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Congratulations and I wish you the best. Amazing shots nicely done and You both look so happy and content with each other thats the most important thing. Have a blessed life thanks for sharing. I was so amazed by the wonderful response of everybody attending the wedding. A society so free minded, we can do wonders: Also a bride in white gown with loads of mehandi and Indian jewelries, breathtaking scene. All my love to the couple, stay blessed. The friend crying nearby made me teary-eyed.

The nose-kisses made me all teary-eyed. I think maybe my allergies are getting out of control; I need a Kleenex…. From a completely stranger.. All the best for the future. Both the brides look gorgeous and so happy to see the support and love all around. Congrats and best wishes. I dont know ull but i send all the love from Pune, India!

And so are your photos. In a matter of few days, this blog has traveled across the world and I can see why. So much love, so much beauty, so much style. I wish you all the best. Thank you for sharing your inspiring wedding and love. Alles Liebe from Germany. Steph, This is my first time seeing your work.

As an Indian lesbian now living in the U. Thank you so much for sharing such an incredible set. It hits home more than you can imagine. Its super Gorgeous, seeing these pics really brings tears in my eyez. Congratulations to both of you, you both looks awesome together. This is so lovely! All the best wishes to Seema and Shannon. Both of you look so happy and beautiful. The photos look great as well. Bride, groom, and even guests. Two gorgeous women captured beautifully. Congratulations Seema and Shannon!

You are inspiration for me and my girlfriend.. These pictures are beautiful! I am Indian and it is so great so see Indian parents supporting their daughter. I am sure it was quite a journey… To see these 2 so in love is incredible. Their smiles are amazing and you did a beautiful job capturing their love.

May they always be as happy as they were on this day! Pics are really brilliant.. I am crying right now. My heart is filled with joy.

A wedding like this would be so memorable to see. Wish them a happy life. This is so beautiful.. I wish I marry that beautifully!! Absolutely Fantastic to see both the brides… in such awe of each other. Indian parents accepting this… Hats off to your parents Seema.. Have a lovely life ahead….

I am a random Indian straight guy, saw your pictures on facebook, what a beautiful wedding and u guys look so happy together that u made me cry a little bit.

Pure love and happiness. This gives a whole new meaning to beauty of Marriage. May god bless them. Give them strength and understanding in their downs, and infinite joy in their ups. And of course infinite flow of love throughout their journey of this life and beyond. Could cry just looking at the pics, Im sure the wedding live would have been beautiful! Its a lesbian wedding, mixed race, with an Indian ceremony coupled with western traditions too captured with beautiful photography.

Those who find true love r lucky indeed….. I have been to over seven weddings this year and this is by far one of the most beautiful weddings i have seem. I dont know you guys but just seeing the photographs i felt i was there. Congrats to the couple and kudos to stephan for showing the world such love and beauty. Inspiration ,now i am able to make sweet picture of my wedding like this in my mind.

In my wedding you people will be in prime guest list. You can see the love they have for the other in these pictures. I wish you a very happy married life! Hearty congratulations to both of you! I am Indian and he is American too? There cannot be a better ambassador to the fight for marriage equality than this album. Anyone who would deny these two lovely ladies such apparent happiness just does not have a heart.

All the best to both of you for a lifetime of joy, fulfillment and togetherness. If the Photographer is ready to take assignments from India, then i would like to book you for my wedding, do mail me. Very very beautiful pictures and the wedding.. God bless them with all the happiness n love…. Wow beautiful wedding and beautiful photography!

Congratulations and wish you both an amazing future! I do not know any of the marital party but I have to say these are such a beautiful collection of wedding pictures, absolutely love the wedding beautiful attire and just completely wonderful. When they say that matches are made in heaven! Beautiful wedding… awesome documentation… what colors! Wishing the couple all the happiness in the world!! Saada sukhi raho , saada suhagan raho. I wish you long and happy life together.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos. Wow you can see the love in everyone. You are truly blessed. I wish you great happiness and harmony!

These are the best wedding pictures I have ever come across in my life. The pictures says it all. Love, Laughter and Happiness in the air,. Is this not what a marriage is all about. Have a great life and keep smiling.. Roopa Ravi, New Albany. You dont know me……. I love this so much and it personally gives me hope that one day my family may come around and support me. You both look absolutely stunning and radiant and so in love. I hope to make them go viral.. Beautiful, beautiful photos and ceremony.

Best wishes of happiness for the lovely ladies! Seeing these pictures renewed my hope that maybe one day my family, too, will accept and love me and my partner as much as this family! The brides AND the guests are aglow with happiness!

Omg absolutely gorgeous, these brides are stunning and u can see the love they share. The pic where Shannon sees Seema was so incredibly touching!!! This is simply brilliant!!! Loads of good wishes for the lovely couple.

I love the pictures and you did a beautiful job. Good luck to the both of them. The wedding was beautiful. Without knowing either of you, I am genuinely happy for you two lovebird. Love ALL of it! Man this is soooo beautiful!!! Wish you both a very happy married life!! What u guys did was just amazing……All the very best. Amazing and very inspirational.

We are a Muslim gay couple getting married next year and we are hoping that our wedding will be as glamorous and as beautiful as yours.

We wish you happiness, health, and peace! Such a beautiful weding! There are lots of kid out there that need loving parents.

One need not have a baby to have babies. Stunningly beautiful photography and both the girls look amazing together…you have captured wedding so perfectly, I can feel the emotions and radiating happiness all around…glad that indian parents have accepted it so well and congratulations!!

Jimmy hyderabad I dont know you people,but then too i want to wish u guys. Beautiful and happy women. We can feel by the images the excelent vibration of the wedding. The photography is amazing n u both look perfect together. May God bless u both with all the blessings n love!

Wish you the most wonderful life. And what a beautiful relationship! I am Indian, and loved how you captured the important ceremonial moments. Wedding is awesome but need to know more about them and their life. Such a beautiful couple, the ceremony just leaps out full of joy and happiness. Congratulations to Shannon and Seema and Steph Grant for the pics- they look like models at a photoshoot!

Oh gosh, sitting here at work and strolled across this as it was going viral. What can I say? Most beautiful, breath taking wedding I have seen. The photography made me cry because I felt as if I was in the wedding. Cheers to Seema- as an Indian girl myself, I am truly inspired by your courage, love, and happiness that is shown in your pictures. Beautiful… the only word that came into my mind after going through this blog… God bless both of you..!!!

Makes me want to renew my vows again! I say this only because it should be the love that draws comment. What your orientation is that led you to this beautiful moment should be irrelevant. Thanks for sharing your special moments. Incredibly moving to see so much honest love. These images are beyond beautiful, and they tell such a wonderful story of love and strength. It warms my heart to see this for so many reasons…. I am sure this was no small feat!

Proud of you girls! Blessed life ahead…and your Love Story has reached far corners of the world, ladies! What a beautifull wedding…I never se something like that. These photos are incredible. You told such a wonderful story through these pictures- it feels like I was there! What a happiness they have. Exceptional photography and gorgeous couple. May u have the same love and laughter filled future as your marriage day!

Reading this is one of the best start to my day that I could have. Wow What an amazing, beautiful, spiritual ceremony! You both are so beautiful and look so incredibly happy. Best Wishes for a wonderful life together! Thank you for letting us be a part of your special wedding. Never thought i would say this. I salute the photographer. Wishing seema and shannon a very very happy married life. The brides, the wedding the photography… alll so amazing..

Congrats Shannon and Seema! Phenomenal pictures that warm my heart. May u share a long and happy life with love being your center for all time. So happy to see this, it makes me feel so excited about the work I am in.

Everybody deserves to celebrate the love they have. God bless you both. It warms my heart that the world is changing and things like this are happening. These are the best Wedding Photographs i have ever seen.. I hope that both of you live a life of the utmost happiness that one can hope for…. Congratulations to the both of you! Proud of you girls, Stay blessed and happy!!

Wish Shannon and Seema the best for their life ahead.!!! I dont know either of you but it feels like I do just by looking at these pictures!!

I think this would your th comment, but still I would say that I am bowled over by the entire thing. Not leaving any specific comment for your photography as that indeed beautiful and I would been more than honoured if I was appointed in your place as the wedding-photojournalist. This is again a wonderful thing I have seen. This brought tears to my eyes. I am an Indian lesbian and have always dreamed of having the same kind of wedding. Everything that happened in this wedding has been exactly what I have dreamed to happen in my wedding.

Especially, the part where I marry a woman out of my culture. After seeing this I can say that my dream one day will surely come true. Thank you Seema and Shannon for keeping mine and probably millions of other girls dreams alive, especially, those who wish to marry a woman out of their culture.

I wish both of you all the happiness and luck in this new journey of yours. Both women have such expressive, happy faces. I can see the joy and excitement.

From An absolute stranger who loved the pictures and the idea and people who made it happen. You are realy true lover its proved. I pray to god for your Happy long life. God Bless both of you. Great and very much happy to see such wedding: Happy for you both: Best wishes for both of you….

All the best o the couple…and a special mention for your photographs…i love the way you have captured each and every moment…. This is by far the most beautiful wedding ive ever had the pleasure of seeing. They are a photogenic couple lol.

Great Photographs for sure… Lovely moments ahead to both of you! Big Congratz for this special day …! Not a small step for sure!

I wish you both happy moments together always! Wishing you both love and happiness always. Hello there beautiful ladies, I do not know who you are but I would like to say: Great moments captured by a great photographer! I am soo happy for the newlyweds..!

Very good photography by photographer and Looking gorgeous two of you. I feel like i just attended this ceremony. Crossed all cultural barriers..!!

Congratulations Shanon and Seema! Wish you both all the happiness and a happy married life. WOW, A friend of mine shared this with me, this brought me to tears, because I am a gay man. It is amazing to see this. I hope the world slowly broadens its vision and accept such weddings with arms wide open. Hats off to the Indian parents of Seema. This is amazing and beautiful. God bless the couple! Beautiful photographs and a beautiful story woven in pictures. I too teared up at a couple of places.

Wish Seema and Shannon a wonderful, fabulous life ahead. And Stephanie, amazing work. Its just a amazing job… and the girls are beauty and looks really happy.. Thank you so much for making these wonderfully personal images public. Hopefully people will see just how happy these people are and realise that love comes in many forms. I was never for gay or lesbian weddings.

However, the couple here is so happy. They look beautiful together! Enough to change my mind about lesbian weddings at the very least! Congratulations…Thank you for giving us in India a ray of hope … Wishing you two a together forever lifetime of bliss …. Such a beautiful series and couple, of course! Thank you for sharing, and congratulations! Wishing the beautiful couple all the best!

Such beautiful pictures — traditions are always changing, and it makes me happy that in this case, traditions are changing for the better and to be more inclusive. As a queer ally, these pictures and the comments afterward give me hope the future of the desi community! My best wishes to Seema and Shannon. I hope they have only the happiest of times, a wonderful, fabulous life ahead and never a moment of sorrow.

The love in their eyes is so touching, may it shine brighter that the sun. But the best things in life never are. And Stephanie, absolutely amazing work, you are truly talented. Breathtaking kaleidoscope of memories. I just wonder how the narrowminded indian parents came around it. This is so beautiful! The colour,the style and the surroundings its just simply amazing!

Congratulation Shannon And Seema! I had my garage broken into this morning and stuff stolen. I was not in a great mood, but then i opened my email and saw this link my friend emailed. It really cheered me up. I love the decor and arrangements too — very minimalist and elegant…. Thank you for sharing your pictures of your beautiful day…. This has given me hope…….

I dont know these ladies, but the pics made me tear up. God Bless you Shannon and Seema. You guys may look beautiful individually, but together….. I happened to come across this and let me tell you this is so beautiful. Congrats Seema and Shannon. Photographer you have done a truly amazing job. With the internet connection i have…it took me an hour and half to check the pictures out. Those photographs restored my faith in love. The beauty in each picture is mesmerizing.

The contrast, focus, framework everything seems to bring every single picture to life. I felt like being a part of the beautiful marital union of Shanon and Seema. Wonderful photography and may both of you have a brilliant future. Just stumbled across these pic on FB. It blew me away!

The ceremony, the brides, and the guests…. Especially the gleaming, jolly eyes of the Shannon and Seema. It was a bliss to the eyes. I am so happy for you two! May your future together be happy, healthy and prosperous!

What a beautiful wedding.. OMG I cried when i scrolled through these. What a gorgeous wedding and wonderful photographer!

Looking at you i could feel how beautiful we can make this world if we show little respect to wards peoples own choice! God bless you both! Despite being Indian and to lot of indian weddings, i am yet to witness such a splendid indian wedding.

Both of you looked stunning. Your wedding incorporated gazillion tiny details of a typical indian wedding which is soo heart warming. This shows pure love. I wish I knew the couple! I loved all the clicks…. Such a beautiful wedding! Wow pics, saw a few on other blog of wordpress. Congrats to you and to the beautiful couple. They look ravishing in love and here it is I have to say for them in form of poetry. I am a young Indian girl and know how strict Indian parents can be and like someone mentioned in a previous comment, i am so glad to see that the Indian parents are so open and accepting of these beautiful couple.

Congrats to both of you beautiful ladies I wish I was a friend of yours because it would have been an honor to be a part of this wedding. Love is beautiful and this celebration of love is touching. Best wishes to Shannon and Seema. Gorgeous pictures and very unique ceremony. Congratulations to the lovely brides! All best wishes for laughs and adventures throughout life. I am an American Desi whose daughter came out as Bi when she was in high school. No matter the gender of who she marries, I hope to throw my daughter just as lovely a wedding as this.

What an amazing hybrid of cultures, traditions and style to celebrate your special day! I hope you two have a long, happy life together! I am so happy for both of you!

These pictures are so beautiful, and you look both stunning and radiant. This is beautiful beyond words.

I am crying because it feels like i just saw a slideshow of my most heart wrenching dream come true! You are both beautiful, brave and blessed.

I wish you both a lifetime of joy! I feel so goddamn fortunate and grateful to have stumbled upon this page today. Steph, you are an amazing photographer! You can feeel the love emanating from each shot. Is there any way to get in touch with the brides? You captured the day beautifully — thanks so much for sharing this! It really made my heart soar and give me hope.

Firstly, these pictures are really beautiful. Job really well done. Each picture captured their glorious moments together perfectly. I am happy for the two ladies. They look so happy together. Its really nice to see their families support them. I wish more people were so open minded. Wish you a happy and long married life Shannon and Seema. A wedding like this should be the rule, not the exception.

Congratulations to the beautiful brides!! Kudos to the photographer who caught the mood and the rhythm in the wedding. Glad to see the smiles and genuine love and happiness around. Wonderful pics depicting the wonderful love the lucky couple has around them. This is so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. A little love and acceptance goes such a long way — I am so happy that weddings like this are now an attainable reality at least in some parts of the world! Congratulations to the happy couple; may your lives be full of love and laughter for years to come!

Great to see the event! Fantastic clicks — this is how wedding photography should be — Indian wedding photographers…. Bless the couple and their families and friends. I am so happy to be living in these times. Congratulations, I am so proud that the both of you have broken down that wall, and proof that love DOES conquers all! Hi this is absolutly awesum..

I dont know both of you, saw this on a fds FB page.. I wish both of you Seema and Shannon love happiness and a wonderful life together always.. True love— … it shows … its there in all the pics … from the mang tikka to the mehendi on the toes , the only thing i could see is pure love for each other..

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