, and long commutes.

This company paid me my severance and vacation balance, so I toodled off to drive limousines for six months before becoming a commercial driver. Then, in I began working on a healthcare management undergrad degree and achieved it finally in I became an instructor in the allied health career instruction world teaching health claims and medical assisting students. DOEs there don't teach, so I was holed up in an office most of the time putting out fires and tracking student progress but enjoyed the job fairly well.

This school was expanding from two to three campuses. The managing director called me into his office on a Wednesday mid-afternoon and started out the conversation by saying "this is always hard". I knew instantly I would be getting in my car and heading home early that day. He told me I didn't do anything wrong and that I did a good job but the expansion was costing more money for the company than expected.

Now I am seriously trying to figure out what my direction should be while I sell cars for a living, and not a very good living mind you. My military pension gives us a security buffer financially, but doesn't allow for savings, investments, or luxuries even with my wife working part time as a patient account rep. Although this all sounds a bit dismal, generally I feel positive and always keep the regular bills paid and am not in arrears with any creditor.

I am just in a mode now to try and find a job that I enjoy, regardless of what field in which I work, and I'll be retired in about 7 years anyway. I would be just as happy driving a limo and bringing home a consistent 6 or 7 hundred bucks a week as doing anything else, and I intend to do some type of driving job when I retire too, knowing that I'll always have enough money to be comfortable.

This just happened to me in this January. I had been working for this renowned MNC for more than last 4 yrs this was my first company: Everything was going good until one fine Monday, I was told that I had to look for new job, and I was left with one month in this company. That happened not only with me, but our entire office: What happened that day was: I, being clueless, just went up to my seat and started my work.

After some time, a senior member in our bay came and told us that the center is shutting down. I took it as a joke and resumed my work. Until I was in office that day, it was like I am in a nightmare that is still to get an end. No matter how strong relations you build in company and how dedicated you are towards work, you can be asked to leave any time. Quora is a great source of huge knowledge. I developed a habit of reading Quora during this period.

The company was kind enough to make employees happy by offering good severance amount. I got around 8 months salary as my severance package, and have joined a new company: I still feel a strong instinct for that company, and might end up join there after some time.

I have worked in the Indian IT industry in India from You were fired only if you were found dishonest, cheating, criminal, involved in physical violence - in or out of office, etc.

I started out as any fresher and rose steadily. In , I faced the bomb. My employer lost a few contracts and our group faced problems. One day, my manager, who came down from US, called me and said that I me was not getting new business. I felt pretty weird.

As a delivery manager sitting in India, I had no access to the CEO organization that generates new business. They also demanded more work to be done from lesser people, without increasing billing rates.

Anyway, I was held accountable - rightly or wrongly. The next week, the manager called me again. He said that situation with me is an impasse and I would have to be let go. I was really devastated. I had seen people being fired but never thought that I would face the same fate one day. I had worked hard for this company for seven years.

From this company, I was being let off. I was 52 at that time and I knew that I am unlikely to get a new job at my age and future looked extremely bleak. It was ironical and little surreal in some respects:. Anyway, I submitted my laptop, badge, etc. I walked away still in daze without even saying goodbye to anyone. I was distraught to say the least. As I walked to my car, I saw the company gardener tending to the lawn. The only relief was that there were no loans to pay and I had invested enough in the primary and secondary markets to take care of my basic needs for life.

I rode home like a zombie completely unaware of what was happening around me. I came home and told my wife what had happened. She was just as much devastated. Being a housewife, she did not understand what was really happening. I spent 15 days in misery. But ultimately, wisdom woke me up. I knew that I had to try my hand at new job.

I applied at a few places via headhunters. I then started to look at my previous employers. After 4 months of unemployment, I was back at work. I had to take a salary and designation cut but at least I was working again. I am still here at the same organization.

My story is a bit different. I am still working in the company which fired me I was in my training period, doing a mock project along with three other trainees.

I didn't gel well with them, not that I didn't try, but maybe they knew each other beforehand and considered me an outsider or considered me inferior because my college's reputation was not good as theirs. Whatever the reason it maybe, it started taking a toll on me, I didn't like to work with them and always felt suffocated.

Also, we had to work on two different technologies Hive and Pig. My mentor said that we have to work out the results from both these technologies. And it was decided by my colleagues, those three, will work on Pig and I will work on Hive. Frankly speaking I was not good at it and was not able to generate same progress as those three did from their end. And also there was a lot of back biting I came to know this afterwards.

So finally our training got over and we were waiting to be assigned on different projects. And suddenly I got a meeting invite from the head of our training department. I was scared because I was the only one who got that invite and it was not usual. So I went and then I was informed that my mentor had written a lot of crap about me. In all the parameters of measurement he had graded me the worst.

I defended myself, I told about what all was my contribution in the project and what the whole scenario was. My identity card and laptop were taken from me, and I was fired.

My world came crashing down. I thought what will my parents and friends say. It was my first job and I had hardly spent two months. I was even on my knees, begging them to take me back.

And it also felt strange, I was always good at studies. I cried a lot after coming home. The sense of loneliness crept in. My self confidence was now zero. I called my Dad, he was shocked.

He said look for an alternative job. Don't tell this to my mom, she will feel sad. But his one sentence gave me a lot of pain -- "I didn't expect this from you. It was dreadful to be left alone in the house while my roommates were going out to their respective workplaces, incidentally the same company.

The thought that I didn't deserve this was somewhere in my mind so I wrote a mail to the company's CEO. I don't know if I should be sending this mail or not but I wanted to keep my point.

I have been fired from your company after 2 months of joining. After coming here and after seeing my colleagues performance, I felt inferior and that inferiority complex had an effect on my performance. In town hall I heard you saying that you were also a late bloomer and slow learner. I am ready to work hard and give my everything towards work.

All I am asking for a second chance. I am ready to work without salary and whenever you feel that I am not up to the mark, fire me. As a result of this mail I was called by a senior guy from my company and the whole issue was discussed.

He was still not satisfied and had doubts whether I would be successful in the company. But good news -- I was taken back with a clause that I won't receive salary for the next two months my probation period and if they found my performance unsatisfactory, they would fire me. Well, it was quite dreadful to work because by now everyone knew my story and the lady HR who fired me just made sure that my life was screwed in every manner.

Everyday, I had to give her a report how I have spend my day, I was being micro-managed. Moreover, there was the salary part, I had the salary from the previous two months and with that I had to manage two more months. I didn't want to take any money from my Dad because that would make my Mom suspicious. I had to cut down on all my costs; I ate Maggi noodles for my dinner to save money, and I managed.

After the end of two months, I was made permanent and received my full salary including the two months' arrears. I am now on top of my work stream, a top performing employee and an important resource for my company. After all these, on one particular day, I saw the HR lady who had fired me.

She glanced at me and smiled. How does it feel? I was working as a temp in a clothes store over the Christmas period. A small part time position in a shop the size of a shoe box in a quiet town in the countryside. However, dealing with your incompetent manager is a whole other game.

To begin with, the manager would only assign me 3 hour shifts a day. On minimum wage, this works out at around 18 dollars 20 pounds a day.

At 22 when you drive a car and pay bills, this was frustrating. I was making no money and would politely ask my manager to give me more shifts. I got on with it anyway as I needed any sort of income. Due to the run up to Christmas, we would be paid double on certain days. Every one was given one of those shifts, including me. Until a few days later she took me off for no apparent reason. I finished my shift helping customers and went home. A few days later, Christmas eve.

I was shocked and questioned what just happened. Because she felt awkward about cutting my shifts. That is not a legitimate reason to fire someone is it? Frustrated and upset, she ruined both my Christmas and new years. I was spending the holidays alone so I took it a lot harder than I normally would. Since then I have vowed never to work in retail again unless absolutely necessary. I worked in an oil company. During December , oil prices was plummeting to new lows.

My manager called a meeting and said to us that one of us will be terminated. He said to us that with a heavy heart. He asked if any one of us got an opportunity to work in some other company, please take it. I had high chances to get terminated because I was the one with least experience. I was expecting it myself. I had arranged my stuff in the office nicely so that if I was terminated, I can just grab them, say good bye to my friends and go home.

On March 3rd , my manager called me to the corporate office- it was pretty much clear for me then- I am getting terminated. I worked in a workshop on the ground floor. I removed my working dress,cleaned myself, and went into the corporate office 3rd floor with a smile. My manager and 2 other guys from corporate was present. The corporate guys explained to me the current crisis going on in the oil industry and I am getting terminated to cut the losses.

I signed the papers and left the room with my manager. The whole floor was looking at me in sympathy as I walked holding the envelope. I smiled at everyone and waved good bye. My senior engineer and manager talked about the good things I did in the company.

My brother was working in another department in the same company. We had a short chat about my future. I came home and had a nice sleep and started applying for jobs.

It was a little bit upsetting for me. It is life- I always believe life will have highs and lows. Losing a very good job was a low point in my life. I was devastated by the news, which in hindsight was a blessing, due to my pending divorce of my 20 year marriage which my employer had no idea about even though I had been attending marriage counseling during lunch hours and after work for six months.

If you think I wrote the above as a disgruntled employee that probably deserved it. It feels like being in an elevator in a high-rise, when the floor of the elevator suddenly falls out.

It feels like I imagine it must have felt to that poor fellow in Florida a few years ago who was asleep in his bedroom when a sinkhole opened beneath the house and he plunged in, bed and all. He was never seen again. My kids are grown. Because the city in question happened to be a place where I wanted to live anyway, and since I believed the job market there was as good as where I was already, I actually moved, on my own dime. By March 22, I was in a new apartment, unpacking, and preparing to go to work on March On March 23, they called and said the client had canceled the project.

I actually called the very same movers and had them move me back to my old apartment in my previous city where, upon opening a kitchen drawer, I discovered my flatware, which the movers had left behind. I am in yet another city now. I wrapped up my short-term job and reported to the premises of the major corporation on Monday, October Forty-eight hours later, the corporation canceled the entire project.

I and six others were out. Within 2 days, the enthusiastic recruiter stopped returning my phone calls. The best preparation I had for times like these was something that happened to me as a boy.

I was on a family outing to a large community pool, at age 8. I went to the deep end, not understanding how deep it was. I called out to the oblivious life guard, sitting 10 feet above me, no doubt ogling the pretty girls. Finally, I jumped in. To my horror, I found myself sinking in 8 feet of dark water. My parents were on the other side of the pool, chatting with friends.

I did not know how to swim or even how to float. I fought my way to the surface three times, crying for help. Finally, exhausted, I sank to the bottom once more. I opened my eyes and looked around.

A sort of icy calm came over me. Fortunately, I spotted a ladder leading up the side of the pool, a few feet away. I made my way over to it and climbed out. Just as I broke the surface, my father came running along the side of the pool, looking for me. All this happened just beneath the life guard stand. I doubt he ever realized what happened. I continue to apply for jobs and talk to recruiters. I focus on small satisfactions, like the good book I am reading or watching The Crown.

I had gotten hired by a temp agency around February of They placed me at a company that paid pretty well and was set up nicely. Well, I was approaching my 90 days. Around the beginning of May, I went to work like usual that Monday. When I arrive at home, almost like clockwork, I get an email. One thing I failed to mention: I was supposed to be getting married in June the next month. I still had bills that needed to be paid for the wedding, as well as my own regular bills. Why is this completely BS?

Because each week, my manager had to review my timesheet and sign it confirming that everything was accurate. I tried to fight it, but the temp agency was not listening to me. So I accepted it and moved on. I was worried for a while, but thankfully was able to find new employment rather quickly. Surprisingly, she just comforted me and reassured me that everything would work out. Here's my story in anonymity because there are quite a few people involved and because of the aftermath.

I have 26 years experience in IT. Two years ago my senior from my previous company who had joined this MNC as a VP calls me for a job he found fit for my skills. I was to report to a person we'll call him Bobby who was also my colleague in the same previous company. I join and things are good for 8 months. Suddenly one day there's an unnecessary escalation by our US based client and all hell breaks lose.

I confront the client in a one-to-one call and she agrees the excalation was totally unwarranted and the same is mentiined by her in a follow-up email. All this while I used to keep Bobby updated on a daily basis about the status of the project including the likelyhood of an escalation which actually happened.

From this point onwards, the VP my senior from previous company puts in severe checks on my project including a daily task wise reporting on which were completed and which couldn't with reasons and a million other matrices to be updated daily.

My job required me to travel 40kms one way which would take 5 hours travel time both ways. I would return home exhausted, then prepare the daily status report and send it by Cut to 15 days before launch of product and Bobby calls me and says things are not working and this is a good 4 months after that unwarranted escalation and they have to let me go. The main reason cited is the escalation. They give me a couple of options which were anyways never acceptable so I quit.

Two weeks after I resigned while I was serving the customary 30 days notice, I happened to meet a friend in HR. She tells me that Bobby engineered my exit and ensured only negative remarks were passed to the VP while all positives were ignored.

In fact she was present during the time my appointment was being discussed with the Sr. HR Manager and Bobby who was vehemently against giving me a job from day one!!! Bobby told the HR not to offer me a job. If at all offered then I should be made part of another team and not his.

If at all I was made part of his team then he knows what to do. After quitting I hit the bottle in a big way. Fifteen days after my last working day I was feeling so completely down I decided I had to something to myself before I take up something new. I decided to get myself admitted to a rehab to come clean. I stayed there for 50 days. I had to engineer my exit from rehab as that is a really shitty place. I realize there that I was a misfit at the rehab because I had never done anything they were expecting me to come clean on during sessions.

Anyone been in a rehab knows what I'm talking about. I then realized I had a severe case of depression and there actually was no real case of addiction as the cases I had seen there. I return home, start a new company with my friend and today we have 7 developers working with us and 5 projects ongoing. So to answer your question how does it feel? It feels like shit. To know that you were fired not because of incompetence but because your reporting manager didn't like you in the first place.

But I rebooted and am back on my feet. Its been a year since I quit now. Answer is going to be very long - I have not expressed my feeling to anyone after that day so here is lengthy answer yeah - another Introvert! This happened in PUNE. It was a good day with blue cloudless sky and warming temperature, I woke up early since I was in first shift so started earlier to office.

Reached office, had some work that I owned and went with colleagues for breakfast, when came back noticed HR and manger were discussing something in meeting room, I continued my work, until interrupted by manger to come along with him, so I did. I was shocked for few mins and I took me while to get out of it I am sure there must be some misunderstanding, this is not true In my mind, I smelled something fishy.

Let me call HR to join here I came to know this later that this was pre-planned and both HR and manger were already hand in hand. I have a news for you, we here are XYZ no longer require your services and you are relieved from today and you may leave after this meeting. Relax, calm down, you will get your 2 months salary and relieving letter along with form 16 and pay slips, you may leave now.

Sir, Madam, there is some misunderstanding here, I kept telling this is not true in different ways. Please leave your id at me and get your stuff and leave - otherwise I have to call security. M was very well aware about my background.

I was constantly thinking of my family I was unmarried then and their dreams, their hopes - all gone just like that!!

On the same day - I got some many calls from my colleagues - news was spread finally , did not answered single one. They all came to meet me and I told what M told me about them and they said no one has given any feedback. I did not broke news to my home - I broke it when I went to home after 1. I broke it to my room mate after 2 days. Meanwhile - I decided to change my spends towards my lifestyle since I was only having 3k in my salary account and I have to live with that for at least 2.

Whenever I got interview call - I spent money for transport and skipped eating Wada Pao and shamelessly used to ask at interview locations if they are proving free meals for candidates. I faced so many cross questions like why did you leave your job in middle while holding no offer - since it was mentioned by HR on releasing certificate that I am, XXX, wants to move on.

Later I come to know that HR had hired someone from college pass out from M referral who was relative of M. There were no issues among team mates - my team was really decent team - just t0 be clear. I used to work for a big American retailer at their global sourcing office in Delhi. Being in sourcing job needed immense travelling to all the developing and under developed countries, as they are the one who produce the cost effective product.

We had a major chunk of business in Pakistan and for that I used to go their atleast 2—4 times a year. I started with them in and it was when things were not fine with my country manager and the global sourcing head sitting in US call him Mr. One fine day we were told that the Mr. X will be in India on May 21 and same day I was scheduled to travel to Karachi. So were told that he coming for new sourcing opportunities and blah blah blah….

Our team was doing a good business, so we made our presentations and new designs and everything related to be presented to him ready. So he comes with two auditors and everything goes regular as expected and I fly to Karachi finishing the presentation.

Before I was supposed to leave Mr. X meets me along with my super boss to ask what am I supposed to do and tell me what does he expects additionaly I should do. Its a proud moment that such a senior person appreciates you and I was very happy an excited before I leave.

Next day morning, May 22 I reach Karachi and start my day. I got a WhatsApp around 11 am that my country manager is fired. I was little shocked as I knew things were not fine between him and the sourcing head. Then after half an hour I got a call with my super boss and Mr. X on speaker phone. My super boss tells me in a very dull voice that Mr. X want to talk to you.

I knew its something wrong with her tone and news I got before. Now come the lines to be remembered life time. Its has got nothing do with your performance but with companies strategy. I didn't say a word and disconnected the phone. I was clueless like what to do.

I have to spend a week here and as HR is fired too nobody can change my tickets. I got a call from my super boss immediately saying she is sorry for what has happened and has no words to console me sitting in Pakistan. But I should finish the job I have gone for and should not show a unprofessional attitude. Anyways I come out of the room and I again surrounded with people asking me the details of styles and fabrications for the new season.

I still don't remember how did I continued that day and finished my work. Now when you sit alone then comes the part to think negative.

All kind of bad thoughts, dark future starts surrounding your brain. But I consoled my self that this is the reality and I should face it and think how to get out of it and make it better. Next day I start my day call by colleagues and team and they were crying and telling me that Mr. X is roaming around casually and whistling and has a very dis respecting behaviour. After hearing that, first thing I did was leave the hotel as I was not sure if they will pay for it or not and I should not get my credit card bill mounted and started living with one of the colleuge and friend who was looking after quality in Pakistan and was a Karachi resident.

Then I some how finished my week came back India. Monday May 28th I reach and Tuesday May 29 we were supposed to get our reliving letters from office. So once it was done comes the fighting part.

I along with my country manager and some colleagues never agreed to compensation which was 3 months salary. We decided it before it self that we will start this at last moment and let them prepare their documents and do happily what ever they want. So Mr X was in shock as he was to leave to US same night and was thinking that its a cake walk. He started with his American Lollipop bullshit to people who already lost the battle but not the war.

We clearly told him 6 months or court case. Things went hyper and he extended his stay. On may 31st they agreed for 6 months and we signed all documents. I knew that life has something better coming everytime if one has a tough period. Everybody searched for jobs and got settled in 2—3 months. But this certainly helped understand that take each day as it comes and don't bother too much about what will happen. Even ass licking yes we had people who even after getting fired were busy bitching and praising Mr.

X so that they can be reconsidered will not help you and you will just end up loosing credibility among your peer group. It's a small world and make good and cordial relations with your colleagues. Try thinking only solution to each problem it will make you a better person. I continued working with corporates till March and realised that I am not made to this job thing and I started my own and now earning enough to keep my family happy and grow my business with each coming day.

I was happy with the job as well. Everything was going well till that time. I was working in that company for nearly two years,One day my HR called me and asked me to meet him the next day.

I was not sure about the reason and when I asked him about it ,he refused to answer it. By that time I have already became a critical resource in my project and I was very sure that even if something happens ,my manager will take care and he will not leave me to go. But when I reached there the next day they fired me with my manager only for some claims and problems which I was completely unaware.

All these things happened just a week before CAT and I was really tensed and I could not concentrate ,thinking about my future. It all looked bleak. I took all the pressure and it suppressed me.

I didn't do well in my exams and I got 85 percentile. I didn't get any IIMs. All types of dementia involve mental decline that: Alzheimer's disease is named for the German physician Alois Alzheimer, who first described the disorder in Scientists have learned a great deal about this condition in the century since Dr.

Alzheimer first drew attention to it. Today we know that Alzheimer's disease:. Today more than five million people in the United States are living with Alzheimer's disease. That number has doubled since and is expected to be as high as sixteen million by According to a report that analyzed Medicare claims data, beneficiaries with dementia cost Medicare three times more than other older beneficiaries.

Based on current estimates, these costs will double every ten years. Just like the rest of our bodies, our brains change as we age. Most of us notice some slowed thinking and occasional problems remembering certain things.

But serious memory loss, confusion, and other major changes in the way our minds work are not a normal part of aging. These symptoms may be a sign that brain cells are failing.

The brain has a hundred billion nerve cells, or neurons. Each nerve cell communicates with many others to form networks. Nerve-cell networks have special jobs: To do their work, brain cells operate like tiny factories, taking in supplies, generating energy, constructing equipment, and getting rid of waste.

Cells also process and store information. Keeping everything running requires coordination and large amounts of fuel and oxygen. In a brain affected with Alzheimer's disease,parts of the cells' factories stop running well.

It is not known exactly where the trouble starts, but, as in a real factory, backups and breakdowns in one system cause problems in other areas. As damage spreads, cells lose their ability to do their jobs correctly. Plaques and tangles — abnormal structures that can develop in the brain — are prime suspects in the damage and death of nerve cells.

These were among the abnormalities that Dr. Alzheimer noticed in his patients, although he had different names for them. Plaques build up between nerve cells. They contain deposits of beta-amyloid, a protein fragment. Tangles, which form inside dying cells, are twisted fibers of tau, another protein. Although most people develop some plaques and tangles as they age, those with Alzheimer's disease tend to develop far more. These plaques and tangles tend to form in a predictable pattern, beginning in areas important for learning and memory and then spreading to other regions.

Scientists researching Alzheimer's disease are not absolutely sure what role plaques and tangles play. Most believe that they somehow block communication among nerve cells and disrupt the activities that the cells need to survive. Staging systems provide useful frames of reference for understanding how the disease may unfold.

It is important to note, though, that not everyone will experience the same symptoms or progress at the same rate.

On average, people with Alzheimer's disease die four to six years after diagnosis, but the duration of the disease can vary from three to twenty years. Patients are first diagnosed with problems related to memory, thinking, and concentration. Individuals in the early stage typically need minimal assistance with simple daily routines. At the time of first diagnosis, an individual may have progressed beyond this stage; "early stage" refers to the extent of the disease's progress.

The term "early onset" or "young onset" indicates Alzheimer's disease in a person under the age of sixty-five. Early-onset individuals may be employed or have children still living at home. Among the issues affected families must face are ensuring financial security, obtaining benefits, and helping children cope with the disease.

People who have early-onset dementia may be in any stage of the condition — early, middle, or late. It is estimated that some five hundred thousand people in their thirties, forties, and fifties have Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia. Some change in memory is normal as we grow older, but the effects of Alzheimer's disease are more severe than simple lapses. They include difficulties with communicating, learning, thinking, and reasoning — impairments severe enough to have an impact on an individual's work, social activities, and family life in the early and middle stages.

Some of the most common effects that people with dementia and Alzheimer's disease experience are: Forgetting recently learned information is one of the most common early signs of dementia. Some people may begin to forget more and more often or be unable to recall information at a later time. Some may find it hard to plan or complete everyday tasks. They may lose track of the steps involved in preparing a meal, placing a telephone call, or playing a game.

They may forget simple words or make unusual substitutions, making their speech or writing hard to understand. They may be unable to find their toothbrush, for example, and ask for "that thing for my mouth. Some may become lost in their own neighborhood, forget where they are and how they got there, and not know how to return home. They may dress inappropriately, for example, wearing several layers on a warm day or little clothing on a cold one; they may be easily deceived.

Some people may have unusual difficulty performing complex mental tasks, such as remembering what numbers are for and how they should be used.

Some people may put things in unusual places: Rapid mood swings — from calm to tears to anger — for no apparent reason are common. The personalities of people with dementia can change dramatically.

They may become extremely confused, suspicious, fearful, or dependent on a family member. Some people may become very passive, sitting in front of the television for hours, sleeping more than usual, or not wanting to take part in their usual activities.

This information has been adapted with permission from the Alzheimer's Association Web site. For more information, please consult www. This report describes the findings of a study designed to evaluate the efficacy of the Meet Me at MoMA program for people in the early stage of dementia and their family caregivers.

This groundbreaking study provides the first formal evaluation that demonstrates, with both quantitative and qualitative evidence, the many benefits of making art accessible to people with Alzheimer's disease and their caregivers. It also points out the elements of the program that have the greatest positive impact and those components that might be modified to further enhance its effects. This evaluation provides valuable information about the feasibility of assessing people in the early stage of dementia and suggests new directions for future programs and studies.

The fact that attendees of the Meet Me at MoMA program return month after month speaks eloquently to the meaning and value it holds for participants. Coming to MoMA again, a place many had visited in the past but were reluctant to return to, was a welcome confirmation that not all valued parts of life have to be forfeited to Alzheimer's disease. This research has helped to identify the specific aspects of the MoMA program that individually and together coalesce to create its impact.

The Importance of the Educator: Beyond a doubt, it is the style and approach of the educators—which is never overly didactic or condescending, but rather warm and interactive—and the interaction with them that participants single out as being of exceptional importance to them. The way in which they involve the participants with dementia and elicit their comments, which are then met with genuine interest and appreciation, rekindles feelings of self-worth.

Having the opportunity to learn, to be intellectually stimulated, to experience great art together was felt to be a "blessing. The family members expressed profound gratitude that the person they care about could have such an experience and, just as important, that they could share it together.

For married couples, the opportunity to participate in an activity that is of interest to both partners validated their identity as a couple. Sons and daughters also expressed their pleasure in taking part in an activity with their parents in which both could be relaxed and engaged. For so many couples in which one has dementia, what were once "normal" social interactions become events fraught with strain and shame.

While they did remark that the program was inherently a socializing activity, many participants expressed the wish that the program could be extended to include more social interaction after the gallery tour. The educators, together with the entire MoMA staff, create a sense of safety and convey feelings of regard for the participants. The value placed on the person with dementia at least temporarily removes the stigma of Alzheimer's disease so that participants can enjoy the MoMA experience.

It is possible that the extraordinary attention that was lavished on study participants may have heightened their feelings of being welcome and important, but this also serves to point out how much people with dementia feel the loss of status in the community and how much they appreciate efforts made on their behalf.

The wish to continue to attend as a couple, where the limitations of the ill spouse would not affect the experience for the well, makes this kind of program particularly valuable.

For both the persons with dementia and their caregivers there were positive changes to mood both directly after the program and in the days following the Museum visit. Caregivers reported fewer emotional problems, and all but one person with dementia reported elevated mood. Almost all caregivers planned to return to the Museum for future programs, which is a testament to their positive experiences.

The study design, which included a variety of measures to gather both qualitative and quantitative data through self-report and observation has yielded a comprehensive understanding of how and why the Meet Me at MoMA program impacts attendees and provides suggestions for modifications and future expansion.

As they began to know each other from repeated visits, the desire for more socializing became clear. The setting itself sends the message to the person with dementia that he or she continues to be a person of value, and those participants for whom it was a familiar place can now return with their self-esteem safe and even nurtured.

There were several statistically significant findings from this study, which is gratifying, considering the small sample of participants.

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