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Sunday after being arrested in Taiwan, where police say he flew after learning he was being investigated for allegedly having sex with an underage girl. Trick Plays Help Unbeaten Dolphins Beat Raiders Receiver Albert Wilson threw a touchdown pass to put the Dolphins ahead midway through the fourth quarter and then turned a short reception into a yard score that sealed a victory over the Raiders on Sunday.

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Here are the newest places to check out the next time you're in the mood for Italian food. You may have spoken to the wrong police. I was seriously considering it until a lady called Willow seemed a little too pushy and relentlessly called me to see if I have set up my trial account yet.

So I decided to research and found your blog. I hope you all get your money back. Does anyone know what happened at the 2 Feb court appearance with those scumbags from Charterhurst? Exelon number is for those who want to contact them. Is anyone interested in pooling our resources and looking into some sort of class action? I am embarrassed I was dragged in and can only blame myself; however these gutter dwellers prey on people like us who take information and peoples word on face value.

Very interested in some form of Legal Action, not only to redeem losses but to stop them from continuing their scam on other unsuspecting people. I have also had these things happen to me and everything you said they told you was also said to me. I was stupid enough to give them money with the 10 day cooling off period but once they had my money they just refused to answer my calls and if I did get onto someone they said they would get customer service to call back but the call never comes.

The worst thing is I should have known from the start that it was a scam as every time I called to speak to someone about the program losing money every person gave me a different answer. I have a mobile number for Tyler and supposed office number How many of us do you think is enough to proceed?

I just want 30 seconds with these blokes to get my money back. Thank you for this site to alert people of the dangers of unscrupulous members of our society that are out there preying on unsuspecting naive trusting people.

My wife and I have been scammed by so many people now that I investigate them before handing over any money. Doing this has saved me thousands. I have been approached by Christian from Exelon yesterday. The twist is that you bet on a horse that will lose. When the horse looses you just take the money from that person. Free trials were offered. The comments above, are they for the same scam, betting on a loosing horse or for a winning horse? Well over time I lost and lost.

I could not find any thing on them at the time, so invested. Forex Not sure if that is the correct spelling, I have deleted all correspondence now was the company. They traded in the futures market.

When it all started to go South He was in a meeting every time and his secretary always talked to me offering a better option. As in Gold and then Oil. Gold went down too! This I found strange due to the fact that I work in a gold related industry. This is when I smelt a rat and withdrew the remainder of my funds.

To this point I cannot say for sure if it was a scam or not! I invested to make money in the long term. Not see it dwindle away. It is irrevelant now but can anyone shed some light on the subject and if to be true that it is a scam warn others.

The Betfair odds are very efficient and it is Very hard to win long term, even for the professionals. I am sam a techie, Does anyone have their software given by Exelon group, so can try to find the originating source and address to track them.

They have been chasing me down almost daily and I am having trouble shaking them! Did you run the program? Hey Exelon scum Looks like these posts have been a little successful Had two people contact me who have avoided being scammed. So this website is doing wonders!! Exelon are shitting their pants now. We have had contact with a number of others in the same position as us, and we are not backing down!!! He kept contact for about a month and listened to my concerned about reinvesting more money.

I was then contacted by Tyler who said he was from HR, who said he was informed I was unhappy and there was some discrepancies with my account, he was going to take over my account in order to make some money. Archived from the original on 13 March Retrieved 7 July Retrieved October 13, Crain's New York Business. Retrieved 4 August Salinger in Accord On Impersonation Suit". Retrieved 26 August Retrieved 13 March Archived from the original on 27 August Scams and confidence tricks. Confidence trick Error account Shill Shyster Sucker list.

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