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Below wwe have included two different fake profiles. And there are hundreds more where these profiles came from. This website doesn't have any real mature women looking to have sex with younger men.

It's just a fantasy in your mind and X Milfs is preying on men who think that they can literally have sex with these bogus profile pages that the website is responsible for creating.

These profiles are using images taken from other websites and then what they do is build a profile page based around that fake profile picture. The thing you need to understand is that there's no horny milfs who want to have sex with every guy they see. Dating sites like XMilfs prey on this male fantasy.

They've built a whole industry around deceiving you into believing that milf dating sites like X Milfs will get you laid. All you need to do is join, upgrade and you'll have a shot at hooking up with these milfs who are ready to jump your bones.

It's all a bunch of les. That's why they need to create these fake profiles because there aren't enough real mature women joining X Milfs so they need to build fake profile pages to satisfy the appetite of horny men looking to meet these older women. It's all a scam! Screenshot of a fake FC aka Fantasy Cutie profile. Below we've included a screenshot showing that we received 21 emails.

Every single one of these emails was from a "Fantasy Cutie". These are not legitimate messages from real local females who want to hook up with us. This deception is not only found on our account but thousands of other member accounts on X Milfs. The reasoning behind sending these computer-generated phony emails is to do trap male members into replying or trying to read the messages which you can't do unless you purchase a VIP pass a monthly membership.

Screenshot showing we received 21 emails all of which sent sent from Fantasy Cuties. Not only did we receive computer created email messages that were sent from computer bots but we're also getting a steady stream of fictitious chat messages. As you can see from the evidence below circled in red in order to chat with other members of the site you need to upgrade your membership.

All of these chat messages are bogus make no mistake about it. One thing we forgot to mention in this investigation was that our profile was empty. We don't have any pictures and we never filled out the personal information but somehow surprisingly we still got emails and chat messages from local milfs why is that?

It's because all forms of communications from emails to instant messages are compromised and the staff of this site are behind any emails and instant messages that we received. Don't fall for this con, don't upgrade to chat with other members it's a waste of your money!

Screenshot of a faux instant messages we got. The phony profile pages are using pictures taken from other websites. XMilfs already has admitted to creating bogus female profiles so the pictures in these profiles must not be of real members obviously.

Where are these photos coming from? Anyway, lol, after at least a week of being tortured by these very down to earth, real looking women I finally broke down and bought a membership. Will I ever learn? I'm lonely but I'm rather handsome and very confident in bed… and believe me, it has more to do with it that size altough it doesn't hurt. I believe at this point that this site is primarily built to sell video chats.

That's were the money's at after all. All I got out of this BS site was another date with the Palm sisters!! Take my word- avoid these sites like the plague!! Yeah a busted a girl who asked me what iwas doing today who said she was near by at Asked her what ttime itt was she said 8: Was I ever unwise! This is a complete scam, the pictures are from all sorts of web sites usually "what boys want". The quickie matches are a joke. Hardley up for a quickie!! Yep it's a rip off!! There are too many girls from this one little town,more women from that town than the entire population of men,women and children.

Thanks for the info. I researched this site and found your site in the process. This is great information since I had suspicions. I'm going to cancel my free account right now. I was thinking of paying but found that "it was too good to be true". Thanks again, your info on your site seems legit and saved me some money.

Your right, all the those good looking ladies suddenly upped sticks and moved in nearby, Im so lucky to have such lovely neighbours, I'm so lucky I think I'll upgrade to a full member, NOT. I apologize for this inconvenience. I suggest that you indicate in your profile title your current area or post it in the about me section as well, so members who will view your profile will be inform with your current location.

The results from your search are based on the location provided by members upon sign up. Try expanding your search and including member profile without photos to get more results. You can also toggle the distance of your search to include other near postcodes. It's funny how so many lonlely MILF have two homes. We do not have control with that.

That is unessesary when writing because you can see the quotation marks. Total bullshit mate I fell for it as well I'm not sure if to stop the credit card payment. Has it you are better insurance. The responses are computer generated and generic. No real people have responded at all. Just a total ripoff. One town comes to mind out in the middle of nowhere.

Not 10 people live there. But remarkably least a dozen attractive women on this site live there. Its really just a site run by criminals to steal your money through your credit card….

I am a 5 year girlfriend and I deal with this constantly. He is 62 although he claims to be 42 on these sites, fat and has stage 4 prostate cancer…maybe he is losing his manhood but does he really think he is going to get a one night stand HA HA HA!!! The joke is on him not me! I am a 60 year old women that looks like I'm 50…would love to post my picture for him to see that he is missing out on who he is with!

Sounds like he is missing out, too bad for him to fall for the stupid scams on LocalMilfSelfies. It's a bitch but she was down to earth looking don't need the headache of some gold digging and then there's Sacaton another Pima Rez shit hole. This is definately a scam online cuties all fake profiles. Most of the profiles are oc this is a bs site there cant be as many woman from a small town near me all on the same site.

This site is a scam! I joined think it was real but what a surprise I got no message back. I messages a lot of the message and ask to be message me back that the site was a scam and not one message me back to say I was wrong not even one came back so im smarter now after my research on your site. This is a total scam to obtain your credit card or bank details. Folks, when you hit any site that seems too good to be true, guess what?

I have been watching these sites for years and they are all the same. That does not mean that every woman on there is fake. I do know a couple of guys in the last 25 years who have actually met women from these sites. But, to say the least, they are rare occasions. These sites include Milfaholic. All of these sites are owned by the same parent company. Our full investigation of this site is […].

If you haven't read our review of LocalMilfSelfies. These sites include, LocalMilfSelfies. Read the full investigation on SelfieBbws. I added email to my profile information n had replies so no need to pay. Dunno bout fake pics probably tho im just glad they cannot plunder my bank wen thy choose wooop. When you pull these profiles up, they have a status of "OC" inside a yellow star.

I found almost all the "members" on the site had that status. Stay away from this site and any of its sister sites. Total scam, do not pay for anything……when I typed in my postcode I noticed over 50 woman from a town close to me, unfortunately they hadn't done there research as the town they chose is infact a tiny village with a population of about 80! No way do these women exist or reside there…. How do i do this? Thank god for this page. I stumbled across the site today and joined as i split with my missus this week thought it was perfect for me.

Within the first 10 clicks i noticed one that said she was froma nearby town and then when went it to view it te town came upas another local town. Thought little of it until i just read this article. So thanks wouldnt have paid anyway because in the end their is things caled bars etc if you want to spend money on finding women, but at least i wont waste any more time on it now….

I signed up for this shit website I know I'm a fool how do I get off it quick and will I get any money back only signed on on Wednesday will I need to notify card company to stop any more payments going out.

Thieves typically don't refund money. Just cut losses,learn lesson and know KARMA will find these people that operate scams and kick em back to the dump they belong. Even after the hoops to cancel they still charged card. Had to kill card and get new one. And didn't get one blow job. I just canceled my membership and deleted my profile.

I doubt that any of the women's profiles on there are legit; I would not be surprised if they're all fakes. Just undeniably a scam, ran by thugs and crooks with no accountability. I was checking out the site to see if it was legit and someone from Russia tried to scan my computer but my Malware captured it and stopped it. I checked my history log and there were several attempts to scan my computer and all were stopped so this is probably a Russian scam site.

Operators of this site have the morals of a doorknob. Really any "One night hook up sites" are more than likely run by human garbage. Found it strange wen i did pay that a lot of the messages were can we stay chatn through the site, i say total scam all the way, thnx for the heads up before they took to much money. I got out by emailing them. We have done an extensive investigation on LocalMilfSelfies.

For the record LocalMilfSelfies. Someone is using my photos on a dating site profile. Local Milf Selfies is using my photo for someones profile. When she started to poke you with some sexual jokes or topics, ignore.

That is important since girls never believe that guy want sex from them, but if a guy looks so uninterested, last chance to check such guy is to start to talk something sexual, so keep in mind that is last trap, when she starts about sex, try to skip to other topics.

That would dramatically increase your chances to have sex with her. This is a bit tricky. Girls are picky, and online hookup sites and apps give than an opportunity to be even pickier. If you made her be interested in you, avoid sending pictures and don't initiate that and try to arrange the meeting. When she met you much higher chances that you will sleep with her. To be more descriptive: Hope you understand this because this is very important: If you still can't get laid easily, no matter are you trying in real world or online , can be: Also, take a look at our collection of hookups and casual sex infographics , they are very informational, self-explanatory and from them, you can learn many interesting things about online hookups and landing one night stands because they show numbers from many great studies and researches on male-female relations.

If you want to keep her, try to examine what she thinking about that. As already said only sex partners with a lot of chemistry can be LTR. Still, if she wants to keep you, try to find out doeas she want just to have sex with you or she wants to keep you as date.

That is very important because people usually misunderstand about this. On your side, show clearly do you want to see her again and why, for sex of for relationship. Our opinion that One Night Stands should stay one-time casual sex and shouldn't involve in relationship nor marriage.

If you really like a person and want to have sex multiple times, best is to think about Friends With Benefits concept. In that way, you will not gonna be emotionally involved and you will have sex partner time by time. A good concept is making a group of Friends with Benefits, so, for example, you could have sex with each of them once weekly. In case that you wish something like that, it is best after sex to ask your partner is she interesting for FWB concept.

If she is not don't push her, if she is, make some rules on both side and follow them. Like already described, after one night stand wrong can be only misunderstand about what each of you to want in future. For someone one night stand is just one night stand, for another, more emotional people, it can be introduction to emotional relationship, always keep in mind to tell clearly what you want and to ask what she wants. On that way you will avoid many problem.

At the end you are meeting women for first time having sex, so it is normal that you now each other and that you don't know what other side want with you. People often send us messages with the similar question, something like: In short terms, our opinion is: Again, big No No. On the other side, if you want to do that and you feel happy then just do it, nobody can stop you nor you need to ask anybody for an opinion. Explanation why we think NO is the right answer for casual sex relationships: We already talk about what one night stands are , casual sex is when one-night stand happens more than once.

So what is a problem? If people have sex once, and then decide to have few more times, that is not casual sex that starts to involve emotions, and when it comes to emotions things become different. To keep this short, we will give just one example, which we sow many times. We hope that you get the point. Often asked a question is should drugs be used in one-night stand hookups and what drugs are best. Our opinion is that you should NOT use drugs at all , especially when you are having sex with someone for first and only time, but in case that you wouldn't listen to our advice, at least take care about your health.

Drugs can make you feel better and have better sensations in sex but also could make some horrible things. It is up to yo but once again our advice is NOT to take any drugs, some alcohol, especially wine is OK and suggested but try to avoid drugs.

On the other side, if you are decided to go on that way and have questions like " what is best to take for intensive sex " , etc, than visit this forum , probably best resource for such issues, a lot of people sharing their expiriences Alsoskipto influence of alcohol and drug use on one-night stands, interesting reasearch about this topic. Keep your sheets and towels clean: When you pickup girls and take to your place in case you are taking her in your place be prepared!

This is one small trick, but you wouldn't believe how it is powerful. I don't know why, but during a years I experimented and found that this issue really matters to girls and women. They adore and will usually not back of when they see clean sheets, some nice light in my bedroom and some puffy towels you know those towels, they remind me on bunny. I am "raw" type of guy, I smoke, I drink and after night out I smell as you can expect under those circumstances, and many women actually love that, but if I take them at my place which is stinky then everything can go away except she is very very drunk.

Food and wine in the refrigerator: It is good to have some wine and some decent food always. Most of the chicks that you pick in a bar or meet online and they come to your place, will not put their pants down immediately. You need to be a good host, to show her where the bathroom is, and never ask is she hungry or did she want to drink some wine, just put in front of here. Food and wine have sometimes magical effect on girls who are not still sure will have sex with you.

Food and Wine in the refrigerator are must-have when you bring your one night stand girl at your place! This is something very basically, but to be clear: You are sleeping, kissing and having sex with unknown person, and no matter how she looks clean, you must use protection.

In case that is not so responsible condoms are just OK. Keep in mind that you don't have idea how much man before you had sex with your hookup girl! If you are a bit careful in choosing a partner for casual sex, and no matter how she or he looks to you, if you use condoms that is very low chance that something goes wrong. But, if you are not using condoms, or you practice oral sex without protection, or anal or any other kind of sex without mechanical protection that many things can go wrong.

Pregnancy baby with a person, which was your casual sex partner, is not worsted what can happen. Always use condoms in any forms of one night stand sex, and do not fail in a trap that someone looks nice and healthy to you. And always keep in mind: If she hooked up with you 2 hours ago, you are probably not the first one with her in bed, what means condom is must-use protection. If you following that simple rule, you will have many great moments in various hookups with various girls.

Sometimes both women and men have depression after one night stands. It is more specific for women but men also can feel bad after one night sex with an unknown person. The solution is up to you: It is very individual, but if you feel bad simply don't do that anymore. If you don't enjoy and feel good after casual sex with new people than simply don't do that! No matter if your friends have a lot of adventures and you think you should to, remember that people are different, some people really enjoy in casual hookups with the huge number of partners, other need some intimacy and feelings to have sex with someone.

It is up to you to decide are in the first or second group. Don't rush in one night stands just to have some story to tell your friends if you don't really enjoy such sexual behavior.

We got few messages with the same question: In that situation, the only thing you can do is:. Once again, in part about the protection , we mentioned that condom is must-have for one night stands. So please remember, health at first place! The best way is the simplest: Keep in mind if you are disciplined you can enjoy for a long time in hookups with various partners, condoms are absolutely necessary for pleasure and safety you and your sex partner.

Like previous, this is also individually. It depends of part of world where are coming from, society where you are living and family that raised you. So we can't say that is globally moral or immoral having one night stands , simply, you must decide what do you feel about that. For some people dating with married women and men is OK, for another people having sex before marriage is immoral, you need to find how you feel about that and what you think about one night stands.

Globally, if we say on that way, Western culture is more liberal and things like casual sex are socially accepted, especially among the young and single population. Often such values are promoted in movies and books, for example, wild sexual behavior in college days and similar. On the other side, Eastern culture still has a different point of view. There is a lot of countries in the East where are promoted some traditional values and even for females virginity before marriage, even in some cases male virginity before marriage.

Same can be seen within some religious communities no matter where they are on east and west , very traditional thoughts about body, sexuality, male-female relations, and marriage. Point is that it is up to you how you feel about your sexuality, sexual desires and what you think that is OK and what is not OK Our opinion is that everybody should behave exactly on that way that gives internal peace, whatever behavior we are talking about. A Review The Economics of Sex - one of favorite, must read ilustrated and simplified edition!

Comments Thanks for interesting guide but you should add more content. Maybe some guide for one night stands in Europe cities, if you have any experience with that?

Where is best, how it is best, what are mistakes to avoid and so on? If you can do that, it would be great! Craig This really helped me to understand what I am doing wrong whole my life! Matt You made my day! My dating and sexual live boosted after reading this guide, thanks! Always had problem with girls in every aspect of my life: After reading some facts that you are told here about ways to find girls and fast onenight stands online and locally, I changed my approach and things drastically changed!

Now my sex life is like I never imagined that it could be! I do NOT have date because I am soooo hungry for new female every weekend. So thanks again in helping to boost my sexual life, I feel like I am reborn! I like your tool that estimates how much females who we can have one night stands and sex with, because it is very encouraging.

Big thanks for you! Adrian I hope you will publish my comment too. I wish I found this earlier! From this perspective, I am asking my self did I was blind, dealing with chicks is SO EASY and it looked me like it is hardest thing on the world you know: You should add something for the girls, we like to have a little fun as well!

Try to as a girl's perspective on a one night stand or something. Not Signed What made me laugh is the part about "ethical questions": In the 21st century when coming to getting laid that makes people happy, at least for that, one evening, or night, when we are working nine to five, should we discuss about that part of a coin?

Found a girl for sex finally on hookup site! Tried to follow your advice for landing one night stand in real life but I gave up when I used first time hookup site, so my question is why would we bother with trying to find some chick for sex in real life, it is much easier to use sites, you can communicate with 10 girls at time, I mean you not loose time and nerves flirting with them, just copy and paste same message?

I had one night stand a few weeks ago following your instructions and big thanks for the guide you are true masters! I picked up girl in the pub, after few drinks asked her to go to my place and we get laid few times, the only problem is that she doesn't respond to my messages but I suppose she found somebody new.

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