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Victoria Beckham's Adorable Family Honors Her with Photos and Cards on the U.K.'s Mother's Day

Disablement or near paralysis due to overwhelming workload due to circumstances and exceedingly high expectations in performance 3. Copy Editing Copy Editing refers to grammar and punctuation.

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We featured this pic of her in our Newsletter for December ! Wish the best for this little doggie on the Facebook post for this update. We put Bushka up for adoption just yesterday! He has just complete a photo shoot for the Herald Sun! Not sure he will make the paper but you never know!

From a Facebook update we posted after a a Herald Sun photographer came around. Wow, a couple of days later and Freddie really did appear in the Herald Sun. It's a gorgeous photo! Robin is an older Albino Chihuahua Cross who craves a soft bed and good food! With his forever loving family he now enjoys walks and the dulcet tones of a Ukulele in the park. This Angel is no pirate. Here is Angel on her little holiday with Sue and Jess, looking just a wee bit spoilt!

See a couple more photos of Angel in the Facebook post. We took off Angel's coat and put her outside thinking she just might like some warm sunshine. From this Facebook post with Angel. We welcome our darling little Freddie in to our home. Freddie is seven weeks old.

He is eating and drinking. This morning we gave him a little toy and he has been playing with it. Freddie has some brain damage no one knows why or how but he is such a happy little Vegemite that we intend that he should have a chance.

Say hello to Freddie on the Facebook post for this pic! Gerrie is pregnant at Chihuahua Rescue Victoria headquarters, and is likely to give birth in the next couple of days. Just after this photo I put down some kibble in her food bowl. Wish I had the video going! She tried to get up and was rocking around on her back, legs in the air. She looked like a beetle who can't roll over on to her feet!

Yes, I stopped laughing and helped her up! Wish Gerri the best on the Facebook post for this photo! Susie is now ready for a loving home for her final years. She is microchipped and her records say she is ten years old, but she could be older as she was a puppy farm girl and has always been having puppies!

She had mammary milk tumours removed when she was desexed last week, and all her teeth were taken out. Has a fantastically strong heart! She is fine with the other dogs and is a darling little dog considering her past! She has been fully immunised and her microchip number is We got a beaut donation from Wodonga Dog Rescue. If you like, say a few words of thanks along with us on the Facebook post we created for this donation. Thank you to Wodonga Dog Rescue, for this wonderful huge parcel of doggy coats for our babies over winter!

It is just so lovely when Rescues can work together to help each other out! You can check them out on their Wodonga Dog Rescue web site or Facebook group. Arnold was named Big Fella because he was the first in the litter! Now he is named Arnold and has gone to a loving seaside forever home. First two in harness ready and waiting for the others before heading off for our "walk"!!

Dale, the most wonderful, obedient little dog. In fact a dream dog to live with! Has just been adopted and left our care to try out his new home. Good luck little darling, we will miss you. This is what we wrote about Dale when we put him up for adoption.

He is quiet and toilet trained. He is fine with people but not suited for children under 10 years. Is Ok with the other little dogs here. However our vet thinks he looks more like a Beagle cross Jack Russel Terrier - and we agree! This little man loves his daily walks and needs an active person happy to do 2 to 5 KMs per day! Wish Dale luck on his journey with a new forever home on the Facebook post for this update. This is in memory of Billie Girl. Little Miss Independent, Billie Girl was very affectionate, loving..

She was a real character and everyone who met her loved her. Read more about Billie Girl here. This is in memory of Nelson, a one eyed Chihuahua Rescue Victoria dog adopted out in The passion of his human is displayed in the other dogs she loved and the memories she holds for a most energetic dog. Read more about Nelson, who loved ear scratches and had a lot of girlfriends. What is this obsession you have with tormenting me?

I'm totally fine with my one eye disability. This is from the success story of Gizmo, one of the longest lived Chihuahua Rescue Victoria home dogs, and a personal favourite of Mother Chihuahua - not that there are any favourites! He was one of the first rescues, and was a stalwart friend to so many other rescues that we hope Gizmo is remembered far and wide. Read more on Gizmo's Success Story and Memoriam.

In memory of Portia, a Chihuahua Rescue Victoria dog who found her loving forever home in and passed away on Tuesday, 17th of January Read the beautiful memoriam prepared by her adoptive Mum. If you would like to say a few words to Portia's family, you can do so on this Facebook post for Portia. Billy, the most gentle little man has just left to go live with his new Mummy. Quite a few tears shed here this afternoon! We love him much more than most of our little "rescues".

His Mummy has promised lots of photos! Say hi to Billy in this Facebook update! Update on Billie after 18 months: Say hi to Billie in this Facebook update!

Sasha is a gorgeous little "deer" or "Bambi" Chihuahua of six years. She was timid but very gentle. We are so happy to get this update from her new forever home. Either way, this is brilliant - thank you very much! Wish Nina luck on her Facebook post , or view the blog entry we made when we originally put her up for adoption.

Poody Poodle has just chosen his new Mummy! Will really miss this little tiger. Wish Poody luck on his Facebook post , or view the blog entry we made when we originally put him up for adoption. Carrie, the gorgeous little girl is now called Frankie!

We received the below message from her earlier this week. Dear Rita and Maya, little Frankie who used to be Carrie asked me to send you a picture to show you how happy and pretty she's looking.

She wants me to pass on extra special loves to 'grandma'. So happy despite all his medical issues. We love you Pablo, you are a very special little man. I hope this makes you all smile. Mischief, the cheeky little girl has chosen her new family and left us to try out her new home.

Wish Mischief good luck on her journey on this Facebook post! See the post for Mischief when we first put her up for adoption with some fantastic photos: This beautiful little "older" lady found her forever loving home.

Says her new Mum: Penny sleeps on my bed, follows me everywhere, eats like a Labrador and demands belly rubs. In , we saw a little girl come from the pound as unclaimed. We named her Chee Chee. She was very shy: After a call and a visit from C and E, Chee Chee found a new forever home, and we were honoured to receive these updates for Chee Chee in , , and a new lovely update in Here is Oscar on the second anniversary of his adoption.

He is full of life now, the boss of the house and a real little character. Thanks Rita for saving this grumpy, funny, bossy little fella. Oh my goodness, he looks stunning!

What a wonderful job you are doing with this darling little man. I remember how skinny and sad he was, so it is greatly heart-warming to hear he is so happy now! Say Hi to Oscar on the Facebook post for this image. See our original blog post when we put Oscar up for adoption in Thank you, Linda, for producing this fantastic poster! Also for all the footwork and negotiaton with the stores supporting us.

Check out this poster on Facebook. This is Molly, who was Wokky when we put her up for adoption on Sunday, February 8, Here is an update Molly's new family gave us earlier on Sunday, 5th of April ! Mimi has gone to try out her new home. A lovely family has adopted her and we wish them well.

I hope that this sad eyed little girl will get the sparkle back in those eyes. She is a gorgeous well behaved little dog. Wish Mimi good luck on this Facebook post. We first put Mimi up for adoption in March Steven and Rita spoke about her mission to help rescued Chihuahuas find loving forever homes: We orginally wrote about this in the August newsletter. You can discuss this video on it's very own Facebook post if you like.

Here's our newest little fur kid Pixel formerly Polly Pocket Rocket hanging out with her sister-from-another-mister Anna. Thanks to her family for giving us this Facebook update. We have seen Pixel as Polly Pocket already here on the gallery, once and twice before. Rio right and Taco left - they are gorgeous! This note from their Daddy: Hi Rita, just wanted to let you know today is Rio's two year adoption anniversary!

Thank you so much for bringing this little man into our lives. I cannot tell you how much he is loved. Rio was adopted in ! You can comment on this amazing picture on their Facebook post. We had this dog listed on our Unidentified page because we no longer knew his name, but thanks to a very kind reader who also happens to be the saviour of Chee Chee , he has a name: Max the Min Pin right went home with Macey the Doberman left. Thanks to Max's new Mum as she linked me to your website where we fell in love with Chee Chee , who is now our little princess.

We wish Max the best on this Facebook post. Jack the tiny Jack Russell has chosen his new Mummy and gone off on two weeks trial. One of the best behaved JR terriers I think I have ever met!

Wish Jack well on this Facebook entry. Pearly-Sue enjoying her time on deck - soaking up the sun. Pearly-Sue was named Susie when we first put her up for adoption.

Community Success Overcoming homelessness to help Travis went from experiencing homelessness to studying at university. Community Success Overcoming homelessness to help.

Poverty Success From poverty to politics. Community Success Pop pop, fizz fizz: Phillips Soda Works shows their local love We love buying local here on the Island! Starting August 3 and through to Phillips Soda Works shows their local love. Donor Stories Two dentists with hearts of gold help the community Have you ever wondered what happens to your old gold crowns? Avenue Family Dental and Donor Stories Two dentists with hearts of gold help the community.

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