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I created an account on it around half a year ago, after three months of desperate as I used to think searches, I managed to hook up to five Chinese girls.

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Along with the plans which every girl has, professionals have to check her identity and make sure that she is not trying to deceive the agency and the potential husbands. The documents are being checked and verified.

Also, the site cooperates with GeoTrust and TrustWave in order to make sure that the confidential data of the clients and their credit card information are not under any kind of risk. Moreover, every customer can get acquainted with security tips listed on the site. You can start the search for your special Chinese beauty for free as the initial membership does not require any payments. However, the rest of ChnLove date services are not free and you have to change the type of your subscription if you want to contact any lady on the site.

Conversion to the Premium membership brings you 2 credits and 15 free chats. Credits play the role of virtual tokens: You should consider buying a considerable amount of credits as you would get a discount for buying a few dozen: After almost 20 years of operation in the market ChnLove knows how to help you in your intention to find a special Chinese lady.

When you subscribe to the website you get an access to an extended database of Asian women: Video Review Ease of Use ChnLove register process is simple and quick as it requires only your email, password and credit card information.

Number of Members There are more than thousand active members on ChnLove. Quality of Profiles ChnLove is serious about the profiles of its members. Pricing You can start the search for your special Chinese beauty for free as the initial membership does not require any payments. Read reviews and comments Add your review. ChnLove has a lot of advantages, like big database and a high percentage of reply from ladies. Moreover, I feel that I can trust these service with my personal data.

ChnLove is the best place for looking for an Asian girl. This website is one of the top-ranked, and it offers excellent varieties of communication with women. I found a lot of great women due to it, so I would recommend it to anyone who wants an Asian wife. I am quite skeptical about online dating, but my friend registered me, and one beautiful girl from Beijing started texting me.

We get on really well and have much in common. I am planning on visiting her soon. Who knows, maybe I will even move to her.

After adding the information to my profile, most of the girls had similar interests, and I found them compatible with me. I enjoyed chatting with girls selected for me. And I believe that ChnLove would do its best again, as it usually does!

The chance to meet my love helps me to stay tuned. When you are on the dating site every message might potentially be the message from your future life. I believe that the majority of girls have serious intentions here. When you are looking for a woman online you may spend years trying to feel something deeper than attraction and interest. Also, dating online is not the best idea if you are not ready to spend a considerable amount of money.

Even though ChnLove is not the most expensive site I spend a lot on purchasing credits. Make sure you understand these simple things because you might end up disappointed. The site is like a heaven for those who are into Chinese ladies. Who knows maybe ChnLove would help me not only to improve my language skills but also to find my love. You have to pay for dates, flowers, presents, taxi, etc.

When you date online you pay only for a subscription. Okay, ChnLove charges you for credits. But it makes no sense to compare your expenditures online to the money you waste on offline dating.

In addition, here you can date a few girls simultaneously and check who of them is better for you. Can you imagine how tough it would be to date a few girls offline? Plus, here you know what you want in a lady and you search for it. Offline you meet a girl and hope that she at least somehow consistent with your expectations. So, my choice is obvious — I go for online dating!

I feel sorry for those men who complain about prices here. I used to spend hundreds on other dating sites and on ChnLove the pricing model is totally different! If I want to chat I buy credits and manage them the way I want. But if you have a subscription you feel some kind of tension. At least I had such feeling. How could I neglect the site if I had a few days of subscription left?

So I was browsing some profiles and chatting but it was not that pleasant. ChnLove gives my much more freedom of action and I appreciate it! From my perspective, ChnLove failed to fulfill its promises. I wanted to meet two girls that seemed to be nice. I was told that they would contact me via the local agency after my arrival.

Such conditions were pretty reasonable and I had no doubts that everything would be fine. But when I came to the local agency in China they said it was the first time they heard of such an agreement and none of the girls was waiting for me.

I tried to message both girls but they never replied. I thought ChnLove was a fair player, but this time they really disappointed me. I was looking for a Ukrainian girl as I visited Ukraine some time ago and I was fascinated with the beauty of local ladies. Of course, you'd have to also be into Asian women, but that's really beside the point here. Girls are lovely, everything runs smoothly and the only problem is, you'll have to spend some money if you want to find somebody.

But high quality usually pays in life, that's how stuff works. Worked for me at least. Keep up the good work guys. They are really friendly and always up for a chat, or a video call if you fancy. I am hoping to further communicate with one of them and maybe who knows, she might come visit me in the US soon. It will appear after moderation. Three months ago I registered on this site and not expecting much started chatting with a nice girl from China.

I admit that there was a language barrier but thanks to the translator that was not a big deal. In a month I decided to go for a romantic trip and guess what I cannot be more grateful for that. Just stay active and don't wait until someone messages you. I really enjoy using this service. Most of all I like the matches they suggest me.

I think they have a good way of understanding personal characteristics and good search options based on the data I have given them. I have only been a member for two days, but I already like it. Let's see what happens next. I want to thank Asian Dates.

He came to visit me in the Philippines and a month after we have got engaged he started arranging a visa for me. I'm married to him now and staying in the USA. We are a happy family and I totally recommend this site. The more specific you are about your preferences and what you are exactly looking for, the better results will be in finding your perfect match. This site has made a great impact on my life as it helped to find my soulmate.

I was matched with many attractive women, and I am content with this service. I divorced my wife a couple of years ago. Over three months I had 5 dates. I'm not looking for hookups. You have to give it time and work it. Set your goals and date parameters. I have a great committed relationship now. Thanks, Asian date, love it. Used a lot of dating sites. Asian date had best overall usage, especially in lower population areas. Eventually married the lady I met online there.

It is a decent service, where you can meet fantastic ladies, mostly from China. I am satisfied with everything here and would recommend ChnLove to everyone. You know that feeling that you are alone and nobody needs you? Well, that was driving me crazy, and desperately I decided to try online dating. It is an excellent platform for the right price. Now I am back on the road looking for my soulmate. I always loved traveling and women. Thanks to ChnLove I have both of it. This service helped me to find a fantastic woman from Beijing with whom we have a serious relationship, so I am pleased with ChnLove.

Chinese girls are hot! I hope to find here a girlfriend who I would dedicate my whole time! This site is indeed outstanding as it has such features that no other dating sites can show off with. I appreciate the fact that you can talk with a Chinese girl via a webcam here, call her or so.

I think the greatest stuff that ChnLove can offer is the arrangement of the trip to the hometown of a girl. The site is cool but only for the men who have some fetish with Chinese girls. I just wanted to find and Asian wife, preferably, from Japan or The Philippines, but after the registration I found out that it is focused only on Chinese ladies. I should be more attentive next time. Which site for finding Japanese and Filipinas do you suggest guys?

The site is dope! Thanks to ChnLove I forgot about loneliness! Come to my wedding with Ying Yue in two weeks! ChnLove is just the best. I created an account on it around half a year ago, after three months of desperate as I used to think searches, I managed to hook up to five Chinese girls. Right now we are talking via video calls, she tells me about the life in her hometown. By the way, I was shocked when I heard her speak — she speaks English pretty well! From the beginning, I was skeptical about ChnLove, but now I see how effective this site is.

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