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How Often We Scored Through Over 3 Months: Is the Real Deal?


We set up dates with 12 of them, went out with 10, and got laid with eight. This is by far the best luck we had on any one site, despite the admittedly stupid-sounding name. What a pretty name! Are you always so focused on your art, or is this a more recent thing after the incident you mentioned? It seemed like no matter what we put on our profiles, we were set up fantastically for meeting woman after woman. That will immediately put you ahead in the eyes of all the women here.

A study shows that young people have more positive than negative feelings after hookups. We could have told them that! The Diamondback newspaper finds that among college students, no one cares about going out to bars when they can just go to their hookup apps on their phones.

Despite the name, we found that FuckBookNet is not a scam. Theres been people who say this site is the facebook of hookup sites?.. Not a scam, but kind of average. Alright place to start out. Decided to give the whole hookup site thing a try after my last relationship crashed?. Got sick and tired of the whole dating site thing and decided to try out their hotter cousins, hookup sites.

Had success on FuckBookNet. Well organized, good site, tons of profiles and all from legit hot women. No scams here but you probably should keep going on other sites if you want a lot of variety in your hookups but for a guy who just wants a casual fling once and a while this place is fine.

Glad i gave fuckbooknet. Really tired of the dating scene? My girlfriend and I have been dating for a while and wanted to give the swinging thing a try? Maybe good for the single guy but not what I was looking for. Had a pretty bad experience with a scam site before this one?.. This place is legit and I had some good hook up success. Probably okay for the casual dude. Testing the online hookup thing after I burned out on online dating.

You'll definitely never have trouble finding new ladies, either. With a site like FuckBookNet. We were actually a bit skeptical that a site could honestly work this well, but the more time we spent here…the more we proved it.

It just works better. If you want to spend time clicking around in circle on other sites, then go right ahead, but this site streamlines the sign-up processes and makes it easy for anyone. Because this site is so inclusive, you can honestly find absolutely anything here and have a blast meeting the person. Try it on FuckBookNet. We definitely were able to have a great time just poking around on this site and exploring it during our first few days, and that alone was something of an adventure.

Diversity is a great thing. This site has that in spades. We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our FuckBookNet review, and during that time, we sent out a total of chat messages to women that we met online.

From those chat messages, we had a grand total of 83 responses. This was above and beyond what we expected, and we were definitely very pleased with this. From those 83 responses, a total of 17 women actually agreed to meet us for dates, and we were wowed beyond belief. Sweetdiscret seems to be another scam site. Although I believe I may have been contacted by a real person I believe she too is an employee of the site because of the length of time passing by between replays.

As if to say she was juggling many male inquiries at once. That and I was lead into the site by a third party girl who wanted me to have a " safe meet up ID" or a "been verified number". One girl did get me.. I believe that even the photos she sent me even before I signed up were pics of someone else because every time I ask for another pic she doesn't respond.

Last night I asked her if she is busy suckering more old men out of their social security cash she responded. Well like all or at least most of us suckers I fell in love with the illusion. Your email address will not be published.

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