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I have come up with this asiandating. These places being usually linked to several dating sites through their office of employment which normally exists to churning out credit paid replies for the owners of the actual website and the office owners.

Why I believe that is a scam: my negative review Review

Harsh facts, so dont think you are that good just because they are from a 3. Anyway if you are realistic you will find nice people on this site, people that will commit.

But you really need to be realistic…. Definitely do not use asiandate. No doubt its ugly old woman writing to you anyway…. And after many letters back and forward, there is still no chance to send her your personal email in order to have free contact….

Anyway, dont get scammed. As if that would happen immediately anyway haha good luck out there. Oh…they have a partner website for Russian girls…. I have found out through three years of trying to meet a lady. That asiandate not only pays a large percentage of the women here to chat and write letters. I would say that about I have also found out that all of the women are under contract to asiandate.

They are not permitted to have any contact outside the site. Even through the phone calls. The interpreter makes it as hard as possible for one to obtain personal information from each other. They also take an inordinate amount of time to do this. So they can run up the bill. I have went to China twice to meet a lady that I was interested.

Both times, after meeting with the lady for 2 or 3 days. All they wanted was for me to give them money and, or buy them expensive gifts. Which is supposed to be forbidden. But after telling the site and recommending that the ladies be removed.

The site stated that they had no control over this. I have wasted three years and a very large sum of money to try and find a decent lady here. I was told about this site from someone else. Who had a good experience at first. But, later has had the same experience as me. I would say that if you want to spend a huge amount of money to play games or talk dirty with someone.

Then this site is for you. If you are a serious about finding a quality lady to spend the rest of your life with. We can never know the scale in which she has sent these out! She managed to get him off buying credits by sending him clever photos see below email address where she can now on Skype proposition for all sorts of things and do even more on webcam to entice men over to meet her where she will quote: You can find her on Orientladies. You just cannot know what you are dealing with they come across so sincere.

You take a big gamble on these sites and even more if you travel out to see them. If you are willing to arrange meetings off the site you run the risk that only you and her may know you were meeting. This could place an individual in a very precarious position thousands of miles from home and in a probably Chinese only speaking environment. This is my experience with collaboration of a US mans experience and with a Chinese interpreter telling how the latest individual but subtle scams are working.

Asian prostitute dating scams are becoming even more subtle by the individual perpetrators. These prostitutes referred later to as scammers are signing onto the best of the Asian dating sites and letting their friends in the local agencies run their accounts. Some of these scammers are beautiful on pictures which have been brushed but when you see them on web cam looking familiar but somehow not the same you should start asking yourself questions!

Yes you are now getting a look at them, so much more convincing to make the scam work. Or they will know when the cash cow is drying up and all of a sudden they have to go the family has another problem. No dear please I have not told the family about you yet. So out of 7 days I saw her for 3. You may just even meet someone who will do almost anything except love you to get US ID and to get their child into USA before reaching age of 21 so that they can go to university at your expense.

Especially those of us who, are at the vulnerable age 55 to 70 where a few enticing words can make you forget all reasonable and logical thought. Any way back to the scam the people given access to these accounts and usually to all the scammers personal photographs and details are in such a position to manage these accounts at their place of work.

These places being usually linked to several dating sites through their office of employment which normally exists to churning out credit paid replies for the owners of the actual website and the office owners. So they are in a position to contact the individual scammer to maybe arrange a web cam meeting time so as to be seen and confirm the identity of the scammer and can speak a little English, or if just to chat by text, scammers not required they, can control that no face to face contact you can be chatting with a fellow!

The next move is to get you over to meet them. They will be so kind as to offer to book your hotel near to where they say they live, for me it was the Kempinski Hotel in Chengdu China. Maybe they also have contact with some employees of these hotels where they might receive bargains, gifts, discounts etc this being part of being able to live the life style. They will agree to meet you at the airport and pick you up. My experience was that I arrived only to be met by someone and an interpreter of which I had to pay for I did not know and to be told that Zuping had had a family emergency and can be with me in 2 to3 days time.

I was not to worry as they had many girls I could meet and could spend time with. Obviously these people who met me were from an agency and no doubt running Zupings account. No disrespect to these other people I could meet but I think maybe they were the genuine desperate few the agency had on the books but who had a lot of baggage, ie. I am not against children just too old to manage one so I looked for speaking some English, no children, or older but left home.

My source told me that this is normal and that the lady I was suppose to meet was probably making a lot of money out of the client she was with but when it dried up she would come running! I must at this point say my source was not the interpreter I first met this one came later with the girl I am now with and was chosen by her. It is not always the scammers asking you directly for cash for an emergency or for some other reason it is more subtle, which the scammer will determine after sizing you up during the initial conversation face to face.

It is like a long term investment they can get you coming back to the country for more and more so its like continued business. So the shop owner still owns the article has made money so as the scammer!! On a regular basis this can generate a lot of cash. If she can manage to get 1 expensive article a day this is good money for them and they have a good life style in hotels all meals bought everyday! You will return to your country probably in the belief that you will be getting married they are so convincing while you are with them and because she has given you her email address, her phone number, home address so that she can be removed from the site and you do not have to buy credits anymore.

But she will not disappear from the site!! No she will stay on site and the people who manage this account have names of clients she has seen and will be promoting her for other clients so if you try to contact her through the site you will probably get no replies and her telling you in the emails or on the phone that her account is not active. At this point she changed her phone number or blocked my calls also the same on the emails it was as quick as that.

They are ruthless and have no feelings whatsoever. You cannot rely on the personal information about their home address either I checked it out or probably counterfeit ID they seem to have everything covered. You do not even get any comfort out of being able just to talk to them or get a reply from email. The site owners are happy this woman is still selling credits they will do nothing, the office are getting praised the site scammers managers are getting their share, the scammers have a good life style and making money everybody remains happy except you!!

But he spent an absolute fortune in a few days and continued to spend when he was back home by sending her money. Went back again to Chengdu to meet her again and build the relationship.

Only to be told in the end, when back home, after questioning her where the money was going, that she could not marry him. Promptly changed her phone number or blocked it and emails! Moral of this info: If they are so beautiful and you are in this age group and they want you so much and they are missing you only after sending a few messages and they want you come visit them. I am very suspicious of this site. I get letters and notices that are the same message. Few actually address me by name and many somethings tell me they love what I have written in my profile even though I have stated that my search criteria has a minimum age of Can someone tell me that you have actually been successful in meeting a lady thought this site?

More specifically, the one that you have been corresponding with. I joined this site, and found 2 ladies I wanted to get to know after many fake and misleading notes. Immediately, I got flooded with hundreds of women with near naked photos in the free portion of their letters.

I suspect this is just a scam also to get you to pay for the credits, and then they will cut you off when you try to exchange info with the ladies, because the conversation is monitored by one of their staff. Scam of the highest level. Many fake profiles, girls sending out standard letters about your great profile and pictures. Many tries getting you on Skype.

Then they will get you naked on cam, and black mail you. Some real profiles, but all the scammers and gold diggers made me paranoid. I disabled my profile after a few weeks, even though I have paid for a 3 months premium plan. I have been in AsianDating. I did get the credits and nothing happen to my bank account at all. Overall this website might be FAKE. Also the Website is located in France so you might want to watch out.

I recieved 10 letters after joining…. A hell of a site if these stunningly beautiful women can fall in love with me after reading my name! Me smells a rat. Overall, the layout is neat, the way they have the profile matching system is nice, and the fact that they work hard to clean out fake or abusive profiles is pretty nice.

Other than that, great website and I have already been making arrangements to meet someone within the next few months. I just recently divorced my wife of 12 years and I wanted to use this dating site as a method to get over her.

All the young ladies on here discriminate me for my age and the fact that I am divorced. Not only that being on here is discouraging for me, it is also lowering my self-esteem. But there was a kind young lady that made me happy when she webcam with me. It was very nice of her to also show me her site. But overall, i am going to give up on this online dating site thing. I really like what this dating site tries to do. Everything from the format to their efforts to get rid of spam. This is the first dating site that I feel like they are real and genuine.

The guys I meet are all eager to talk to me and are friendly. The membership price is reasonable and worth it.

I live in LA and most of the guys that talk to me live in my area. So far, I am dating 2 guys and about to decide who I want to have a more serious relationship with. I have 2 great guy to choose from. Life is good for this girl. Im looking for my partner in lifetime a true guy that comfort me im not here for fun so if any one willing what i mean cool. This place just outright rock. It is so much better than those other dating sites that I use to visit.

At asiandating, they fight really hard to get rid of fake profiles, dead profiles and the scammers. Knowing that, I feel at ease to chat up some of the ladies here without much worry. Without this place, I would have gone on living without knowing this because I thought I was the only Asian person within a 25 mile radius. At least it seemed that way. Great place, great people, great features and great services. Although the site looks kind of old school, I felt really good after joining asiandating.

The girls here are all cute and pretty. They are exactly my type that I want to date. Only problem that I have is that some of the asian ladies are too far and I am not willing to engage in a long distance relationship, so too bad. I live in Kansas. They should have told me that sooner! The reason there is a monthly cost is to cut down on scammers who make up fake profiles. With the monthly fees in effect you are less likely to become a victim of a scam artist.

In other words, your chances of meeting a real Asian bride online are higher than those websites that offer free membership. While the monthly fee is meant to keep scammers down, there are still a few who are willing to create fake profile, so the website highly recommends it users to be extremely careful when interacting with others.

All of the asiandanting. So it is likely to find someone you can one day call your life partner within months whether than many years down the line. Your email address will not be published. He loves Southeast Asia and is interested to learn more about its culture.

Thomas is happy to share his experience with the readers about overcoming various differences cultural, language or social barriers in an intercultural relationship with an Asian woman. In his view, Asian women are the best! At the moment, he has a happy long-distance relationship with a Japanese woman. Review | Is it Worth Your Time?

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