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Students surprise teacher on last day of chemo: Because the price was I am a semi-auto fan but do enjoy shooting revolvers on occasion. I am a big believer in versatility and having the option to use the same ammo in both an auto and revolver seems really practical. I want her to get a SA XDm 3. Thanks for all the info. Thanks for your review. Since Charter Arms announced the new design, I had been hoping for good reviews, since I too carry a Glock 22 for duty use.

Due to the caliber of my duty weapon, from the time the C. Thanks for confirming this, since my inquiries elsewhere went unanswered. Thank you for the article. Due to my own bad luck I did have to return my revolver to Charter for repair, it was fixed and back to me within ten days with no charge. Not bad for a weapon I have carried for six years and fired around rounds in. Peter, Thanks for a wonderful review. My experiences with Charter Arms is similar to yours.

I purchased a Bulldog Pug. I E-mailed Nick Ecker several times prior to my purchase, he was more than accommodating in my pre-purchase inquires and took the time to answer them personally. Based on this review I bought a new Charter Arms Bulldog. One was similar to the reviewers with a very sticky ejector rod, the other was a bit more serious, with the hammer screw attempting to come loose while firing or pulling the trigger.

Tightening the screw caused the hammer to stick. Got my Bulldog back in 16 day 1 day going there Fedex, eight days coming back with UPS Ground and seven days there Both problems were fixed by replacing the cylinder and the hammer.

The replacement cylinder was so unfinished on the outside, I could hardly believe my eyes. Looked like they picked it from the ugly pile. Very unfinished and unprofessional looking. Hopefully the inside is finished.

The problem with the hammer screw rotating was fixed by replacing the hammer. Looks fine and feels fine. Happy with the turnaround time, happy with the hammer and ejector rod. Not so happy with the ugly cylinder. Something not quite right about it. I am interested in the. I had decided to ignore the naysayers on Charter Arms, influenced in part by things like this review— I had already read it a while ago.

I have looked at pictures, read many reviews, and viewed guns in person. I was confident that the negative reports about Charter were misguided. I intend to contact Mr. Ecker on Monday and see if they can resolve this. I had high hopes for that, assuming this particular revolver was just a terrible mistake; something they could easily correct— until I read what you wrote, Vince. I do hope they can make this right.

I already have money paid another one of their guns! I would really like to unwind that if this is the kind of product they produce.

Or a community-college CNC class, for that matter? Frankly, what I had thought happened when I saw this gun was that a finished frame was somehow mated to a series of unfinished parts, accidentally roll-stamped, and sent out without anyone noticing. Hell, the crane actually has three numbers scratched by hand onto its interior surface. But it seems like, from what Vince just said, and what I have sitting here in my lap, that this is actually what they consider finished work, ready for the public.

I would have been wide to let a gunsmith fix my two problems instead of Charter, I guess. The gun I bought, had a nice looking cylinder and was cosmetically acceptable, what they sent me back, was not. The big question is will they make good?

My idea of making good would be for them to treat me like the reviewer and send a brand new, acceptable looking and functional gun to the dealer, to swap out for the ugly one. I also planned to photograph and describe what I find unacceptable on it to see what they have to say.

So, based on that I am now pretty confident that they will see my particular example as a clear QC reject; something they never intended to have go out the door…. I shot the gun today. The cylinder was one of the parts that to me did look pretty good, compared to the rest of the gun; but get this— it bulges cases by more than their own wall thickness, all the way down until the web prevents it— the cylinder is overbored! Later I observed a trail of particulate debris all the way down the one side of this one chamber— where gasses were able to blow by the length of an as-yet-unfired round.

But a look at these fired cases would curdle your blood…. My biggest concern when I first found all these flaws was the possibility, however distant, that Charter would not agree with me that they are serious flaws that deserve correction— now I feel sure that there is no way they would want to claim that this gun is as they intended it to be. Has there been any further movement on your end?

Were those e-mails returned, perhaps; or did you get the chance to give them a call? I called once but no answer. The Charter has had a sticky cylinder release and two tight chambers since it was returned from warranty repair. Sometimes it will open, sometimes it will be frozen. This company was upset with me from the beginning because they had to send me an overnight call tag.

They had originally sent a second day tag and Fed Ex refused to ship it and told me I was breaking the law by trying to ship it that way from California. They shipped it back UPS ground which took eight days. I would have a real hard time trusting this company with a repair a second time around. In my opinion, a better design would have been to just use full moon clips to reload, but I do respect their ingenuity.

This is a firearm I am really interested in as I carry a. It would be nice to have a back up that is of the same caliber. It will save me not only money on having to buy two different types of ammo, but if I want to carry extra loose rounds in a pocket, I can use them in either weapon without fear of putting a.

The price is almost the same as my auto, so thats not too discouraging. Overall I am impressed with this design though. However, seeing the kinds of problems Andy and Vince encountered has soured me on the Pit Bull now.

A manufacturer with, apparently, no quality control review before a gun leaves their site makes all their products suspect. It will be a hit or miss with any gun showing up as a questionable quality piece.

And no responses to multiple e-mails and phone calls makes their customer service stink. Did you guys get any resolution to your issues? Does your Pitbull lockup tight with no movement when the revolver is in full lockup trigger pulled to the rear?

I just received a new Pitbull this week from the factory in exchange for a Patriot that had a faulty barrel. My other two Charters a 1st generation Undercover and current generation Bulldog both have no rotational cylinder movement while in full lockup while my new Pitbull has a small amount of movement while in full lockup.

I was just wondering if this is normal for the Pitbull. I own two of the Pathfinder. Mr Eker called you? My first revolver looked like someone assembled it with one eye and missing fingers on both hands. A total heap of dung. The fired cartridge was in a packet labeled. Yeah, these are dedicated workers all right.

Bought two of their guns. Glad they have a lifetime repair program. Must cost a fortune in shipping costs. Maybe it would be a good idea to HIRE a professional gunsmith to work in the warrenty dept and cut down on returns. I now have two Charter Arms revolvers in. Had surgery on both hands and recoil is a real issue for me. Do I trust my life and the lives of my family to these revolvers?

I spent hard earned money on these duds. Now I have to save for something else. Wasted a lot of good money. If they make garbage they should be called to task until their quality comes up to snuff. In the case of Charter Arms their reputation has been so bad for so long I doubt they will ever recover.

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