Imperial Cleaning Is Operating A Massive Fraud Using An Age Verification Scam On Their Fake Dating Site

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In the United Kingdom, the Digital Economy Act will require websites publishing porn commercially to employ an age verification system, with the British Board of Film Classification tasked in enforcing the provisions. The most basic form of age verification is to ask users to input their date of birth on a form. However, this depends on an honor system that assumes the validity of the end user which can be a minor who fraudulently inserts a valid date that meets the age criteria, rather than their own , and has thus been described as ineffective.

More sophisticated age verification systems require users to provide credit card information. However, this depends on an assumption that the vast majority of credit card holders are adults, because U. In , Salvatore LoCascio plead guilty to charges of credit card fraud; one of his schemes had involved using credit card-based age verification systems to charge users for "free" tours of adult entertainment websites.

MindGeek , a major operator of porn websites, operates an age verification provider known as AgeID. Active in Germany since , it uses third-party providers to authenticate the user's age, and a single sign-on model that allows the verified identity to be shared across any participating website.

In the United Kingdom, in response to concerns surrounding the data privacy of online age verification systems which could be subject to mass processing by firms such as MindGeek, also acknowledging the implementation of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation , [6] the BBFC suggested that a system of gift card -like vouchers, purchased in person with ages checked by the retailer similarly to other typically age-restricted purchases such as alcohol would provide a more anonymous and secure solution to age verification.

The adult-oriented video game franchise Leisure Suit Larry required players to answer trivia questions that, in the opinion of franchise creator Al Lowe , a child would not know the answer to, in order to launch the game. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The criminals that operates SlutIndex. But, we're working on your behalf not theirs, and our job is to expose crimes in the online dating industry.

Circled in red you will see the various charges that will appear on your credit card. The next charge is from Bangallday. These three charges are without your consent. You are only consenting to verifying your age with your credit card. What they fail to tell you is that you are automatically billed to three different websites without your consent or knowledge.

Screenshot of the charges that appear on your credit card. Slut Index is a clear-cut case of fraud. You can't even access their dating site because there is none. They didn't even bother creating fake profiles like many of the dating scams that we've uncovered. These guys are blatantly trying to rip you off with an age verification scam that wants to charge your credit card to three different porno sites.

If you've given these crooks your credit card information you better check your credit card statement to make sure you're not getting charges from random porn websites. If you are getting charges from adult sites contact your bank and credit card company and get your money back. All of this is a crime and a fraud and you should be able to get reimbursed from your credit card provider. Please stop sending me pictures of women.

Unsubscribe me from your site. I'm not looking for any women. After investigating both of those websites they were proven to be totally fictitious. Your email address will not be published.

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