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I am not that comfortable with this whole online idea, its a bit overwhelming for me!

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Since then I have been having trouble with this whole system. Chatting does not work. My messages were never sent and are still there. Trying to send letters but they are never received because I receive no answer. Can this be re-set or what can I do? Raymond Kossa Mar 19 9: Some one hacked my profile.

Sent over messages to women around the country and then renewed my subscription. I closed the profile. I would like to complete my original subscription so I need a new profile.

How can I do that? Lynda Oct 25 Can this be re-set or what cam I do? Walter Davis Jan 21 9: There are two problems: When I go read my message history is not showing my messages sent to others.

Matt May 27 1: I cant find my account, it says it not there. I paid a few days ago and when i log in there os nothing and it wants me to pay again. Nancy Martin Oct 1 7: I cannot log into my current account with current email and password.

An old free account comes up. I removed the old account and now I cannot locate my existing account or log into it. I have current paid status. Nancy Martin martinnancy9 gmail. Robert J Glace Aug 25 1: I did not authorized your company to withdraw funds from my account. Take me off your membership list. I don't use your services.

Jim Oct 15 6: My account was cancelled by someone other than me today, February 5. My account is paid thru May 24, I emailed you twice in the last 2 days complaining about being hacked.

Someone is sending messages to women I am talking using my site. Two of them stopped talking to me because they don't believe it was not me. I believe I am paid thru May 24, Phyllis Libretti May 6 Please upgrde me to the monthly plan only. Joan Mannino Mar 8 6: For a three month membership and I clearly declined this. I am requesting that you correct this error on your part. Also every time I go to enter, I'm kicked to a page to purchase a membership. I cannot get past this page after checking and double checking both my name and password.

Would like to accesses my account as that my month service is NOT up. Please correct this problem AND extend my months membership by at least the two days I have been unable to access it. Adrienne Aug 12 I let my mom use my bank card to pay for a This seems to be a frequent problem this site has apparently. Fix this immediately, you took money you were not authorized to take!!

You can call me to fix asap!!! They renew membership without asking rip off. I signed up for three months and they decided I wanted more. And they will fix it or everyone will know. I don't like being ripped off. Gray Jan 11 5: At the end of those messages he adds my user name, funguy I don't send messages to any women that live more than 25 miles from where I live in Tujunga, a suburb of Los Angeles. Sharron Haworth Mar 26 3: My ID is Seeburg I typed in the wrong email account.

I am new just today on "Ourtime. Can someone fix this for me please. Thank you, Sharron Haworth. Lisa Andriese Jul 10 I have already filed a complaint with my bank 10 min. I intended to sign up for the minimum of one month , your program thought i would be happier paying for a year in Advance. I an m a disabled Veteran on a fixed budget so please get my money back by tomorrow. I am not even interested in your site any longer unless its a comp.

Emilia ebro Aug 18 Piedad Gomez Jan 1 You don't give any options to review the credit card information just processed it and take the money. I tried to call you, and is not a phone number even an email address, I sent two email and got them back, is this an scam, please answered back to me if not I will report you and you have to give me my money back.

I do not want any charges on the card not even for a month. Cathy Walker Jan 7 1: My profile on Our Time dating site, has been hacked into for the 3 time. I can't even log onto my account. My pictures are gone and hers are up.

According to a friend. I have been getting so many notifications via my personal email address, and she even contacted me through my sign up email address and the one I use for friends, to see if the email was the right one. I didn't contact her. I just renewed my subscription today. Please help Cathy Walker. Lori Carey Oct 28 I am contacting the attorney general as of this moment, because you stole money out of my account. Heather Pope Jul 6 8: HDfatboy21 needs to be banned from your site.

He's a liar who enjoys messing with women's minds and emotions. If you would like details you can let me know and I'd be happy to share my embarrassing experience with you. Nancy Jan 4 I just joined your site. There were 20 messages in my inbox.. I didn't see the messages.. I think this was a scam to get me to join your site. I was tricked into thinking there were over 20 messages waiting for my response..

But that was not true. I'm going to cancel my membership here. I want to cancel! I cannot access my account. Your site will not allow me into my account! Please cancel me now! Nancy GLanville Mar 16 4: I need a response to this inquiry within the next three days or so as I have been emailing for more than a week and I just get automated responses.

Next stop for me will be BBB. I did not authorize to pay I attempted to renew my subscription for 30 days, somehow it charged me for 6 months, please refund my account, Im not happy with your site taking advantage of me making choices with my membership, this is not the first site to do this.

Online dating site are becoming online robbery. Please refund my full membership Phillip Hytower. Shelley Smith Jul 2 3: Shelley Smith Sep 10 6: I signed up approximately three weeks ago. I have lost my password. I am Hot Bakogirl. Could you please respond to this or call. I tried calling but the number is disconnected. May 3 8: Subscription to this site has been frustrating. Once a profile is open flirts are sent to individuals without consent. Flirts are also being received from automates.

It's been a month, not one real connection. This week, however I received an offer to spend more money for some tokens in other to be promoted. Andrew J Evans Dec 9 5: I am trying to make a payment with a debit card and the information is good and the card is good.

I want to give you money but it is really difficult. Jean McCall Nov 2 6: I cancelled both my subscription and the Automatic Renewal request several months ago.

At that time I was reassured that once my current payment had run out that I would not be charged any further. I require that this amount be returned to my Visa account asap as this is my money and I can not afford it to be in the hands of a company which seems not to handle its customer accounts very efficiently. Judy Jun 20 Today's match is a dead guy? No wonder he hasn't been on the site for the last 30 days He died in August!

Nancy Jul 29 7: I want a response or I am going to pursue this matter,I want to be reimbursed for dec 12 I never gave permission to your automatic renewal I did go to my bank and notified the credit card company of the vi rime you commited ,I will go to the news about this.

Nancy May 23 5: Take me off this site and my profile and I expect to be reimbursed for you taking out December 12, without my approval of automatic renewal,the worst experience ever.

Nancy Jan 25 Apparently this site does what they want to,when you save a person you tell them I flirted with them you keep changing my age preference ,you have people all over the United states contacting me when I say pa.

Only,I never will do online dating ,I could go on but I won't. MaryLou Throneburg Nov 26 1: For some reason the letters on "Our Time" have gotten too small to read. I have paid for the use of the site and would appreciate it being fixed.

Tammy Snow Jan 15 I don't wish to be charged for a service that I am not receiving. Please credit my credit card back. Bruce McAllister May 22 4: Even though I am paying extra to get emails when somebody messages me its not working and everytime I receive a note from Ourtime that there is a problem with my email address, I re-enter it to no avail.

I have complained about this before but never received a good answer. I refuse to change my email address and have had it for many years! And don't blame it on AOL. No problems with other sites! I'm not that interestep in meeting someone on line. Pat Lenihan Sep 23 I got on your site and it said I was being charge I want to be taking off ourtime now.

Roland Rousseve Nov 11 4: My first six months was Nov. I'm not complaining but I would like too resolve this issues. Love site and have recommended it too others. When I click on any of the categories my "our time" web site, I cannot get in. I get a colorful like a pinwheel circle spinning around. Who do i fix this???

Please credit my account immediately.. I moved from one zip code to another and I am trying to change my location so that I can pay for the subscription but because the location I registered under is not the same as my credit card billing I am not able to do so. Since I am not able to change my location under the settings to the zip code I am at now. I am not able to pay for the subscription because the billing zip code doesn't match the zip code I registered under. Why am I getting messages from women I never contacted?

Huhchecked my sent message box to see for myself but I sent no message to these women so please tell me why their responding to a message I never sent???? Thankyou amojjj user name. Selina Shaw Nov 25 I only join for one month, and Please cancel my membership, and refund my account. Thanks for your help in this matter. DiPietro Apr 22 8: I am not interested in all the other sites that are obviously a part of Our Time.

I have been charged throughout the last 6 months for subscriptions to numerous other dating sites that I didn't approve or order. Also, there was no mention when I signed up for Our Time that I was also signing up for 5 or six other sites and believe this is I do not use these sites, in fact, I delete any mail from them.

I think this is a form of illegal advertising. While I am talking to the customer service dpt. Lisa Marco Apr 15 As I was clearing out information on my phone. You need to reverse the renewal and charge. I gave sent several memos regarding this in the past two hours on November 16, Please confirm when done. Janet B Demusz Aug 21 3: Please send me an email advising that a credit has been posted to my account for the difference.

I plan to follow this up with a phone call where I hope to get a resolution to this problem. Remove my information from all these fraudulent sites!!! Taking total advantage of unsuspecting customers of the fraud. No active working phone numbers to live personal!!! Sham, return my money to my credit card immediately!!! Patricia Fredrickson Jan 15 6: I don't have a complaint, I think there was an error on my part and hope you can help me resolve the issue.

Can you please help me correct this error. I am unsure how I did this. Larry castleberry May 22 Its not possible to use me visa card to be apart of ourtime. Can you please call me at I would be nice to be a member of ourtime. They wont give me refund and I have asked since day one.

I am reporting them to any agency that will listen. False advertisement on TV. I canceled my subscription but getting emails that people are interested in me or emails with suggested matches-saying my profile is hidden. I decided to try to renew for a month or even 3 months but my debit card and credit cards are being declined.

This has got to be the worst customer service ever!!! They flooded my inbox, wont answer phone, email and they make it impossible to find your account.

I am very disappointed. I have been trying to cancel my subscription to our time and I am having difficulty doing so. What kind of business are they running anyway. I joined for a month in February. A very special man received an email of my site. And when I say skip on people you keep on sending them back through. Not any new matches. What the hell is going on with that? So when it comes do, cancel it.

I cancelled my subscription over a month ago with our time on-line. But as of april 2nd on my bank statement I see that you are continueing to charge me You will need to credit this back to my debit card because I cancelled with you.

Please cancel my subscription and do not charge anything else on the credit card you have on file. Thank you, Madelyn Bentley. Your new website sucks! I never signed up. I signed up for Match. I do not want to be a member. Please cancel immediately and refund my money please.

Why has the profile on the dating site changed, I do not like this way harder to see the profile.

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