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Email addresses used by ID Verification Scammers This list will continue to grow and there are many more! They triple bill your credit card by charging you to VibeVideo.


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If you have nothing to hide then message me back so I can give the procedure. My concerns all about is you. It will ask you to register to a site where in they will verify your identity and make sure that you are safe to meet up with. It will also record the date and time of the meet up, so if anything happen to anyone during the meet up the site will know who to look for and ask.

I understand that the net is full of shit but dont count me in as one coz i am not playing games on here, and not risking my moral as an educated woman by making fun of any guy on here…hard to believe , though but thats me, i mean what i say! Why you just Listen first, I will tell more about it.. I just wanna meet the right guy, they will provide you my number and my address in my house and in my hotel as long as you pass their check.. I hope you will show me you are serious..

Put the code that i will gave on you for you wont get charged okay? Signing up is absolutely free! So If you have nothing to hide then message me back so i can give the procedure okay?.. I do got divorced 5years ago with 2kids…. And i do like to hike long trails or stroll the beach and think about the future….

I love my family and friends…. I can be too sensitive also…. If you are interested I can send the full procedure on how to be a member of the site. So what do you want me to wear? And on 2nd page fill out the page put the details that is needed. Okay babe this is the link of the site i am talking about okay??

I have tried this before so i know that. Happened to me over last two days frm a Tinder connex…. Of course she was, dummy…. So a lack of specific info, even after repeated requests is a tip off…. Cheaper to just hire a private bodyguard even…. Reading through the text on this site, they do okay for a while… and then the grammatical errors get so thick that the block of text eventually devolves into mish-mash nonsense for a sentence or two!! Let each typo and error you come upon continue to build a greater and greater skeptical attitude toward any suspect contact or proposal…..

I think that is a BIG giveaway…. It was pretty sophisticated, man……. But I tell ya, English is still a terribly difficult language to master….

They all make some of the same mistakes over and over…. Time for me to fire up my Cali machine and send them some sweet surprises embedded in the email…lol. I have tons of data for you guys over the last 3 days. Another thing these people are doing is making a fake profile with some form of Gmail in their user ID. Also their using phone numbers received from proably WiFi apps such as Freetone, then using a messaging app like hangouts. I think I actually made them shut down one of their sites because I decided to do a tracker on their host.

Which came up with a location that said it was in California but was really in Panama. Ended up taking screen shot of information and sent it to the scammer then let her know that I was an IT Analyst and had been in the industry for 10 years now. Then about 10 min latter the originating site had the down for maintenance page.

One the sites that has become a ghost town in the last couple days is: I be leave another associated one is benaughty and Iamnaughty Both with same members and photos. I could literally go on forever. If somebody of athority has questions please feel free to contact me. In addition I have the phone numbers that were used and and the Gmail hangout accounts.

I be leave they are stalking me well at least same person because I think she is at number 7 of same ID and I keep getting the so and so just browsed you. Then you go to look and profile was not approved message. Just thought I would add that piece. Just follow all the instructions that i will gave to you. Because after this verification i will get your money refunded in your account. This is the details were you can pay for daters pass. Once you already pay it sir, send us a copy of receipt with full detail or take a photo of receipt with clear picture so you can show us the proof the you already paid it.

They have infiltrated the smartphone dating apps too. I got scammed on this about a year ago but thanks to USAA i got my money back. This past week i was hit up with ID scam 10 times in a row from different profiles on multiple sites. I couldnt believe it.

I realized it was my fault cause i went for the best looking girls. Lesson to learn is go for the average to homely profiles and you will be safe.

Actually lesson is if seems too good to be true it probably is. If you have nothing to hide then message me back so i can give the procedure. Question, how safe are these e-mail addresses when requesting a secured dating id, onlinesafedating gmail. With possible chance to cancel after joining , but no proof you as I have had sites share card details. Can you check these two e-mails, as both seek onlinesafedating verification, deniela19 gmail.

All of the sites you have listed and email addresses are offering fictitious services. Unbelievable how obvious they are. This one aproached me via swap-match smartphone app. Her profile said she lives I was tempted to give the benefit of the doubt wishfull thinking on my part but it was just to obvious although she tried to play it subtle and slow LOL. I admit I stringed her along a bit by acting just gullible enough so we got talking via facebook messenger. Her account has been created 3 days ago and she had already over mainly male friends all over Europe… Busy little bee.

That doesnt prove a lot either… Someone motivated can easily forge something like that. Video call is via facebook or is it a separate app? I dont really want to go through all the trouble …. If you want i give you my number…. I dont want to go through the trouble to get that id thingy which I dont know and dont trust… By the time I get it youre probably back in the usa… ok. Look it could be a lot more easy… I prove to you I am actually here as I say I am by driving past in your street and afterwards we can meet in a public place and Ill show you my passport drivers license and banking cards and if must be my tax form… I dont want to send my information to some sort of website probably based in Belize or something similar.

I m starting to think this is an identity theft scam the way you press on. I think Groenplaats would be best…. Hey Im sorry but got a little emergency, i will finish this later. Got to take my neighbor to hospital. So now shes waiting , the mail came from: Thank you, I got it. Your email address will not be published.

Yes, add me to your mailing list. First lets look at this girl's screen name "BigBootyHoe4u". Even if a girl is a slut there is no way she is going to use a screen name like that EVER! But it's a catchy name that grabs attention from male users. On top of that absurdity is the fact she says "It's about time she she found some yumm".

How is a 73 year old guy considered "yumm"? And she wants to "have a little fun" with a a 73 year old guy, not! This is all lies. No 27 year old female who goes by the name of "BigBootyHoe4u" is chit chatting with us, it's just not happening. We have investigated enough dating sites to spot less than credible dating sites a mile away. What exactly is the scam? First off they try to sell you the idea that hot looking girls in their 20s are ready to hookup with anyone, even 73 year old men.

Of course the truth is that it's a bot that acts like a human that's behind the sexy messages. And the reason behind all this silliness is money. You can see in the evidence shown below that if we want to "communicate with other members we have to upgrade our membership. They want to make money off of our gullibility and misjudgment. Screen shot of a bot sending us faked instant messages to manipulate us so upgrade. Emails are another tool in their arsenal that they utilize.

And the emails are all computer generated garbage, none of the emails are sent from real women who actually want to meet you. As you can see circled in red is says "upgrade your membership".

This is what it all boils down to. They want you to upgrade and buy a monthly subscription to Swipe Sluts. This is the end goal of sending automated emails to a 73 year old man. What other reason would there be for 20 years old to contact a guy in his 70s?

It's a big con job and you are the target. And remember that the emails are all sent from bots not real women. You are interacting with a computer not real people, ever! A screen shot of the email messages we received from bots. In the online world anything is possible using bots. Take the screenshot below of the girl in the pink bra. That is supposed to be a video of a girl who is live and typing to us a 73 year old man directly.

But is that what's truly going on? Of course not, it's all a joke on anyone who thinks this is a real girl actually typing to you. By now you should understand that the people who operate this site will do anything they can think of to deceive you. They see you as a way to make money. With that being said lying by using a video that is prerecorded to make you think it's a live video is what they will do in order to make money from you.

When you try to initiate conversation back to the girl in the video guess what? You need to upgrade! It says "to communicate with other members you have to upgrade your membership see evidence circled in red below.

And that is the exact reason these pretend "live web cam girls" are used. Using the same exact automated software program that sends fake emails they also use it to send us "notifications". All the notifications were from virtual not physically existing people made by a software program profiles. We received notifications that female members had viewed our profile, sent us emails and sent us instant messages. But they were all phony women and obviously no one view our profile or sent us and email.

It's all a marketing strategy to send you communications fake emails and instant messages to get you to respond to the virtual women, so you will need to upgrade and buy a membership. Fake notifications from made up women who do not exist. We've been talking about made up emails, pre recorded web cam chat messages and phony instant messages.

The center of all of this is the counterfeit profiles that encompass the whole site like a giant octopus. There are fictional women everywhere. Every single profile we viewed of women were fictional. There wasn't even one profile that was real!

How is this even possible? Well when you break it right down SwipeSluts. Yes the site functions like a dating site, but to have a real dating site you need to have real profiles of real women who actually joined the site looking to meet someone. On this site that's not going to happen. They have a name for the profiles that they themselves have designed and created.

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