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I am using the scan to ABBYY scannable pdf method in the scan button settings and using only the scan button and it is working well. They charge top dollar, however their on line air time is below par.

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It looks like Fujitsu has released the new drivers. Please let us all know how it works for you. I am not pleased but expect or hope that there is a fix for this, Scansnap update?

It has also removed the icon from bottom.. My S works well with Windows However it will then stop working and fail to connect to the ScanSnap Manager. The ScanSnap troubleshooter is no help. A reboot solves the problem… until the next time. Installed Windows 10 last week. Scansnap S was working before upgrade, but not after. Uninstalled and re-installed the program, it started working again. I just upgraded to win The blue light comes on but switched off in about 10 secs.

Thanks for your suggestion. Now it is working. W10, Scansnap S, work horse! Out lived my computers? For some reason, Windows 10 must alter security on document folders. Right Click on the folder, Click on the Security tab, Select your user name or Administrators if you are the administrator on your system , click Edit.

In the edit window, select your user name or administrators if you are the administrator on your system , click the full control box and Apply.

It will adjust all the permissions on the folder and any files inside the folder and subfolders. ScanSnap works properly after the proper full control permissions are granted. I purchased my iX as a result of my positive experience with the S and wonder if Fujitsu are missing a trick by failing to support some of their older scanners as happy customers tend to buy from companies that support them I would have thought? Turn off and disconnect the S Download the software for the iX—which you already have!

Install the iX software. Turn off your computer and reconnect the S Your PC will find the S and install it. The Fujitsu website shows that 64 bit support stopped at Windows 7 http: My FIEOX worked fine for several weeks after the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, then without warning stopped working yesterday. Tried reinstalling everything without success. Pity that hardware still working flawlessly. Then says do not have permission to the folder even though I have administrative privileges to the laptop computer.

I have a ScanSnap ix It would fail to scan, so I went to uninstall the software and reinstall a new driver to be sure. I uninstalled, then reboot the machine as directed by the uninstall wizard. After the reboot, I went to install the new software and it said that the uninstall was still in progress and to reboot to complete. After doing this 3 times, each time taking a further step to remove any trace of the program.

Please assist if anyone has had and resolved this issue. After that the blue light just blinks, never solid. The scanner is connected via USB. The icon for the Quick version has the red line through it. I upgraded from Windows 7 Home. I am connected via USB. They said it should work. I just did a fresh install of Windows 10 64bit. I downloaded the latest ScanSnap Manager for Windows 8. It installed cleanly and scans just fine…. Now to download Abby Find Reader…. I have a scansnapSi and I cannot get it to run with Windows I did the update but it still does not work!!

The light continues to flash on and off. I did all of the diagnostics and nothing. I love this thing and it worked flawlessly before the Win 10 update! I am wondering for those who are having so much trouble, are you using it wired or wireless? I am wired and have not had any issues. I also did a clan install of Win I am using the scan to ABBYY scannable pdf method in the scan button settings and using only the scan button and it is working well.

I am happy to help anyone who might benefit from me checking on my settings, etc. I installed Win 10 a week or so go and my iX never seemed to notice the change. Runs as smooth as ever. However, by saving to the Desktop only — no other destination seems to work the scanner will scan. Thanks to Bob discovering that. Automatically, Scansnap organiser kicks in, but any action invoked in that on my machine has zero effect and in fact the scan is deleted.

Just keeping my fingers crossed that Fujitsu produce something soon. I have been very happy with their product until now.

Usually, when you open up the iX scanner in Win 7 you get a notification at the bottom right saying the scanner is ready. I upgraded to Win10 Pro from Win 7 Ultimate. Possibly but easy to go back when something like this happens. Same as before with the scanner looking like it was ready but pressing the scan button only got the blinking blue light again then nothing.

This time I had a bit more time so decided to play about and asked the scanner to connect wirelessly. It went through the wireless connection set up process and this time works perfectly.

My ix worked okay for a while but after switching the PC off during a thunderstorm it failed to scan again once the PC was switched back on. I tried the previous trick of connecting to the scanner wirelessly but this time nothing happened.

Big time company, small time proactive effort for compatibile drivers for their scanners on Windows The Windows 10 upgrade offer has been out there along time — not like it was a secret or anything — just sayin. I have the Fujitsu ScanSnap S A few weeks ago, I upgraded to Windows 10 on a brand new Pavillion computer. I was using the ScanSnap on a Windows 7 machine from , but the scanner worked great.

When the automatic updates for the ScanSnap appear on my computer screen, I am not able to download them. I have left it for hours, but online updates never respond. I am having the same problem. Bob, Many thanks for this. I have made the Desktop the destination folder in settings and it works. However, Scansnap organiser automatically opens and offers the various choices.

I have to close that down as none of them now work! It then says do I want to delete the scanned document. It sits on the desktop and I can manually move it to wherever.

My wife installed Windows 10 a few days ago. Do I reinstall scan snap next? Neither the S nor the iX work. The S is not supported in Windows 10, and there are no plans to add support in the future for this model. I did get my S to work in Windows 10 but had to remove the scanner from the computer via devices and uninstall the software and unhook usb from computer. Then I reinstall the first version of scansnap software then updated it.

Then restarted the computer and then hooked back up the scanner via usb and it worked. Also have an iX, using the 9. I installed Windows 10 on a reformatted hard drive last weekend. Everything is going smoothly in FileCenter Pro 8. The S came out in This is shameful for as much as they charge for a scanner. I think you were being serious, but comparing a car to desktop scanner as it regards the service and support window is ridiculous.

Michael, Where you able to resolve this? I upgraded right away and outside of not being able to remember how I had things set up I did a clean install , it has gone really well. Thank you documentsnap for being here to help me remember how to set things up! Now to find that application that can monitor a folder and rename files with data from inside the file….

I upgraded to Win 10 yesterday. My Scansnap ix does not work at all with the program. I am reluctant to uninstall then reinstall since I will lose all of my custom settings; but, from the looks of things, I may have no choice.

After reinstalling Scansnap were there any issues with it due to Windows 10? Were you having issues with any drivers? I would greatly appreciate your input since we have the same model.

Having the same problem you are. S did not work after installing Windows Purchased a new ix and have same problem. I have changed folder locations on the Manager and still get the same message. It seems strange that such a widely used manufacturer was not ready when Windows 10 has been in development for a few years.

I will not take this new scanner back and trust Fujitsu to handle this promptly. If not it will be returned. After upgrading to Windows 10 late last night on an older Win 7 machine from , where most of my scanning occurs , ScanSnap would not work this morning. ScanSnap Manager suggested I uninstall and reinstall the program. Since ScanSnap update was not installed, thought that would do the trick.

So I installed the Update, but no luck so I had to uninstall and reinstall as directed. My S is working happily. I also using the S under OS X The ScanSnap Organizer V3. Along the way I installed. Thanks for the tips Alex. Will be helpful for someone with an older ScanSnap. Always impressive how those things keep chugging along. No issues here — iX also — upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 last Thursday.

I had to scan a pile of bills the day after the upgrade and everything worked flawlessly. I installed ScanSnap software for my iX on a new computer will Windows 10 last Saturday and had ScanSnap Online Update do its thing and have not had any problems with scans. I installed ScanSnap iX on a new hp desktop running Windows 10 64 bit.

At first, I experienced no problems. After a week, the Scan Manager would not run. I uninstalled and re-installed the Scan Manager software from the original installation CD. I rebooted and still the Manager will not run. I ignore the error message and continue my scanning project. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

Would you like the top ScanSnap tips that I've learned since I started using the scanner in ? Please let me know where to send your ScanSnap Cheat Sheet. Right-click on the ScanSnap icon in the Notification Area down in the bottom right.

See this page for instructions and this page for software. See this page , although this person got it to work. So, how is your ScanSnap and related software working on Windows 10? About the Author Brooks Duncan helps individuals and small businesses go paperless. Leave a Reply comments. Lester Law - September 17, Reply. Marilyn - September 7, Reply. Ted Hollman - August 18, Reply.

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