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This is the best compact portable washing machine. Your delicates are safe and separated from general laundry when you wash them in these fine mesh bags. Place shirts with beaded decorative finishes, lacey tops, and delicate lingerie in a fine, zippered mesh bag and they can safely be washed in the machine without tangling on other clothing. When you get ready to toss your clean clothes in the dryer, the mesh bag easily reminds you of the delicate clothing items you want to hang dry.

They are already separated and easy to identify. Mesh bags are also a great way to keep all of your socks together.

Mesh bags are a great way to wash sweaters to keep them from stretching. Cleaning the shower and bathtub are necessary tasks no one enjoys. Mix up this simple combination of white vinegar and Dawn dish soap, pour it into a dish scrubber with a handle, and keep it in the shower. Scrub every few days while you are in the shower to keep things sparkly clean naturally. Use a dish wand to clean your bathtub and shower.

Natural cleaning solutions are the best. Try this inexpensive natural way to keep your shower and bathtub clean with almost no effort.

Do you have a glass cook top stove or flat top stove with burned on spills and stains? Here is an easy, all natural way to clean it, remove burned on food, grit, and stains. Allow your stove top to cool, and sprinkle it with baking soda. Dip dish towels into hot soapy water, wring the towels slightly so they are not dripping, and lay them over the baking soda on your glass cook top stove.

Allow them to soak for 15 minutes. Now wipe off dirt, grime, burned on food, grit, and stains using. Your glass cook top stove or flat top stove will be clean, smooth, and shiny again with natural cleaning solutions. Wipe up spills as they happen to keep your glass stove top looking its best. New towels are soft, fluffy, and colorful. Who doesn't love the softness of a new towel? Before you use a new towel, you need to remove lint and chemical finishes designed to make fabrics look nice in the store.

Follow these steps to wash new towels to remove lint, chemicals, set colors, and remove hand prints of other shoppers. Have you wondered how to sharpen pinking shears or scissors? The serrated edge of pinking shears makes them more difficult to sharpen than regular scissors or knives.

Grab a sheet of aluminum foil and snip away. Your pinking shears and all of your scissors are easily sharpened in no time. Pinking Shears are a great way to trim the edges of fabrics to prevent unraveling. A sturdy pair, made with stainless steel blades will last a lifetime. Look for a pair with a coated, easy grip handle so you can cut without tiring your hand. If you like to sew, mend, or even hem jeans, pinking shears can help make your tasks easier. Want to keep your shower curtain cleaner longer?

Would you like to prevent the mildew and mold that builds up on shower curtains? Grab your pinking shears or scissors and trim off the hem at the bottom of your shower curtain liner. I like to use pinking shears to trim off the bottom of my shower curtain liner because the bottom hem of a shower curtain liner collects moisture and soap scum. Use pinking shears to trim off the bottom hem of your shower curtain liner.

This allows the water to flow completely off, and the serrated edge helps keep the bottom from rolling up. No more mold and mildew along the bottom edge of your plastic shower curtain. This trick helps prevent some of the nasty mold, mildew, and soap scum from forming and building up on your shower curtain liner. Finding ways to cut down on shower cleaning leaves more time for things we want to do. Pinking Shears are handy scissors to own for simple sewing and crafts. Pinking shears are great to trim seams to help stop fabrics from fraying and unraveling.

Are your towels and bath mats snagged? Do you have furry friends who catch their nails or claws in your towels or bath mats and leave snags? Follow these simple steps to make your towels or bath mats look new again and fix the snags. Take a pair of scissors, snip the snags off level with the surface of your towel or bath mat.

The nap on towels and bath mats is loopy, like a shag carpet. Give your mat a haircut, trim it even. Your towels and bath mats will look better in minutes when you trim off the snags. One of the main reasons shower and bathtub drains clog and run slowly is the drain becomes clogged with hair. The average person loses hairs from their head each day.

Have you checked out your hairbrush? Shampooing and showering sends hair down the drain. There is no "away" when hair flows into the drain. It will clog the drain when the pipe bends and turns. Keep the hair from flowing into your drain and clogging it with this cute drain cover from Yantu.

It is cute, and hair can easily be swept off at the end of your shower. Wipe it with a tissue and toss it in the trash.

Your drain will continue to flow freely and you won't be standing in backwash due to a slow running drain. Unclog and Clean Shower Drains If your shower or bathtub drains are clogged and slow to drain, you need to unclog the drain and clear the drain of hair and debris.

First unclog the drain with a Cobra Zip It drain cleaning tool to remove hair and trapped debris. Now clean the drain with baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water.

The drain should run freely and work great again. If you have never used a Cobra Zip It tool to clear clogs of long hair from your shower or bathtub drain, you need to try this little gadget. Work it all the way down the drain by wiggling it back and forth. Then, with a few twists and wiggles, you will be amazingly disgusted at the hair that clogs your drain and the gross matter that tangles and covers the hair clog.

Stand back when you pull it up, the Zip It drain cleaning tool digs deep and can bring up a fur ball the size of a small rat! I love this little tool for keeping my drains clog free. I use mine every few months, at the first sign of a slowing drain.

Encourage all family members to remove hair caught on the drain at the end of each shower and discard it into the trash. That move alone will save you a lot of grief from a clogged drain becoming an emergency situation at an inconvenient time. Do you have a tile alcove in your shower, but every time you place something there it slips off? Here is a simple solution to hold things in place on tile shower shelves and stop shower shelf slipping problems. Measure the opening, and buy a simple spring loaded curtain rod.

Slip the curtain rod inside the opening on your shelf and adjust it to be a tight fit. Now you can load your shelf. The rod will hold all of your items on the shelf. No more slipping shower soaps! This works great in cabinets of motorhomes and travel trailers, too. The rod will hold things on shelves so they don't fall while you are traveling.

Try holding things in place with a tension rod. Do you live in earthquake country? Add a tension rod across open shelves with books, canning jars, and more. Don't add to a disaster with extra danger from falling objects. To keep your stainless steel appliances looking great, first determine which way the grain goes. Follow these easy tips to shine your stainless steel and keep your home looking clean and tidy. Always use a soft cloth to wipe or polish your stainless steel.

Gleaming, shining, bright and polished, stainless steel surfaces are durable and popular. Keep them shiny and clean with this DIY stainless steel cleaner from natural ingredients. Baseboards gather dust, pet hair, and scuff marks. A quick and easy clean helps your entire home be clean and tidy. Follow these 2 simple and easy steps to clean baseboards. First, remove the dust so it isn't just pushed around. Next, a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth moistened with soap and water. A little scrubbing on stubborn spots, and you are done.

If your baseboards are wood instead of painted, try using a cleaner designed for wood surfaces. Did you ever get ink on your clothes? Removing ink stains from ball point pens, fountain pens, and artist's ink is not easy. Ball point pen ink is the easiest to remove.

Don't worry, follow these simple steps and you can remove ink from most washable fabrics. Allow fabrics to air dry to make sure the stains are gone. Repeat the steps if you still see a spot. Do you have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in your home? Every year, nearly 3, Americans die from fires in the home. Correctly using smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors can protect your family in emergency situations.

Learn when to change the batteries, how to change the batteries, where to install smoke detectors, and how to care for or when to replace smoke detectors. Protect your family from emergency situations by correctly using smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors can help protect and save the lives of our family for very few dollars. Smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors can be purchase as a combination alarm, like this one from Kidde that I chose to buy for my home.

I like that this is the most accurate CO sensor, and it has a front load battery door for easier battery replacement. Remember to change your batteries twice a year.

Remember that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, like everything else, wear out. Mine needed replacement, and this is what I chose. Have you tried to figure out how to know where to hammer a nail to hang a picture, and what kind of hook is best to hang a picture on the wall?

Here is a quick tip to organizing a group of frames, and a quick tip on where to place the nail or hook to hang the picture where you want. Watch how to hang picture frames with 2 hooks, and what tools you need to hang artwork.

Hanging picture frames and paintings is easy with these simple steps. Do you have picture molding? Hanging artwork from it is simple. Gather wire, D rings, and molding hangers. Your artwork will be hanging in no time!

Paintings can be moved or changed any time you like with no holes in the wall! If you have ever lived in a home with plaster walls and picture molding, you hopefully know not to hammer a nail into the wall to hang a picture. That can cause an expensive repair, even a disaster. A simple solution to hang and enjoy your artwork is a picture molding hook.

Simply place the hook over the molding, and it will stay secure, allowing you to hang your artwork from a wire. It really is simple and a great way to be able to move your artwork around without ever making another hole in the wall. We love our jeans, and want them to stay looking new without signs of fading or wear. Here are tips on how to care for and wash you jeans to keep them looking new longer.

Do you love to wear our rain boots to stomp around in the puddles and mud. Rain boots keep your feet warm and dry while saving your shoes from being ruined. All of this rainy, muddy weather leaves rain boots dirty and dull.

Clean and shine the muddiest rain boots easily, and have them looking their best again. Rinse rain boots upside down to keep water from filling them up. Allow your rain boots to air dry away from heat. Put a few sprays of Armour All on a paper towel and wipe to shine your rain boots like new.

Dry and store your rubber rain boots away from direct heat, extreme cold, and sun. Follow these steps to keep your rain boots clean and shiny. Rubber rain boots last longer when you allow them to dry completely on the inside each time you wear them. Do you have smelly gym or workout clothes? If you find long forgotten, smelly, perspiration stained workout clothes in the bottom of your gym bag, here is a simple remedy for odors and stains. Follow these simple steps on the best way to wash gym clothes to get your clothes sweet smelling and ready for your next workout.

Have your towels become scratchy and stiff? No one wants to dry off with that. Follow these simple laundry tips to make towels soft and fluffy again. Turn crunchy, scratchy towels soft, absorbent, and the way you like them.

Small space living can be a challenge. Finding enough space to hang all of your towels in small bathrooms won't be a problem anymore with the Household Essentials Hinge It Clutterbuster 4 Bar Towel Rack. This nifty rack attaches to the hinges of your door, and easily swings out so you can hang multiple towels with ease. Then the Clutterbuster Towel Rack swings behind the door, out of sight, and allows your towels to dry. Take advantage of the space behind your door to hang multiple towels in your bathroom.

The bars swivel independently so you can easily access and hang individual towels, robes, or even wet swim suits. Do you have stinky mildew smells in towels no matter how you try to sanitize them? Keeping laundry smelling fresh and clean is important, and this tip to fresh laundry really works. Bacterial causes smells we want to remove from towels and laundry.

No more sour smelling laundry! We love our pets, but warm weather can bring ants right to their dish. Here are 3 simple ways to keep ants out of your pet's dish. These are all natural solutions to get rid of ants from your pet food. No one wants to use poison around their pets. Try one of these easy ways to keep ants out of your pet food. Do you live in a small space such as an apartment, dorm, RV, or just hate using the common laundry facilities in your building or down the street? Are you tired of going to the laundry room to find all of the machines taken?

Do you find yourself in your pajamas, tired from a long day, but need to wash out a few things? The Panda Compact Washing Machine may be just what you are looking for. I purchased one for my daughter nearly 2 years ago.

She lived in a tiny apartment, and worked long hours. Who wants to head to the laundromat on cold, wet, winter nights? Hook up the Panda, and with a little effort, your laundry is clean and can be hung up to dry. Know this isn't like a full sized washing machine. You have to hook it up, and pay attention to turn water on and off, and move things around. Still, your laundry is clean in no time with the little Panda. It works great, and I love how easy and convenient it is if you cannot have a full sized machine.

It is lightweight, can be moved and stored easily, and fits in the car when you move to a new address. We have owned and used the Panda Compact Portable Washing Machine for a year and a half, and, yes it really works, and works well. Watch this video to see the features of the Panda Washing Machine.

You can learn how to hook up the Panda Washing Machine, how to fill it with water, how to operate the machine, how to spin and rinse, how the drain works, and more. This video will give you a product review of the Panda Compact Washing Machine. I bought mine, and love it, so hope you do, too. Are you looking for a way to hang up wet clothing to dry? Draping things over towel racks and shower doors gets old, and doesn't allow air to circulate. Not everyone has room for a floor rack, especially if you have small children running underfoot.

Check out the Whitmor Clip and Drip. Clip it to the shower rod, attach clothing to the 26 clothespin clips, and know your wet laundry is up out of the way, and air can circulate to dry wet items faster.

You can clip this to any rod, and even be hung outside on a sunny day. Are you looking for help learning to use your Panda Compact Washing Machine? This video will show you how to attach the hoses, how the cord works, how to work the controls, and more information on using the Panda Compact Washing Machine.

Watch how I set up the Panda for use in a kitchen or in a bathroom. Learn how full the water should be, how the agitator works, what the lint bar does, and learn about the overflow hole. See how to operate the spinner, and about the built in safety shut off for the spinner.

We have used this one for over a year, and used it times. The Panda Washer is holding up like new, and is easy to use. The Panda Compact Washing Machine washes and spins your laundry, just like a full sized washing machine. They come out of the spinner damp. You need to hang them up to dry. One solution to a dryer is the Easy Go Dryer. It is a small portable dryer that can be set up when needed, then folded flat for storage. The Easy Go Dryer allows you to hang 3 racks of laundry inside, plugs into a dryer unit, and circulates air.

It has a timer to set to allow the clothing to dry with settings between 15 and 60 minutes, or up to 3 hours. This might be a good way to dry heavy sweatshirts, jeans, or towels. I bought the Panda Compact Washing Machine over one year ago for my daughter.

She lives in a small apartment, and didn't like using common laundry facilities which are busy, and expensive. She has used this Compact Washing Machine about times in the last year, and I have used it when I visit her.

The Panda Washing Machine is sturdy, made well, and performs with no problems. The hoses have lasted, the mechanisms all work, the entire machine still looks like new. If you are looking for a dependable, compact washing machine, try this little Panda. Say goodbye to the laundromat, and let this washer help do the laundry.

I think the Panda Compact Washing Machine will keep going for a long time! Wrinkled clothing is just a fact of life. Clothing wrinkles in the laundry, in your suitcase, and when you are wearing it. Sadly, it even wrinkles hanging next to other clothing in a stuffed closet, which most of us have. My Little Steamer has been a favorite of mine for at least 15 years.

I bought a full sized one that is still going strong. I use it all the time, have dropped it many times, and it still works great. I bought each of my children My Little Steamer when they left for college, and even their roommates loved using them.

I was lucky enough to steam multiple graduation robes when I attended graduations. If you hate ironing, My Little Steamer works great. Hang your garment, fill your steamer with tap water, plug it in, and steam. Allow the clothing to cool before you wear it or put it away. I can steam items with one fill of the tank. Run it over clothing that is wrinkled, no creasing or burning. Wrinkles fall right out. I love My Little Steamer. As much as I love my original My Little Steamer, I travel a lot and found the steamer a bit too large to take along on most trips.

It is about half the size of the regular steamer, so travels well. Hang your garment, fill your steamer, and plug it in. You can steam about 3 items, or a full outfit, with each fill. Refilling is easy, unplug before adding more water.

I have taken this on trips all over the world, and it works well with power adapters in foreign lands. It is great to have on cruises, where irons are not allowed. It was a hit with travel companions, and makes a great gift for friends who love to travel. Wrinkles fall out, and you can steam clothing to remove wrinkles to wear again. Keep your outfits looking fresh and nice, where ever you are. If you own a Panda Compact Washing Machine, you know lint is a problem.

I have posted a link below to purchase them on Amazon. That can help keep lint off of your clean clothing. The Panda Compact Washing Machine is a great little washer. I bought my daughter one for her tiny apartment. This little washing machine is portable, and works great.

It is easy to fill and simple to operate. Who knew it could enough laundry to wash towels? Add some water before adding soap so it will be distributed evenly. I can wash 2 or 3 towels at once. Spin them one at a time, as they are very heavy. Spin them the longest time as they hold a lot of water. The Panda Washing Machine fits in small spaces, and allows you the convenience to do your laundry without carrying it all to the laundry room or laundromat.

It is lightweight, yet holds a lot. This washing machine fits in small spaces, and allows you the convenience to do your laundry in your own home. No more carrying it all to the laundry room or laundromat. Here are step by step directions on how I wash sheets in the Panda Washer. Then hang them up to finish drying. It holds way more clothing than I thought, and does a fabulous job of cleaning and spinning until nearly dry.

It is convenient, and quick. Wash a few things or a lot, you fill it to the level you choose. Wash timer adjusts to 15 minutes, spin to 5 minutes.

I even just let things soak. If you live in a small space and hate going to the laundry, get a Panda Compact Washing Machine! I bought my daughter the Panda Portable Washing Machine 6 months ago for her tiny apartment.

This washing machine fits in small spaces, and allows you the convenience to do your laundry without carrying it all to the laundry room or laundromat. It works great, and has held up beautifully with lots of use. She uses it for everything from jeans to towels, and even queen size sheets.

Wash timer to 15 minutes, spin to five. Lint can be a problem with the Panda Compact Washing Machine. I like the easy and effective lint removal of a cloth like lint brush. An arrow tells which way to brush, and the nap of the fabric grabs lint, pet hair, stray threads, everything without snagging. Brush against the nap and remove all the trapped lint, and you are ready to go again.

A fabric lint brush works far better a sticky tape pad variety, which clogs up immediately. The sticky pad needs to be peeled off and thrown away frequently. The fabric pad lint brush lasts forever. The little Panda Compact Washing Machine with a spinner is the greatest. I bought it for my daughter to use in her small apartment, and hoped it would wash a few small loads of delicate undies and tops so she wouldn't have to go to the common laundry room so often. Was I surprise what a great job it does, and how much it holds.

You can adjust and set the wash timer to 15 minutes, spin to 5 minutes, or just let things soak. It spins until nearly dry, and then you hang things up to finish drying. I was worried the hoses weren't as sturdy as I would like, but after two years they still work great. If you live in a small space and hate going to the laundromat, get a Panda Compact Washing Machine!

This is the drying rack I got for my daughter to dry her laundry after she washed it in the Panda Compact Washing Machine. We like how it has multiple layers and configurations.

She can dry loads of laundry at the same time on this folding clothes rack. It folds flat and stores completely away, a plus in small space living. I used it to dry sheets, towels, jeans, shirts, and lots of unders all at once. This Moerman folding drying rack is the best I have ever found.

Do you have a salad spinner? Wash out your hand laundry in the sink by following these easy steps. In no time, your hand washables will be fresh and clean. Just hang them or lay flat to dry, depending on the garment.

This will even work in an emergency when your washer doesn't work or the power is out. Washing salad in a salad spinner is a great idea, and helps greens stay fresh longer.

However, this is a big item taking up space for such a small job. I use the salad spinner to wash hand laundry. I have 2 different salad spinners, and like this particular spinner best for doing laundry. The big knob on the top allows you to push to spin it around. I like it much better than a pull string.

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