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Otherwise, spam click on the login on MapleStory Nexon website. Based on my experiences, Snow Leopard makes it easier to level up characters from early-to-mid levels, followed by Bear at mid-higher levels where monsters are much more tougher to kill.

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Was this answer helpful? This answer closely relates to:. Can not down link. My application how far. Anonymous "Me also i registered this site after i receive the email from Suggested Solutions 10 What's this?

If you want to unlock your visa4UK account , please follow this steps: Click on "Login" 3. Enter the email address you used in registration 5. Click on "Reset Password" 6. Check your registered email address 7. Just click on the link provided to unlock your account and you can go ahead and access the forms you needed to Nigera. Https www visa4uk fco gov uk account locked.

Was this comment helpful? I personally cannot unlock your account for I am not the owner or customer support for this website. I have visited the website and have realized that there are help faqs on the website to assist you in regaining access to your account: Please help me to unlock my account on this website is www. I did do as was advised. I clicked the response but my account is still unlocked.

I still have my application form uncompleted. The link might be something that is not true. What I can say is it is a scam. If you really are applying to a UK visa then go to the UK embassy and applied there. I also get the same link before and then after I get in touch with them they are asking me to pay some sort of amount like pounds and they are asking me to send it to some name. Well the process should be not like that. Anonymous "The unlock code s The links are bad. The unlock code s inserts into the url for visa4uk.

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I have a visa4uk account but cannot access to apply ,my account was locked and i follow all thje necessary step to reser and unlock still cannot assess resenting and unlocked the visa4uk account.

I have a visa4uk account but cannot access to apply, my account was locked and i follow all the necessary step to reser and unlock still cannot assess? You could try applying for another account. I am trying to apply for 3 visas and cannot understand why they are not sending me my passwords and they want me to unlock the formLast week Th?

So who can assist me. Add Your Answer Www. Anonymous "Your account has been locked following 3 failed Your account has been locked following 3 failed logon attempts. Please click on the link below or copy and paste the link below into your intern? Please click on the link below or copy and paste the link below into your internet browser and follow the on screen instructions to unlock your account.

This discussion closely relates to:. For UK visa application. I have my own account no. I finished all registration. But I missed the appointment But I missed the appointment due to some reason. I want to re-arrange an appointment. Link Skill Level 1: Guardian Leap Active Level 1: Critter Select Active Level 1: Use the direction keys to select an animal mode. Bear Guardian Mode relies on durability, strength, and a little mobbing. Snow Leopard Guardian Mode is the mobile, mobbing animal.

Hawk Guardian Mode gives Beast Tamer mobility and has supportive abilities. Cat Guardian Mode is almost exclusively a support animal. Fort the Bear will allow you to stand your ground and pulverize your enemies. Lai the Snow Leopard will allow you to quickly blaze through the battlefield to bring the hurt. Eka the Hawk will give you unparalleled mobility to traverse any terrain and offer support skills. Last but not least, Arby the Cat will make you the most popular person around thanks to the numerous party buffs and healing abilities.

Homeward Bound Active Level 1: Return to Arboren Ferry, Cooldown: These two effects can be stacked. Tap Attack Key multiple times. The bear uses the power of nature to ignite a fire. Enemies caught in the blaze take damage. Attack 4 times with a Bear Mode Active Skill to activate it. Continued to attack after the 3rd hit of Paw Swipe.

Extra Paw Swipe Damage: You gain invincibility as your HP recover. Resurrection is available when the skill icon is active in the upper right. Uses SP, approximately 63 Levels. Paw Swipe MAX 2. Majestic Trumpet MAX 3. Well Fed MAX 4. Dumb Luck MAX 5. Deep Breath 1 6. Defense Ignorance MAX 8.

Furious Strikes MAX 9. Bear Strength MAX Bear Assault MAX Fishy Slap MAX Bear Reborn 1 Billowing Trumpet MAX Table Flip MAX Paw Swipe is maxed, no doubt its the lowest level attacking skill, but it is boost up by another higher level Bear Attacking Skills such as Furious Strike. Majestic Trumpet is a great supportive skill where you lay tiles of flames, burning and killing enemies within vicinity.

Spam it across the map for better efficiency. Deep Breath and Really Deep Breath are just utility skills, not for killing enemies.

So you can leave them at Level 1 to unlock the higher level skills. If you often use Really Deep Breath for pulling enemies, you can max it. If you have leftover skills from Bear, it can be used to distribute to a different animal OR save those SP to max a higher level skill faster. The rest of the passive skills are maxed to get most out of Bear DPS and increased survivability during boss raiding and training at higher level maps.

It is mostly useful against stationary targets such as Zakum since it has very short attacking range. Table Flip can be left at Level 1 since it does not deal much damage compared to Furious Strike as it has a slight delay before its able to flip the table bear animation delayed it. Having said that, you can dish out more damage compared to Table Flip even its at max level. Fort the Brave is not required to max as both Level 19 and Level 20 presents the same stats, plus its a passive skill no longer buff duration for higher skill level.

MP Cost at 2nd Hit: Can be chained into Macho Slam. Bosses and some monsters are immune. Thunder Trail 1 Lai shows his true from after Macho Slam, shocking and stunning all nearby enemies.

Number of mobs attacked with Macho Dance, Macho Slam: Number of mobs attacked with Dance, Macho Slam: No effect on boss monsters. Snow Leopard Skill Build: Uses SP, approximately 73 Levels. Thunder Dash 1 3. Leopard Hide MAX 4. Macho Dance MAX 7. Macho Slam MAX 8.

Bro Attack MAX 9. Thunder Trail 1 Macho Incarnate MAX Three-Point Pounce 1 Advanced Thunder Dash 1 Deadly Fangs MAX Lethal Lai MAX Leopard Reflexes MAX Training with Snow Leopard is a different league compared to Bear, because it is more mobile and does not leave you stationary in 1 spot.

Use Snow Leopard when you can 1 hit kill enemies with your skills OR when enemies are spread out vastly across the maps. Most of the time, you will be using a combination of skills in Snow Leopard Career. Most Snow Leopard trainers would use the first 2 training method and seldom performing Thunder Dash or Advanced Thunder Dash to leave trail of blue flames originated from Thunder Trail, so these are optional skills.

You will still need to add 1 SP Skill Point into them to unlock higher level skill above it. Max the other beneficial passive skills and your ultimate Party Time should you wish to spam that often to showoff your Leopard might! Can be directed left or right. Jump up to two more times in midair after your initial jump. All party members can use it to travel.

Dexterity and Avoidability will also increase. Can only trigger while airborne. Jump Key hold the key. Adding bleeding damage to all attacks while in hawk mode. Can only be used while airborne. Displays the improved effect after the threshold is reached. Hold down the skill key and press the direction keys to steer.

Uses SP, approximately 54 levels. Formation Attack MAX 2. Sky Walk MAX 3. Vertical Draft MAX 4. Eka Express MAX 5. Hawk Flock MAX 7. Max Mobility MAX 8. Defensive Formation 1 9. Eka Glider MAX Feather Cloak 1 Raptor Talons MAX Baby Bombers 3 Veteran Formation 4 Razor Beak MAX Feather Boots 0 Since it lacks the raw damage and the mobs it can hit compared to Bear and Snow Leopard.

So use this animal for support buff skills and travel aid. Passive Effect — INT: Passive Effect — Stance Chance: MP , Max Targets Affected: Active Required Cat Skill Points: Targets temporarily have less DEF. Damage from Party Member: Uses SP, approximately 66 Levels.

Friend Launcher MAX 2. Cat Wit MAX 3. Kitty Treats MAX 5. Sticky Paws MAX 7. Meow Heal 1 8. Meow Cure 1 Purr Zone 1 Meow Card MAX Meow Revive 1 Friends of Arby MAX This Cat Skill Build aims to make this as a mule party member where you run it on a different PC to buff up your main character who is solo training.

For me, I would rather have it standing-by providing passive effects and once-awhile receive card buffs. Do take note that each skill requires at least 1 SP to unlock a higher level skill and some skills require a certain number of Cat Skill Points to make higher skill available too! Cat seriously lacks attacking skills and most of it are heavily focus in supporting. Furious Strikes — Boss Rush 2.

Furious Strikes — Reinforce 3. Furious Strikes — Critical Chance 4. Three-Point Pounce — Extra Strike 5.

Three-Point Pounce — Reinforce 6. Group Bear Blaster 8. Check this Hyper Stats Guide for more details! Pressing the skill button repeatedly will perform a joint attack, with the last animal friend unleashing a powerful special attack.

You can use the directional keys during the skill to determine which animal will inflict the final strike. Cub Cavalry Active Calls a herd of critter cubs to your aid. Unaffected by attack reflection. Summons between 4 and at most 8 groups of critter cubs, depending on the number of enemies within range. Skill Enhancement max level is Trio 1 Bear Mode: Beginner and Common Skills does not require SP but it works similarly to Timeless Equipment where they automatically gain experience through your monster kills.

You receive normal amounts of SP upon leveling plus the chance of gaining extra SP through the prize boxes. Level Bear Paw: Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Is that enough SP for 3 animals?. Btw, a mule BT for experience, reached Thanks for the notice!

I want to level this class until lvl Now I want to lvl to but the skills are to week, I assing the SP like this: Not sure the reason why they have not release it to the server.

So is beast tamer a viable character to play, or is it just for helping your main, I would want to main it but I do not know which guide to follow among your guides. Following up on previous comment when I finally got to 24 unused sp points — Fort Follow-up showed up while Deep Breath was still at 7 but even though I have 4 leftover sp points Defense Ignorance is still greyed out — I think I will just keep stacking up the points to see if Defence ignorance eventually turns green too.

Hi, Love your site! I am gathering V coins for an SP reset but can you even do a build now without maxing each skill in turn? I would recommend adding some SP into Leopard to speed up training. Training with Bear is pretty slow at the earlier levels since it does not have much mobility. Max all skills on Bear as it will be used for bossing. Some skills in Bear does not require to be max since the Level 19 and 20 share the same stat. Max Cat skills if you plan to leech party member EXP.

I am having the same problem as Swan: I got my beast tamer but under bear skills both table flip and billowing trumpet are missing the last skill on the list is bear reborn is there something that I need to do to make these skills appear? Swan wondering exactly same thing. Cant find any information from internet. I opened ticket to find out. Hello are there specific quests that need to be done to unlock billowing trumpet and table flip?

I got my beast tamer to level but under bear skills both table flip and billowing trumpet are missing the last skill on the list is bear reborn is there something that I need to do to make these skills appear?

Thanks a lot for your answer! Now I understand how it works, gotta wait for the next event then. Beast Tamer and Zero are seasonal jobs. They are only available at certain periods e. Character Creation Event for a specific duration 3 weeks. See this for an example: Thanks a lot for the great guide! As my account is a new gms account, both zero and beast tamer are grey, and I cant create them at the moment. What are the pre requisits to unlock them? Thanks for the info Ayumi: Miguel You should probably do whatever is fun for you.

I think if you hit you can fully max 3 and get half of the 4th branch done. So just do Bear, Leopard, Cat then Hawk after you max those 3. Once you have added sufficient SP Skill Points for 1 animal example: Bear , then you can proceed to distribute the remaining SP to other animal such as Cat. Hey Ayumi great guide! Like when do I start putting SP into Cat skills?

Thanks for the update on MapleSEA!

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