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It does get better.

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There is more than one type and mine is caused by a tiny crystal formation that gets trapped in the tiny tube of the inner ear. At that time I learned that a sedentary life style can cause this to happen, and I have been very sedentary due to several recent major surgeries. This time it is dragging on and on but not taking over me. When I see my doc this week I am going to request vertigo physical therapy again.

Thank you so much for your reply it means a lot sorry that your going through the same tho. I used to suffer with dizzy spells when I was around 12 where the whole room would spin for a few minutes sometimes hours or even a few days at a time, I had a few different test done and they put it down to vertigo as they couldn't find anything else. We want the forums to be a useful resource for our users but it is important to remember that the forums are not moderated or reviewed by doctors and so you should not rely on opinions or advice given by other users in respect of any healthcare matters.

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Oldest Latest Most Votes. Thank you Aveline x Report this. I'm glad things are getting better for you Report this. Hi Anita, I had what they think was viral labrynthritis back in December. It does get better. You just need to be kind to yourself. I find it hard to cope with any load noise which is difficult with 2 little one Report this. Just try not get your self upset cause it will make it worse And try to keep your head straight!

Hi Anita, Sorry to hear about your problems, I have been suffering with Dizziness and Vertigo in the last few weeks, it is very frightening. It frightened me so much I couldn't do the most mundane of things. Hope everything works out for you soon. I found being on here a great help thank you Report this. Hi Anita, I share your exact symptoms and it feels miserable doesn't it? So I know that mine is not viral. Henessy, Blue Angel and Emma. Redhead stepmom MILF fucks stepson.

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Unknown 4 years ago. LovelesbianPorn 5 years ago. Titanium19 5 years ago. Gambe 5 years ago. Recognize a pornstar in this video? I take Claritin every day for allergies.

I use the type that disolve and can usually tell when I miss a day. I also use a saline rinse everyday. During the past year I have probably taken 5 or 6 steroid dose packs and never experienced any issues and I always noticed an improvement in my VN issues.

Have you been able to introduce the reduced sodium into your diet? As Cally and I mentioned earlier, it took seven month for me to notice any real appreciable difference. I too had a set back after month three that caused me to question if I would ever recover from this stuff.

I believe that it was induced by over doing some VRT exercises that I found on the internet. I thought that the more I did the better it would be and the faster the recovery. And, I was wrong!! They have to be measured and limited. The VRT exercises will help to overcome the VN issues but, I firmly believe that time is the key ingredient for the healing process.

You try and do so many things that it is often times hard to try to determine what really helped. The things that I still do every day are those that I mentioned to you earlier. I believe that Cally will share that she has the same routine now that she has had for the past several months. Nothing is going to show results over night or even in a week or two. You just have to get a regimine in place and stay the course.

It will get better with time. Yea I was diagnosed with berth go a few weeks ago; had blood work ekg and all my test came back fine! I was put on allergy medicine and ativan which helps some! I was feeling 70 percent better then the other day it came back full. Today I haven a good day; hopefully it will go away soon cause it's sucks! Allergy season set me back as well. It is best to be proctive and stay ahead of any potential inflammation and increase in fluid retention in the sinuses and middle ear.

I use a saline sinus rinse everyday. It really helps to keep allergens washed out of the nasal cavities. I was going to start a new discussion but thought I would ask your opinion. I have found that my condition has been a more gradual decline in that I have gained sypmtoms that I never had from the start.

Over the past two months I have developed problems with my vision flickering eyes, blurred vision and difficulty watching some things on TV , weakness in the legs and some times in the arms, become dizzier hence I find it hard to get into a comfortable position for relief and my mood has gone down. The only real improvement is my anxiety levels and I think this is due to knowing that following numerous tests it is nothing even worse if that is possible.

When I had the test for nystigma in march this came back ok but I think this has developed since. I am having accupuncture but am beginning to think that this is doing more harm than good.

The accupuncturist though does believe that because of these additional symptoms my body is now responding properly to the illness he has always said that things will get worse before getting better. I am thinking of stopping the accupuncture to see if I start to improve. On the subject of allergy tablets I have some in my cupboard which are sold in the UK by our Boots chemist called Loratadine.

Last night I was very bad and had to retire early to bed, I am feeling very groggy this morning it is difficult writing this post therefore don't feel able to do any VRT, what are you thoughts on this should I still battle on with the VRT if only for 5 minutes.

I also think that the other problem I have is that when I have better days I do try to do too much and perhaps this sets me back. I am still no where near able to return to work. The vision and eye issue definitely sound like nystagmus. Not sure why the accupuncturist felt that you would get worse before getting better. Over the course of 14 months for me I saw 1 major setback and I firmly believe that it was from over doing the vestibular exercises that I found on the internet.

I believe that you can push the nerve too far and will see a set back as a result. While the nerve is damaged it is more sensitive to being required to over exert itself. From what I have read in your posts you may be pushing it too fast. As I mentioned earlier, time in my opinion is the most crucial factor. The set back that I had in the beginning of month 4 made me feel that I had something new. The anxiety was terrible and the symptoms came on in waves. New sensations where just out of the blue I would feel as if I was about to pass out.

It's hard to explain the feeling but, it was almost like an intense feling that you get before you vomit but, that never happened. My legs were weak as if they wouldn't cooperate with what my brain was telling them. At that time I stopped all medications that I was taking, stopped alcohol, caffeine. Not sure that any of it made a difference but, that is what I did.

I wanted a zero base to rule out everything that I could. I have not introduced any of those things back as of yet. Being on the computer drove me crazy for several months, and anything that required that I focus on it for any period of time. I had nystagmus for 8 months. Each month it slowly regressed and I did an exercise for gaze stabilization. Some days I could do it and other days I couldn't. If these symptoms have come on since you began the accupuncture I would eliminate that first and see if they begin to improve.

The sodium reduction I believe helped me more than anything and anytime I could convince my doctor to give me a regimine of steroids I believe that it helped improve the symptoms. I did not introduce my daily medications back until probably month 6 or 7. The important thing is to get on a routine and stick to that routine that is directed at improving the symptoms. I know that is hard because we never know what helped or made a difference.

Believe me, you will know what has a negative impact. Once you identify that eleimnate it from the recovery process. I would reduce the distance that you are trying to walk, start a low sodium diet, take a low dose aspirin everyday, eliminate all alcohol, caffeine and chocolate, do the VRT daily, and don't push yourself.

We cannot control when this stuff goes away and we cannot control the increments that improvement comes. It sounds to me like you may have tried to get back to normal things too quickly. And when I say too qiuckly I know that in VN terms that is months. I have struggled with this stuff for 14 months and am just starting to feel close to the way that I felt before it all began.

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