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CharmDate's role as a third-party platform

Emailing someone on CharmDate. You can read the rest of what we found out in the investigation below. The first question we had to ask ourselves was is this all real or just another fake site?

Is it realy possible to meet these Russian and Ukraine women or is this all bogus? Sifting through the profiles of beautful girl after beautiful girl, we kept asking ourselves are they real? We honestly had no clue so we just went to Google and start researching this site. We looked on Google see what kind of reputation that CharmDate.

We ended up finding real reviews from real people who used the service. These were not fake positive reviews written by reputation management agencies to make online dating sites look credible. These are all legitimate reviews from paying customers of CharmDate. This first review we took was a screen shot see screen shot below from a member who joined the site.

His indepth review was truly amazing. The reviewer said that CharmDate. The women are paid for the photos taken in model shoots. The female profiles you see on CharmDate. This site employs translators who are paid to pretend to be the women in the various female profiles on the site. And this is 24 hour per day business, so they have people working around the clock sending and replying to emails all to get you to use your credits. The big problem here is that this is a credit based dating service, the more you use the site you more end up paying.

The reviewer goes onto say that computer generated messages bombard you when you log into the site. There aren't real women sending you instant messages back and forth, it's all a con game.

And of course the end goal is to get you as a paying user to spend as much money as they can by chatting back and forth with you. They want you to burn through your credits as fast as possible because then you will need to buy more credits. The more credits you buy the more money the site makes. And the reviewer then explains that not all the profiles are fake but most of the attractive profiles are phony. Screen shot of review we found online stating.

Screen shot above stating that Charm Date is a rip off. The review goes on to state that these women are employees of the site and they get paid per letter so there's an incentive for them to continue to write emails back and forth so the amount of credits burned is fast. You can easily go through thousands of dollars on a site like this if you don't watch it.

In the review they guy goes on to say he's very suspicious of the five star reviews he saw on SiteJabber. This was our thought as well, many of the positive reviews look very scripted and could very well be written by the same person to make the site seem more legit than it is.

The screen shot below is from another reviewer and member of CharmDate. He states that this is an absolutely fake site and the girls told him "they were pushed to sell sell sell".

Then he mentions that you could be "out possibly thousands of American dollars" by using the site. These reviews are all coming from people who have spent a substantial amount of time on the site and probably a good chunk of their own money so it's worth looking at these reviews and understanding they're giving you a warning of what will happen if you purchase credits on this site.

This is coming directly from the horse's mouth, members who purchased memberships on CharmDate. These sites include, CharmDate. The two messages I received back had I think about 8 words.

My messages to her were in the to words so after the 2nd. She sent back a few responses asking me to reply but never did. I had learned my. Short but sweet but I now know better. Take a look at the photo shoots. We men are so guliilble. Nothing like a beautiful face, along with. Listen i learnt the hard way, was communicating with one woman for a few months and planned to meet..

I did an investigation and found the same photos on different sites yet different people, i even found the real person and she had not use the sites. Don't fall for it you'll be a victim and like me lose alot of money.

I'm surprised that so far there are so few comments about CharmDate considering how many guys have or are presumably still trying to find their "other half" on their platform.

It is not as if this dating site is new as it has been going for quite some years as far as I am aware. Yes the photoshoots for the most part appear to be professionally done, and the videos of the ladies leave the viewer none the wiser with the music drowning out the non-existent sound of the lady's voice. That is not to say whether or not what is presented is in their exact words or written by someone else on their behalf.

It doesn't matter how well formulated the presentation and the format are if you are in effect simply paying for an experience and nothing more. One thing that would ingratiate guys with just average-looking profile photos are the sheer number of letters one can receive in a month, depending on how much time they spend browsing on the site. Not that I spent a lot of time browsing for any likely candidates as I was engaged with "corresponding" with no more than 3 ladies for almost 2 years.

But one thing new users should ask themselves is whether they can in all honesty believe that the attention they receive from all those ladies is real. That is certainly part of a recipe in the interests of generating a lucrative income exploiting gullible men rather than facilitating genuine relational encounters as with some sites where you pay a periodic membership subscription.

Another feature of CharmDate that confronts you provided you do not hide your profile are the almost incessant popping-up of these "bots" inviting you to "chat" with "them" — I mean the photos of the ladies complete with comments, compliments, questions, statements, suggestions, innuendo sometimes crude. How do you know for sure whether you are actually "chatting" with the ladies in the photos, or whether you are unknowingly "chatting" with someone "managing" the profiles of these women?

Even if you can see the real women on videochat or webcam, chances are they are being instructed by the employees on what to say or write throughout the process.

I have observed this when at least one lady requested a chat with me. Another thing that I can confirm is that ladies are prohibited from sharing personal contact information, and if they do so then they are removed from the site.

As I mentioned above, I had "corresponded" with 3 women over a period of a little less than 2 years. There was one particular woman whom I had written and received letters and photos over a period of 18 months or so. This woman was real, however I later discovered an embarassing and unpalatable truth which for me cast a big shadow on her apparent sincerity.

That is the thing that can get one hooked, line and sinker. It can be hard to prove without concrete evidence that the woman who apparently shows so much "heartfelt" admiration for you is being proportionately dishonest. Without disclosing too much detail, it so happens that this woman does have a Master's degree in Psychology.

Like I said it can be hard to prove conclusively that someone is taking advantage of you. For me, at any rate, it was not enough to just have a feeling that something was not right.

We were exchanging quite lengthy epistles for a number of months before the letters became shorter but more frequent. I can only be "grateful" that many of the exchanged letters were at least words each.

In many letters there was at least some degree of plagiarism, and some showed blatant, word-for-word copying and pasting of whole paragraphs. It took me almost a year of writing to discover one of her profiles on social media through one of her photos. Very difficult to track down if the person has blocked or disabled the ability of anyone ever finding them through a search engine.

Meanwhile the "correspondence" continued for some months beyond my finding one of the woman's social media profiles. In the latter part of , she decided to part ways and finally stopped writing. The truth is that in the end I was not too sorry this had happened.

Later I discovered the awful truth that shocked me in one way, but in another it only confirmed a niggling doubt. One day when I again checked her social media profile, it showed that she was actually married, and had been for some months prior to her decision to stop writing. The only "decent" thing she did was to get her profile removed from CharmDate. I hope that they understand and learn from this sordid example and avoid CharmDate and similar sites like the plague.

Thank you for the "feedback"! Your information is very helpful, candid and I think relevant. I have been on Charmdate. These are women who I reached out to and are within a realistic age range to me. I am 48 and the youngest I'm messaging is Over this month I have not spent any more money than I would weekly at Starbucks, so in my mind I'm OK with that amount. My way of being able to compartment things in my brain I guess.

Maybe I will wake up now…I knew the chances for a scam were great, but I stayed anyway…So stupid. Just save your money up, go to Ukraine for a sex holiday and pay beautiful ukraine hookers and do to them what they did to you. They sure is purdy! Some are really good, although one actually hung up on me and called me a coward, for not rushing over to Ukraine.

They must be delinquent or very poor to be able to rip people off. Easy to run up a big bill there. Disappointed in them and myself. This site is a host of the local agencies in Ukraine and Russia.

I got burned by the site, but was still curious about Ukraine, so I took a few weeks, and went to Kyiv. While there, I started digging. I found many of the local agencies, that are working with Charmdata, Anastasia, and the list goes on and one. It is all about the money period. Men even work for these agencies. I found a very large number of the girls listed are either married or have local boy friends.

All of the sites, which make a guy pay for letters or chat are nothing but scams sites. I have returned to Ukraine about 10 times in the past 2 years. Curiosity drove me to dig really deep into this corrupt industry. It is bad, but no one in Ukraine is going to do anything, because it brings money into a poor country giving people jobs. I to have fallen , stupidly for charmdate, I actually went to Ukraine twice. The first time was quite an adventure, never visited a country like this.

I still communicate with a woman there, but we talk on Viber. Sheesh , such bullshit. Yep totally agree with all the comments so far. Eventually got details after much harassment on my part. Got a phone number but then that changed three times. And every call was hopeless. Then she said she wanted me to prove that she was the only one I was talking too. Gave her details then she said I had betrayed her.

So only way in the future to talk to her was through the site. Ha same comment as others. I challenged her and some others about the payment and of course total denial. And their hours were totally stupid too. So learn by my stupid mistakes and go to one of the recommended sites from here and give charmdate the widest berth possible. Charm Date, scam date is ine of the biggest lies I have ever encountered.

I first started out at Asiame. I after hundreds of dollars and what turned out to be some woman who was some drama queen I left the site.

Not knowing what was going on I went to Charmdate. Well it took anout 2 months and about five hundred dollars to figure out that it was all a show. This beautiful blond who claims to have a daughter in Boston kept my attention.

She said that she wanted to meet me in real life and was selling her hostel after which she was going to Boston to see her daughter and then was coming to see me.

She was always intrested in going to talk toe on chat. So I used the 3 credits to write her and did explain to her that in a letter I could get more words in. She agreed and said she would always wait for a letter from me. She wanted again to go to chat about her travel plans and I told her that her travel plans was up to her, just call me and tell me when she would arrive.

She again wanted to go to chat to talk about our real communication. That is when I hung up left the site. She could never get whatsapp or skype.

She would claim to go away on the weekend to see her mother and would read my letter when she got back. She did admit that it did not cost her anything to talk to me. One young lady did warn me that if I visit there to be careful. Does anybody knows if there is a collction suit against this company. Your email address will not be published. Time limit is exhausted. July 3, at August 4, at July 22, at September 8, at 4: October 27, at 3: November 9, at 7: December 5, at 5: April 30, at 7: September 10, at 9: November 8, at 7: December 28, at 7: January 8, at 5: March 21, at 7: July 18, at January 25, at 2: April 7, at May 6, at 5:

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