Imperial Cleaning Is Running A Scam

Get Naughty is a well designed and implemented deception created to scam men in particular. June 8, at 1:

BeNaughty Headquarters

Why Is Not Worth It: Is a Scam?

Within minutes we are received a couple email messages from supposedly interested women. But since we already read the terms and conditions of the site we knew very well that these email messages were completely false and fabricated by the dating site itself. There was no women emailing us or not as the bottom line. In order to reply or even read the emails from these two fake women we of course needed to purchase a monthly subscription that cost us money.

That's what it's all about the site of operating a couple completely fraudulent manner and deceptively does anything it can to push you into paying for a membership. That's what it's all about and as soon as you get that through your head you'll realize you can never meet legitimate women on this site. There's not much to say about GetNaughty. The facts speak for themselves, there are no real women on the site, fake instant messages and email messages. View these these honest dating sites if you would like to search for real girls.

I strongly agree with what has been written regarding GetNaughty. We agree with you Duncan. Get Naughty is a well designed and implemented deception created to scam men in particular.

Someone made a fake profile using my pics and giving my phone number, I am being harassed and men are sending very explicit photos of themselves to me, thinking they are talking to me, this is very embarrassing to me and my family, I have children and I am asking please remove all contents of me off your site, I would like to know how to contact you. This is a blog about the website being a scam you'd have to contact the real website to get help for this.

If the real website ignores you you'd have to contact police for help. I'm so disappointed because this is my first time trying this out and rip off get naughty has lied to me and probably every one else just to steal my money through deception and now because of get naughty I'm never going to put my trust in any website again. It's funny you say this because I experienced the sane with them — no pic or profile yet hungry gorgeous women coming after me!

Big rip off after you pay the money you can't even login you call and complain and they tell you how sorry they are and you could have a free week and one of their other websites I haven't found one of these sites that are not a rip off yet. Just cancel your account, now you know for the next time you come across a dating scam that looks to good to be true.

Stay away from GetNaughty. How can I contact this site? Please someone has mad a fake profile of me with my pics and I'm being harassed by men contacting me on Facebook and my phone number. I knew it was a bloody scam! Thanks guys for just confirming this for me. I got quite a lot of messages off girls from pretty much anywhere but the UK lol they all said that they were just in the area for a while or studying here, very strange!

Also most of the private messages to me contained weird lettering, such as the number 5 instead of an S and accents over the letter e. It just made no real sense other than automatically computer generated messages. All the girls just wanted me to access their web cams but I had to put my card details in for verification purposes first, no charges they kept saying lol needless to say I didn't do that!

Cancelled my membership after just paying for one month. Read the full review on GetNaughty. I was lured to GetNaughty from another free site. She or a spambot emailed me from a real email address and said to join there. I wasn't thinking and paid. There must be real people typing or cutting and pasting standard responses from what I can tell.

I feel so stupid. If it's overseas, then I guess there is no recourse. This is not the only scam. I knew someone who worked on a message service. The profile of the woman stayed the same but the replies were done by hundreds of women. A 'chat stream' would pop up. The bloke thinks he's chatting to same woman.

They make bloke believe they are going to meet, but each time he brings it up, whoever is answering they use prescribed reasons why they can't. She gets 15p per message she sends and some blokes keep chatting for years. I thought it was so I created a new profile account and changed the town I lived in. I wanted to try a three days trial membership.

I typed my card data and clicked "continue" or "ok," don't remember. Then another site came up with only a "continue" button. I thought I had to click this to come back to the dating lists, so I did. Then came another page with also only a "continue" button. I clicked again and came back to the dating lists.

I complained by answering their e-mail, but got no reply. Then I tried to send a message from inside their web-site, but when clicking the "send" button," nothing happened. But once for sure, I intend to stay far away from sites like this in the future. How Can we sue the scum bags? I have been ripped off too. I am still trying to delete the account and they wont collaborate. I mailed the support to delete my account and stop charging me. I live in a town of people all white.

Sad to say but i saw Get Naughty on my husbands phone so i did a little investigation myself and after seeing what all you men have commented i think it is best to report the site to the BBB and tell them what is going on. You may have to hire a lawyer to get your money back but im sure if you have wasted your hard earned money on a site with women who apprently have no respect for themselves then you can afford a lawyer right?

Why don't any of you try to have this sight completely removed if it is a scam? I just had a friend messaged me this will be the third time saying my picture is up on this site.

I don't know how it got up on there I am married and I have done everything trying to get them to take it off and they tell me its not on there. I have no idea what to do to get my picture off of there. So I definitely would not fear that your husband is doing anything behind your back. My boyfriend has this popping up on his phone daily yet he says he hasn't paid for it in a year and doesn't know how to remove it. How can he get them to stop sending msgs.

I am at a loss of what to do with this site. I have had friends find my picture on this site I am not registered. I am married and have children but yet my picture is on this site. I have contacted them many times about removing it but yet three weeks down the road its back on.

How do you cancel your subscription from get naughty. I've hit unsubscribe but not sure if that's all you do. My name is Daniel Crosland I was tricked into going into get naughty. Every time I asked about hometowns etc, conversation stopped dead…. For those that think you have to do with a outo reply or a cut and past, you can begin to ask questions sudenly out of context in a longer mail, do they not anser it they don't really read it. So they try to contact you and start a chat but your responses wont go through.

I joined the site for a three day trial and one of the admins informed me that I needed to do a verification badge thing with my credit card and was told on the email that I violated some rule and i could be fined. I tried the verification thing and it wouldnt go through and then discovered that an alternative site was a link to some pornography site.

I cancelled my membership and account and was told I would receive a bill directly in my mail. Gentleman you need to try utube and watch the videos of the guy who does the reviews on all these sites from the Virgin islands.

The credit card company will probably deny your charge cause they know these companys are scams!!!! Read our review of Get Naughy here. I called and they took me off the email list. Ive changed my card already, i was just wondering if they could actually take me to court. I have used a similar site maybe 3 years ago, but it I forget the name now. It has exactly the same user interface as getnaughty and benaughty althit.

It has the exact same profiles although some have slightly diferent locations but same pics. Thankfully i didnt pay for it. These days when I try out a dting site I leave my profile blank just to see what happens. It doesnt take long to find out if it is a scam or not.

If you are getting messages with a blank profile its pretty much guaranteed that the site is a one massive scam. How the hell this is legal is beyond me. Its legal because the sites are completely based outside of the United States. So therefore the U. I kinda think its funny. Cuz my so called Husband signed up paying all this money to have a secret affair not thinking i wud find out.

I think karma is a bitch. Nothing against u honest people that lost money. I just reported them to the police they or someone with a mail I found out but it's not mine used it to register and pay with my account.

Hi I was contacted by a gorgeous woman on one of the more legitimate sites. It said she was from the next town to me. She sent me her private email and things were going OK. Then she said she couldn't meet up because she is now back home in wait for it……… Malaysia. Anyway we carried on emailing each other for a while and then she started laying it on thick. Next thing she is asking for thirteen hundred pounds sterling for a visa so she could come and see me. I checked with the home office and it's 87 pound by the way.

Then my friend tells me she is on several sites related to get naughty. I checked it out she is there her profile name is bakatu if all you guys want to check her out. The moral of this I suppose is if it seems to good to be true it usually is.

Ps she really does live in Malaysia because she phoned me several times from there she was really convincing. Those are romance scammers not associated with the site but scumbags from Nigeria most likely pretending to be women.

I have just finally managed to re-set my email address to a dead Hotmail account, I suggest you do this before cancellation of subscription. Yes they are professional scammers and they will steal all of your money that you worked for and leave you with a zero balance from your bank account before you know it. If that you have got frog protection. If you do get ripped off from a fake dating site, just to keep in mine you have to start all over again with a new card that will take you 7 to 10 business days for you to get another card.

To keep in mine also you have to go with out no money until you get paid again!. Yes i have learned a avluable lesson from all the fake dating sites i was out of town i was in Georgia and i was driving back home to Tennessee and when i pulled in the gas station to get gas for my car my card said DECLINED! These are cold blood scammers and they just don't care!. This just means that the site has not really satisfied any of its members. In comparison with other casual dating sites, this site is completely useless.

Might as well stick to messenger as you are likely able to find some girls in there. It is a scam site that has no intentions of giving you the satisfaction you wanted. The only thing that will happen here is that you will continuously pay the monthly premium membership. This is not a legit site and the best advice I can give you is to stay away from this site.

There are no actions and girls on this site. Some of the girls have their own pay sites and would lead you there to sign up with them. The only party that receives something good in return will be this site. On the other hand you will still be desperate and become miserable as no girl is going to hook up with you. Stop wasting money and time and leave this site immediately. It is a scam that will just milk you dry.

Rating this site is not that difficult as it has really not given anything back in return. My money was wasted on this site. I was a fool thinking that I could get laid on this site. I was stupid enough to take their bait. I signed up with them and lost some money. I always enjoyed visiting sex personals site.

This site however is very unimpressive for me. What makes sites like this exciting is that you have an opportunity to hook up and get laid with sexy girls. This site however, is not the best site to be in if you are looking for some fun. This is a scam site that will rob you of your money. I was searching the internet and I found one positive review for the site. I did not believe what the author is saying as I have experienced using this site.

The review is surely a fake review aiming to promote the site. This site is a total BS in comparison with other dating sites.

I was here for 5 months and I have paid the premium membership. I was really not able to get anything In return for what I have paid and I would warn you that the same thing can happen to you. Dating is fun but this site takes the fun in casual dating. If you are not careful you can lose some money in this site. Be smart when dealing with bogus sites. There is really a big question mark if this site is legit.

I am no concluding that it is but the way I say the site it is a bogus site. The girls are just too beautiful and too young to be in this site. You can get any good value for the money you have paid for this site. I have been here for one month and nothing really happened. Sure, 1 month is pretty short but during this stage is the time you can get the real feel of the site.

These claims are certainly true as the site is really a scam site that just gets all your money. This site should be stopped and I hope people will leave and stop this site so that it will close down. There are many fake adult dating sites in the internet and BeNaughty. These types of sites will just get your money while you are left waiting for responses from girls that are not even there in the first place.

I just wasted my time on this stupid site. I was really a fool to chase beautiful girls on this site. I hope the owners of this site will suffer the same fate as I did. Everything on this site is fake and I think only the men are real. Home How To Get Laid: Get Laid More Staff.

On September 12, Not a legit site. It's a scam, if we've ever seen one. COM is dedicated to helping you hook up faster by providing a guide to getting laid online and reviews of the best sex dating sites. Jeramy October 20, at 2: El Canary October 20, at Solid Tidy Donkey October 26, at 8: Gerald October 29, at 5: Keven Arthur November 1, at 9: Nasty Parrot November 4, at 4: Erich November 7, at 2: Rough Puglet November 10, at Danial November 13, at Eric Countryman November 16, at 6: Stringzumdom November 19, at Rolland November 22, at 3:

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