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That's the first thing you need to understand. What's going on here is DateAndFuck. These are fake dating services that are being promoted through DateAndFuck. You can read the full investigation and our findings below. So what's the deal with DateAndFuck. Someone has registered the domain name DateAndFuck. These questions are all bogus, and you can answer them any way you like.

You don't really need to answer them but they want you to answer them because it's part of their marketing gimmick. By answering questions it makes the website they're promoting seem more legitimate. Even though in reality it's all a scam. At the end of the questions you are asked to click continue.

When you do click continue you are sent to yet another site. This site is called IWantU. But unfortunately that doesn't make it a legitimate. This site, I Want U is phony. We did an thorough investigation on IWantU. In that review we concluded that it was a total fraud. They used all kinds of tricks such as creating fabricated profiles that they upload to the members area of their own website. These fake profiles are used to bait you into registering on their site and from there eventually upgrading to communicate and chat with other members of the site.

Another dirty trick they use is to send people computer-generated communication such as email messages. The emails although they do look legitimate are actually created by computers not by real women wanting to hook up with you. It might be hard for you understand but in this high-tech world computers are able to accomplish many things.

They are used for fraudulent and illegitimate reasons such as sending people computer-generated fake emails that look as if they're being sent from real people.

This is a massive trick that is used by thousands of phony dating services including IWantU. It's easy to get taken in by these type of fake emails because they do look legitimate. Specifically on I Want U you cannot read email messages unless you pay for a monthly subscription. This little scam works extremely well because if you see your inbox is full of email messages from supposedly local women many guys will fall for the con. In the review that we did of IWantU.

In that review we proved with evidence the chat messages that we were personally were receiving when we free members were bogus. We even took screenshots of the various chat messages we received. Here are some of our favorite phrases:. Those without purpose are not wanted. We promise, there are SO many more.

How could anyone read over that and expect to get laid on this website? They might have never even MET a woman. All we can say as guys who have met women and know exactly how to hook up is that you should ignore this piece of crap and try a GOOD site. AdultFriendFinder 4 Hookup Site: Xpress 5 Hookup Site: On October 10, COM is dedicated to helping you find sex online by providing a guide to sex strategies and reviews of the best sex dating websites.

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