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Overview of the RomanceTale Dating Site in 2018 [Updated February 2018]

For the people who gave 5 stars and said these are real girls because they sent you photos with your names on them.


Recently analyzed sites:

Using a special software tool we were able to identify where these fictitious profile pictures actually came from. You can take a look at the links below and see that one of the women is actually Kylie Jenner a reality star. We also show you other profiles that have been copied from other sources online. The website already admits that they do create profile pages that are created and operated by their own staff.

A fictitious profile without any picture is useless so what do the staff members working for MeetMilfy do? They scour the internet looking for the best photos to create bogus profile pages with. And this is all admitted to the fact that they do create profiles is discussed in their terms and conditions page. Phony profile found on other sites. Fake profile picture found on other sites.

Stolen profile photo i s actually Kyle Jenner. We talked about the terms and conditions page a few times in this review. The terms reveal many things you're probably not aware of, such as the fact that they create profiles which are managed by their own employees. And they also confessed that they use an automatic pop-up notification system to send you emails, instant messages and also activity alerts.

It's all discussed right on their own website. You can click on this link to read it directly on their site or read the most important parts of the terms and conditions page below. We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained and managed by our employees "Staff Profiles".

The purpose of these Staff Profiles is to enable us to ensure our Services are operating properly by testing the Services, features and functionalities, and to research our products and Services.

To boost interaction between our members and in order to notify them of newly registered matches and any activity of that new user i. What's the point of MeetMilfy. To make as much money as possible for the owners of the site. Who needs ethics, who needs a real dating service not the owners of MeetMilfy. They don't want to offer any real value, their goal is to deceive as many people as possible and they do a great job at it!

Our review gave you the most detailed and honest review possible. If you got conned by these shysters leave a comment below and help spread the word, so more people know the truth about what's really going on. She said she would call back. I called a few days later and left a message. This is the best article I have seen on this subject. I hate these stupid games women play! I dated a woman for two years. We went away on holiday together and everything seemed to be fine. Three days later she dumped me by email.

No reason, no explanation, she just told me we were incompatible. I tried to talk it out with her but she would not reply to my texts, emails or phone calls. We seemed to be getting back together again. Last month was her birthday. I bought her a small gift with a card. Two weeks later it was my birthday. What did I get from her? I have not heard from her since. My last three texts have now gone unanswered. It just shits me how after two years of good times together a woman can suddenly decide that she wants to test you and dump you without reason.

Then when she reaches out to you and you both reconnect again that she can then cast you away again without another thought or reason!!! It hurts like hell and sickens me to think of all that time I wasted with her. At least she finally revealed herself as the heartless bitch she is! I once had a girlfriend who, after 6 months, told me that her feelings for me were dying. She was honest and nice enough to tell me that in person, and told me in a kind way. She told me that she would hence accept any decision from me walk way or stay.

I secretly admired her more after that. Of course I swallowed my pride and chose to stay. You see, I was too much in love to let her go and I also believed that she would fall for me again and she did, big time. She was honest and even attentive. For that reason alone she will always have a place in my heart.

Had she said goodbye through email, text message or even in person, without any friendliness or selfless kindness, I would walk away for good. As a beautiful person will open our eyes, an intelligent person will open our mind, and a loving kind person will open our heart. I like this a lot. To be honest some folks are bonkers and why would I want a girl that would only make my life a misery due to her issues?

Had 3 dates with a girl. Each one better than the last. Got approval from her friend, wasnt cheap, gave change to a homeless guy. Lots of kissing and petting on all 3 dates and i asked her to come home with me on each one. Working each time tho.. Next day i text her to let her know how fun the 3rd date was. Im in now way hurt. And it might not even be over yet but it wouldnt surprise me if it were. Truth is, Ive seen too many flakes to ever be hurt by them again.

Best thing to do is forget and move on. Shes obviously immature and doesnt know what she wants. Everyone needs to experience flakey girls. So you lose respect in women and then you treat them worse.

Easier on you, and it gets rhem excited when you treat them like doormats. So this girl and I hit it off like crazy. Probably a girl waaaayyyy out of my league. Beautiful a 10 , sweet, funny, sarcastic. WE left the bar together and sat in my car talking for like two hours.

Now she said she had started dating a younger guy 21 and she is 31, a few weeks back but she was not in a relationship. The next day I texted her that it was awesome meeting her and that I want to see her again soon. In the meantime my friend who is her friend told me she was asking about me and was interested in me. So no text back, I decide to call her…. I leave a semi-nervous message regarding giving me a call back because I have an important question for her, then I said just kidding, but I do want to ask you something to call me cak when you get a chance.

Am I over-reacting or should I like the article implies… let it go? Try not to get nervous…. So many hot girls, why settle for one? Same way about boys. The solution to this need for a soul mate or life long breeding mate would be to stop human reproduction and quit brain washing people to think we should marry.

One day we all will be cyborgs. Our human species will be gone. We respect that our intelligence started as being a human but later we will be something else. So right now what do we do? Sure go for it. Just remember that you only live once at least we think so take that and forget about your past and your plans for the future. IP Whois Get more Victoriabrides. Safety status of Victoriabrides. Latest check 1 day ago.

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