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What To Do When a Girl Cancels a Date

I'm not sure this helps.

2. Think About How Many Times You’ve Canceled a Date

1. Ask Yourself If She’s Canceling for a Good Reason

This is a shocking scam. Beautiful ladies, but you are not chatting to them. Professional chatters pretend to be the girls. Some girls have identical posts. I have not and will not buy credits from this site. The photo's are obviously professionally taken. All the women are posed in classic model mode. I recieved messages and over emails within 4 days from women ranging from 19 to The 55 year old looked about the same age as my 25 year old grand daughter.

I used up my free credits chatting to one female as a test and once the credits had run out I stopped. I have not recieved a single word back as to why I had stopped messaging her.

That is a big red flag to me, normal people would want to know. Now the crunch — I am 73 years of age, not looking my best — yet have over women wanting to be my girl. I came down in the last shower of rain too. Having had a bit of free fun, I am now going to delete my account. When you finally realise that you are not talking with the girl of your dreams, that this is a huge SCAM, then good luck, if you try to get shod of this site.

I unsubscribed many times, but they continue to send me rubbish. How is that possible? I never posted a photo. Half the time, it seems you are chatting with a computer. Any man who thinks he is talking to any of those beautiful ladies, needs to wake up, as his bank balance will soon drop. Be warned, they want your money. They not only use staff profiles, they have spam bots. My messages came in clusters of at a time.

I would experience minutes without a single message, then bam, all at once 15 messages. All messages were same format. I'd get clusters that all greeted with "Hi Name, I am the one for you then enter unique but generic statements ". After a few days, The same bot groups would repeat at same time. So I wound up with 15 messages in a row, all with same reply format, all with replies from 2 days ago, 1 day ago, 1 minute ago.

Some serious scamming going on here. I am forwarding what I have found to my attorney general. This is not just a simple scam, this is a serious one as they can take huge sums of money from you with nothing of value but lies in return.

I seriously doubt the sites owned by this company have even 1 single genuine person on them from China, or Ukraine, or whever else their bot profiles say they are from. No picture but several replies in the same format, how I stood out from all the others. I will now try to delete my profile and update how I get on.

They try to run on long chat sesssoin, which cost "credits" whch are expensive, the photos are mostly fake. I phoned them once and used live chat twice, and they make excuses and tell you to ahve a nice day…..

I don't regret having spent my money but I was very dubious of them from the start and I've had two goes at it. I guess they must have a lot of fun exchanging notes after they finish their shift so I encourage two of them to be frank with me they must've felt a little sad when I finally gave up on them. When you tried to nailing down to a specific time or day they tend to be rather evasive to the point where when I told them I was coming to visit them they pretended they didn't understand what I had to say.

Like I said I had a lot of fun and I'll always put it down to experience but what I experience it could have been if it was on Facebook.

I don't think there are any real dating sights online. When the Internet was created there weren't many. To start with they were questionable but possibly better than now.

I've met several women online. However only a couple were from dating sights. Most were from free chat rooms that were on msn. Now of coarse they no longer exsist.

There are many sites now. All look the same. All owned by same. All are the same. In the late 90s I was talking to a customer support person who finally admitted to me their scam. After much debate she angrily said " Well you know how hard it is to get girls to make a profile?

And then for it to be someone you would be interested in. They're just not there. We don't have any. So we have to make them up. She truly thought it justified it. As I told her if that's the case they shouldn't be there. Get a job like the rest of us. They just keep changing names creating new businesses. Keep trying to find new ways to trick people. And if you watch you will even get repeats.

Get a message then a photo. Hey I know you you haven't aged a bit. You look exactly the way you did 10 years ago.. But you changed your name, and moved. Hey you only live 3 miles from me now…. They are all scams. They should be outlawed.

Should be banned unless they can prove different. They can't do that but will refer you to the new real not fake site just created by the same bitch I argued with on the phone so many years ago. I am a 67 year-old pensioner and want to warn people about Asia Charm website.

I joined for free and naturally thought that I could keep chatting to the lady I fancied but found out that it was not exactly what happens.

To continue chatting to this lady I had to get credits and there's no sign of how much it was going to cost.. You had to click on the get credits button and then fill in your credit card details. Then you have to get more credits if you want to send some photos of yourself. Also you have to make sure that you have enough credits so you can send a letter to your lady. I am suspicious of this site because the lady's profile picture is different to her private picture.

This is what you're allowed to see when you have been chatting and sending emails nearly all day. Also they send you messages about how they miss you but I have only sent my lady a good morning this morning and I never waited for an answer.

I checked later and she had replied with a good morning message and a message saying that I have read your profile John Alchin. That has made me more suspicious because no asking me why haven't been in contact with her. I had fun on here too. I uploaded a picture of a horrible looking dude and put in my profile that I was a serial killer. Got tons of emails saying they wanted to marry me. Yes, it's a total scam. More than likely, the call centre is based on the Phillippines were the speak English fairly well.

No, most Chinese cannot speak English that well. You will see many grammar mistakes like not using the definite or indinite articles. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. AsianCharm Has Connections To Numerous Fake One of the things that stuck out as a huge red flag while investigating Asian Charm was the fact that it was connected to many dating sites that we've already exposed as being ficticious.

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All Staff Profiles will be identifiable as such and in the event that you opt to communicate or interact with a Staff Profile you will be made aware of the nature of this Staff Profile.

January 15, at 7: May 23, at 3: July 12, at 6: January 23, at February 6, at 6: February 25, at 3: March 31, at 9: June 4, at 4: April 1, at 2: April 6, at 6: April 11, at April 26, at 6: I had a lot of fun with this one and he is the usual widower with I child etc. After about 2 weeks I said look I need to speak to you or whats the point.

We arranged a call and he rang dead on time. It was quite funny because his fake accent went from Bronx to Italian lol. After a minute he says he has to go as there is an emergency and he then sends me a google photo of oil rig on fire lol. He then messages me and says he needs to get a part and could I lend him pounds lol.

He is still conning people and his email address is Michael adames gmail. Not in love anymore I posted from June, until March, I quit hoping to start healing. After 15 months, the F. I don't feel like they can ever catch these greedy, evil scammers. But, I'd kept all my notes and tried to help. I was conned out a lot of money. I am far from stupid. But, these are a well-oiled professionals. There were at least 3 involved and each had an intregate part. The agent I spoke with had never heard of this site.

I explained how it worked and told her about you. You're welcome and thank you: Sep 09, Rating He is the one by: Wiser Now Alfred Busta came after me too please so for all of us education is the best way and so let us learn from each other. Sep 09, Rating Packages by: Anonymous Has anyone been asked to accept packages of cash and gold bars? I was even sent a video. Sep 09, Rating Nigerian scammer by: The same scammer is using these three names.

All the same scammer. Sep 08, Rating Oil rig scam by: Anonymous Contacted by georg on plenty of fish. Quickly moved to text messaging, his Just one day of texting, wife died in childbirth, son is with a nanny in those islands, he is on an oil rig in Germany, talked a lot about god, he would be home for the holidays.

Asked what I do for work, if I owned my own home. Said I ask a lot of questions. His parents died in and he's all alone. The more he talked the more I knew it was a scam. He got my friends address through my Wi-Fi and friend requested her in facebook. Name on Facebook is Anthony Graham. I blocked him and denied a friend request. He has probably changed his name by now. But ladies please don't fall for this scamming stuff. Anonymous He is also on FB under different names so beware as a real scammer is stealing other mans' photos and probably working from Nigeria.

Anonymous What a charmer. Very good looking profile pic. Story much the same as everyone else. Works as contractor for Exon. Will retire in three weeks. Wants a wife to settle down with. Widowed, single father, parents died when he was young. I was falling for it at first then vocabulary got too sloppy.

His credit card info was stolen and he wanted the cards to finish up his work. He would meet me in three weeks. He will retire with 12 million. Wilson you also were scammed as I have a husband. States the only way to activate the transmitters is by giving the Syrians iTunes cards.

Told him "You do realize that cards purchased in the US won't work in another country? Talk about annoying the guy off. But he keeps asking. And the answer is still NO. Sooner or later he's gonna hit one of you up--he was on Match. Just a friendly FYI for everyone. Sep 06, Rating Raymond Wilson by: Anonymous Thank God for this site.

Raymond Wilson, put him on the list. Jacksonville Florida, from East Germany. Widowed, Son in boarding school. I was falling then things started feeling weird: He wanted Itunes gift cards to finish up his work. He was retiring with 12 million and wanted to settle down. Wife was killed in a car wreck, parents died when he was young. He uses bible verses to sweep you off your feet.

Well buddy I prayed to the same God you were we referring to and guess what? I found this site. Sep 06, Rating Scammets by: Sep 05, Rating Another Scammer!! Anonymous Does anyone know of a Kelly Roland. He is stating he is a independent Engineer working for SeaDrill? He also states he is on a Oil Rig off shore in England. He has sent me a IM on Face Book - here is his given phone Just for all women on this site. Sep 05, Rating Greg Anderson by: Says he in on an oil rig in the gulf coast of Mexico.

He will romance you. Ask you to sent itune cards and the ask for money. Please stay away from him. He will scam you out of every dime you have. He will ask you to visit the rig. Have you send a letter from your doctor stating you have no traveling restrictions. Text you and ask you questions to get a security clearance.

He will tell you he will repay you for the ticket and any other money you have sent with interest. The trip never happens and you never receive any money from him.

He is still playing WWFs. He is quit a hunk, but ruthless. Sep 04, Rating Scammer by: Also went by the name Alex Edmund. Anonymous I asked if anyone was in contact with a Mark Burke. I can still access his picture.

So I decided it was my turn to play him, and I apologized and said I have medical issues that prevent me from donating out extra cash, and played the pity game. He was in my clutches then! So yes The iTunes thing was a thing, I said no.

He asked me to look for property for him and his two kids, - extravagant I might add. He asked me about my finances, and I told him I live from disability check to disability check, with no extra funds. Today he was a bit more demanding and needed money to fix parts on the oil rig. I said the oil rig belongs to the company your contracted by, why did they not fix it?

He said I asked too many questions. By the way I met him on "Words". Sep 04, Rating Swiss American in Houston by: Anonymous I had a similar experience with a guy called Steve Matt Denzler. We met on Tinder and he quickly moved it to WhatsApp. The pictures turned out to be fake and the story far fetched. But when he called and spoke to me he was so convincing I think even he believed himself! Be careful as they are super smart and everything he showed me was well prepared.

We had a video call on Skype and he used Manycam. I knew it wasnt right because the sound didnt work and it just seemed a bit off. Anonymous Has anyone ever heard of a guy by the name of Mark Burke? Anonymous Yes it is a scam. He photo shopped it. Sep 03, Rating Another reminder by: Kevin B There are a few similarities with most scammers. Often First and last names are like first names. Always pander to feelings of sympathy with wife dead and sometimes a child.

Or have a child being cared for by nanny or relative. Meet you on a site and wants to talk off site immediately or when you emotionally connect so you will not be monitored. Tells you not to tell friends or family about him or her because they will be jealous. Actually because friends and relatives will tell you the truth.

A scammer whether asking for money, I Tune Cards to convert to cash or open an account they put money in to be illegally laundered in your name and you will get zero and maybe jailed. Any other suspicions use a friend to bounce off of. Sep 03, Rating Scammers naned by: Block him and run. Sep 03, Rating Is this a scam by: An ie Has anyone heard of James Eric a contractor on a rig off Dublin. He has sent me a real time photo of himself holding a note with my name on it.

Does that mean he's real? Sep 03, Rating Scam name Miller Anthony by: Anonymous Does the name Miller Anthony ring a bell to anyone? Sep 02, Rating Scammers by: Anonymous Watch some videos on You Tube. Search "Nigerian Scammers" and you will see a bunch out there. It makes you sick how they do this. My husband also read an article how they fund a terrorist group with the money sent to them to kill American soldiers. My scammer used pictures of Captain Thomas Lindegaard Madsen.

Everyday I report at least 5 or 6 new fake profiles on Instagram and Facebook using his pictures and sometimes his identity. I reported mine and two mules to the FBI. Anonymous Exactly the same letter I got from Richard, and I just laughed. But he wanted 5 grand from me. How ironic, then he would have 8 Grand if we both sent him money. If they are guys or women. My Friend just found out her Captain is a woman she fell for from Nigeria. Makes me sick they cannot make their own money.

Guess they are really from us in the U. Take care all and God Bless! Sep 02, Rating scammer by: Sweet talker and claims his accent is French Canadian! Sep 01, Rating His name is Richard Mathisen by: Anonymous Pay attention to this man. His name is Richard Mathisen. I will explain much better to you later. I will tell you later about my job as we get to know more about ourselves. I love my job and it's what I'm good at and have passion for, I've always wanted to be an Engineer. What ever he says its all meaningless.

DO Not get hooked. Sep 01, Rating Load it - scammer names by: Anonymous Here are some possible scammer names out there right now. I have filed FBI reports. Sep 01, Rating New mayerderek27 gmail.

Laughingindisbelief I was contacted by a good looking German man by the handle mayerderek27 gmail. Only started talking to them the past few days. Asked me for iTunes gift cards. Claimed to be on an oil rig and sent me a video of them singing half naked that was funny! I asked him what song he was singing and he didn't know the country song. He sent me goofy pictures of himself. Claimed to be widowed with an 18 year old daughter.

Story for ITunes cards is they were needed for contracts to stay on the oil rig. Like who comes up with this stuff seriously! I am making it my mission to save women and men from this dude. Thanks for the info everyone who posts. Check this dudes profile on Instagram and you might see my face on home his page.

Aug 31, Rating Scam? Anonymous Has anyone ever heard of Shaw Philip who works on an oil rig and is from Maryland and originally from France. Aug 31, Rating Christopher Adlan George by: Lots of pictures of a handsome dude, with cars, cooking, boats, etc. Sends roses, lips, bears, etc. He was on Linked In.

Aug 31, Rating Matthew Todd by: Anonymous I want to know if anyone has heard from this one as he contacted me on words with friends. After a couple of weeks he is saying he wants to Marry me. I am the love of his life and he wants to come to me. Aug 29, Rating And one more thing about Lawson Morris and thousand another scammers by: They took it from his Facebook I think. Anonymous My scammer befriended me on Words with Friends.

Had a decent profile picture, we chatted on there for a bit before chatting through email. I asked for ID verification, facebook, internet, nothing would bring up his name. Same story, wife died, he was 58 with an 8 year old son. Didn't ask me for money, just said he'd travel to take me on a romantic date when he got off his rig contract. The more I talked to him, the English was broken, things he said didn't make sense, but definitely a romantic.

Didn't talk to him long, but he never did ask for money. I guess he could pick up on my stand-offishness, because I kept bringing up I could verify who he was.

Finally I was able to search the image of the picture he sent me and wha-la! Low and behold, here comes the story of the Oil Rig scammers. Stay tough ladies, ask questions, verify their identity. You can seach white pages and find a name, age and basic information.

Heck, a majority of people these days have Facebook or Twitter. Do your diligent research!! Aug 28, Rating Lawson Morris marine engineer and scammer by: Anonymous What can I say, ladies. You are native english speakers, and me - not - so not easy to understand the level of scammers English. I met "Lawson Morris" on the Okcupid dating site. Widowed, his wife dead from breast cancer, son Eric with registered nanny, parents also dead, everyone dead.

He was super cute, and we texted a lot for about 4 days, but you cannot call from the ship? You use company customized devices - so what?: All these small things made me nerveous so I did a google image search - oishhhh, he is a well known scammer, with a thousand names and the same story.

He even gave me the name of the ship - Maersk Venturer. According to marine radar the ship is not near Jakarta - its close to Ghana.

Eric "his son" doesnt learn in the school he named in Compton CA. And of course, there is no Lawson Morris in Compton at all. So I said to him good luck you ugly scammer, and guess what? He began to call and text me - i love you, come on, honey I deleted him in Hangouts. Aug 28, Rating Reverse image search by: Anonymous I found this site to be pretty good because it uses several search engines https: I found Yandex to be the best. Aug 28, Rating Comment on Herry Matthews by: Anonymous So glad you got rid of him.

What is wrong with your friend that she is still smitten knowing she is not the only one? Hopefully she will wake up and not give him any money. Because that is ALL he wants. Aug 27, Rating Oil Contractor Norwegian by: Anonymous Oil Contractor Norwegian, sounds just like my scammer.

I have voice messages from this loser! Aug 27, Rating infor needed by: Anonymous You can use tineye. After that I do a google search on every single photo you get. I find that on tineye it may say no match, but then on google match it catches them. I was talking to a couple of men I suspect are scammers. The nerve of them, I ask for a picture on anything with a sign with Hi on it.

He said I could do that but because you don't believe me, I won't. Dam right I don't believe you. Aug 27, Rating Info needed by: Anonymous Can someone tell me where I can or what is the best site to use for the "image scan" process? He has sent me 3 photos "supposedly" of him??

Aug 27, Rating David Jackson by: Anonymous Here ladies is another one. This guy is really good with passport and all. His name is David Jackson, 55 years old, from Bristol, TN, widowed for 4 years, has an 18 year old son Ryan who is in boarding school in the UK who is taken care of by a nanny because he is an engineering supervisor working on an oil rig near Kiev. I was contacted through Messenger by David Jackson. He was interested in establishing a relationship since we were both widows and had kids near the same age.

He said he would prefer to text because he didn't always have internet access. So we switched to texting. I became suspicious when his Facebook page and his Messenger conversations disappeared.

I confronted him about being a scammer and wanted proof that he wasn't. He sent me a selfie which matched the Facebook page. He was working on an oil rig off the coast of the Ukraine, so he sent me a photo of his passport. I was surprised since your social security number is on it.

He was quite the romantic with lovely verses professing his love. Then he kept wanting to get married right away. I said I needed more time. He said he wanted a wife not a girlfriend. I told him if all he wanted was a wife there were catalogs for that and that the Ukraine has quite a few. I then compared his passport to my own and found several errors: I then did a search on the social security number: At this point I had not been asked for money, but I am sure it was coming.

My concern was if this social security number has been given to an infant or small child and having their identy ruined. I still have all the conversations, selfie, and photo of passport. Some of the conversations are embarrasing to me but I am willing to turn everything over to stop this scammer. Aug 27, Rating Herry Matthews by: He friended me on Fitbit. He had no recent activity and 3 pictures any woman would like.

Roses on a beautiful table setting, his 12 year old daughter, and a workout photo. A widower with one daughter. Believes and professes faith in God. Originally from Qatar but does business in New Jersey and has been here 8 years now. Asked me if I had a home and a car. Wanted me to go on Hangouts and asked for my number.

I deleted and blocked him. I saw in his friends list that we had a mutual friend and I messaged her and he was doing the same routine with her. Aug 26, Rating Oil Contractor Norwegian Anonymous Well this site is so good I recently have had what I think is a scammer talking to me. I have absolutely loads of pictures and have done an image search on them all but nothing but I am sure he is a scammer.

He is supposed to be Norwegian but living in the UK, lost his wife 6 years ago and of course he has the token one daughter but she is in her twenties and lives in Germany.

He is now supposed to be on a contract in Amsterdam yes of course he is lol. I laugh at the rubbish sent to me and equally I can see I am frustrating him by not giving the information he wants.

The declarations of love for me are hilarious. The only thing that bothers me is, that some poor guy has had his profile and pictures stolen and I wish I could let him know.

I have spoken to him and it was a very American accent and he called me Babe and Hun. Oh and daughters name is Peggy and sisters name is Rose and oh again, so Norwegian. I would be really be interested if anyone else has something similar and compare pictures. I really want to let the person whos profile is being used know and have tried all the searches. Aug 26, Rating Response to Scam or Not by: Do not send him a dime.

He is a liar like all the rest. He will take your money and your heart and you will be left with nothing. The best thing you can do is block and run. Aug 25, Rating wellingtonbruce hotmail.

Using this letter format below that is the 1 used by ALL scammers for their first contact. Zoosk could care less. I believe we both know that Love is not a destination but a journey and this is a journey that takes two to walk. I mean two souls who understand ahead that they aren't in for a kid walk, and what they have ahead is the most important mission in life.

A place meant for true people, it is a place called joy and happiness. I enjoyed reading this wonderful piece of your life synopsis and I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your husband.

I so much appreciate your honesty, sincerity and openness in your last email. This two are a good foundation to a lasting relationship, and I am happy we have started on a good note. I try to play golf when I am less busy, sometimes play pool at home as I have a pool board at home.

As I could remember, as a kid I was a very cute one, lol. One whom many bullies would target, but only to realize there is a tough side to me. I could make a sober person dance. I could affect one with my smile. I grew up having more older friends. Many would confide in me. To tell you, I'm a type that doesn't judge. There is no Mr right until we make him right.

A relationship is never about how much at the beginning but how much we could make it grow into. My grandma would tell me, if you aren't ready to feel or look stupid, then don't fall in love, lol. But sincerely that is the bitter truth.

Before I lost my wife, she told me that the fact that something good ends doesn't mean something better can't start. Can you prove that right? I have come to realize that, let a man write a better book, let him preach a better sermon, let him sing the best of songs, let him gain wealth beyond dreams, he is reduced to nothing except he has a woman to call, my wife, my best friend and co pilot.

My usual saying, and I am known for it, is that. Life is simple, for those who take it simple. I don't like to complicate things. There is joy in every situation if you know the right angle to look it from. I was waiting to meet my soul mate, then we will decide were the both of us will live. But I lived in a three bedroom rented apartment in Riverside California.

I want to spend the rest of my life having fun. Would you stand by me to build a home? Would you smile at me when I look tense? I don't need a super model, I rather need a very good friend who knows when I am tensed just by looking into my eyes and a super woman. The whole world may be mad at me, but if you are smiling at me, I would care less. Who says we can't design our own paradise together? It is workable just walk by my side Aug 25, Rating Scam or Not by: Anonymous Do you really believe in this guy that he is asking for money from you even though he has said he loves you?

Think of how many other women he has said this to besides you. I am sorry but you will be making a Big Mistake if you send him one Penny because him asking for more and more will never stop. I hope you have read all these letters of Oil Riggers. Regardless if he is an Engineer Contractor or what, he is not real. I wish not to hurt you with my words but I wish not to see your heart broke or being taken for money. I just had one this week tell me American women are weak, for he asked me for money and I said NO flat out.

He said fine he will find one that will send him money, but I did report him to FB. Sent his exact words to them. You must feel in your heart he is a phony, yes we love to her them words like I love you, but that's just it, they are just words with no feelings from a stranger on the net trying to get money. God Bless and Please be careful. Aug 25, Rating New names ladies look out by: Anonymous He is back and his name he is going under now is Maxwell scott Johnson from Australia but lives in Virginia here in the states.

It wasn't his lucky day when he ran a cross me as unfortunately I am studying to be a PI investigator. So keep a look out ladies as he is back under new names and new story's. Aug 25, Rating Scam or not by: Anonymous Anyone beware with the name Patrick Alexander from Italy, Offshore Engineer in Rome, wife died of cancer and has a 15 years old boy.

His mom died 5 years before his wife, the drilling machine got destroyed by the crazy waves, needs some money to ship a new one and he can't get out of the sea until he finishes his contract. Aug 24, Rating Kik by: Stephen Mike is 53 and from Nevada. He joined a group I was in and started chatting. And sure as hell, he is an oil rig engineer. I blocked him immediately. Be careful on Kik, ladies. Aug 23, Rating Rob Schmit by: Anonymous He used Rob Schmit as a name to contact me.

Also business on the sea and called a sub sea contractor oil business so traveling a lot. With a daughter, 20 years old. Divorced because wife betrayed him when he was traveling. Looking for a good woman. Currently on the sea of Spain for work. Use WhatsApp and a phone no with area code but link with a city in LA. He called but accent sounds like Indian or Turkish accent, which lead me to doubt about his identity.

He then sent me a passpoport link with his photo, which is different from the first photo he sent. He said he is from Luxembourg, mom is an Indian. Aug 23, Rating Words with friends 2 by: Anonymous Beware of Harry Baldwin. He had tried to start a conversation with me.

Block and delete him. Aug 23, Rating David Sandoval by: Anonymous Anyone been contacted by a David Sandoval? Says he's Dutch and yet has a Hispanic last name why? Said he lost his wife 3 years ago; son is Lives in Ontario, CA. When I asked what part he didn't acknowledge and "have to go have my dinner now".

Is active on CoffeeMeetsBagel dating site. Stated he's in the hotel renovation business and hopes to gain an interview for a possible contract in South Carolina.

We ALL know that's a "but I need some assistance to secure the contract". Skype name is live: Where the heck is that? Aug 23, Rating Troy Spencer by: Anonymous He will be on instagram and look very handsome and say his daughter has heart issues, wife died of cancer three years ago.

And he is a Nigerian man not a UK white man. Aug 23, Rating Corey Steele by: Anonymous Anyone been contacted by Corey Steele?

Don't know much about him, but I believe he is no good. Anonymous Anyone been contacted by John Lamb? Car accident in Louisiana, coma for 2 months, and now asking for a go fund me page for back surgery. Aug 22, Rating Anonymous writing about scammer in Stockholm by: Anonymous Sounds like the scammer I just wrote about.

Donald Hedlund, and he did not want any man around me either ever. He did not ask for money right away, but he did ask for a Amazon card and when he did ask for money it was through Money Gram and Western Union.

Just be aware and block him. Aug 22, Rating Change in modus operandi by: Anonymous There seems to be a shift in the way these scammers are operating.

I was approached by "Ben" on Over 40's Dating. He said that he had met a wonderful woman through the site, but his friend "Adam" needed to meet a truly special woman and he gave me "Adam's" contact number. I suspect that they were one and the same person. I gave him a call, and he told me that he was Hungarian he did have a European accent and had come to South Africa for work.

His wife had died in a tragic accident, he had a 12 year old son living in California, he had worked in South America, but SA was so beautiful and he wanted to settle here. He worked on ExxonMobil in Sandton Johannesburg. I asked him where he was. I told him that I had a friend who worked at ExxonMobil and she didn't know of him. He proceeded to tell me that he had been in a board meeting all day, had a terrible headache and has to rush off to Botswana to relieve a colleague who went for an emergency operation.

He was talking in circles. Looking back he made such a fool of himself. Needless, to say I blocked him. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Ladies, stay vigilant and trust your instincts. The stories these people spin are evolving.

Aug 21, Rating Jeremy Webbe by: He wants pictures on me and My place. He was on a datingsite - ourtime and he said he Loves me directly and nobody is going to touch me. I told him I am nobodys and I do what I want. Didn't ask for money yet but IT comes. I block before he asked.

Watch out and Block. Aug 21, Rating Nick Carter by: Anonymous This guy's Instagram username is nickcarter, email nick4love gmail.

He is a widower from Denmark I don't think Nick Carter is a common Danish name, just saying , he is working on a UK oil rig, Catholic, has one son, and lost his wife and daughter in a car accident when they ran into a trailer truck while going for a shopping trip.

Quite the heart-breaking story, huh? Worst part is he went on and on about fidelity and honesty. I will say this much: Aug 20, Rating Jack Peterson by: Immediately wants to know if I'm married and how old I am. Asked me to go on Hangouts to be able to chat better and share photos. Says he's 58 and his wife, son and sister died in a car accident and now is looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with.

He says he has 16 year old twin girls. Says he's working on an oil rigs in the sea of Aberdeen off Scotland and is the supervisor there to 30 men. Also says he was Italian. Romances you with love quotes taken off google. After two weeks he said I was his soulmate and wanted to settle down with me and his kids after his contract finishes. Tells me he's been having trouble with a crane for a couple of days.

Now he hardly has said a word to me since I said I couldn't get him the money. But I did receive a message he was so stressed and couldn't sleep but I noticed he was playing Words with friends. I've contacted women who have him as a friend on there and they too have had the same questions by him. I did a reverse image search and found him on a dating site under the name John, aged 53 and there was more photos of him.

I noticed a name in one of the photos and did a Facebook search and it turns out to be a bridal shop in Italy and this guy was in the photos. He's stolen this guy's identity who looks to be a wedding dress designer and rich so he doesn't need to scam women.

Aug 19, Rating Watch out for the name Richard Mathisen by: Anonymous He claims to be a widow of 4 years, Norwegian oil rig engineer. Just went off to the Gulf of Mexico. Supposedly from North York, Ontario. My friends told me he was a scammer, before he had a chance to ask me for money.

I blocked both his phone number and email address. The lesson I have learned here is not just off the dating site but not to talk to these people. Aug 19, Rating James and Kevin by: Anonymous First of all Thank You Kevin for putting your statement on because every word is true. As For James, Oh he is good to believe me. I would say I slept wonderfully, and that would get him mad. There never will be another in his life. He sent me many many songs and poems which the poems were always found on the net.

We argued too a lot. As I said before he sent me a picture of welding under water because the pipes were leaking oil in the Gulf and it was a lot I guess according to him. How he will never share his love with no other women, that is what all Nigerian's say to you. So if you hear that phrase know it is from a Nigerian or someone in Ghana, as they use it all the time.

I Have read so much on these guys and it all goes back to Nigeria. Please take care, as these men are not worth the ground you walk on. They are loser's who don't want to work for a living but scam women and men in the States. I talked to the FRSC in Nigeria and they said nothing can be done as it is not illegal for their men to do that. It's our fault for falling for it.

I am so Leary of any request from a man and again I always look at the likes, it will say Austin Texas but every single like is from Nigeria, so check it out for sure.

Aug 19, Rating Anonymous lady who claims all is good. Kevin B You will be asked for money or I tune cards. If he offers to send you money if you set up an account you will not be able to get to the money but your name will be all over it. It's what we call money laundering and you will go to jail. Remember most of these guys have two first names for their first and last, are widowed somehow or divorced, have one kid that lives with a nanny or Grandma.

But when he comes to see you he will need money guaranteed. And it will be guaranteed he will never show up. Anonymous Watch out for Dav on mate1. Aug 18, Rating James. Anonymous I've been with my cheater for over a year. I had a strange relationship with him. He did not get any money, he did not get expensive gifts. It was a strange relationship. I have his email address. I have his phone numbers.

I have his name even if it is true. I wonder if any of you had such a relationship and if you can have something more than just cheating with someone? I had the impression that I am not being cheated, on the contrary I turn this man into someone better and better. Has any of you had that? Aug 16, Rating Baruch Shalev by: Ewelina I have become approached by a scammer. I have pretty good instinct and I knew from the start that the guy who is contacting me is very wrong.

I decided to search and I am so glad that I found here similar history and someone else was contacted by the same guy. This time he was trying to sneak under the different name but he is a total idiot as he sent me an e-mail in which he introduced himself as Baruch Shalev while the e-mail address was RobertoSchmit.

This alone was enough to know he is laying. The story fits with Rob Schmit Oil Services scam who is searching for women on Linkedin and is reaching out to connect for other reasons than business. Another reason to not trust this scammer. And yes he introduces himself as a German- American who is a contractor for different oil companies and apparently he is the CEO now. His life focus and dream is to retire and buy a house for millions of dollars in some exotic place.

I contacted Linkedin, and will try to report to Cyber Security - but be aware he is there trying again and he may use a different name. Aug 16, Rating James Harrison by: Anonymous Less than a week into talking, I became highly suspicious. He stated being in Netherlands on a 4 year contract drilling. Parents deceased, wife died in childbirth, only brother died in battle in Syria. Referred to me as Dear, Queen, My love, and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

Fortunately, I never gave the ring of scammers a dime. If I hadn't have found this site, I was going to truthfinder him. I hope you read through this blog and see the stories are all the same. Yes, we emailed shortly after he found me. Anonymous Thank you for the post saying he is a scammer.

I did want to believe him so badly but am glad I decided to go in here this morning and found your post.

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