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I am not quite sure what you are asking Jamie. Here is the link for the download: I think she mixed the Naughty and the Nice cups up on both sides of the board. Everyone then picked what they wanted and it determined what kind of Santa they were. It was a hoot! I think I can personalize this game well for us and they will enjoy it. Thanks so much for sharing. What Kind of Santa Are You? Thanks for sharing your idea, Terrie!

I hope you have just as much fun with naughty or nice! I took your idea and tweaked it just a bit for our adult Christmas party. I had our party-goers roll dice and whoever got doubles got to punch a hole. The dice idea which I, of course, stole from someone else too added a level of competition that the adults liked while making it fair for everyone.

Also, I just hot glued the tissue paper to the rim of the cup and then trimmed the excess paper instead of using the rubber bands; it seemed to work fine. Thank you for the idea; I will use it again this year.

I love this Jennifer!! I love how you adapted the game to work best for your group and the dice do sound like a lot of fun! We had the most fun with this game…several of us adapted this for office and family…. Seems to me everyone would take the nice cup. How do you determine which cup one takes? I must have missed a step. The Naughty and Nice cups are mixed on the boards. The player chooses a cup and they may pick a nice or they may pick a naughty.

The strip of paper inside and the contents of the cup will tell them if they are naughty or nice. I just needed two boards to fit all of the cups for my entire extended family, but you might not need that many for your party. For the naughty I plan on using condoms, mini bottles, aspirin……you get the picture! The ones on your link is mostly for kids.

Any ideas that are more adult, but clean? I would suggest to base it off of your group. Each group is different. Maybe put some real-life experiences into the cups to make it more fun.

Trying to figure out how to adapt this for a smaller group…about And a couple of those are maybes. Or is it just made-up stuff? That would be a fun variation! I found your game last year and played it with my family. It was a hit so I am creating the game again with a little variation.

I want to say thank you for sharing! This game is so much fun!! I am so glad that you and your family enjoyed playing the game. Thanks for sharing with me! What would be a added fun would be at thanksgiving give people 6 strips of paper and write 3 things they did Naughty and 3 nice.

At Christmas game you could try to guess who it was. I used the game for a staff party and put real situations. Naughty — You forgot to throw trash.

It was a blast and very cute!! We have done Christmas Eve ever since we moved back home, now this will we the 11th year. I asked everyone what they wanted to do. I asked for suggestions and no one came up with one.

I like the Naughty and Nice. We have done that exchange but the one above is a little different. Thank you for sharing. Could easily be turned into an adults only game!

This was a lot of fun […]. They put the paper in punch through cups, however, we just […]. Your email address will not be published. This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here. Love the idea but in my family everyone wants a winner of the game. Maybe you have seen me on MPL Studios? Now I have my own site, thanks to their help!

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