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When did the Craigslist ads disappear? Also, would cut down on all the murders from straight thugs posing as gay men just so they can rob you.

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There have been child sex busts, including the previous CEO of Sunflower Market trying to hook up with a 12 year old in It's not a matter of being unable to manage my own life; it's a matter of the commons being ruined by bad actors - e. Yes R37, because the rest of us should be restricted in our actions and desires, lest anyone looking for sex or just to meet up with another person be grouped in with all the other deviants.

We should just avoid those activities all together. There have been at least as many if not more robberies and murders under the cars and other merchandise for sale, and help wanted ads on CL than there have been for sex. Should we all stop selling merchandise or looking for work as well? This is seriously insane. I'm fed up with being limited or punished based on what the worst of society does.

What is going on right now is worse than what it was before the alleged "sexual freedom" and "feminism" and "diversity" and all the other bullshit. I knew that crap would take it all down, and it has, and it's going to continue to just get worse. Let's admit this is just another way of sexually repressed, Incest Survivor Fraus of killing sex. You should have killed your children r No witnesses that way.

Or at least given them important government positions. I'm pretty sure R37 is either a frau, or someone letting his inner frau out. R37 is the type of person that wants to rule everyone as if they are under their own HR doctrine. I said that Craigslist should merely take some concrete steps to ameliorate the worst behavior hosted on its site.

I never advocated doing away with it. And yes, as a person who lives in the world and benefits from being a member of the public, I want it to have less child prostitution, meth dealing, and bestiality.

Craigslist could spend some of its billions on better moderation. Facebook et al have real human moderators culling the worst from their site. Craigslist could do this too. Their flagging feature sure doesn't work. Some studies have found that Craigslist has reduced violence against sex workers, which I believe is true. But it has enabled a lot of other sketchy stuff.

Well, now is the time for some entrepreneurial upstart to fill the void left by CL, for people who want to cruise online, but don't want to use any apps on their phone. In all seriousness, Craigslist will lose a ton of pagehits from this, I would think.

The M4M section in any city seemed like one of their liveliest categories. Oh, you mean being born You want all of these good things for others or yourself?

And are you saying these things to actually help anyone? Or are you just saying them to make it sound and seem like you're doing something? You honestly used Facebook as an example of how they're using real human moderators to cull the worst from their site? Have you read the news? Go read the news, and keep on about how people looking for casual encounters on Craigslist is the problem. Studies about sex on Craigslist? Is this a college course I can sign up for? Is there a Doctoral program?

And yet, gun stores cant be held liable for selling guns to crazy ass wingnuts who go off at schools and gay night clubs. They were talking about the possibility of developing an opt-in required r for adult content on the web to protect children from viewing it, but no. Britain still has porn. In all its guises, online, on subscription channel tv, specialist stores Craigslist personals was a haven for married down-low guys looking for quick anonymous action.

It was great for those of us who like married cock. John McCain, R-Arizona, did not vote, although he supported the bill. A lot of weak people here and everywhere will accept this without qualms. You should just die already. They should just bring back the "back room" that bars used to have in the 70's. They were before my time but it seems like they were a lot of fun.

Come to think of it, could spark new interest into all the bars that are closing. Also, would cut down on all the murders from straight thugs posing as gay men just so they can rob you.

Craig's List Murders are a real thing. More than a few married Republican lawmakers are going to be pissed about this. You American whores might have to start taking field trips. Yes, R69, you still have all of that including back rooms and the baths.

But that's because you are all so still closeted. Met a guy in Germany once and he could dream of ever taking a guy back to his place for sex. While the laws have changed the people there act likes its some how low class to be gay or exhibit gay behavior in public. Are there situations where a Craigslist user meets up with someone from an ad, a pillowcase is popped over their head, and they're sold into prostitution?

Is that possibility what's being sidestepped by removing the Personals section? CL wants you to be outraged so that you call, write, scream and create some change in the political system.

I agree with the person who said it was more fun when things were taboo. I like meeting in human interaction. Never used the personals because everyone on it seemed gross but this does seem absurd to do. All these old uptight fuckers need to die off already.

Yes, feminists and non-whites have ruined the world by making it forbidden for you to troll for cock on Craigslist. I think this will only spawn websites that will based outside the US. CL's lost will be another one's gain. Let me get this straight Please tell me that Facebook, youtube and instagram can now be held liable for all the destruction they promote.

And what are people gonna do about it? Take it up the ass hard and with no vaseline. I don't know how it is people grow to be so stupid, but there's an entire nation of them right outside my door. Here's an amusing quote from another random board on this topic. I don't agree with all of it, but the writer makes some interesting and funny points. It's in 2 parts. A place replete largely with spambots, prostitutes, the socially inept who drop trou to introduce themselves to strangers, fellas into other fellas posting to request outright anonymous casual intercourse and on too many occasions, requesting to be "pozzed" or infected with HIV.

While Uncle Sam inflicting felonies on sites hosting this behavior feels like some sort of infringement on freedom, or a harbinger of a police state web, the fact is your analogy is a bit broad. They also know that now they let it go this far, there is no possible way they can come back from being an HIV, HPV, herpes, dope and human traffic distributor, and admitted defeat. I started an account here solely to present this declaration; my contempt for social media, web dating and other distancing social tools which have systematically damaged or destroyed societal social skills like an ice pick was once used to scramble brains.

Which really, is all the Libs who present these tools as equal to actual interaction are doing. I have no qualms with one shooting themselves in the foot and despoiling their own objectives, but I take exception when one influences others into such behavior. Corporatism, Liberalism, and the lobbyists perpetuating these isms have managed to make a fad out of one shoving their own heads into the depths of their own colons. This is why capitalism is perceived as the same thing as corporatism.

It makes no sense to steal from you then cop up to it. They have all the money. They stole it anyway. So they spend some to pay talking heads to convince you to not turn around as they continuously dig in your wallet.

Craigslist sold info of all email respondents to solicitors. They robbed you and gave you psychos and disease carriers for hookups. They are kin to EA in this manner. You protest, but still you buy. They all know people are become weak and dependant on the teat. Uncle Sam is in reality helping you all and attempting to save you from yourselves. And I won't lie-- my being silenced from all social media for my failure to do as I'm told and think safe thoughts, or feed a delusion out of imposed obligation has left me feeling pent up.

Some in my shoes become radicalized, having been intellectually cornered and threatened by ban or even personal harm for questioning the populace, moderators, etc. I simply mourn and live with the resulting depression and abandonment. That's how I roll. But sometimes I just can't stfu, I gotta tell a handful of people to watch out for the bus they are being thrown under.

It matters not but at least now my words are on the web and out of my head. Do what you want. Start a game forum thread with encrypted coords to a public stall and drill a glory hole. If you do not endanger or make me uncomfortable in person, I will not intervene or obstruct. It's your behavior, your consequences, positive or otherwise. Just please do not lash out because an authority says adults should be adults and accept the result of their choices.

Doing it on the web after we have been for years aware that our online data is mined by the government is dumb. It caught up to them. It caught up to personals and dating services. The weak are culled.

Be smarter or quit it. Or get caught, now. It should be painfully obvious this bill means web hosts will rat you out to dodge penalties, too. I will just console myself with the truism that nature abhors a vacuum. Soon enough, another site will replace that CL personals vacuum. I'm glad it's gone. Only sleazy, gross looking Jerry Springer rejects used it for hookups anyways.

The casual encounters section was nothing more than the Wheel of Fortune for STDs; wherever it lands is what disease you're getting. That's not to mention all the cheating spouses. It isn't fair to expose your significant other to whatever STD your Craiglist hoe probably has because they post a different ad on there each week.

It was extremely trashy and I hope it never comes back. So will this eventually affect Grindr, Scruff, etc. And btw, this does affect gay men prettt much only exclusively. It was the only busy Personals section. Yes, I would occasionally check those pages out of curiosity, only to see very little activity. I had a thing for being a voyeur and I got to watch a lot of hot men bust a nut.

Actually R, the W4M section was full of mmmassage ads. A news story here had police reporting CL W4M is the largest nexus of prostitution and drugs. Makes sense because there are a lot more self-identified breeders than gay guys. Uhm so how does this not also apply to grindr, tinder, scruff, efuckingharmony, etc.? What is the actual target of this legislation because I don't for a minute think any of those christofascists give a flying fuck about casual rimjobs or ehookers or even sex trafficking, for that matter.

What business that the Mercers have a stake in does craigslist siphon profits from? Those of you that are happy about this like r, are you women or just prudes? Either that or we have another onslaught of the sex negative Nellies. The frau happy about this are happy because their men can't go to those anon gloryholes or cumdumps to unload. Truly, tho, I still don't understand the shaky legal threat, as to how a personals section falls under potential sex trafficking.

Are there incidents of respondees being kidnapped that I missed. What about all the other sites that have personals like Match. Wouldn't they all be liable too if something bad happens to the people who meet from their site? Im with R some bitch caught her man and is furious. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

She's happy now though. I took it as they were assuming the people hooking on there were being "trafficked" r They were forced to write ads and peddle themselves because no one would ever do it willingly sarcasm. Obviously, there is a group of people who really hate prostitution and want to see it squashed. Are they mostly women? I don't know who they are CL did close its Erotic Services board years ago, but that was after there were a string of prostitute robberies and murders in Boston.

The people focused only on the "banning" on Craigslist personals are too stupid that they cannot see the unfolding censorship of the internet. I think the idea is that the sex workers are the ones being trafficked. It's not "censorship" when a website decides not to carry personal ads. Surely they did a cost analysis of defending themselves from potential lawsuits, and decided it was cheaper not to risk it. If you don't like their decision, you are free to open your own website, promote it, and run it your way.

Looking to get creampied and pissed in and on by alot of sexy boys As long as i don't turn blue its ok I used to use CL's Therapeutic Services for paid advertising of my massage practice. After a while, though, they took away the "erotic services" feature, and all the damn Asian Massage Parlors began using Therapeutic Services, and would absolutely FLOOD the site with erotic ads, rendering my humble legit massage ads hidden.

That made me so angry. The same massage parlors would advertise every 20 minutes or so, the same damn ad, or some variation thereof, using wingding fonts to catch your eye. There was no way to filter a search so that massage practices could be seen and thrive anymore. My business tanked from it. I tried to list my apt for a sublet and it got ghosted immediately only visible to me - not to others.

Meanwhile, apartment rental agencies had hundreds of ads for apartments that probably were already rented It might have had something to do with the wording - I'm not sure. I haven't tried meeting anyone on the personals section in ages. It turns out that married guys have grindr too. R You still don't get it. Your myopic view is on Craigslist. I'm talking about where this whole thing is heading. Yeah, just checked, they're now just placed right at the bottom of the page.

My bad, didn't mean to be alarmist. The escorts are already flooding Grindr and Scruff in greater numbers than before. R, it wasn't a "cost analysis. This means Craig Newmark or Jim Buckmaster could be charged with child sex trafficking or whatever shenanigans Craigslist users might come up with.

Silicon Valley douchebros, who should understand this as they are douchebros themselves, need to get over the idea that self-managing online communities are feasible. When permitted to be anonymous and without meaningful consequences for bad behavior, many people become total shits to one another, and they become filthy, nasty perverts and scam artists.

Of course the only reason these sites "believe" in such libertarianism is because it's far cheaper than actually doing anything about it.

So where are the cheap cyber whores who don't pay for sex going for their fix? I just checked Backpage for the first time in years, and the personals are nothing but "massage" and "companionship" ads.

Their premium version is an absolute beast to making among best hookup sites. Ashley Madison has a big database of users over If you create an attractive profile; write decent bios and use best pickup lines then Ashley Madison will work, no matter what other users say about it.

They are successful platform for creating happy, passionate, and fulfilling relationships. With their unique and solid match-making system they have fixed their position as the number one Premium Asian dating site. EastMeetEast is exclusively dedicated to Asian community. Their user profile options are catered to the Asian-American community and provide in-depth detail about the users.

They are committed to assisting Asian singles everywhere in their search for a lasting relationship. They have tips for you guys on their blog and have successful relation stories of couple who met with each other using their platform.

Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. This dating service has tremendous success rate when its comes to people getting into relationships, falling in love, and even getting married. The reason behind the success of Math. These three different categories consist of questions regarding interests, lifestyle, appearance, and background. Based on the profile, Match. OkCupid is a reputable free hookup site that has been around for years. If you can keep the patience and looking for free alternatives, then we recommend you to try out OkCupid.

It asks you interesting questions to get started which are later used to find a potential match for you.

We tried our best to come up with legit online hook up websites that have been around for years and have them got established in this industry. Our team personally tried them and also did online research if anybody faced any issues with the sites we mentioned above. You can read Private Policy of these sites and if you find anything fishy then you can pick any alternative from the list. Not all the sites mentioned are free since we have variety of audience visiting our site.

These matches are from bots or Zoosk employees, the same goes with any messages you get. Also they trashed a Casual Encounters section they used to have, and now direct people to offshore scam sites like Easysex and Milfshookup that are full of fake accounts and bots.

Setting up websites is easy and cheap, there is no justification for the high membership fees that many of these sites charge. The sites mentioned above are free to join — However, you can optin for premium features if you like addon features.

This post is not sponsored at all. Looks like a lot of people are facing problem with AFF — We already suggested to not optin for premium version until one is satisfied with free version. We will do the check and filter it out from our list — Do you want any site to be listed which is legit. Wantmature is full of shit,all the women there are not in your city just try and ask them a question,they wont respond,they go off topic or just quit responding.

So far only down about 41 bucks,i just want to get laid dam it! So stay away from wantmature its a real scam,luck to all. I think they hooked me playing onmy loneliness. Cheating on someone who loves you is just not FINE. Sort out the problem, and everything will be okay. Most of the sites are free to signup and good enough to get the stuff done. Researched is being done, once again.

It will be filtered out soon! Aff is the most adult dating site in the world, but there are few inactive profiles in site. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here.

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