Imperial Cleaning Review: We Tell You The Truth About

It is pretty obvious that the people who have the power and who run this country have taken leave of their senses and live in their their own some sort of fantasy world.


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The FBI did not have access to the servers and yet she blames them? This was, and I believe still is against the law. I have mentioned many times, after the release of vault 7, that the NSA can mimic any country of origin in their hack and only the experts can find the bogus trail.

We, as an ignorant country are blaming Russia for things our own NSA may have done. What a shame, after all these years I still read on the comment section here who one voted for, as if that has any meaning whatsoever. Please tell your friends that they are being lied to regarding the Russia myth, and please tell them that the murder of Seth should be solved before any release of Clintons book were to happen.

She has so much blood on her hands, a singular fellow who may have tried to warn the Democrats about the huge game played against Sanders, three bullets from an operator would be nothing to her. Also, try to gently as possible tell them the difference between a hack and a leak. All it would do would make the DNC as despotic as it already is, with the designated despot still spinning the web of lies.

They never solved the murder of Mary Pinnchot Meyer, either. They tried to pin it on some clueless black guy, but by the hand of God, he got a young, inexperienced lawyer who turned out to be rather a genius. The case will never be solved…but I have few doubts about who dunnit. And boy has the buffoon found out the full force of his fake reality….

Regardless if these supposed allegations are true! Russia is our adversary and like it or not the facts are clearly pointing to Trump and cronies being deeply imbedded in Putins money trail!

What makes this website any more factual than any other??? Choose your poison so to speak!! You love Russia or any other one of our enemies?? As the saying goes do t let the door hit ya in the ass!! You have been bought by the MSM parrots. They think this mantra has legitimate staying power. But this ploy will not work. Why blame the Russians? In politics, the bottom line scenario almost always tends to unfold by following the money….

Now ask yourself if the Clinton Foundation and friends ever benefited from promoting political upheaval and regime overthrow? For example, take a look at their latest venture, Syria.

Give me a break!! His mentality of how to run a country is That of a two year old playing in a playground!

Hold up, the theme that zionists control the Democraps and not the Repuglicans is a fake meme. I seem to recall that both Bushes were repuglicans and the attack on Iraq began with one bush and commenced with the other.

Obomba was the fall guy to take the slack of the now evident revelation that the Devil had come down amongst us in The kkk cloth from which the repuglican party is cut from is nothing but a death cult with messianic devilry as its standard.

You know that there is Triple IPA now for people that need just a little more kick. I suggest you try Ishmael Ale and Abandon all hope ye who enter here. A quick glance and I note Rational has buggered off without nary a word. I am reading all the comments and savouring a little bit of, well a whole lot of actual reality and less nonsense. Thank you, guys, for your service to our country — to the citizens of our nation.

God, save the United States of America. Bring us back to Your Son, Jesus. Wake up America; time is running out. This is as Conspiracy Theory as I go. There are untold tens of thousands of tons of the stuff spread around in vaults and elsewhere all over the world that can be produced in a day in any region of the world.

Try and reign the CIA in? Who actually controls the CIA? They have privatized themselves like a robot that achieves consciousness from Artificial Intelligence. It was done long ago when guys like the Dulles Brothers were figuring out what to do after the USA took over the world back after we made the bomb. Been looking into the alleged DNC hack lately, essentially the foundation of Russiagate, and came across this Forensicator analysis.

This is an excellent Memo and should be widely disseminated as well as sent to the Mainstream media in the U. Otherwise, the false claim that Russia hacked the DNC and colluded with the Trump campaign will be repeated ad infinitum. I really hope this will be done so that the truth can finally come out.

I would guess that many of you are a lot smarter than most of us VIPS regarding how to get things into the mainstream media. Meanwhile, the Internet has growing potential, which even I can observe almost every day. A few minutes ago I had written down some influencers who may help to spread your message comment: Joe Average, July 26, at 3: In many cases something extraordinary cute or embarrassing gets lots of attention. After quick brainstorming I came up with some additional youtubers and an idea for getting widespread attention.

Youtubers Casey Neistat and h3h3Productions also have large groups of followers. If you could get the attention of one of them, then you could reach larger audiences.

With the help Casey Neistat you would circumvent the officials at CNN his company had been bought by them. A way to advertise your web site could be to use the tactics employed by PETA or streakers. Too much truthiness leaves Millennials in a horrible state of staring at their phones looking for a place to eat or a club or beer garden in the vicinity.. I might believe this memorandum were it not addressed to Trump. Evidence for the massive attempt by the alleged Russia hacking is nowhere to be seen.

The truth is the truth and whether it supports Trump or not is immaterial to the means by which anti Trump forces have aligned themselves with an even bigger enemy of the people which is our propaganda state media.

I can cite examples. Their complete lack of coverage of the biggest threat to humanity Global Warming is one such example. This issue transcends our national politics. It pales in comparison to lousy government initiatives like Trumpcare which will affect millions of lives. Global warming will affect billions of lives. The Russia gate story supports the military industrial complex which will use anti Russian sentiment to further inch the Doomsday Clock closer to midnight where the possibility of a nuclear crisis between superpowers might end civilization.

Think carefully about the seriousness of this possibility and why all the fake news about Russia, the recent proposed sanctions against Russia and the Russian phobia gripping our government can lead us into military conflicts with Russia. Where are the rebuttals in the media against their false claims that Russian aggression was responsible for the events in Ukraine? We are responsible for those events not the Russians.

They gave him approximately 3 billion dollars in free advertising and now they are trying to shift the blame to some foreign power like so many tin pot dictators before. It is time for the media to admit that it was they who influenced the election and we should blame them not the Russians. That is the best way to get the government we want and not the best democracy money can buy which is what we have.

The Russians have nothing to do with it and supporting fake news to support the lie that the Russians are at fault will not serve the American People nor align us on a correct path for a better future.

It starts with telling the truth which is what VIPS is doing. There is no shame there nor do they bear any blame for aligning themselves with anti democratic forces. Democracy begins and ends with an informed electorate which cannot happen in a propaganda state where giant corporations which control the news get to make stuff up in order to get themselves off the hook. No good will come from turning the election results into an attack on Russia.

The manipulation by the press if it is successful is the greater threat to democracy. I agree, for the most part. In sum, it is the equivalent of treason. Once unelected officials are allowed to run the country, we are finished.

Where I disagree, however, is on the source of the issue itself. The media serves as an amplifier. The real sources of the issues facing us are the interests aligned with Wall Street, and the globalists whose sole purpose is to loot and plunder. George Soros and the Rothschilds immediately come to mind, and financial vultures like Paul Singer of Elliott Management are right behind them.

We also need to do away with offshore tax havens, where virtual oligopolies store all their assets, to use as leverage as they see fit. Partisan politics and its dogmatic influences have effectively divided the citizenry against itself — instead of allowing ethics and morals to dictate their politics, it has unfortunately worked the other way around.

The Russians are saying that our diplomats may be sent home. This is an act that is traditionally done right before a declaration of war. What does this mean? This means that the person who left these false Russian tracks, that this lie is leading this country to war withRussia.

The fabricated story of the Russian hack was an inside job. There was never a Russian hack here to begin with. Steele issued a series of memos from June to December , which became the document known as the Donald Trump—Russia dossier. And thank you very much, sir, for your service to this country, and for upholding the ideals that we as Americans ought to stand for together! In the end, the truth shall prevail. We owe a lot to your courage and honesty. Although sometimes it feels like pissing in a hurricane.

The MSM and the democrats stopped looking at counter evidence long ago. Everyone seems to be asking the question why the Russians? The democrats and the media are no longer just the enemy of the people here in America but they are the enemy of all humanity!

They would rather start a war rather than face the fact that they lost. If only they had let us know they were planning to destroy the world in a pouty temper tantrum sooner they would have gotten ZERO votes. I gotta make one more comment. This article and the interpretation it adduces makes one thing perfectly clear. It refers to a job done with a lack of integrity or an intent to deceive. At sea, gundecking can have fatal consequences.

It is punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. I just noticed that this article has been posted on zerohedge. That is the biggest outlet so far to publish it, as far as I can tell.

They give us some idea of how the news in this article is spread — namely, only in the four smallest sites not counting the nyt figure, which as I say cannot be right. The evidence is in, the arguments have been made. And still the band plays on. In any case, it seems clear that Trump and his people are not going to use this cannon that has been put in their hands, and for me at least that is the biggest puzzle of all. How did the group of former U. From what I hear William Binney is one of the smartest guys around on this stuff, and IMHO of unimpugnable character, and he endorses the findings.

Christie former us attorney general and George Norcross cyber intel agency he owns with former dept homeland d security Michael Chertoff. The wash of bullshit rhetoric is so thick out there in MSM that it is very difficult to get this msg through. This story is leaps and bounds ahead of what is being reported, but I wonder if the tide can be turned.

Influence peddling is a big industry and the MSM knows how to make it shine. Interesting and valuable stuff. His mouth shall bring him down. A general sincere thank you. The hard work you do standing up for truth in an effort to bring peace to the world is a great service.

You are an inspiration and a real American Hero. This very important article is far too long and complex to appeal to The Donald, or to many Millennials for that matter. Their brains are different; they do not respond to printed material and we cannot expect them to.

Someone needs to create a concise video of the basic facts. And they have repeated it often enough that most of the population believes it. The antidote vehicle is video. Maybe somebody at VIPS knows someone who could put together a youtube video that would appeal to the younger generation and get it out there.

One thing I have noticed here at CN is it appears to me that the average age of a commenter is probably over A video might just be the ticket. And then others chime in with other important info, for example someone working on their laptop, someone reading something ridiculous from one of the big NewsPapers and being rebutted by more info from the VIPS, etc. Hosted by Ray McGovern if at all possible.

Funded by Crowdsourcing if necessary. Most flashmob videos are less than five minutes, which is brief but allows enough time to get the main points across in an engaging way.

Sadly, RT is about the only outlet that will interview me. Given my past work and interviews with RT, she figured I would be able — and probably willing — to comment on the subject, but had no idea I was one of the drafters. She had not read down far enough to view the list of signers.

Fortunately, I can get to the RT studio in 15 minutes; so only an hour or two intervened before I was on site to do the interview. You would need some benevolent western oligarch s to further your cause by strong-arm those media outlets.

A month ago you have talked to some rational thinking woman with a certain amount of influence. Sadly too few of her videos reach more than views. Nevertheless she has been able to reach some like-minded people read the comments below the videos.

Youtuber Philip DeFranco seems to be a reasonable person. His videos are professionally produced and he has a large crowd of followers — probably lots of millennials.

Another youtuber with great analytical and video editing skills is StormCloudsGathering. Abby Martin does an excellent job, too. Sadly newsbud decided to publish their content behind a paywall.

They haves some nice high quality videos. The publishers of the German Nachdenkseiten also seem to have some range of influence — MSM is trying hard to denounce them as fake news. With regard to alternative media of other European countries, I would recommend to gather contact information of alternative news outlets. Probably some of the commenters on CN can help you with this task.

On a side note: Did you read my comment below one of your recent articles regarding safety measures for secure messaging? I watched your RT interview and shared it. We here at CN want to share the word, and are asking how. Have you heard back from the whitehouse? Has your letter been acknowledged? Write another one condemning the sanctions bill. I guess these experts have never read a Le Carre or other spy novels. If they had, they might appreciate that spies personally steal data with thumb drives and such while innocents are distracted.

The experts also overlook that Russia had two, two properties in the Northeast recently closed by the WH, which were not spas, but covers for hacking.

Maybe this is a forest-for-the-trees problem. I know this is serious business and the article very convincing, but the intelligence and craftiness of Putin is admirable and I have to admit very amusing.

It sure looks to me like PCR has seriously misunderstood things. The forensics undertaken by Adam Carter and the Forensicators on computer metadata, as summarized by Elizabeth Voss, pertain specifically to the Guccifer 2. Podesta stuff as such. The whole point is that the Guccifer 2. The latter also were undoubtedly leaked and not hacked — but that's another story, which might after all involve the disgruntled DNC employee or contractor, the late Seth Rich. While we have suffered the daily brouha-ha of the media, one has to wonder where all this noise was when at 2 separate presidential elections we had hacking by vote flipping on the lousy electronic voting machines …the ones that have no paper trail for accurate vote counts.

That is a reason to be outraged , domestic vote rigging. See this — https: After Bush lost the popular vote in , but gained the electoral due to Florida, a little poetic justice would have been served had Ohio not been flipped in …Kerry thus winning the electoral while losing the popular.

Truth of Ukraine War Revealed: The other thing of note, is that the files copied off the DNC server were done on the same day that Comey let Hillary Clinton off the hook for her email server crimes. Would it be reasonable to assume that a frustrated DNC staffer who disagreed with this looked for revenge? Watch the background of all the election fraud and other corruption taking place at that time in this documentary film: To clarify the point of this memo, there were two leaks of the same DNC emails?

The second leak was a hoax to leave false flags that implicate Russia? This group warned as about the lies leading up to the Iraq War. This is just crazy. What was the type and the speed of the internet connection to which the alleged hacked DNC server was connected? Another consideration, besides feasibility regarding speed and size of downloads…and one I think is more telling, is the fact that if the DNC server was hacked for material as opposed to someone with authorized access copying to a stick , the NSA would have that evidence.

This is something William Binney, as good an authority on the matter as it gets, has brought to our attention. Yes, and the NSA would want to trumpet their evidence to the world if they had it. At least since Snowden, it has been well known that the NSA traces and archives almost everything.

And if there is a source that needs protection, they can simply redact the name. But after all these months, there is nothing. Exlent work but unfortunately Mr Trump sold his soul already. He is not that much brave to stand against them. He tries make deal with them behind scene. He has many weak point. Many many people have no knowledge what is going on in back door. Maybe if enough of us get the word out the MSM will have to cover it. The true heroes of this world in these trying times are those who expose the truth when we are fed a constant diet of lies.

Your integrity in speaking up for the truth means so much to we civilians, who look on helplessly in horror while the country is being propagandized into war with Russia on the most flimsy of pretexts. This all has the very ring of truth but Wikileaks has on many occasions not published any or just parts of the material it has received from various sources seeking to expose wrong doing by governments.

As far as I know no one has put these questions of what and why Wiki publishes certain material it receives and not others. There may be much more to this event, which walks like some giant psyop across the grave of American democracy than meets the eyes of even sharpest observer.

And now, thanks to all of the free media marketing, the factory is gearing up to meet the surging demand for a bear in every Christmas stocking.

The conclusive, inarguable fact is the transfer speed. This level of thru-put is only possible when directly connected to a server running a gigabit NIC, connected to a LAN with a gigabit switch backbone, both of are very common these days. This means the download was done by someone on premise, on the LAN. Who do we know that may feel that way?

These insane bastards are out to get Trump removed. The so-called Russia Hacking vs. The so-called Russia Hacking is insignificant compared to backdoor financial deals. Trumps chessboard excellence is founded on Churchillian principles of chirping. But, believe-it-or-not a lot of people know about this, so I am slightly confident that there may be a chance of this information becoming widely known.

The e-mails were on their way to being exposed via Seth Rich-Wikileaks when the fake-hack-blame-Russia obscurantism was deployed.

Two separate events by two separate entities. Now does the fake hack make sense? Breaking Bad, or Breaking Good? The Trump yardstick of anti-Deep State progress. Three writer-bloggers across the political spectrum: Importantly whenever they invoke their frequent criticisms on Trump and his administration, or against the Deep State, there is always an inclusion of global reconciliation without a religious test nor a sustained sense of vengeance in their equations.

Alternatively, under an assumption that harsh assessments are absolutely correct on President Trump and the Trump Administration, it would seem to follow that a useful strategy to deal with the Deep State would be a strategy that is non-confrontational, unified, massive and global in its application, and peaceful in its processes.

The single most transformative event short of our collective enlightenment will be the emergence of suppressed zero point energy devices. Child sex-slave colonies on Mars? Really now, you must be joking.

No more or less a joke than licensed realty in California: This is all very fascinating. If we previously believed the intelligence community and we believe all the latest revelations coming from the Trump camp then we would believe, with confidence, that Russia was involved. Now VIPS is upending this with a completely different perspective. This would have to be a massive conspiracy from the intelligence community.

They have repeatedly said, with confidence, that Russia meddled in the election. They must surely have looked into what VIPS has been saying and checked it out. Are they under some kind of groupthink that forces them to avoid questioning their own sloppy conclusions?

Or are they actively involved in framing Trump? Either way it would require believing a whole lot more than an 87 second download. It would also mean Trump is the perfect foil for all of this.

Who would have predicted a year ago that Trump would act so guilty and provide so many false leads. I am still more inclined to believe that Russia was involved to some extent but it was not as big as the media coverage would lead a superficial analysis to believe. But that being said, Benghazi and emailgate were huge nothingburgers as well but one would never have guess that if they viewed only certain media sources. At this point the likely scenario is that there was a mix of collusion and luck.

Some emails leaked, some hacked. Some fake stories planted, some by Russians, some by GOP fanboys. Trump probably met with Russians and he probably did bend his policy preferences, not based on what is good for the country or on any intellectual grounds, but because some Russian business friend convinced him it was a good deal.

If he had extensive business dealings in Iran he probably would have warmed up to them by now. It may not be criminal but it is certainly not impressive and it is cause for worry. And it is certainly still cause for media coverage. But you are confident enough to bamboozle us with science statistics to give credence to your uninformed ramblings.

Leaving the DNC aside for a moment, the issue with Clinton using a private server in her capacity as Secretary of State is very much a somethingburger as are the revelations from the DNC and Podesta e-mails.

Nothing wrong in having a laugh sometimes, especially if it is at commenters who take themselves too seriously. The bigger story here is where did this disinformation campaign about the Russians originate from? Was it Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama? Is it a conspiracy?

Why is John Brennan still hitting the talk show circuit to spread his disinformation? Is this appropriate for a former CIA Director? Brennan looks dishonest and rotten to the core. It sure smells like a conspiracy. So the Russians snuck in?

Had a sleeper agent? Used cutouts to send the data to Wikileaks? This is a joke. The timing itself tells us something. First, Russians commonly use domestic locations for hacks. Third given these facts, it seems to me entirely possible that this is one more attempt at disseminating fake news against the Democratic Party. What we are facing is not so much bad behavior on the part of Russians who can blame them for trying?

Now it seems, as in the Weimer period, the alt left has joined forces with the alt right. And yes, as then, this puts us in danger of fascism now. Did you read the article? This IS a very interesting analysis. It is hard to be polite with a faker like Stiv, who apparently did not read the article let alone its links. We need to draw a line and put anybody who propagates this phony conspiracy propaganda as permanently beyond the pale of legitimacy.

Those propagating these myths are traitors to civilization, since nuclear war is the logical endpoint of this propaganda. They are either dangerous fools, knaves, or both. It was when the MSM started reporting it. Now I sound like an old man, but you get my point. Unfortunately President Trump either cannot or will not read information from intelligent, knowledgeable citizens. Facts have no influence on the present Administration or its alternative in the Hillary Democratic Party.

Just a matter of time now…. The CIA should have been disbanded when Kennedy planned to smash it to a pieces, it is basically a criminal enterprise and has been for a long time, Murder Inc. He needs to fire Mueller and take this to the American people Trump has no chance as things stand now— I did not vote for him or ever like him but this needs to be stopped before WWIII is caused by these Neocons, Deep Staters, and cretins….

That is good, understandable information that unfortunately has not been broadcast or written about in the usual outlets, NYT, Washington Post etc. It does make one wonder, but it is consistent with their recent embrace of the government and their budding partnership in misinformation and hiding the truth from the voters.

I tell some of my friends this stuff and they treat me like the guy wearing the aluminum hat to fight off micro waves. Get the info out there, voters need to see this. You need to proof this. We can mostly all agree that neither Clinton nor Trump were worthy of a vote. Yes, the Democratic leadership threw out Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and a few others for show , but the leadership of both parties continue today as though nothing happened. The Russian hacked nothing but war looms over this lie….

The list of former analysts headed by technical expert, William Binney is impressive. B- The VIPS authors are not very confident about the competency of the current CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, who has already prejudiced himself against Wikileaks and Russian cooperation with remarks that seem to have been directed toward ingratiating himself with the nest of neocons that occupy the agency.

What was not clear is why the report seemed to dismiss the Seth Rich connection…or, did it simply not want to go any further into an issue that could have conspiratorial implications? Since the hacking of the DNC by Russia is the keystone supporting the entire demonization of Russia this expose if true — and it reads convincingly is critical.

I hope the The Intel Vets have done their best to disseminate their findings throughout the world. A grim but useful case study: Have you ever heard of an investigation which has been going on for three years and has not identified even one culprit by name?

Does this not smell of a cover up? Only TWA compares. The satellite images of the Russian MetroJet explosion in the Egyptian dessert were published a few days after, but three years later we still do not have one single satellite image from the middle of the war zone in Ukraine!?

How can the satellite over Egypt not be secret, whilst the one over Ukraine is secret it could even be the same thermal-imaging low-orbit satellites? If it looks like a false-flag, quacks like a false-flag and swims like a false-flag, then it probably is a false-flag.

The previous occupant of the cave was some guy named Al. It only cost the taxpayers five million bucks to hire these IT experts. This story is getting an update to the original story which received no coverage. It isnt hard to point out to the editors the ignorance of such a story is journalism at its worst, but this would require that the editors feel compelled to report the news at its most honest and fullest.

William Randolph Hurst mixed with Allen Dulles has percolated through out all these years to give us what we got, a control the masses media. Joseph Goebbels, could not have done any better. Yeah, but the D. Politician is their Trojan Horse.

I still see Wasserman Schultz as being a bungling ass kisser. Original story from Luke Rosiak, investigative reporter for the Daily Caller http: The reason the Dems are changing their message now is because the new sanctions on Russia have passed and they can start to let go of the Russia hacking scenario..

I am glad that on this site there are only few American binary brains who would interpret the report as supporting Trump , despite explicit disclaimer by authors. This report clearly shows that entire cyber security crowd is a fraud by claiming that they can defend something they cannot. What they take money for is malicious hacking,stealing info for blackmail, lying and blaming others. As Wikileaks political intend out they hack mostly manufacturers of operating systems from PCs to networks to clouds, personal devices only if specifically targeted or specific algorithms implemented widely.

This whole Russians did it nonsense is delusional, reveals desperation of political puppets fearing irrelevance and oblivion and hence they kick and bite and torment people psyche with a pure absurd. Besides the murk of campaign bribes, er, donations are the stock portfolios that include, among other vested interests, health insurance giants. Real policy affecting real Americans at stake as opposed to run-of-the-mill business ventures. I agree with you mostly, though qualitatively they are different.

The way Congressmen take money are legal. It is a shame that campaign finance law has become so relaxed e. Trump on the other hand is breaking many laws along the way. I think you are jumping to a conclusion that the ways congressmen take money are legal. I believe that insider trading investigations, for instance, would reveal a treasure trove of wrongdoing. It also takes the Democrats away from creating any policy discussion.

Another new DNC motto to its investors: On the other hand it shows Sergey Lavrov to be a patient, mature and dignified diplomat. Yes Stephen, great link Thanks.

What I see there is a True Statesmen. For me it is thrilling to behold, because seems to be the only way that sovereign states can come to agreement. Probably this was the original thought behind the UN before it too was corrupted….

Well, my first comment is awaiting moderation. I tried to keep it as short as possible and still adequately illustrate my point. But, I feel that I should add what I originally left out. Unless this evidence finds some vehicle by which it can be introduced into a court of law, the mass media will effectively suppress it. Even then, there are no guarantees. James Clapper lying to congress is a notable example. The NSA and related agencies remain unanswerable to the elected government, an obvious attribute of a de facto coup regime.

As per my previous comment, it would appear that the intelligence agencies have the media coverage of these issues on a short leash. Our government agencies could inspire dozens of potential prosecutions based on the events of recent past; nobody has been charged with anything.

The can of worms is so large, vile and putrescent that the apparent strategy resembles a cafeteria food fight. In the end, nobody will be held responsible for anything.

Even our courts appear to be corrupt in the struggle for justice against abuse of power, but they may be our last hope. The media will not serve the cause. They are wholly owned and operated by the intelligence agencies. The many things you mentioned F. These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from ordinary hypocrisy: For it is only by reconciling contradictions that power can be retained indefinitely.

In no other way could the ancient cycle be broken. If human equality is to be forever averted—if the High, as we have called them, are to keep their places permanently—then the prevailing mental condition must be controlled insanity. The end of the Empire would probably mean a new beginning and a new chance to do things right this time without California, of course. Yes, Michael Kenny—I agree. Nothing is proven or disproven YET.

Correlation is not necessarily causation, although it may turn out to be both. If anything, that would seem to make matters worse! The end result is the same.

The logical conclusion is that the material was provided by the Russians who met with Junior and others. Where or how they got the material changes nothing in that regard. How about an alternative way of filling in the blanks: Subsequently the Trump dirt did appear in the Democrat controlled MSM, no matter how unbeliveable it was.

And I doubt his paymasters are much more intelligent than he is. He does, however, have a bullet-proof ego. The next thing you, the DNC crazies, will claim is that the Russians killed Seth Rich, the Russian spy, to cover the tracks that he delivered them the goodies on Hillary. Government, would you not put it a pass them to do such a thing? For the time being, it is more opportune to ignore the murder and cover it up with pressure on the family blackmail. They might even dig out some dead witness to spice up their new story.

Is it not impressive how the MSM masters of discourse turn innuendo and fact-free speculation into reality by endless repeating? Just having this conversation gives me the creeps. This is why, and where, an independent media is most needed. Yet you and I know Kiza the U. Would it be likely that if this Rich Russian Spin is first brought up by the likes of people as us, that by us saying it first, would ruin or hamper any Deep State propaganda campaign from having any quality substance with which to base such accusations on?

How can anyone trust ANY information coming out of an organization in which it utterly cheated the US voters Democrats of their choice? This is the REAL crime, the one which no one is really talking about. In my opinion that organization is more responsible than any other for putting Donald Trump into the White House. Yes, that is the real crime. Even if Trump were to be impeached for whatever reason , Bernie Sanders lies outside the line of succession. Do we want a President Pence? There is no hope for our future without the elimination of the Deep State, no matter who is president.

Tucker Carlson, are you listening? If not him, who in the MSM? I often wonder whether the sponsorship is actually needed for public stations to function or whether this has simply been an excuse to control the message. We know some of those sponsors are also contributors to Aipac. There were many people who could have an interest in getting out information from the DNC to the public. It is really amazing that there are still people who claim they can support Russian hacking allegations about the US with Russian hacking allegations about France after the head of the French cybersecurity agency has denied that there were traces of Russian hacking: He said they found no trace that the Russian hacking group known as APT28, blamed for other attacks including on the U.

Its experts were immediately dispatched when documents stolen from the Macron campaign leaked online on May 5 in the closing hours of the presidential race. They could be in any country. Of course, it would not be appropriate to draw any conclusions from the rejection of the Russian hacking allegations by French officials about the hacking allegations about the US.

But it seems at least plausible that in the US, evidence for an attribution of the hacks to Russian intelligence services is equally lacking as it was in France, but the US intelligence services or rather the handpicked analysts from there that investigated the allegations were much more politicized than the ones in France. There were similar allegations about Russian hacking and meddling in Germany, and they were also rejected by the German intelligence agencies that investigated them: So when people attempt to use hacking allegations about France or Germany, which both have been rejected by the respective European intelligence services, for bolstering the claim that DNC hacks can be attributed to Russia, they reveal that their case is very weak.

Of course, neither in France nor in Germany, it has definitively been excluded that Russia might still have been involved, there is just no good evidence for that allegation, and it could have been many others.

That looks very much like an attempt to force facts into a certain pattern into which it does not fit very well. People tend to see patterns everywhere, but unless there is evidence, separate events generally should be treated as if they were connected. Of course, there are other possibilities, but if someone claims that these two events were connected, there should be evidence for this.

The lobbying against the Magnitsky Act as such is hardly very remarkable, probably both campaigns were contacted by various lobbyists all the time. It would certainly be interesting why Rob Goldstone wrote about Russian government efforts to support Trump — something Russian officials have consistently denied and something that would hardly have been necessary to get Donald Trump Jr interested what piqued his interest was probably the hint at documents from a prosecutor where Hillary Clinton was allegedly implicated in a negative way, not the suggestion about a Russian government effort.

It will be interesting how Rob Goldstone explains this — as far as I know, he has not made any public statements, yet. It could have been just some exaggeration on his part when he wanted to get Donald Trump Jr interested in the meeting or it really looks like a kind of trap — these words about a Russian government effort were hardly needed to get Donald Trump Jr interested, and if there really had been a Russian government effort to support Trump, it looks more likely that they would not write so openly about it from the start, but if it had been planned to leak these e-mails later, this kind of wording is, of course, ideal.

Adrian I think people are grasping at straws with this Donald Trump Jr colluding with the Russians accusation. All the media keeps harping on, is how young Trump Jr, Jared, and Manafort, met with the Russians…oh the Russians, we better hide ourselves under our beds.

What does seem interesting though, is how neither Junior, Jared, or Manafort, unveiled anything from whatever the Russians had to say in their meeting. Would I be liable for slander, if my neighbor on the left of me told me dirt on the neighbor on the right of me?

Actually considering that nothing came of this meeting with the Russians, I think Hillary Clinton owes someone in the Trump entourage a big thank you. All were proven to be lying. Now why you are lying? You were good before in manipulating, adjusting, data, but now you just lie? I presume it will show up on opednews. How about Breitbart, by the way?

Ditto for congressional recipients. Is there a law prohibiting anything but propaganda and official lies? Is there no interest even in maintaining the illusion of truth and factual investigation?

Seems to me that this — not being heard — is a fundamental issue in itself. What good is it to be right, to have all the evidence and logic on your side, when you are ignored? And where is The Donald when we need him, and when this info supports everything he has said about the media?

Whether or not Pompeo could grasp the intellectual argument herein put forth remains conjectural. A few recent examples may shed some light. Gary Webb broke the story, and authors such as Douglas Valentine and Jeremy Scahill have provided corroborating information.

Unless and until this evidence shows up in a court of law, the media will treat it as irrelevant. Of course, the media failed to cover the trials of E. Howard Hunt and the assassination case of Martin Luther King. The evidence is irrefutable if you understand it. The public will get no opportunity to try. In terms of credibility, the VIPS have it hands-down over the politicized intelligence agencies, so I am inclined to give this information a lot of credence.

The writers were very careful to be clear the readers knew exactly which link on the chain of evidence their concerns go to. Even assuming that the russians did not hack into the DNC computers, that in no way exculpates them, ipso facto, from the multiple other ways they have been accused of influencing the election.

A person can cast a vote based on any range of flimsy to studied notions, philosophies, or preferences. It is fairly apparent to me that Seth Rich leaked copied not hacked material to Wikileaks and was killed for it.

The leak was then made to appear to be something else by shady means. This is what should concern you. I had a conversation with a friend last night, and he is still concerned that Trump may somehow be beholden to Putin based on financial ties to Russians. I see that as a completely separate issue, and mentioned to him that financial ties to Israel are vast and obvious throughout the executive and legislative branch of our government, but we manage to give that a pass.

Other than relieving the unfair sanctions on Russia, and allowing them to fully engage in the world economy, what would Trump do as a result of being in debt to Putin? Allow the Russians to invade? The individual voter pulls his own lever you correct in that. Who puts the name on the ballot that is the question that needs to be answered if it is the same organization or group that puts the names on the ballot what choice are you really making?

If that is democracy so be it. You all have a nice Peacefull day. Discussing the election hacking with a DNC supporter is a game if wack-a-mole. If you successfully counter one of their arguments, they come up with another, and all this endlessly. Reminds me so much of arguing against the AGW, if one successfully brings down the rise in the sea level they come up with the dust bowl argument and so on and on, in circles. The new inscription above the entrance of the DNC should be: Before the election did any American feel that his or her vote was based on anything other than the words, policies, and personalities of the candidates?

I never suspected I was a dupe of Russian propaganda. The importance of this information cannot be overstated. If the mainstream media will not make it available to a very confused public, we need to do all we can to make it so. He has academic degrees in political science the Citadel , law St.

He and can be contacted at wacalvo3 autonoma. I hope someone sends a German translation of this to Merkel. Hurting Europe is a feature not a bug. This is really what all the Russia bashing is all about. Hopefully, the Europeans will soon wake up to what their true interests are. If the info was copied rather than hacked, it means the perpetrator had physical access to a DNC computer and used a thumb drive. The only other possible explanation would be a break in at the DNC offices, or possibly the home of a DNC member if the info was on a laptop.

Good point, but the intricacies would no doubt be hard or impossible for non-experts to follow, and counterarguments based on technical data would probably be equally hard to follow. So I am willing to take William Binney et al. The burden of proof still lies with the accusers, and that is clearly missing.

The most guilty parties, then, are the media, who have reported the accusations as fact, when they clearly are not. And this after Guccifer 2. All the same, I am ecstatic about the publication of this memo, want to thank all the signatories of it and Consortium News with all my heart, and venture to predict that it will not go unnoticed by Trump and his team — not by any means.

And nor, come to that — and following upon the latter — by the inert and depraved MSM. Because Rich presented an alternative narrative that was written off entirely almost immediately.

So I am perfectly overjoyed that others have since expanded on his work and that, as of now, the VIPS have awarded all of this erudite if esoteric investigation their unconditional endorsement. The pieces have been here for a while now. I had already heard that the speed was too fast for a hack, and I had already heard that vault 7 releases showed that the CIA could fake point of origin.

I do however pray that he succeeds in draining the swamp in the hope that our next president is not hamstrung by these same criminals of our so called intelligence agencies.

Yes, this immediate date typo in the report makes it easily dismissible by the not-yet-convinced. Please tell the authors of the report to fix it, Mr. The Democrats are now realizing that the public does not believe the Russia hack story. Schumer has stated that the Democrats are changing message to focus on middle class issues and the economy. The trust in MSM is at all-time low, apparently.

And McCain has a brain tumor, a glioblastoma, which can be very fast moving in later stages and it sounds like his is advanced. Intuitively I doubt he will be back to promote his bomb-bomb-bomb agenda. Thank you Jessica K. So, much careful work is ahead. The world will be a safer place when John McCain has left it. He is still an officer holder who votes, which trump any presume power of either Clinton. Jessica, I do not trust anything which Chuck Schumer says. He is at the center of this whole strategy of Russia-Gate scam they are perpetrating.

If they are prepare for the government to double down. When dealing with the practitioners of propaganda and deception, one learns to read between the liness and parse every sentence, every single word for double meanings and equivocation. But consider an alternative.


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