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How To Cancel Your Localhookup.

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Please remove my email from your list I no longer want to get notices from you thank you sincerely bill. Hi, it has been brought to my attention that 2 profiles i had on other dating sites have been passed about to various sites without my knowledge including this one! I have contacted both twice now and have had absolutely no reply, not even a confirmation email with a ticket number.

I evidently dont have an account with either as i have never signed up with them and when i tried,on the off chance, to login it stated the email address wasnt on their system the only email address ive ever used! These sites are sending out automated messages portraying to be me, which inturn has cost me my rship as its portraying me to be a cheat,which i am not! It has ruined my reputation into the bargain and ive lost many friends because of this bs! So IF these sites have stolen the info from my PAST or been passed doesnt matter really its still fraudulently trying to portray me, so stolen my id then how the heck can i delete the accounts?

I will be contacting a solicitor about this too, as they are failing to provide requested information under the Data Protection Act! This is causing me unwarranted stress and alarm at a time when i realllllly dont need it!

Any help greatly appreciated! Please remove my email from your list I no longer want to get notices from you thank you sincerely barry. This site is a fake and a scam. I want my money back and never want to hear from you again. Like spdate and unlimidate, most of your girls are fake and only programs That are unable to answer the simplest questions.

Faces stolen from the internet. I want my nomey back!!! This site is Bullshit! Could have figured that. I know this site is fake as fuck. All over this site is the word "free" but the truth is that this is not even close to being free.

In fact, this site is a huge scam. The site states that lifetime memberships are free of charge however they ask for your credit card information for "age verification purposes". The stark truth is that it's all a deception so they can get your card info and then they can charge your card with monthly subscriptions to 3 different that include the following, Vibevideo.

Take a look at the image below to see the scam charges that you receive if you give these crooks your credit card information. If you see any good looking women on this site there is a If you're wondering why a dating site would make up phony profiles then read on.

The reason males joining a dating site is to interact and meet women. This site doesn't have enough women so they just use pictures to make their own female profiles.

For the fake profiles they seem to use the most attractive women see phone female dating profiles below. Men are visual, the bigger the boobs the more sales they will make.

It's all a lie used to rip you off and trick you into believing that the site has tons of good looking women looking to hook up, when that is the fathest thing from the truth. Phony Instant Chat Messages: Unfortunately fake instant messages are also used to trick lonely men, Messages like the one shown below pop up on your computer screen.

The messages are just a marketing tactic to get you to upgrade to a monthly paid subscription. When you try to chat back to the fake girl you are presented with the message "To communicate with other members you have to upgrade your membership… click here". There is no female sending chat messages to us, it is all done through a computer program designed to act like a real human. This is all verifiable if you look in their terms page in section On that page it states that " "You understand, acknowledge, and agree that some of the user profiles posted on this site may be fictitious or models or bots related to our "Love Stars program.

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