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Learn Why Is Full Of Fake Profiles

And that couldn't be more accurate at this point.


We have been registered on this site for about 30 minutes and we have already received 15 emails. This may not seem like a big deal but once you take into account that our dating profile for this investigation is empty, with no photographs and no information there would be absolutely no reason for anyone to be interested in contacting us.

Why then have we already received 15 e-mail messages in such a short time? It's because all these email messages are automated and no one is actually sending them to us. This website uses sophisticated software programs to mimic real people and with the software they can detect that you are a member of this site they have your email address and from there they just send you email messages all day long. This makes it seem as if you are being contacted by real women who want to hook up.

The real scam is is that if you try to read the email messages or contact the women, you are asked to pay for an upgraded subscription before you can continue. This is why they send out fake email messages, to trick you into upgrading so thy can make money off of you. You're basically interacting with a computer software program and no humans whatsoever.

It's all a con. As we mentioned in the above section all the email messages we received came from fictitious women. This means that their profiles are completely fake. All of the images in the profiles are phony and all the information is fake. These fictitious profiles have been created by QuickFlirt.

The reason they create fake females dating profiles is to make it appear as if the site has many more women than it actually does. In order to lure men into paying for a monthly subscription they have to make it appear as if the site is full of attractive looking women looking to hook up.

They deceive you to get you to purchase a monthly membership, that's how they make their money and they are willing to do anything to deceive and trick you into doing that. Many of the female profiles on this site uses photos of amateur porn stars and have images on other sites where they are nude etc.

We have included see evidence below with links to the direct pages were these exact same images can be found on those image sites. Please note that we didn't go through every single profile for the simple fact that it would have taken days if not weeks to do so. A small sample of images proves that many of these dating profiles are in fact phony. Also the terms and conditions page clearly states that this website is involved in the creation and fabrication of fictitious dating profiles, which you can read below.

We have included the sentences from the terms and conditions page which clearly states this fact below: Another part of their deception is the use of computer software programs to make it appear as if people have been browsing your profile.

The reason why they make it appear as if women have viewed your profile is because you will want to see who viewed your profile. Then when you try to communicate back to those women you have to upgrade to a paid subscription to email them. Unfortunately there is no reason to contact them since the women supposedly browsing your profile aren't even real to begin with. In a short time frame 12 "women" browsed our profile see evidence below. The last part of our evidence is in the terms and conditions page.

All this info is available on the terms page, the most important parts can be read below. This site uses almost every trick in the book to deceive you into upgrading and buying a subscription. How can you trust a site that admits to using fake profiles, we can't. Out of curiosity, I created a profile.. On the very first page I found an imposter sheeprynce I can't believe this shit! I just moved to Florida and the profile I mentioned is up there from several differant cities!! If you read Quickflirts terms of use they say that they do not use fake profiles.

If you find they are using fake profiles can you not take legal action against them. Yes they will have excuses, but it might stop them for a while. Is there nobody you can advise about their false claims. Thank you guys so much for your help because I was just about to enter my credit card info and i thankfully I decided to investigate a Lil before I do. You guys saber me from being conned thank you! Hi guys i have purchased a subscription. How can i get this cancelled without keep being charged….

That may not work as you think. I was part of it when they refused to cancel, kept saying they did, counting on you not watching your cc statement, they still were. In compensation they offered a month's free, you say no, but they refuse to refund, blaming you for not noticing day one. The Credit Card Company explained that they sign you up as a 'reward winner or bonus' for like the longest six month membership, but you'll only see it charging you again after the first six months had past.

And it goes on an on. Ever remember being given a pop-up to another site, Russian nudes or something? Seriously, someone has to get this lot, all of them, their all related like Cupid and only getting bolder and worse. More men are being blackmailed, families lives businesses destroyed adn two more men committed suicide this last New Years over this shit.

Thanks for informing us about how QuickFlirt. This is very disturbing, you should you should contact the Better Business Bureau and also the Federal Trade Commission if you live in the United States. These people are nothing but scammers. Once again thanks for commenting we appreciate your valid input into our investigation of QuickFlirt. I had the same problem, i called my bank and told them i assigned for a trial at something, but i cant get off the subscribtion, and it will charge every month, and then they told me block the card and get a new one from the bank.

Hi ben i have a problem they told me that i used fake information when i made a 3 day trial and now i have to pay 72 dollars what should i do. The site has definately all of the signs of a scam. My credit card was charged twice in one morning for one subscription. Fortunately mycredit card company went on alert immediately and denied the charges. The card was cancelled and a new card is going to be issued.

If you payed on credit card through iTunes , go to iTunes , then , manage , then turn renewal off. U think thats bad try finding out someone made u a profile and put a.

This is the third site that has it. So i have to keep fb blocked to prevent it from happening. Unfortunately, I only found out about your review of this site after I agreed to join. Not mentioned in your report of this site are three additional scams they operate.

Because site had my email details I queried this using "Contact Us" facility and received an email confirming it was a "scam". Tried contacting some of these using on-site messenger, it became obvious these were "Cupids" and not genuine profiles.

His children I hope someone rapes them and sells there bodies to a child murderer. Granted the women on the Web and other sites can use their looks to lure you to spend money along with other stuff too. Your "Jewish" remark was uncalled for and meaingless in this forum. So cut it out! I found I as deluged with 25 year olds from all over the world. Some said they just moved to my area, not even close. I haven't communicated with anyone who seems real.

Even the age appropriate ads are fake, several in my area are French and there are very few French here. The answers are ridiculous and change from texting to proper sentences but not much sense. I have a long list of blocked profiles and reported 2 of every 3 that contact me as they want to go offsite for pictures. Messages to tech support yield "we don't screen them and we aren't responsible". They passed several I reported as scammers so I stopppped reporting them.

This is another scam site with paid people that keep you chatting so you will buy more time. Not the first I have seen either.

I'm ashamed to admit it but they got me. Then adminstrtion wrote me told me I had to make another purchase or they were gonna send out a warrant for my arrest. Tried tellin me i wouldn't have to pay but then said i would be reimbursed within 7 days. I told em fck off. Don't kno how they figured that they would put warrant out for my arrest lol wonder how many people they get with that one.

Report card stolen and dispute charges.. Put card on freeze… I know this not the honest way but neither is getting fucked over.. One more scam to add to thier repertoire, double billing. They were lost and argued continuously. I had to call my credit card company and reverse the charges. It seems like very little money but all my dealing with this company have been a problem. It is one scam after another.

Dont tell customer service that the site sucks or they will get upset and threaten to drop the call. After less that 24 hours on the site, I noticed that I was getting the same exact messages from different users.

I determined that the messages and users must be fake. Go to My Settings and click on Remove Account. Follow the rest of the steps.

He threatened to stop "loving" me if I didn't send him money! How real is this?! I have never even met this man! He was in dire straits and needed me to save him! Of course I did not send him money. I may want love in my life but I'm certainly not willing to buy it. So I only wonder how many women has he scammed out of money.

And send them money. They use poor me sad tragedy stories to send them money and if they dont get it they stop being interested in you.

They give what you want to here. And can't explain where there family to help them or friends. Im only on my first day so ive only been charged 1. I canceled my subscription and got an email saying i did so i wont be charged when the trial is up hopefully. I emailed them saying i would like to cancel and get a refund because i was getting nothing but spam accounts. What would my best course of action be? Has anybody actually filed a report with the better business bureau? Thank you for this info, I will now NOT pay for upgrade.

As you said, I got bombarded with emails minutes after posting my free page. For so many mails, it MUST be fake computer generated! I did the 3 , trial and saw all the webcam models and fake names so I stopped going on the site and just left it. But I got an email saying I have to login and verify I'm not a fake so I clicked on it and it too me to another site to sign up. Thought I'd try it just to be harrasred saying I had to verify or be fined Went thru customer support to remove profile and cancel!!!

Think it is time to forward info to Feds for credit fraud. Quick Flirt is no stranger to our investigations we have reported on them as being a fraud in the past. This website does every trick they can think […]. It's not that I only want to see naked pictures of women on quick flirt.

I haven't found a new girlfriend in a long time. I want to get away from computer love too. There's too many betraying women in my life now. The site has charged me twice and on this persons profile it said she lived not far from me and when I asked her about the place duns its called.

She didn't have a clue what I was talking about. How do I get my money back? You can read our full review of QuickFlirt. I was a member for a 2 days. I was chatting with a few supposedly local women before i got suspicious. It is fairly impressive chat bot software I have to admit. But they would ignore specific questions about anything local and always steer it back to talking aout sex.

They even flatly denied and feigned insult when I asked one of them "how do I know you are real? It became downright creepy! I seem to have managed to cancel my account successfully — I had to call a number and quote my account reference. Nothing has been charged to my card yet except the 3-day payment which is pending. The list of sites include: The list of scams operated by the same folks behind UpForIt. You can read our investigation of […].

I'm reading some comments here about quick flirts and I did a 3 day trial at. What a mug I am! Looking for company on the Internet. Installer told me this was a huge rheem issue and they were not taking care of it. I have a Rheem 4T unit installed by builder in my house built in The evaporator coil leaked in 4 years! Now after repeated refrigerant charge, I am forced to install a new system at a cost of USD ! I have a unit that is only 2 years old and the coil is bad.

It is costing me for labor, freon, etc. I feel I should be reimbursed for all of this. I have the same problem as Maryann W. How do I get in on the class action law suit? The evaporator coil was still in bbc.

Confused by the Reheem lawsuit, what are consumers entitled! Same problems as everyone. Two units installed, completely out of freon after 2 yrs. I am a professional I have replaced literally dozens of these how can I get reimbursement for my customers. Had same issue just out of warranty. We have had our system for 2 years it worked fine then it just stopped cooling no warning.

I think they all should be liable. Brought this Unit new, it's about 4yrs old, in side Coil rust bad, outside Uint have a leak all so, it's been Junk,!

I purchased 2 new Ruud Rheem units in April I have already paid for labor and refrigerant once in - Which was thought to be an initial installation error at the time original contractor is out of business.

However, the coil is damaged and must be replaced. This looks to be the same issue as reflected above and believe the manufacturer to be responsible for these costs. Unfortunately, I live in Texas where AC is a necessity and don't have time for this suit to play out for resolution.

Purchased a home recently with a Rheem Central Air and Heat system. I just recently went to run it as I live in the North East and it has been hot. AC was not blowing out any cold air. I reported the issue to my home warranty company and they in turn sent out an HVAC contractor.

When the contractor hooked up his gauges to read the freon levels, there was 0 freon in the system of a pound unit. I'm having the same issue with the coil. Have had refilled with Freon three times already over the last five years. I have 3 ton Reem seer 10 unit it needs freon every three months. After experiencing abnormally high heating bills ove this past winter I realized that it was due to the heat strips running to compensate for the unknown at the time lack of refrigerant in the system.

When the unit was new it could drop the temp from 80 to 74 in less than an hour under the same weather conditions. Will be looking forward to action on this case. I have a Rheem unit and just had to recharge the freon on my unit. The AC tech says that the evaporator is corroded and will have to be replaced. Coil is being replaced on my Rheem unit as I am typing this. The unit is 2 years old.

Very frustrated with this Rheem Product It was discovered today that the coil is leaking and needs to be replaced. What can be done? Person at Rheem very rude. So far have about dollars in charge. Waiting for a new coil now. Have to pay to have it installed and ship the old one back, Rheem is the worst company I ever dealt with.

Arizona Cold Air recommended we join the lawsuit to try to recover some of our labor costs. My Evaporator coil has numerous pin hole leaks and must be replaced. New unit installed Sept. Shortly after unit started to freeze up. Ever since this problem has become a nightmare. My unit is made in Mexico and I believe it's defective. I have an upstairs and a downstairs Rheem unit in a house built in Both units have had the evaporator coil replaced twice 4 coils have failed and now one of the units is leaking again.

Looks like the lifetime of the coils is only about 2 years. The fix is to use aluminum coils instead of copper. If Rheem offers an aluminum coil and a warrantee, I will install it. If not, I will replace my units with a Trane product. I would like to be part of the class action suit.

My air conditioner was installed in August of Therefore, I was told it was out of warranty. I purchase 2 brand new Rheem AC handlers and outdoor units and the evaporator coils are already rusty and corrosive.

I want my money back. My builder installed two Rheem systems in my two-zone house so I have double the trouble. I thought it was the HVAC techs not knowing what they were doing.

The effect of the copper coils, and the similarity of experiences that others have been having confirms that this is truly a defective product. He did the nitrogen pressure test, which I just had done about 6 months ago, and told me it was my condenser coil leaking and that it's likely to be a major expense.

The other system was not quite full of refrigerant so he added 1. I have to laugh to keep from crying. This is the worst product of any type that I have ever seen.

I am ready to join the class action law suit. Our house was built using two systems and we have spent money to repair one of he units on several occasions. We have been told that coil has holds in it and that it's leaking. It's really hit in Alabama and we would like to have this repaired properly and not keep spending money on something that appears to have been defective when our house was built.

Any help or guidance for repair would be helpful. Had a Rheem 4 ton unit installed in late Worked fine in the summary of , but by summer of had to have refrigerant added, and annually since then. Installer described this situation and asked me to join the suit. Sounds like this issue involves all HVAC equipment regardless of brand who used this particular coil.

I have two leaking coils. We purchased a Ruud Ultra Series on and bought the extended service agreement for 10 years. In May , we were advised there was a leak in the coil.

It was filled with Freon and was ok for the summer. We are now informed that the Warranty Co denied coverage. Lucky for us the dealer will pay for the coil but they will charge us labor. We bought the unit and the extended warranty so we would have peace of mind as we are getting older.

So much for that. We want in on the class action law suit. Diagnosed having holes in mine also. Hopefully filling it up will last a while. I hope they take care of their customers.

I have a Rheem unit that I am having issues with the coils that are bent badly. I have to replace my entire unit. Had our unit 4 years. Even with a bi-annual service contract our upstairs unit has broken down every summer when the temps have climbed into the 90s.

One time it was a computerized motor which took my service Company 2 weeks to find a replacement They have to be programmed o the individual unit. Now this time the unit packed up last Tuesday, but my service Company were so overloaded with work due to the exceptionally hot weather that they didn't arrive until yesterday Friday. They found 2 of the Freon tube to have broken. It's Friday at 6: That's a week at the least we have had no cooling upstairs.

I have never been more angry at they money we have wasted. I am having the same issue with a leaking evaporator coil. I have unit routinely serviced. It has needed lbs of freon per yr.

This yr I was informed that the unit 4 ton has developed a pin hole leak due to corrosion. I have two units. I have two new Rheem units 3. The small unit had coiled leak and got replaced last year after 4 years. Now the 5 ton unit is having the same problem after 4 years.

We have a five year old unit that has had several leaks at factory welds and now have a leaking evaporator coil. We have had problems every year with our unit that is only 5 years old, now we have a bad expansion valve that is causing it to freeze up and can not seem to get the part from Rheem to fix it any time soon.

It has been over a week of degree heat and no air conditioner. Unit is 3 yrs old and leaking coil. Tech mentioned that Rheem has new coil that is all aluminum after realizing the old coil is defective. Have had to add Freon every year due to leaks. Was advised of class action suit by the repairman, who said they no longer sell Rheem due to the company's failure to honor problems.

The tech wants to replace the copper coil with an aluminum coil, but this does not sound right. Copper is more expensive than aluminum! Anyone get an aluminum coil replacement? Also, the tech told me the coil in the outside unit had to be cleaned, but this sounded fishy since that coil is exposed to the outdoor elements and would be dirty again in no time!

I don't trust any repairman, especially in Florida. Installed 3 Rheem units in March of That's 5 coils replaced in 7 years. I have just found out my coil is leaking and needs to be replaced to the tune of to dollars not including the freon which would be another Home Depot Installed by: I installed my ac system in and I have had the same problem for at least 10 years. I have added freon every start of summer.

Do I apply for some help on the expense of changing the coil. Six 6 times have had an HVAC tech here to diagnose the same problems with losing freon due to numerous leaks in the copper tubing. Couldn't afford the freon as currently laid off. Now need evaporator coil replaced.

This Rheem unit is only 5 years old and I started having problems the first year!! My tech also advised me of the Class Action suit. My unit was recalled and I was notified. The installer never regestered it for the warranty. My unit was recalled and I was NOT notified. It was installed in Just had the repairman out again for my air conditioner believe its the 3rd or 4th time because it is not cooling and now leaking water.

They have put freon in it each of the last 3 times due to the leaking issue and said that should fix the problem. Mine is an American Standard, apparently the company that made the coils is out of business because they were making defective coils in the last 4 to 5 years. The manufacture just walks away and we the consumer are left with non working units and then we have to pay for the unit to work we hope.

The consumer is constantly being taken advantage of. My unit was installed 5 years ago this month. I started having problems within the first year also. This repair job is costing me half of the amount I paid for the new heater and air conditioner.

Repair man was here two hours today and coming back tomorrow with more parts to fix the problem. Not a happy camper!!! I have Rudd 4 ton 18 ser unit the first coil was under two years old when the evaporator coil leaked and was replaced. Now less than two years later that coil is leaking and has to be replaced. Also replaced the fan motor.. HAd mine installed 7 years ago, shortly after the company that installed it went out of business.

So now I have no one to service my system under the warranty. The condenser fan has gone out and I can't afford to get it fixed, and with a new baby in the house it's going to be tough to do. Bought unit in had to charge system multiple times. I have been having the same issue. Right as my 2 yr. My evap coils leaks and condense unit had a leak on one of the copper line bends.

This is crazy and very aggravating. I have taken pic and talk to the company that install it. There trying to charge me over to fix it , I think its ridiculous to have to pay that kind of money. Rheem used to be one of the best system that's why I brought it. I think I'm going to call better business bureau about this.

This is definitely an remanufacture problem. I installed a new Rheem ac unit for my house in It had a major leak this summer System keeps freezing, pressures can't keep steady, fan unit stopped working, and several technicians still can't determine the problem.

Our next step is checking for leaks. Tech thinks it is a leak in the evaporator coil. Such a headache and so expensive.

Want to be reimbursed for the labor costs and also have the other units coil replaced to the aluminum and all costs paid for that. Having the same problems with Rheem AC unit. Last coil lasted 6 yrs. Will probably go with a system replacement.

We had 3 Ruud units installed July Had problem with one fixed it middle of July Just had another go out today July 31 Few DAYS out of warranty. We have the same problem.

Our unit is 5 years old as we just moved in our home 5 years ago. The coils are frozen and there is a lot of rust. What can we do to become part of this law suit as we have had this problem befor. I purchased a unit in Today it was diagnosed with a leaking coil. I should not have to pay to replace a defective part.

Rheem should have to cover that cost. I am seriously considering joining legal action and complaining to the BBB and attorney general in my state. Unit was placed in my house in march Today was informed coils needed replaced because thet were leaking. Contractor suggested I get involved in the lawsuit. I have had my coils replaced and was just told they need to be replaced again. Unit needs freon at least every 3 months. This unit is the worst and its only 7 years old.

Had an issue within a week of having it installed. Wrote a letter to the installer company and they came out and said they fixed the problem, on two other occasions as well. Had to have coils cleaned and a wall replaced, because of the water damage.

Unit was 3 years old. Unit still leaking it is now Aug I have a repair man here every month. Waiting again today for the repair man. How do I join the law suit?

Air conditioner evaporator coil is leaking. Unit is 6 years old. I am having the exact same problem as everyone else. I intend to fight this and be compensated for the repairs. We contacted a reputable company we have used in the past. The examined the issue and found that the copper 'evaporator coils' had to be replaced because they were defective and the man stated that the coils had been recalled through Rheem a couple of years ago.

The unit was put in as a brand new unit 5 years ago. It does not make sense that my mother was not contacted of the recall so she could have gotten the coils replaced with something other than copper. Have to replace it. How can I join the law suit? Had same issue, installed in , I have to change coil 3 times. Recently stop working again have to replace it. Our home is less than 1.

Had to replace motor within a year and now the coil has leak. Had to get a Ruud coil replaced in June Now August the new coil is also leaking. Ruud is refusing to cover under warranty since it is 13 months after replacement install 1 month out of warranty. This is absolutely absurd. HVAC company doing the work for me told me that they have had to replace a very large number of these units. Something needs to be done about this!! I am have problems with evap coil leak.

American Home Shield denied my claim. Don't waste your money on American home shield warranty. They are a waste of money. I am a hvac contractor and will it deal with them because they set the price they want to pay for repairs and want use to perform the least expensive HSCK repairs.

The formicary Corrado issue is a industry wide issue. They now have all aluminum coils and tin plated couilsl. They do sell copper coils with out tin plating but dull disclose they do not warranty the coil because they WILL leak because of formicary corrosion caused by off gain of building matetials, cleaning agents basically anything that comes from China and is in your home! Also, the Gov'ts mandate on minimum efficiency of AC units resulted in the materials used to build coils has to be thinner to transfer heat faster to achieve the ratings required because their was no other effective way of doing so.

It's a real shame but Carriers products in my opinion are superior to most other manufacturers and they take care of warranty claims. People that don't maintain their equipment will void their warranty if problems arise and maintenance records are not available if they are requested because the failure is suspicious and believed to be cause by lack of proper maintenance. Many people do get away with it though. That just goes to show how well carrier honors warranty claims.

One of the most important factor than equipment name is the quality of work the contractor performs and if they properly perform the installation, evacuation and charging of the system You get what you pay for in the hvac industy. You go to the lowest bidder and you will with out a doubt have issues.

I can't even begin to tell you the hack jobs I cone across every day. With hvac your not buying a product but rather a service. It's a very technical trade and requires lots of continuous training. This is why repairs and diagnostics are expensive especially if done by well qualified technicians. Best way to find a good hvac contractor is word of mouth and. Their are ALOT of scam artists and companies that just want to sell you new equipment rather than make simple repairs so be careful and do your home work.

Our company doesn't even advertise in the phone book or any major advertising. Most of out word is word of mouth and the work speaks for its self.

We're almost 30 years old now and only do our jobs right and take no short cuts. If a potential customer asks for work like that we decline the job. Here is a link about formicary corrosion and testing done by carrier on their products as well as many other manufacturers.

If that doesn't tell you something I don't know what will. Carrier have had issues with some products but they did make things right. I can not add links so search for Carrier indoor coil corrosion study and formicary corrosion to understand the probelm they uncovered in and made new coils to protect them from the problem Why didn't other companies not do the same thing??? I wish I could answer that!

I too am having to have my coils replaced, installer stated Rheem is known for having this issue but failed to notify customers. The units were installed in May which means that the units are just over 3 years old. The contractor who installed the system had labor warranty for the first year only. So we are out of pocket for the entire amount. Hasn't worked for 60 days now. The contractor I hired is a no show now so I have to spend money for anot her contractor.

The contractor tells me it's my indoor txv valve but I unit freezes up all the time. I can't get a straight answer from nobody. Rheem gives me the run around and I was never informed about a bad coil. I'm so tired of this crap. I simply cannot believe all of the people that are basically in the same boat as we are- all new-ish Rheem air conditioners, all experiencing problems.

If ours was just a fluke that is one thing, but based on all of the other disgrunted comments here, it is appears that this is not a fluke we are not alone. This is unbelievable and unacceptable! We installed 3 units March of Since that time we have had coils replaced in one unit 2 times and in another unit 3 times.

Had unit installed in Same issue with bad coil. I have a Rheem 1. The unit began to fail about a week ago. Water in the pan and throughout the interior of the unit. Cant cool to desired temp. Informed by Trane technicians that the coil and valve are defective. How do I join the class action suit. Or is there another way to be reimbursed? I have been adding freon all summer and almost out.

I found out that the contractor put a Rheem outside and a contractor grade unit in the attic, just to sell the house. Thomas, here and yes I have the same problem with coil leaking. Then was told the coil needed to be replaced and that rheem was aware of the problem. I have a Rheem unit, less than 4 years old. I am currently having this issue. Unit ran for 13 Months now there is a leak in the Evaporator coil.

My old unit lasted 13 years till a leak in the Evaporator coil popped up, so we decided to get a new unit because we just retired and had the money to replace the unit. Same issue s Purchase date: Fan motor time delay relay bad. Fan motor time delay relay replaced. Tech found bad Evap. Fan motor time delay relay again and replaced.

Tech found Bad Evaporator fan time delay relay and bypassed? Unit working ok is stated on invoice.? Unit Frozen, Huge Block of Ice! Tech checked and found Reading on High side and No reading on Low side for pressure. Tech explained that a part called a Restricer Valve was bad and that the coil needed to be replaced. Rheem is keeping these guys in business! The cost associated with this unit is not just the labor,it is also my personal time something you can never recover.

Reading through the above suggest I go back to the service company and find out what it was replaced with before I get more bills. This past July , we had to replace the coil on our Rheem air conditioner at our house manufactured date of Just finding out about this class action suit.

Could not believe that the coil went out this fast until our service technician told us about how Rheem coils were giving out prematurely because of their manufacturing process. Coil failure within 15 months of new installation of Rheem unit in June Coil must be replaced.

Summer unit wouldn't cool. He refilled the coolant and left. Two months later, same thing. Installer came out, found a leak, said they had to order a new coil. I have photos, letters, etc. Replacing my coil for a second year in a row. I was advised by the installer of the class action lawsuit against Rheem. I was also advised by the installer to replace this coil with a compatible Goodman coil made of aluminum.

The installer tried working with Rheem to help cover the costs of the install but they refused. I'm worried this will only be a temporary fix and we will eventually be out a few thousand dollars replacing the Rheem system.

Experiencing the same issue. New Rheem unit installed less than 2 years ago. Today will be replacing new evaporator coil. Labor and freon will cost me out of pocket.

If there's a class action lawsuit, i want to be included. This is a serious concern. The evaporator coil was just replaced on my system that was originally installed in July I bought a new build house by Kauffman Homes in Arizona in From what I have read, this may be related to this defective coil issue.

My problem is exactly as described above. Two and one half years since new installation, my 3 ton Ruud started losing about one pound of refrigerant in three months time, enough to cause poor cooling. First time, tech just added refrigerant, stating that we need to see how things go.

So three months later, poor cooling again, system was again down 1 pound of refrigerant. I asked tech to check for leaks. He did soapy water test - could not find a leak. He stated that one pound per three months is a pretty small leak, and would be difficult to find without more sophisticated equipment. He returned another day with an electronic "sniffer" which could detect very small amounts of refrigerant.

The sniffer did detect trace amounts of refrigerant in the air, but it did not allow him to pin point the exact point of the leak. At this point the tech recommended adding a "stop leak" type of compound to the refrigerant, but said he could not guarantee that it would fix the problem. The previous night I read online about adding a fluorescing dye to the refrigerant as being the most effective method for detecting extremely small leaks.

A small amount of dye is added to the system, and then the system is allowed to run for for several days, after which a "black" light is used to locate any dye which has escaped from the system. The dye glows a bright green color under the black light, which is very easy to see.

While the refrigerant immediately dissipates into the atmosphere, the dye does not. The dye hangs around the area of the leak, pin pointing the exact location of the leak. The tech said he could do that test, but would have to return another day with the dye and black light.

I decided to have him do the test. The test revealed two small leaks on the removable panel side of the coil. The tech recommended coil replacement, as it was still under warranty. Once he removed the coil from the box, he found dye in numerous places, all over the coil. We counted 17 places where dye had leaked out. Most were on the edge of the coil not facing the panel, but there were also leaks in the middle of the coil finned area. This coil was leaking like a sieve, and is obviously defective, being only three years old.

A coworker of mine always told me he never had much faith in any of Consumer Reports findings. I now have good reason to agree with him. We are a HVAC Rheem contractor who has this problem and we have had to fix over 50 units without compensation from Rheem or the customers. We would like to join the class action lawsuit regarding this issue. Would love to get into a class action suit!!! The HVAC guy just left my house a hour and half ago, and said my coils were deteriorating.

My Ruud 4 ton unit is 15 months old and has started losing refrigerant. Same issue as everyone else. Rheem 16 SEER unit. Always maintained every 6 months by the company that installed the entire system.

Its a 5 Ton unit so holds a lot of refrigerant. Inside coil is icing up due to the loss of over 5 lbs. Levels were fine only 3 months ago during the last maintenance visit, I am now being told that the coil needs to be replaced to a new aluminum type since almost all of the Rheem copper coils that this contractor has installed, have failed in a very short time. This company is a very large reputable AC contractor and states that they are one of the largest Rheem dealers in the country.

This is so unfair Rheem needs to compensate all the victims that unknowingly purchased coils that they knew were destined to fail prematurely. Have two babies and a disabled combat veteran that need air condition in the middle of this Texas heat! Service technician informed me that a leaking evaporator coil had to be replaced. I need to be compensated. Now they want two thousand dollars to replace the coil.

I can't afford I am a disable veteran. Coil; leaked after only 2 years of installation. Rheem supplied the part and it cost me I want to join in the suit. Coils are now leaking and freon has been added. Live in FL on limited income. Are these coil replacements under warranty? Each time they come out and fix it but it's a lemon with a capital L.

My Rheem evaporator coil is leaking freon. Only 2 yrs old. I am having the exact issue as all the above.. Looking into other units. Same issues installed April had to be fix June won't keep freon. Can't afford another big bill still haven't paid the last. So seven year old unit doesn't work. Same problem with Rheem, have had my house now going on a year, before we bought it the air was not working right, ended up being the coil, the good thing was that the owner then had to pay for it, 7 months later the coil was leaking again, the coil was still under warranty but i was stuck with parts and labor, I have same problem.

This is down right BS. Rheam knew this problem existed but still sold new units with the defective coils. Trane years ago changed to a better coil and have very little problems. My last trane was 6 yrs old and never had a problem. Rheam should be in jail for this. Issue after issue blower motor has gone out, switch has now gone out we have had a leak.

My Rheem Coil is severly corroded and rusty. I have never seen anything like it before. Hello I have had my rheem 3 ton AC unit installed about 5. Is this something this sue is covering. I had the same problem with my unit with faulty coils, which I had to replace yesterday.

I called Rheem and spoke with a very rude representative who told me I lived 1 mile from the ocean which I absolutely do NOT that caused the corroded coils and that I am not covered. Any help to recover some cost from Rheem would be appreciated. They know they have a defective product and refuse to take ownership. Purchased a Rheem AC unit in August, Coil and motor were replaced in July, The replacement coil was leaking and had to put in another one.

In July, the motor was replaced again. Now November, the coil is leaking again and is scheduled to be replaced next week. This will be the fourth coil this 5-year-old unit has had. Added info - in agreement with comments above. I have had the same issues with my rheem 5 ton unit. I had water damage to my home and had to replace the entire flooring due to my Rheem coil leaking. Rheem 5 ton heat pump model 13PJL60A01 coil failed after 4.

Rheem is not willing to pay for labor and will not confirm that they will even pay for the replacement coil and compressor which failed. Lots of times, there are failures due to improper installation practices. Before jumping the gun and talk crazy, think of how you are gonna react to this. Don't believe what you read on the internet. At times, it can be misinformation. No manufactures of hvac equipment pay labor, unless its within the year depends on company, and what part failed.

Homeowner is responsible for Labor, unless you have an agreement with your Contractor. Service agreements, contract labor, ect. I just want everyone to know how the AC manufactures work. I had to have them come out this week and replace the evaporator coil. I have an 18 year old Trane unit is another house that I owen and I have never had a coil problem. Technician diagnosed as possible leak in evaporator coil.

Please include me in the Class Action. I have a Rudd with the exact same issues. I am on my second replacement. What can I do? In the summer of my central heat and air company installed a new unit and we have had him back out there 2 or 3 times, but didn't know really what the problem was until yesterday, when my husband sent a different technician out to see why it would not work for the past 2 weeks.

The new technician found this class action suit that is going on and the coil is the problem with our unit. The first technician is ordering the parts to repair the unit asap.

Had a evaporator coil leak it had copper coils the unit is 3 years old. Replaced with aluminum coil evaporator this time. Before this Rheem unit my old unit was 25 years old.

Why is this equipment failing and soo expensive to maintain,. One more thing added to my last response I was excited when I purchased the Rheem unit because of the 10 year warranty.

I even selected this unit because of the 10 year warranty. This unit needs a lifetime warranty that the company will stand behind. Since I believe Rheem should pay for this, especially knowing that the copper coils will not last, I would like to join the class action lawsuit.

We would like to join the class action lawsuit. After one year unit failed to operate. A novice tech came out, stated evap coil defective, replaced same. Next day unit failed again. A senior tech came out, found the o. I complained - why did I pay for evap coil install, if it was not the problem? Now it has been two years since initial unit installation, and fan motor failed. My problem will be after five years, since 10 years warranty Home Depot advertised is only effective if I had registered my purchase with Rheem within 60 days of installation.

This stipulation is on the reverse of the warranty sheet, in small print. So I only have the Rheem 5 years warranty. There is not guarantee from contractor that this will not continue to occur. Cannot afford this in S. I bought what I thought was top of line and was eligible for rebate from power co.

I have a ruud unit that was installed 2yrs ago. Had to pay for repair and recharge. Worked for a year and now im haveing problems with it again. Coil froze up and not working. Pretty sure its another leak. Waiting for it to get looked at. Waiting for a call from a local tech who I trust to discuss options. Will probably put in an Aluminum Coil.

Moved into a brand new constructed home in August with a brand new Rheem air conditioner. Have had refeigerant leaks since with service technicians out multiple times. Last time they were out, October, 8, I bought a new heat pump and AC Rheem unit 3 ton 14 Seer I was told this was an excellent unit over My unit worked fine, he tried to sell me a warrenty.

They came back said they had to install a relay. This is a new unit, I feel I must buy there warrenty now as I don't have the money if it breaks down again. This should not happen. I have seen alot of problems when I got online about the Rheems. But I trusted the sales agent, who did not warn me about this unit. I feel like this is a lemon and afraid if I don't get the warrenty.

Can someone help me on this. Bought a 4 ton Rheem in It came with a wonderful warranty.. These charges were not covered by the warranty and included acid treatment, silver sodder, reclaim system, and nitrogen test and vacuum to m. I was probably taken but we are senior citizens in our 70s and 80s and the house was cold. I absolutely want to be part of this suit. Had really high bills during winter and servicer added freon spring of , unit ran fine until late summer and servicer found evaporator coils leaking.

Servicer replaced the evaporator October of and now Jan freon is leaking again Years ago we had r22 refrigerant, we had all components made in America, we had thick copper in our coils, we had pressures in our coils of pounds at most and our units lasted for years and years with no leaks or problems. Rheem gives a 10 year parts warranty, your installing dealer gives a 1 year labor warranty and is reimbursed by Rheem for 1 year, after that the home owner is responsible for the labor.

The problem is not Rheem, Carrier, Lennox, the problem is government with their regulations, they have made manufacturing pass up technology, they keep wanting seer ratings to go up, good idea but we do not have the technology yet, so we thin out our copper to get faster heat transfer, there has always been corrosion, but now with the thin copper and the higher pressures the corrosion causes leaks in 2 years instead of 12 years.

I am in no way sticking up for any manufacture, I am saying that our government with it's regulations have destroyed our business to the point of no return. I had a new heat pump put in and every year I have to call for service and I would like rheem to pay for it to be replace I pay for this unit and it suck.

I've got a 2. Its a model 13JPL30A I've always felt it does not cool or heat as well as the 25 year old unit had better dehumidification and better cold weather performance that it replaced. Recently, I noticed a vibration type sound coming from the line set. I thought maybe it was due to the colder weather we were experiencing. Now, a few days later, the system is not producing heat after I heard a loud hissing noise from the line set area.

This system is not even 2. It appears I have the new crappy copper coil, judging by the date of installation? I have a bad feeling about this unit after seeing all the comments. This is totally unacceptable, given the amount of posts here about these machines, and something needs to be done about it.

Just as my 5 year Warranty ended, my AC began losing refrigerant. Further, my understanding is that the type of coils and lack of thickness was the cause of these early blowouts, and that there is a big issue with this for units manufactured during the same period as mine. I have had regular maintenance done on my AC and expected to have no issues for many many years. I am VERY disappointed with quality of this Rheem product, the manufacturing defect, and the unfortunate warranty time limit.

I feel that my unit should be given the 10 year warranty, and the coils replaced with a better quality coils under that warranty. I believed I was purchasing a quality product from a reliable company.

I purchased a 5 ton Ruud central air conditioner 5 years ago. Acouple of weeks ago I had the fifth set of coils replaced. The warranty is for parts only and I have had to pay for labor and freon every one of those times.

I have never gotten satisfaction from Ruud for my expenses related to replacement of five coils. I expect to be replacing coils until the expiration of the parts warranty 5 years from now.

Any money I have saved on electrical cozts has been used for coil replacement. I think that when the freon was substituted for the old, Ruud did not change the design. The old freon operated at low pressure - 40 psig, while the new freon operates at psig.

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