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Login on the full site option on the direct website not on the app and you'll see for yourself that they have a tab right on the homepage that is called "My Views" not the views received area so you don't get confused, You'll notice right out the gate after you click No on a person browsing they still get a view from you and they keep a count on the amount of views each time you click No, both you and the other person will see that amount count too.

The eye icon is not a wink it stands for views. Then My Bio Ending and still got all the issues I stated above, I enjoy working out at the gym I'm kind of a health nut I recently went from to , playing my xbox one I'm serious gamer, and networking my music under my music name Tsu Tealz online on my free time. I like traveling when I can and watching cooking shows and cooking those same meals at home. I have long hair and a man bun I get braided so if you can braid that's a plus I went to school for Pharmacy Tech and work as a Quality Inspector for medical device company currently.

Please no flirts I need real interaction with a approach, no assumptions, or small talk also keep in mind we aren't in the same boat with everything or with the reasoning for joining this site, when day to day life varies from person to person just a fact. I get out just fine in my life and don't have trouble meeting a female at all this is just another option for me for a different aspect.

Yes I have multiple pics posted they are not for you to be all up in my grill or for me to be stamped as he's full of himself That's how it felt due to no rules, guidelines, or proper help. The one thing people should stop doing is making assumptions and putting people in boxes. If you think a person wants you based on just a view without any legit confirmation you need some help. That's the equivalent of like after two inboxes back and forth already feeling like yeah we hit it off that fast and it's already in the bag Please don't forget to remove your billing automated renewal after paying they'll get you if you forget.

If you paid for 3months and don't remove the billing automated renewal they'll charge you for another 3months. I'm fully down to sue them please contact me at: Don't look for perfection. When I first saw my husband on BPM, it wasn't love at first site. But we exchanged "picture likes," talked on the phone and then we met.

He turned out the be the sweetest man I have ever met. We will be married in 11 days and I am so happy. If I could have sat down and written exactly what I wanted, I could not have done better than what God has done.

Thank you God and BPM! I have been on this site for quite awhile. I have gone out with some nice men and also some crazies. I engage them for two to three weeks in phone conversations before I actually meet them. I have been fooled a few times but not many. I have not met a match yet, but I refuse to settle. I have not had a problem with billing.

Magda Is defiently not looking for a relationship. We begin having a conversation that went well,seem very interested, conversation was interesting. There was some red flags at the beginning I should have not ignored. He is a liar, the pics on his profile are probably from 15 years ago he will tell you hes 49 but his driver license shows he was born in and he honestly looks like he was born in He smokes cigarettes like its no tomorrow,that was one red flag.

When we decided to meet up I was in shock, he told me he was 5feet 11 inches more like 5feet 5 inches and he does not look like he is in his late 40s at all. I felt like I was catfished. So I decided to continue the date we went to get something to eat, then we went back to his office where he lives out of which is nice. He kept getting this call from this guy who speaks Arabic and I swear he called at least 10times to the point I was nerves didnt know if they were plotting to kill me, lol I was a little worried but I used my translator and it was just men talk so later that night he came on to me strong I was not feeling this at all.

He started taking his clothing off and OMG I never seen a penis so little in my entire life! He got so angry when I turned down sex. His whole demeanor changed, his phone was ringing ,he shot it across the floor yelling at me that he has never been turned down for sex,that moment I thought I was going to die. He decided to go in the other room to cool down and I decided to get my stuff and leave.

He started talking about how his life suck and etc. I think he is very depressed and hates life he was nice at the beginning. When he doesnt get what he wants ,he goes into a rage. I was angry and perplexed. This nice guy I talked to over the phone was simply a fraudulent ,he is good at charming you, he got me with it.

Ladies dont be fooled over when he tells you he has a condo in Miami because he is in debt over his head. He will also text you pics of him from 15 years ago. I guess he wants to be forever young, his kids dont even visit him ,another red flag and they live across the street from him,smh. Hes a very miserable old man.

Please take caution if you choose to deal with him. He just wants sex thats it. He states he has a PH. D yeah he does in playing mind games smh. I also get messages in my in box that say that I have "flirted" with someone which is not the case.

I met this one guy with whom I connected and we were messaging. He didn't seem fake. But after two days without hearing back from him, I went into his profile. Lo and behold, it was taken off the website. It had me confused. Yes you have to pay. You can send flirts etc. I agree with Alicia, it's legit if your looking for losers, bums, ex cons or emotionally unstable men. I would never in life go back up there. That site is disgusting.

Please be very safe. Contact black people meet. Tell them ur going to put a law suit against them for not checking this person out. Because they let them use ur picture.

Sign up for free trial, but read all the reviews before giving them your credit card or debit card info. You will be sorry! I appreciate the work of Dr Marvin for his benevolent work done for me i have been separated from my husband for the pass 3month and it was very bad as the kid was missing their father, and i myself was lonely, i have been pleaded to him to forgive me of what i have done, he refused my calls and never replied my messages, it was very devastating.

These processing fees are monies the companies try to recoup. The credit card company charges a percentage of the payment. Now the company that submit charge may tell you about the resources needed to process the charge computer time, human capital, overhead, etc. They don't mind taking money from you, but let someone charge them a fee and they come back too you. First let me state that I am not a therapist nor anyone of the learned field of psychology.

I have no insight to the issue. We have to realize that meeting people on these social sights we cannot be aware of their emotional state nor what of how, if anything we say or do will impact them. If you feel you have been unjustly characterized, I would say that you be the bigger person and publicly in writing on the same site apologize. I know you may feel you did nothing to deserve this and it may be true. I know you are concerned about the negative connotation this may associate to you, but sometimes we have to swallow the little things to move on to bigger things.

After all, some may read your apology and see you in a different light. Just note that you did not intentionally wanted to leave the association in a negative manner, if it seemed as such, you sincerely apologize. Drop the issue, move on. People read these and move on to the next day. Yes, get a new telephone number. Letting someone know of criminal activity of a person is if true is a safety and security issue to those on these social sites. Dehumanizing a person should not what we should be about doing.

So good luck and keep moving on. Too many smokers, men who have 10 kids and never married the mothers, no education, some are too pushy and want your personal phone number right away, and some are downright crazy. You should post current photo's. If you meet someone,they will have to look at you so don't lie. Post fairly recent photo's.. BlackPeopleMeet reviews Is this your business? Shaun remembers the tape recorder and sets it off, and the cheery "Feels Like Summer" starts playing.

Timmy is consoled, until the ancient cassette suddenly breaks mid-song. He starts to cry again, and in desperation Shaun whistles the tune instead. Shirley starts vocalizing the tune's melody as a bass line, and three other sheep join her, harmonizing. They give a bouncy, barbershop quartet style rendition of the song.

Another sheep starts beat-boxing, and yet another picks up an old bicycle wheel and plays it like a guitar. Shaun joins in the singing, and soon the whole flock is either playing or singing the song in a moving, sweet performance.

The music floats out of the junkyard and across the city. In the stylist's shop, the farmer hears the tune and is intrigued. He steps into the supply closet, opening the window to listen better. A memory is jogged, and he starts to question whether he has another purpose out there instead of being a stylist to the snobs of the world.

He pulls the chart that says "memory loss" out of his pocket and looks at it, reminding himself he really doesn't have a true identity yet. But his new boss calls him to come back to work, so he wads up the chart and throws it out the window, deciding to go back to the one thing he knows he can do. The wad of paper is blown by wind and passing cars into the nearby junkyard. Shaun gathers it and several other bits of wood and paper to put in a large fire drum that Bitzer has set up to keep everyone warm as the cold night sets in.

As the fire burns, the chart unfolds. Bitzer sees the farmer's face on it, and he and Shaun fish the half-burnt chart out quickly. When they read the words "Memory Loss", the flock realizes the truth about why the farmer didn't want them, and Shaun decides that they have to get the farmer back home to Mossy Bottom to remind him who he really is.

The question is, how could they pull it off without being caught? Trumper, meanwhile, is hot on their trail thanks to his special goggles.

Even the most minute strand of wool causes them to set off an alarm, and he uses this to follows their route across the city doggedly, getting more and more angry as the trail winds on with no sign of the actual sheep. He is determined to catch them and exact revenge at all costs. Slip shows Shaun a big pile of junk not unlike the one they have at the farm, which they have used before to create all sorts of inventions. Shaun decides the sheep will make their greatest invention now, and draws out a blueprint for it, and the plan to get the farmer home.

With Slip's help, they put the device together, and set back off under the cover of night to the stylist's shop. Upon arrival there, Slip makes sure the coast is clear, then gets the farmer's attention. The sheep set up a gate near the window of the shop, and in a ring, as before, start to jump over it one by one.

Not only the farmer but everyone else in the shop and on the nearby street succumbs to slumber, leaving the sheep free to do as they please. The Flock capture the Farmer and drag him into an alley, and their invention is revealed as a life-size mechanical horse, which the sleeping farmer, now disguised as a mounted policeman, is riding on while Slip and the sheep operate it from inside.

Bitzer is at the helm, and he "drives" the horse down the street, only to run smack into Trumper. He is momentarily fooled by the ruse, and asks the farmer if he's seen the three escaped animals. The sheep make the sleeping farmer mime directions and Trumper starts to walk away.

However, his glasses go off as he looks at the horse. He starts to run after it and trips. His head rips through the fabric and he sees the sheep inside, but he is stuck half-in and half-out of the "horse" and can't do a thing about it.

Timmy beats him over the head with his teddy bear, knocking him loose, and the sheep use an augmented fire extinguisher as a rocket to propel the horse away from Trumper as fast as they can go. Trumper shoots his electrified grabber at the horse but it gets tangled round a leg and Trumper finds himself helplessly towed after it, eventually crashing into a garbage bin. The sheep and the two dogs stop the horse at the spot where the old caravan still sits, abandoned, on the sidewalk by the wrecked street lamp.

They all pile inside, and Shaun lassos the trailer hitch to a passing bus, which he knows is heading back towards Mossy Bottom farm. Trumper chases the camper on foot and uses his non-electrified grabber to catch hold of the back, but they hit a bump and he vanishes from view, much to their delight. The bus passes by the farm and the sheep make the rope come loose, the caravan coming to rest in the spot where it was before the whole mess started.

However, it misses the chock and almost rolls away back towards the city again, much to the sheep's horror. The Bull spots the camper about to roll away and, having calmed down from his temper tantrum earlier, runs over and rescues it, putting it safely back into place.

The sheep, Bitzer, and Slip get the still-sleeping farmer back into the wheelbarrow, and start to wheel him back towards the farmhouse. However, Trumper was actually run over by the caravan and clung onto the underside. He climbs out now, practically insane with rage, and with the seat of his trousers completely stripped off by friction with the road to reveal his red underwear beneath.

He starts to storm after the sheep and dogs, grabbing a large scythe from a nearby field to finish them off. When Shaun and The Flock they put The Farmer his clohtes, they spots Trumper by Slip, coming after them and changes course, and the lot of them pile into a small shed, locking the door and trying to wake the deeply-sleeping farmer who has been oblivious to the whole incident.

Trumper winds caution tape round the building to seal them in, and then uses the tractor, with its new grabber, to rip the shed from its foundation and push it down the lane to a nearby granite quarry. The barb-wire fence round the quarry prevents the shed from being pushed over more than halfway - while the sheep try to figure out an escape, Shaun manages to wake The Farmer by waving the contents of a bag of manure beneath his nose.

This wakes him, but his memory is still gone and he screams in terror and tries to back away from all the animals. Trumper uses the grabber to pick up the shed and lift it over the fence of the quarry, but can't figure out how to get it to let go. Fearing the end has come, all the animals huddle against the farmer in a tight hug, crying. The Farmer is stunned, and then sees his reflection in the window of the shed. The positions they are in are not unlike the old photograph he took of himself, Shaun, Bitzer, and the flock when they were all young.

His memory returns in a rush, and he hugs the sheep back lovingly, then proceeds to heroically barge out the door of the shed to confront Trumper. Unfortunately, his short sight made him pick the wrong door and he plunges into the quarry. Bitzer catches and saves him, but the two of them are now leaning out the door dangling perilously over the sheer drop. Shaun jumps on a window of the shed and fights with Trumper making to gain the control of the tractor and saving his friends and the Farmer.

But Trumper doesn't give up, he furiously throws Shaun at the quarry with the intention of killing him. Thinking he finally can kill him, Shaun is rescued by the Farmer and then hugs Shaun demonstrating their affection for him and the Flock are happy to see the Farmer back.

Trumper surprised to see the Farmer saves Shaun It follows that the Farmer is the owner of Shaun and the Flock and he knows the Farmer would be furious to throw Shaun and the others to the quarry and now like a coward he is about to leaving the farm to avoid the fury of the Farmer, but Slip stops him bitting his foot and he angry tries to put down Slip of his foot.

The Farmer after hugging Shaun, sees Trumper and complains with him for almost throw him and the Flock to the quarry. Trumper scared, in trying to escape from Slip and the Farmer, he tries to reason with the Farmer for his misunderstanding, knowing it wasn't his intention to know who was the owner of the animals, but the Farmer knowing that he saw throwing Shaun to the quarry and almost die with his animals in the shed, he still angry and confront him for his acts.

Meanwhile, Shaun and the Flock they see the Bull closing when the Farmer faces Trumper and he still trying to reason, The Bull pushes Trumper in his Red underpants which manages fly out of the quarry and falls into a bag of manure. The Farmer and his animals laugh at him, celebrate, and head back to the farmhouse - the pigs see them coming, and hurriedly clean and vacate it, so the Farmer notices nothing amiss when he goes in.

As the Farmer goes back to his own bed after his city adventure, Bitzer finally shows Shaun he has forgiven him by giving him a high five and then hugging him. Shaun looks around for Slip, but she is nowhere to be found, having walked away during the celebration earlier.

He finds a note pinned on the garden gate, saying she has left now that she isn't needed. He tries to run after her and bring her back, and sees her going down the lane back towards the city. The bus from earlier is returning and nearly runs her over - the driver skids to a stop just inches from her, and gets out to make sure she is okay.

Slip tries to look cute but her ugly face still has snaggle teeth sticking out everywhere. However, the female bus driver smiles and shows the same sort of snaggled teeth, and picks up Slip and decides to take her home with her.

Having found a family at last, Slip is happy, and waves goodbye to Shaun as the bus driver takes them both back home to the Big City.

The next morning, the rooster crows and everyone wakes up to business as usual, but everyone is going about it more happily and with more of a spring in their step. The Farmer and Bitzer open the barn and the sheep happily gather round the farmer, glad to have him home again.

The moment is almost ruined as the farmer sadly looks at the schedule, clearly wishing for once they didn't have to do it. Bitzer makes the decision for him by grabbing the paper, wadding it up, and throwing it to the goat to eat.

During the credits, images are shown of the farmer, Bitzer, and the Sheep enjoying a day off in the country. Trumper is fired from his position and becomes a street hawker for a chicken restaurant. The other two workers convert the containment facility into a true shelter with the pit bull being revealed to be just a cardboard cutout , and Slip and her new owner both get braces to straighten their teeth.

In a mid-credits scene, the farmer witnesses the events caused by his oblivious self and the animals on the news, as the animals watch in horror. After that, The Rooster comes by carrying a sign that says "The End". As the credits move up the screen, The Rooster jumps in order to stay visible but is finally covered up. When the credits come to an end we see the rooster again, now playing a game on his mobile phone. He notices us, turns the sign round to show the words "Go home" and walks off.

The screen is blank for a moment, then a sheep appears with a vacuum cleaner. The site's consensus reads, "Warm, funny, and brilliantly animated, Shaun the Sheep is yet another stop-motion jewel in Aardman's family-friendly crown". On Metacritic, the film has a score of 81 out of , based on 30 critics, indicating "universal acclaim".

Lou Lumenick of the New York Post gave the film three out of four stars, saying, "Shaun the Sheep Movie may be less elaborate than Aardman masterpieces like Curse of the Were-Rabbit, but there's still much to enjoy. It's not often you see a cartoon that references both Night of the Hunter and Silence of the Lambs".

Inkoo Kang of The Wrap gave the film a positive review, saying, "Refreshingly for children but especially for adults , there are no lessons to learn and no faults to admonish. Instead, it's an minute, dialogue-free distillation of all the innocent fun we wish childhood could be". Interestingly enough, she didn't go to the man first, but walked right up to the Terminatrix, looking her in the reptilian eyes and making direct contact without even flinching, a feat not even one Terminatrix Tamer has yet to manage.

After a moment, she finally greeted the Terminatrix with, "So, the Goths cursed you with the Ebony Stone as well? She grew up helping her mother, another Tigress running the area's first resort, as this would become a vacation spot for a number of Sanctuary Goth.

Finally, it seemed like her loyalty and hard work paid off when, on her eighteenth birthday, she was summoned to Sanctuary itself to undergo the ascension ceremony and become a Sanctuary Goth with the others of her generation chosen.

The ceremony itself would be held three days later on August 12th, AS. The day of Mao Shin Mao's execution. It is understood that the creation of Mao Shin Mao, the very thing that had warped her, was psychic backlash. Mao had a latent but very powerful extrasensory perception within her subconscious, and upon accidentally killing her Tamer, was hit over the Delta Bond she had with him with sensations she could not possibly hope to handle.

When she was killed, she was finally released, her sixth sense sending out one last psychic scream as she joined oblivion A psychic scream that was picked up over Ebony Stones for a moment as the cry went out. It lasted for so little time, on such an insignificant level of power it would have been ignored as all Ebony Stones that picked it up would eventually burn through it.

Unfortunately, not one Sanctuary Goth could have predicted what a Tigress' psychic outcry would do to another Tigress. Needless to say, Kiera did not become a Sanctuary Goth. She was warped and filled with feelings of intense rage, pity, fear, and confusion. She had uncontrolled power and literally flew off from Sanctuary, where it would take her many months to finally come to mental terms with what happened.

She would come to call herself the Ebony Tigress after the Evolution Stone that had warped her existence. Also during this time, the Ebony Tigress has revealed her other reason for staying away from human civilizations. The Sanctuary Goth are actively hunting her down. They see has as a threat to their existence, as she serves as physical proof Sanctuary exists should anyone be able to pry the information from her.

Worse, they know that the Ebony Tigress is also immune to all of their Aura attacks and that only hastens their need to eliminate a threat before she becomes violent towards them. And the sad fact remains is that agents of Sanctuary are numerous and everywhere.

With this new information, we have decided to allow the Ebony Tigress to live as she has, to not give the Sanctuary Goths any hint we have made not only contact, but gotten such a comprehensible conversation and information from her.

We are having her path of travel monitored as closely and accurately as we can to protect our ally. The Ebony Tigress is a victim of circumstance that is being targeted by Sanctuary simply because she lives. Uncommon one per body of water Diet: Carnivore, prefers fresh kills Role: Like her Naga cousins, her lower body is that of an eel and her upper torso is that of a woman.

She measures around fifteen to twenty feel long from head to tail. While her skin and body comes in a variety of flashy colors, they tend to get overshadowed by her looks.

She has very small breasts, rarely if ever going above a small B. She has a very pronounced brow and jaw, which is lined with very sharp fangs. It is a smart idea to not ask for head, ever. Her arms are long and spindly, ending in sharp claws. When out of water, she is rather clumsy.

She is also slimy to the touch, a coating of mucus she uses to help swim through the water. When in the water, she is a vision of grace and ferocity. It is of no surprise why her nickname is the Sea Naga. Though she is related to the Naga breed, she is not a lesbian. In fact, she is a straight heterosexual, explaining why so many found are feral.

The Eelara were created by Sukebe for two purposes. One was to purify bodies of water. The other was to protect those bodies with a crazed fervor. Territorial to the extreme, they will attack any pokegirl or tamer that crosses over into their area. For this reason, they are used as bodyguards in moats and other important bodies of water. Eelara fight dirty, not caring how they win as long as their opponents are dead.

This leads to tamers who capture them to keep them on a short leash in a fight. They tend to use hit and run tactics when fighting, lashing out at eyes and other vulnerable parts of the body. A drop of it is enough to send a normal person into anaphylactic shock. Even using biting and claw attacks on them is highly discouraged. Sharptits even avoid them. Eelara know that their blood is dangerous, and use it in fights. She will bite her hands, letting blood coat her mouth and claws.

A bite or slash will be enough to send opponents into seizures, leaving them at her mercy. Water types are particularly vulnerable fighting her in her natural environment. Any wound will leak the blood into the surrounding water, making fighting her extremely difficult. It is best to fight her using crushing attacks or with grass and electric attacks.

She will liberally use Water Floor to coat the ground with water, evening up the battlefield. Eelara tend to be in harems of battle oriented tamers or the navy. If the manage to get into a harem, they are either the Alpha or extremely dedicated Betas. She does not get along with Psi-dykes, Dildo Queens, or Domina types.

When it comes to taming, she is very aggressive. It is best to tame her in a pool or large tub where she is less clumsy. They tend to be even more aggressive and dangerous than normal. It makes them even more dangerous on land because Water Floor with Thunder Shock is enough to take out many breeds.

It is unwise to try to take her on in her body of water. It is best to try to land lock her first and attack with a grass type. Being Electric, she is not vulnerable to attacks of that nature. High Protein, Electricity Role: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock Attacks: Faulty Electrical Energy Storage Evolves: Eventually, the capability to create her own energy is lost, the arm rotation method no longer producing anything for her. Worse still, the Eleklit no longer naturally gains any electrical energy on her own, which is what serves as the trigger for her to finally evolve to the next stage.

When an Eleklit turns into an Electabust, the changes are incredible. She becomes more of a feline animorph now, standing around 5' to 5'4", with her breasts expanding upward to anywhere from a solid B-Cup to a Modest C-cup. Before where she had smooth skin, she is now covered with yellow fur that has black stripes that wrap around her body in no particular manner, giving her a wild look. While her arms remain muscular, the muscles of her legs grow enhance as well, and her feet change from having toes to a set of two claws on each foot.

However, these later changes detract from her speed rather than enhance it. During thunderstorms, an Electabusts will climb to the highest location possible, in hopes that it will be struck by lightning. As a result, some towns employ a few Electabust in lieu of lightning rods. Some Electabusts even choose to supplement their diet with Thunder Stones. They don't evolve from the Evolution Stone under normal circumstances, and the Thunder Stone can last for numerous weeks before its drained of its power.

Unfortunately, a number of Feral Electabusts will go to further ways to feed, and that can cause problems for the human populace. A number of Ferals will lurk around power plants, feeding off the electricity generated there. This behavior is dangerous to the public, as occasionally blackouts are caused by a few Electabust overindulging themselves at a power plant's generators.

This is why the Feral Electabust population are generally viewed as electric vampires. It should be noted that due to this unique diet and loss of naturally occurring electrical capabilities, an Electabust's body is constantly discharging the stored electricity. Truly, even though she can give herself the power she once had before, her fighting capabilities will never be the same as they once were.

However, many Electabusts don't allow this to keep them from being part of the fighting scene they once loved and adored. They still show their support with enthusiasm and loyalty. As one can understand, the Electabust is something of a cheerleading role when coming to harem dynamics in all aspects. While Electabusts that had just gotten some electrical charges can fight with the best of Electric-types the power isn't used efficiently, since Eleklits never had to worry about running out of power they never learned to husband their electrical resources, Electric attacks take 2 to 5 PP to use once.

Often they'll dress in team colors, wave banners, and all but shout out to the world how much they love those they are loyal to.

When it comes to Taming, that cheering definitely is geared towards the Tamer fucking them. Electabust, are great at talking dirty and gladly give pep-talks to their partner as they come. Often, their words and screams of pleasure act as a driving force behind how well their Tamers keep them Tamed. Although in the beginning it's a mix of trial and error once they start off with a Tamer, but once they are intimate with each other, an Electabust just seems to know what to say and do to get her Tamer ready to do her just the way she likes.

It is wise course of action not to tell an Electabust that she is going to be Tamed when in public area. The Electabust will jump to her feet and make a show as she gives an encouraging and filthy cheer to her Tamer in thanks, and that can be most embarrassing in certain situations.

Surprisingly, while there have been no recorded cases of Threshold into Eleklits, there have been a few cases where the girl in question Thresholded into an Electabust. Electabust do make up a minimal percentage of Ferals that are caught, Tamed, and Bred, and it seems that their genetics are strong enough to breed true. Uncommon Indigo, Rare elsewhere. Electronic Warfare, Reconnaissance Libido: Dragon, Ground, Ice, Plant Attacks: Enhanced Speed x5 Evolves: However, some of the most dangerous ones were sometimes missed entirely.

The Electressica was designed to infiltrate and attack without ever being seen. Most weigh in the region of to pounds and they use it to maximize the damage from their quick attack. Their body is covered with fine scales that are a dull gray in color. However, due to the rotating they do underground, these scales have been polished and unless she covers herself with mud or clothing, they scatter any light into shimmering droplets on their skin.

Their copper hair is short and wiry and is the source of their thunder attack. Touching it without warning can result in a serious shock. They can also breathe while submerged in dirt, but strangely enough they cannot breath in water.

Their dig attack is primarily used when below ground, creating a cavern to suck opponents underground and make them more vulnerable to ambush. Non-feral Electressica will trap opponents in these caverns and leave them to starve or escape on their own.

Rumors insist that some feral ones use this tactic as well. Electressica use Agility and Quick Attack to give themselves room to maneuver and get into the ground quickly. In fact, during the Revenge war they were very to extremely rare. To increase their utility between raids he gave them recover to heal any injuries while they were on their way to another attack region.

After the war, they began to propagate in the wild via parthenogenesis. Staying below ground, she would move into an enemy command post and once in position, begin to spin rapidly in place, charging up as she did. Once she reached maximum speed, she would unleash her charge as Thunder. The charged energy field created an electromagnetic field extending out nearly a dozen feet that she could spin with her.

This field interacted with any ferrous material in the ground or above ground if the field extended past the surface and created a rapid series of fluctuating electrical pulses in unshielded electronics and sometimes in bare ferrous metal. These pulses could destroy fragile electronics up to fifty feet from the Electressica.

Often, during the Revenge War, the first sign she was attacking was when insulation started burning, radios and computers starting to spit flame and sparks. Any Electressica can partially control the strength of her field by varying the rate of her spin or the strength of her thunder attack. For this reason they are not normally used in power generation facilities unless the facility is designed from the ground up to deal with her special issues. They can be difficult to train in team tactics.

Compounding this difficulty, their feral state is relatively non-aggressive, which causes them to avoid contact with others. However, their ability to consume electrical power means that a small generator can be used to lure them. They have a taste for alternating current and because of this, batteries are much less effective. Electressica vary in their taming desires. Some are dominant while others are passive while being tamed. Outside of taming, they prefer to be alone and will sometimes escape other harem members by sinking into the ground.

League military units have also utilized Electressica, mainly to destroy the electronics of Team bases or other strongholds just prior to assault.

Electressica learn other techniques handily, but for some reason are unable to learn Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave or Thundershock. As of AS there have been a few cases of an Electressica threshold.

Usually finds finer brands of pokechow acceptable. Electrocats usually have yellow coats of fur, though white patches in it are not uncommon. Very rarely there are Electrocats with deep blue fur. Their bust size remains the same as it was as a Merrowl, something they are usually disappointed about. The hairs on their coat of fur can be consciously made to stand up with their own static electricity, making it so that opponents who physically strike them take damage from the needle-hairs.

These hairs can also be flung at enemies a short range away. If this keeps up their Frequency rating may soon shift from Uncommon to Common. Electrocats are decent fighters, and fight better from a distance.

They like to use Spark and Thunder Bolt to try and electrocute their enemies before they can close, minimizing risk to themselves. Should close combat be unavoidable, an Electrocat will flare out the hairs on her coat of fur for defense and begin using her physical attacks, trying to use Needle Spray to open more distance between her and her enemy.

Electrocats enjoy being on the bottom during Taming. Their basic lazy nature leads them to want their Tamer to do all the work. Feral Electrocats become more rowdy than they would be ordinarily. They tend to use their electricity more often, giving small shocks to anyone around them. They also tend to wander somewhat in this state, usually venturing further abroad than they would care to if they had all their wits. Electric Vampire, Kamikaze Libido: There has been more than one account of a Video Girl that was in a computer system at the time when an Electabust came upon the equipment.

Upon draining the system of its energy, the Electabust effectively absorbed the Video Girl without realizing it. Because of such accidents, a lot of power plants that employ Video Girls do their best to set up security against Electabusts.

It is easy to tell when an Electabust has devoured a Video Girl. This is the essence of the Video Girl which still remains after becoming part of the Electabust, which refuses to be snuffed out of existence. Should an Electabust manage to get her hands on a Thunder Stone after more or less digesting a Video Girl, something spectacular happens, an event that most officials and researchers aren't sure is necessarily a good thing or not.

Because of the Video Girl, the Thunder Stone acts as a catalyst, fusing the two together into one powerful force. The Evolution is a drastic change, the Electabust, now an Elecurvire, shoots up a solid 3' feet, putting her at a height of around 8' overall, with her breasts expanding only slightly as to become a large CC-cup. An Elecurvire loses most of her feline features with the exception of her fur maintaining a striped pattern on her body, while her back has a symbol that looks much like a socket outlet, similar to how the starting form of Eleklit had horns resembling a plug.

An Elecurvire has bright red eyes and her build overall seems to resemble the yeti or sasquatch of legend. Her tail splits into two at the base and both tails become pure black with small red parts on the end of its pair of tails resemble red LEDs.

True, like her previous form, she could not generate any of her own electricity, but as an Elecurvire she can efficiently store and use any electricity that she is currently storing. She also has a larger assortment of sources to gain power from now as they gain an ability to convert ambient energy into Electrical might. The source could be anything from the flame of Fire-types, the mental processing of Psychic-types, the kintetic-energy of Fighting-types Understandably, where the Electabust was thought of as an electric vampire, the Elecurvire certainly is such!

However, a group in the Johto League known as Team Static though to use the breed in a scheme to cause a League-wide Blackout that would allow them to attack and raid under a cover of darkness and caught one to begin a process of artificially-inducing Parthenogenesis in the few Elecurvires they managed to get their hands on.

By the time Team Statics plot had been found out, the number had jumped from three to nearly forty. In battle or Taming, the Elecurvire certainly is a brute.

Taking what she wants and using her enhanced strength and intimidation tactics to take control of a situation quickly. She'll come down quickly on her target, intending to get what she can from them, be it their energy, or a solid Taming But that is one thing that those whom own an Elecurvire cannot deny. An Elecurvire is truly a battle-ready behemoth that never runs from any battle, despite the possible danger involved, such as a Widow attack. Although there has yet to be a case of an Elecurvire surviving an encounter with a Widow, the fact was they attacked their opponent head-on without hesitation, a true testament to their confrontational nature.

An interesting ability of the Elecurvires that are Tamed and end up in Harems is their capability to interface with electronic equipment. Seemingly a remnant ability left over from the Video Girl, the Elecurvire can use her tails to hook-up into any piece of electronic equipment that has an infrared scanner port. This allows them to take in information and of course, energy.

There has yet to be a case of a girl going through Threshold becoming an Elecurvire. Honestly, it doesn't look like it is possible due to the need of a Video Girl to sacrifice herself, and frankly, a lot of people are glad for that. Not Very Near Human Element: Fangirl, Frontline Fighter Libido: Electabust normal Evolves From: Especially since this was a timeframe when humanity was just finally recovering from Mao's Rebellion half a decade previous. When more Eleklits started being born the following years, it had been a cause of panic until rational minds pulled through.

It was determined that this was not a cause for alarm, or the end of humanity as we knew it, again but was determined to be a small genetic quirk. While an Eleklit could never be mistaken for a human, there are physical features that make her a truly unique creature. Standing around 4'3" to 4'8", an Eleklit's skin is a complete yellow with minimal amounts of black stripes along her back and arms, often the stripes are a hint to Tigress heritage with a black thunderbolt sigil on her chest between her A-Cup breasts.

She also has a pair of horns on her head that firmly resemble the prong of an electronics device that would be plugged into an electrical outlet. The space between these horns often sparks with a bluish-white electrical charge when an Eleklit is storing energy. However, these horns accidentally discharge her stored electricity if they come into contact with metal.

The Eleklit can rapidly create her own storage of electricity thanks to her arms. Her limbs are considerably muscular compared to the rest of her body, and for good reason: When an Eleklit rotates her arms back and forth in a circular motion, the muscles generate electricity of the Eleklit, which the body then stores for later attack, or conversion.

Not only can an Eleklit continuously generate her own Electrical powers, halving PP use for her Electric techniques the Eleklit has an internal conversion system that allows her to change the ambient energy she creates and gathers.

An oddity about the Eleklit which becomes the defining aspect of her species and her evolutions is that she becomes something of an otaku. Often, Eleklits that have similar interests to that of a FarFuck'D in the same harem often become fast friends, sharing their knowledge, ideas, and love of a certain aspect. Taming an Eleklit is a shocking experience, however, not one where a Tamer can find themselves overwhelmed.

They species as a whole, however, has proven pretty capable at giving head. It is advised that a Tamer does NOT touch either of the prong-like horns on their heads during Taming. It's going to instantly ruin the mood. There has yet to be a case of a girl becoming an Eleklit through Threshold. Spellcasting, exact role depends on spells known Libido: Mystic Bolt, Shield, elemental attacks of the appropriate types Enhancements: Affinity for magic, affinity for their element Evolves: If they knew such magic when they were a Witch then it will be immediately forgotten upon their evolution.

However, when casting a spell from their specialty it is half-again as powerful as the same spell when cast by a Sorceress of the same level. Elementalists are also more capable of using their magical knowledge, since they can now create new spells although only spells in their particular specialty.

They are however much quicker than a Sorceress would be when creating such a spell. They are also capable of enchanting magical items although again only with magic related to their element, and unlike an Enchantress they must obtain a suitable item since they lack the skill to make one themselves. However because the Elementalist is so in tune with her element there is no chance of the enchantment process failing. One weakness that all Elementalists share is carried over from their previous form, they are very ticklish.

This makes taming one easy but makes them unsuitable for sex battles. Elementalists of the same element always have the same hair color and tend to be similar in personality. Their breast size can vary considerably although C-cup seems to be the average. Like Sorceresses runes appear on an Elementalist's body when they use their magic, and these runes are always the same color as the Elementalist's hair.

Feral Elementalists live near their element, and are peaceful unless attacked or their home is threatened. Threshold girls rarely become Elementalists, and those that do either live near, or have a strong connection to their element. Often once the initial shock and the resentment at the loss of their humanity has worn off these girls revel in the power of the magic that is now at their command.

Electric, Ice, Rock Barred from learning: Air Elementalists have sky blue hair and are often easily distracted from the task at hand by anything which catches their attention unless their Tamer watches them at all times. Air Elementalists are often found on ships where their ability to provide a steady wind is most prized. They do not get along with Earth Elementalists who they consider to be boring and to have no desire for fun.

Air Elementalists enjoy being Tamed outdoors on their backs where they can look up and see the sky. Feral Air Elementalists usually live in mountains where they can hear the wind whistling through canyons. Fire, Ice, Poison magic. Druidesses have green hair and usually braid flowers into it. They are very aware of the changing of the seasons and have a limited ability to predict the weather for the next few days. They are very fun loving and go barefoot whenever possible so they can feel the grass beneath their feet, also any Druidess with a permanent home will seek to cultivate as many plants in the area as they can.

They do not get on with Poison Elementalists finding their bitter attitude and love of destruction disgusting. Obviously Druidesses prefer to be tamed outdoors preferably on a bed of grass.

Flying, Ice, Plant, Water Barred from learning: Earth Elementalists have brown hair and are very focused on whatever task they are performing often to the exclusion of all else. Earth Elementalists are often found in construction and landscaping where their ability to move vast quantities of earth and rock makes them an excellent worker.

They do not get along with Air Elementalists seeing them as flighty and frivolous. Earth Elementalists enjoy being outdoors and on the bottom where they can feel the earth during their Taming. Feral Earth Elementalists live in caves. Flying, Psychic Additional Enhancements: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Toughness Barred from learning: Any spell which affects the mind. A Fighting Mystics hair is black at the roots paling to white at the tips, strangely this remains true even if she has just had a haircut.

Fighting Mystics have learnt to channel their magic internally enhancing their strength and toughness the level of enhancement increases as the Fighting Mystic increases in level.

Magical researchers theorise that the Mana Crystal opens pathways in their bodies so that as well as channeling their magic externally into spells it can be channelled internally. In combat Fighting Mystics prefer to rely on their martial arts rather than use magic. Only if they are clearly losing a fight will they use their magic and then they prefer to use their specialty, magic that effects a persons body rather than any direct damage spells that they may know.

The fighting style of individual Fighting Mystics varies greatly, some use weapons while others fight unarmed, some specialise in one weapon or martial arts discipline seeking to become true masters of it, while others seek to learn multiple disciplines.

When they are not engaged in combat Fighting Mystics are constantly training either to improve their bodies natural strength, endurance and agility or practicing their martial arts. Fighting Mystics can also use their mana to increase their bodies ability to heal by concentrating it in injured areas, this does however require concentration.

Fighting Mystics do not get along with Mind Mages seeing them as weaklings who win through trickery rather than relying on their own strength. Feral Fighting Mystics are constantly traveling either to find new opponents to spar with or new masters to learn from.

Ground, Rock, Water Barred from learning: Ice, Plant, Water magic. Fire Elementalists have red hair, and are very passionate, especially about Taming, also they often argue with their Tamer about the right course of action to take in a given situation. Fire Elementalists are rarely found outside of a Tamer's Harem since other Fire-types are easier to obtain and usually just as effective in performing other roles.

They do not get along with Water Elementalists seeing them as being too submissive and they consider Earth Elementalists to be boring although they don't actively dislike them. Fire Elementalists often act as though their libido is high rather than average, seeking as much Taming as possible and they enjoy new experiences, a Fire Elementalist will be willing to try just about anything once. They prefer their food hot and Feral Fire Elementalists live near active volcanos and hot springs.

Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel Barred from learning: Ice Elementalists have white hair, and never act without thinking through their actions. They dislike Thunder Elementalists seeing them as acting rashly by not thinking through their actions. Ice Elementalists are popular among tamers since they give all the benefits of having an Ice type in their harem without drawbacks such as low body temperature or inability to handle high temperatures.

Ice Elementalists prefer their tamings slow and enjoy it when their tamer take the time to "seduce" them. Ice Elementalists prefer cold food and feral Ice Elementalists live in artic areas. Bug, Dark, Ghost Barred from learning: Any spell which affects the body. Mind Mages have hair which is white at the roots darkening to black at the tips, this will remain the case even if she has just had a hair cut. Mind Mages specialise in magic that effects the mind, and prefer to win battles using their intelligence and trickery to outsmart their opponent rather than outright violence.

Mind Mages are hungry for knowledge and when not fighting will be studying, some focus on one particular area of study while others are generalists. Mind Mages do not get on with Fighting Mystics seeing them as barbarians who think with their fists. Feral Mind Mages are constantly travelling in search of new knowledge.

Ground, Psychic Barred from learning: Poison Elementalists have purple hair and a bitter attitude, and enjoy viewing things that others would consider ugly such as dying plants or destroyed buildings, especially if they're responsible for it.

Obviously they enjoy destroying things from buildings to plants and those in legitimate occupation usually wind up in the demolition industry. Poison Elementalists are popular among thieves because their acidic spells are an ideal way of quietly dissolving locks, safes and other such obstacles without damaging the contents. Poison Elementalists do not get on with Druidesses due to their habit of growing beautiful plants. Feral Poison Elementalists live in areas of high pollution.

Dark, Ghost, Psychic Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting Special Weakness: Vulnerable to attacks which create bright flashes Barred from learning: Any spell which creates light. Shadow Elementalists have black hair and are sometimes mistaken for Goths. Shadow Elementalists enjoy poetry and can usually be found reading a book of it or even writing some whenever they have a free moment, they also enjoy philosophy. Shadow Elementalists usually act as though any other activities, and that any but the most urgent conversations, are a needless waste of their time.

The only people that they are willing to make time for are poet sub-type Goths who they like exchanging poetry with and other Shadow Elementalists who they enjoy having philosophical discussions with, when they are not reading each other their poetry. Shadow Elementalists don't get on with Steel Alchemists Seeing them as too focused on physical matters and not enough on matters of the spirit. Shadow Elementalists are sometimes found working for criminals who use their spells to black out large areas and so cover their escape.

Unlike other Elementalists, Shadow Elementalists are nocturnal and don't like to be active during the day, feral Shadow Elementalists usually have a cave or other dark place that they can use to hide from the sunlight. They are not harmed by sunlight, but their eyes are sensitive and any Shadow Elementalist will need to wear dark glasses should she be active during the day. This is a clue to their greatest weakness, any attack which creates a bright light will blind and disorientate a Shadow Elementalist for a few moments.

This also means that a Shadow Elementalist can't cast any spells which create light, even if that light is a secondary effect such as the flash that accompanies a fireball or lightning bolt. Electric, Fighting, Fire, Ground Barred from learning: Steel Alchemists have grey hair with a metallic sheen. Steel Alchemists are capable of constructing devices that they call mechanicals, these mechanicals then fight for them in battle. In order to create a mechanical a Steel Alchemist must first forge all the parts and then assemble them inside a magic circle, they must then go through a day long ritual to activate it and bond it to their control.

Once a mechanical has been activated it appears to be constructed of living metal since it can heal from damage although only at the same rate as the Steel Alchemist would, but it can benefit from healing magic and techniques just as the Steel Alchemist would.

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