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Register for a sexcontact for free Nickname:. I agree to the terms , usage of fictive profiles and privacy rules. Click here to go to your mailbox. Don't feel like answering all questions now? The minimum age for participation in SecretSMflirts is 18 years old. The profiles on SecretSMflirts are fictional, physical arrangements with these profiles are not possible.

This site can be used on both PC and mobile devices. In case you encounter problems with the way SecretSMflirts is displayed on your device, please contact our support team. SecretSMflirts is a platform for men and women who are looking for a fun or exciting contact. Every day, new men and women sign up.

Registration is free, based on your profile settings , you receive matches but you can also use our search functionality and browse profiles yourself. Found a nice man or woman? Get in touch by sending a message or wink. For questions you can always contact our customer service. Your question is treated with care and discretion and you will get response within 24 hours.

Do not hesitate and sign up now. Are you a man or woman? They both look like real member profiles. They all have the same type of information that you would find in both profiles.

The only difference is that almost all of the profiles of women on this site are designed by Gonnabang. They openly admit to the creation of bogus girls on their term page. Taken from the terms page section i6: COM, we may post fictitious profiles…. The first step in creating a fake dating site is to create virtual profiles which Gonna Bang has done. The second step is then they need to use these fake profiles to send out computer generated email communications to male members using their dating service.

All email communications sent from "virtual profiles" use automated computer scripts that simulate and pretend to be a real girl. The email communications sent from these intricate computer software programs using templates something that can be used over and over responses. The various emails have been created and then they are utilized to email messages to the thousands of people on their site.

With a computer program you can make anything seem natural and lifelike. If by chance you do receive the emails from these automated computer systems it's very difficult to tell if they are real or not because the computer programmers behind these software programs spend thousands of hours perfecting their software to make it look like real humans are emailing and communicating with you. The number one priority of using these automated scripts and computer systems is to bait and trap you into wanting to email the fictitious virtual profile back.

You will then be asked to upgrade to a paid subscription and that's the main reason for these automated emails. The terms and conditions detail all of this. Another interesting fact is that GonnaBang. These employees and paid contractors are responsible for talking to you, sending you emails and anything else that they are told to do. Their job is to trap you and bait you into buying one of their monthly membership packages. In the terms and conditions page in the section 06 they openly discuss that they "employ and contract for the paid services" of real people.

And they admit they are completely false and disingenuous. If by chance you do end up interacting with real people on the site just remember they are probably receiving a paycheck as part of their employment to sit and send you emails, instant messages and lure you into falling for their deceptions.

While these communications may seem genuine, authentic, and personal, they may be broadcast simultaneously to a large number of persons and possess none of these qualities.

While their contents may appear to be true, they may be quite false; while their contents may appear to sincere, they may be quite disingenuous. Everyone should always remember this is not a real dating site.


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