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When he inherited his family's fortune upon his parents' death in a car accident, Adrian gave it away to see if he could be a success by himself. Veidt traced Alexander the Great's path across the globe and ultimately returned to the United States, where he became a successful businessman.

However, when his business partner and would-be love interest overdosed on drugs purchased with funds given to her by Adrian as a gift to allow her to have fun in New York City one night , Veidt decided to avenge her death as a superhero. His costume was conceived as a Halloween costume but he quickly developed a name for himself as a hero.

However, his fear of a nuclear war between the USSR and the USA, plus a rivalry with the Comedian who unknowingly planted the idea of stopping the inevitable nuclear holocaust into Veidt's head , led to him engaging in the vast conspiracy at the heart of the Watchmen series. Ozymandias was directly based on Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt , whom Moore had admired for using his full brain capacity as well as possessing full physical and mental control.

His combination of intelligence and highly advanced fighting skills makes him perhaps the most feared and dangerous of the mortal vigilantes. He was even able to catch a bullet fired at him Chapter XII, page He is often accompanied by his genetically-engineered lynx , Bubastis.

Richard Reynolds noted that by taking initiative to "help the world", Veidt displays a trait normally attributed to villains in superhero stories, and in a sense he is the "villain" of the series; however, he purposely acts for an objective greater good, thus avoiding the traditional "villain" classification, which is typically self-serving, delusional or evil.

In the Watchmen film, Veidt is played by Matthew Goode. This incarnation of Veidt uses a German accent when speaking with friends and an American accent when speaking publicly. Instead of breeding a giant monster and placing it in New York to massacre half the city as in the comics, Veidt destroys New York, along with many major cities across the globe, with energy blasts designed to look as though Doctor Manhattan had caused it, bringing world peace.

Rorschach is a noir private detective -themed vigilante who wears a white mask with constantly shifting ink blots. He was born Walter Joseph Kovacs , the son of an abusive prostitute by a man whose last name his mother never bothered to learn, and spent much of his childhood in a home for troubled youth, after which he began working in a garment factory.

After reading about the murder of Kitty Genovese and the reported complete indifference of the witnesses of the crime, he modified a special fabric that she had ordered, according to him, to create a mask and became a vigilante, eventually forming a productive partnership with Nite Owl II.

In , after failing to rescue a young girl, he lost all faith in humanity and began to embrace extremist right-wing ideology. Moore said he was trying to "come up with this quintessential Steve Ditko character — someone who's got a funny name, whose surname begins with a 'K,' who's got an oddly designed mask". Ditko's Charlton character The Question also served as a template for creating Rorschach. Wright described the character's world view as "a set of black-and-white values that take many shapes but never mix into shades of gray, similar to the ink blot tests of his namesake ".

Rorschach sees existence as random and, according to Wright, this viewpoint leaves the character "free to 'scrawl [his] own design' on a 'morally blank world'".

Rorschach is close friends with the second Nite Owl. He is the first hero Rorschach meets with when Comedian is killed [28] and Nite Owl organizes a rescue mission to free Rorschach from jail when he is arrested. Nite Owl reveals that Rorschach was active as a hero before Nite Owl made his debut and on the latter's first night out as a hero, Rorschach sneaks into his owl ship and offers his services to Nite Owl as a partner.

Malcolm Long, the psychologist in Watchman who was assigned to evaluate Rorschach after he is apprehended. In the Watchmen film, he is played by Jackie Earle Haley. Laurie's mother apparently wanted her to follow in her footsteps and so she fought crime for ten years before the Keene Act banned vigilantes. Unlike the other protagonists, Silk Spectre was not based on a particular Charlton character, although her relationship with Dr.

Manhattan is similar to that between Captain Atom and the heroine Nightshade. Moore felt he needed a female hero in the cast and drew inspiration from comic book heroines such as Black Canary and Phantom Lady. Silk Spectre 1 revealed that Laurie got her start as a super-hero being trained by her mother to continue the family legacy, before running away from home at the age of 16 [30] and relocating to San Francisco with her boyfriend.

Laurie is kept on retainer by the government because of her relationship with Doctor Manhattan and lives on a government base at the beginning of the comic. When Doctor Manhattan leaves Earth, the government has her removed from the base and suspends her expense account, forcing her to move in with Dan, with whom she starts a romantic relationship.

At the end of the eighth issue, Doctor Manhattan appears and takes her to Mars because he knows she wants to convince him to save the world. On Mars, she realizes that The Comedian was her biological father. After the final encounter with Veidt at the end of the series, she assumes the identity of Sandra Hollis and continues her relationship with Dan. An offhand comment to Dan, in which she claims to want a better costume, with leather and a sidearm, implies she's thinking about taking over her late father's identity, thus becoming the second Comedian.

The film gives her date of birth as December 2, Key to the success of Watchmen is the wide range of characters it features beyond the 'main' stars. Moore stated in that, in Watchmen , "we spend a good deal of time with the people on the street. We wanted to spend as much time detailing these characters and making them believable as we did the main characters. What Nixon does and what Dr. Manhattan does and what Veidt does — it affects the people on the street corner but only peripherally, indirectly And yet, in some ways, those people on the street corner, it's their story.

They're the people we're concerned about. The Minutemen are a superhero group that came before the Watchmen. The group was founded in during the Golden Age. The group later disbanded in following some public controversies. Among its notable members are:. Hollis Mason is the first Nite Owl who retired in , and author of the autobiography "Under The Hood" which appears in excerpts throughout the story.

Hollis was the only member of the Minutemen who did not have any social problems and mainly enjoyed being a costumed adventurer. Derf hits Hollis on the head with Mason's own Nite Owl trophy killing the former superhero in the film, this event is only depicted in the director's cut version. Hollis' death was avenged when Derf is among those killed by Ozymandias' giant monster. Night Owl 1 showed that Dan Dreiberg's obsession with the original Nite Owl led him to plant a remote microphone device on Hollis' vehicle in order to track him down.

He confronted Dan and agrees to take him on as his sidekick. After training Dan, Hollis instead announced his retirement and granted Dan the Nite Owl identity, rather than creating a sidekick persona for him. Sally Jupiter real name Sally Juspeczyk is the first Silk Spectre and founding member of the Minutemen who is now retired. Sally married her manager, Laurence Schexnayder, shortly after retiring. She narrowly avoided being raped by the Comedian, although years later she had a consensual affair with him, and ultimately bore his child.

Sally adores the attention she receives from fans of "The Silk Spectre", though Laurie is repulsed at her mother's sexually explicit exploits in promoting herself. In the film, she is played by Carla Gugino.

He was one of the more active members of the Minutemen, having organized its formation. Metropolis was involved in a sexual relationship with Hooded Justice. The relationship was reported to be abusive, with Hooded Justice abusing and cheating on Metropolis until H. In the s, the Captain unsuccessfully attempted to recruit the second generation of superheroes into a new group called the Crimebusters.

He was killed in a car accident in that left him decapitated. Hooded Justice is the first masked vigilante, often initialled "H. This is retconned heavily in Before Watchmen: Minutemen 6, where we learn that he is not Rolf Muller a character that sexually abused and killed children , but it is strongly implied that he is Muller's son or ward, Jacob.

Assuming that he himself was a victim of Muller's abuse, it explains a great deal about his violent persona, costume, and mask. A violent vigilante, Hooded Justice shared a romantic homosexual relationship with Captain Metropolis and a deep-seated rivalry with Comedian, after he prevented Blake from sexually assaulting Silk Spectre. Hooded Justice's relationship with Metropolis was a fractured one; Justice repeatedly cheated on his boyfriend with male prostitutes, physically abusing them in sadomasochist sexual encounters.

This resulted in bribery of his lovers and the usage of Silk Spectre as his public girlfriend. He ultimately disappeared in the s after refusing to cooperate with HUAC 's new policy on costumed vigilantes.

In the original novel it is suggested that he was murdered either by the Comedian for voting him out of the Minutemen as Ozymandias believes , or by the Stasi of his native East Germany. In the retcon we learn that Hollis Mason, mistakenly believing him to be Muller, attacked Hooded Justice and snapped his neck, killing him.

He was never actually unmasked, and Metropolis burned down the headquarters with his former lover's body inside; it later turns out that the Comedian was the one who misdirected Mason to believe that Justice was Muller, so Ozymandias was partially right. This may be contrary to the intent of the original novel. In chapter 1, the fourth panel of page 25 focuses on two old men sitting affectionately together near Dan and Laurie in Rafael's restaurant.

They look very much like older versions of Rolf Muller and Nelson Gardner, and it was speculated by many fans that these were in fact Hooded Justice and Captain Metropolis, who had faked their deaths in order to retire and be together. Dave Gibbons said this was unintended but allowed that it might be true. In the retconned world of Before Watchmen , it is obviously not the case. In the film, Hooded Justice was played by Glenn Ennis who speaks the character's one line with a subtle German accent.

Dollar Bill real name William Benjamin "Bill" Brady is a bank-sponsored member of the Minutemen who was created for publicity purposes. While he is described as having no actual superpowers, Dollar Bill was known for having apparently supernatural luck, surviving many things that should have outright killed him. Socially conservative, he is portrayed in Before Watchmen as homophobic barely tolerating his homosexual Minutemen colleagues and close friends with the ultra-right-wing Comedian, voting to let him stay after the attempted rape of Sally Jupiter.

He dies during a bank robbery in when his cape is caught in the bank's revolving doors, allowing the robbers to shoot him at point-blank range. This was a problem he warned his employers about, but they insisted the cape had to be part of the costume as Mason laments in his book. Even Rorschach, who dislikes Ozymandias for making his superhero alter-ego into a toy line, laments Dollar Bill's death while Hollis Mason commented in his book that his death would've been averted if Dollar Bill designed his own costume.

Mothman real name Byron Lewis is a former member of the Minutemen who suffered from alcoholism and mental illness later in life.

Lewis had a privileged upbringing and sought to help the less fortunate and fight oppression and corruption as a crimefighter. To this end, Lewis created a costume with special wings that helped him glide, dubbing himself " Mothman ". However, a series of near death experiences in perfecting his wings left Lewis in constant pain and a drug addict and an alcoholic , with him requiring a drink each time before he flew for "courage".

Lewis's mental stability ultimately deteriorated after he was called before HUAC , leading to him being forcibly brought to a mental asylum in Maine , but was briefly released for the Minutemen's reunion. In Doomsday Clock 2, the obituary in the newspaper revealed that Mothman is dead. In Doomsday Clock 4, a flashback involving the earlier history of Reggie revealed that he met Mothman at the same asylum following the alien monster's attack.

Reggie and Mothman grow closer as Mothman plans to train Reggie to defend himself against the guard Jason. When Reggie saw the news that exposed Veidt's involvement with the alien monster attack, he set fire to the asylum as Mothman sees the fire and states that it is calling to him and walks towards the fire.

In the film, he is portrayed by Niall Matter. The Silhouette real name Ursula Zandt was a gun-toting vigilante and member of the Minutemen. Before Watchmen gave a new backstory, that Ursula was motivated by the deaths of her parents and sister at the hands of the Nazis in their native Austria. According to the first Nite Owl, Silhouette was the first member of the Minutemen who went public with her career as a super-hero, when she busted a child pornography ring in New York.

She had a close working relationship with Nite Owl and, after being forced out of the Minutemen upon being publicly outed as a lesbian , continued to work with Nite Owl. She investigated a string of child murders until she and her lover Gretchen were killed by The Liquidator, a criminal she had fought years earlier as seen in Before Watchmen: In the film, the words "lesbian whores" scrawled on the wall at the scene of her murder implied that her killer was motivated by homophobia and not necessarily revenge.

She is portrayed by Apollonia Vanova in the film. Moloch was jailed for a time during the s. He is dying of cancer, which he received from Adrian Veidt. Moloch was later murdered by Adrian, who frames Rorschach. In the film, he is primarily played by Matt Frewer , with Mike Carpenter playing Moloch as a younger man in various flashbacks.

Liquidator is a costumed criminal who was active in the s and was first seen in Before Watchmen: He was the one who killed Silhouette and her lesbian lover. Some days later, he was killed by Sally Jupiter. Big Figure is jailed dwarfish crime boss and former adversary of Nite Owl and Rorschach. He tries to get revenge when Rorschach is imprisoned in the same prison as he is only for him and his minions to get killed by Rorschach during a prison riot.

In the film, he is played by an uncredited Danny Woodburn. Twilight Lady is a dominatrix -styled villain of Nite Owl II, seen only in an autographed photograph and erotic dream sequence in the original novel.

The character has two completely different origins in later material written by other writers. In the video game Watchmen: The End is Nigh which is set in the s, Twilight Lady voiced by Courtenay Taylor is established as a madam whose clients include many high-profile Washington politicians, who she blackmails for state secrets and money.

In the game, Nite Owl II and Rorschach must fight her and the Comedian, the latter of whom is ultimately sent to kill the Sin Queen to stop her extortion racket. Nite Owl portrays her as a dominatrix who befriends Nite Owl II when a fight between Dan and a crook spills over into her place of work.

Falling for the hero and inspired by his heroic actions, she adopts the "Sin Queen" alias and becomes a super-hero, investigating a series of prostitute murders along with Nite Owl and a jealous Rorschach. The murderer of the prostitutes turns out to be a fire and brimstone minister whom Rorschach is friends with; Nite Owl rescues the Sin Queen, whom the minister kidnaps and threatens to burn alive. Run a pairing knife around the crust edge to separate from the pan before opening springform.

Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Update February 11, We are very honored to win the award. It's the first time the blog has won anything! You like us, you really like us! I was completely unprepared for the spurt of drool that emerged from my mouth because of your pictures. Great way to start the day. So for every really, really, amazing blueberry recipe I see and this one certainly is , I find myself saying — could I do that with strawberries??

Lydia , ah… Maine blueberries. I had no idea. I need to partake in a Maine blueberry festival one of these days! Jessica , substituting strawberries for blueberries can be done in this recipe. Strawberries tend to cook down very quickly, so the size of the berries and the cooking time may need to be adjusted to achieve a brown crust and bubbling filling at the same time.

I would recommend just halving the strawberries for the filling part and check on the kuchen after 30 minutes of baking. If you try it with strawberries, let me know how it turns out.

I made this recipe tonight and it was outrageously good. Costco has had giant delicious blueberries from Chile for a few months now. It turned out just as beautifully as your pictures. The crust was the perfect compliment to the berries. Make me want to run out and buy blueberries!

Hi Chuck, I found your blog yesterday on the search for a blueberry muffin recipe. In the end we decided to give the blueberry kuchen a try instead. This is the most delicious, yummy cake I ever made! So simple and perfect. Thanks for making our Sunday! I look forward trying more of your recipes. All the best from London, Beatrix.

I have been making this pie every year since for our Fathers Day barbeque. It was such a hit. Since the family has grown so big I make about 4 pies for the day and also they make great little tarts in a smaller springform size. It is always the first pie to disappear at a dessert table. I got this recipe 20 yrs. Unfortunately, I must have thrown the magazine out within the past 5 yrs. I googled it and knew right away when I found this one, it was my original!

The picture did it! It has always been a hit with my family and friends and have been passing it around. Bakeries of today in USA are no comparison to European bakeries, too bad. If you want something good, you got to do it yourself. I too bought the magzine with this recipe many years ago — it was on the cover.

Thank you for putting it on your website. My recollection is that it was in Family Circle, but I am not positive. I often make it with a piecrust that is half cream-cheese and half butter, which is also very pressable and easy. Found this recipe last year on your blog. I had been making this since the early eighties when I first saw the recipe in either a Family Circle or Ladies Home Journal magazine, I forget , but needless to say I lost the magazine along the way.

Could never find the exact recipe until one day after careful search. Now my grown daughter, who so fondly remembers the kuchen, makes it. She has also made a gluten free version. I made the blueberry desert a few years back. My friend Carol gave me the recipe. I am going to have to buy the blueberry before summer since I missed making it last summer. The photo receiving the highest total score in each of those categories, without being an overall winner, is the specific category winner.

I made the kuchen and we devoured it in two days. It has a shortbread crust, with a layer of blueberries tossed with sugar and cooked, then topped with fresh berries.

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