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But I needed to tell all so no other lady gets charmed by this one.

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Who should I believe? I looked through the article and comments and I must say, as a newby in MLM since January you are wrong at least in a matter of saying that MLM products or binary systems does not work.

It is close to MLM. It is not a pyramid, one buys products and recommend them to others. Two of my friends have made real serious money at Monavie. It is much more, as I know many people who sticked from ordinary job to Social Marketing oriented, and they are successfull. Please cite your sources to make your point. And please stay away from an appeal to authority fallacy. Sounds like you are confused. For example, I write dozens of positive articles showing people how to save money: Honorius Adamsky, Could you please correct your spelling, grammar, and syntax before you post your nonsense?

I agree Napoleon Hill was not involved in any MLM business, but his positive-oriented guideline shows how to be successfull anyway.

And that is the solid base not only for the MLM business. That is why I said the system works. As for the products. I am not a doctor nor a scientist but real examples must to be considered.

When you graft something good and legal like that with an illegal pyramid scheme of recruiting others to get your money back you get an MLM. However, cigarette salesmen and a den of pick-pockets would also be positive of their industries. Look into cognitive dissonance. The problem with throwing around names like Yunus and Napoleon Hill is that you are using an appeal to authority fallacy to misrepresent them as approving of MLM… when they did not. I could go to the annual convention and meet them as well.

Distributors always have anonymous friends who are doctors who show examples, but there are never any concrete documented examples. You say that real examples must be considered. I know this is not adding much to the thread, so I will apologize now, but could not help myself and felt I should at least thank you Jeanie for sharing, you too Vogel, for making me laugh, that is hysterical.

I work for a packaging company who makes packaging for companies like MV. Couple of points from my perspective: It sounds like you may have a case to pursue. I go to Salt Lake are for work every month and the shear amount of jobs that companies like these make are staggering.

Accountants, bottle suppliers, box makers, construction for new buildings, label printers, marketing firms, networking companies, lawyers, etc…fighting against something online is your perogative, but what will it actually accomplish? Say you succeed an tear down every MLM. Basically, a crap load of people are out of work or hurting financially.

Like I said, I have never participated in, endorsed, purchased, or sold any of these items from any of the companies.

However, it seems to me like your vendetta is vindictive and short sided. If your goal is educate the public, then great. Is it really all that horrible to buy these things like tobacco is? Or is it just poor financial decisions? Because it makes them feel good. People overpay for crap all the time and all they are getting is a false hope for something better. Houses, cars, computers, clothes, juice, watches, furniture.

I can tell you what happens to me; My family and the company I work for lose money. Just a different perspective that you may not have considered. Hard working Americans providing services and products lose if you win. And what do you win? Point of long rant? Not sure why you would put this in there. Some are direct from corporate, but a majority are from their sales force which are for legal purposes similar to independent contractors.

Getting into the economics of it, the point you make is a little silly. Enron employed a lot of people. Why not just let that go? These are not typically your white-color businessmen, but people who can least afford it… people who are desperate for any kind of income. That money will most likely get used to buy things. Hey it can buy a lot more juice, which requires a lot more bottle suppliers and label makers.

That in turn will create many more jobs that what you are see today. You could even find that with all the new demand for product that your company has more business than it ever expected and passing it on to the employees in the form of a raise.

In short, all this money would either find its way back in the economy or in desperately needed savings. When the FTC has warned multiple times that these can be pyramid schemes, and even shut down a few, they should know that they are built on a house of cards.

I presume bottle and label makers will continue to make products for other companies. I presume that the lawyers if they were any good will find jobs elsewhere. People know what they are getting into with tobacco. Cars are the same way. These products compete against each other in a fair market. Spend some time reading this site.

How do you distinguish? That short question has a long answer. Even if I did, most do not make the necessary information available for one to know. For the most part. So here we are, just a few days shy of 30 years later, and almost 20 years after the Harvard-MLM rumor had been debunked… and people are still trying to spread it.

What about that seems legitimate to you? The meth thing was to show how ridiculous it is to compare the two. One is punishable by law, the other MLM juice is simply people taking risks to make money and sell a product.

The Madoff thing is a perfect example! He did create jobs, but then was punished by the law. We have a system of justice that can be used. This article, though well documented, cited, and researched, will ultimately not put a sizable dent in the industry.

Will a few people read it and change their minds, yeah. Those are the people that would need protecting if this is so bad and this forum is a poor way to protect them. If you want to get rid of the industry all together, then stop writing and start acting. Anything worthwhile is going to be difficult. Which has some value, but not what it takes to make the change you claim to be for.

They are some of the fastest growing companies in the world…. I guess my question is this, is all this work really accomplishing what you want to accomplish? Seems like a lot to go through just to prove a point. Like you are looking for a teacher to grade your website and give you an A for research and authorship. I think with the Meth thing you confused an illegal product with an illegal distribution method.

Feel free to use the system of justice and prove MonaVie wrong in a court of law. I put forth a blue-print for you. If you have the money to do it, then please go ahead. However, I have had people in various countries I think Singapore was actually one of them see this site and ask me to help them publish it in their country.

Maybe that has helped a few people in Singapore. If you can think of a better way to protect them with our resources available, please suggest it. You mentioned before that you are not a lawyer. In fact, you reminded me that back in someone did take MonaVie to court.

I almost forgot about it and just now looked it up. You might wonder what ever happened to the lawsuit. Well MonaVie settled the case admitting no wrong doing, and created a 4. I think you greatly underestimate the value of educating people. So now you want me to spend billions going after all of them in court? You say that these companies are growing, but have you looked at Google Trends for MonaVie? You might be interested to know that I published the article in April of , and you can see that from the first comment placed.

Then again, this should come as no surprise as One24 quickly fizzled when I wrote about them. Their latest Google Trends is 0. I appreciate the discourse on this topic.

As far as the growth of the industry, I only see if from my end…the companies I do work for have increased their sales over the past couple of years. If they are making false claims, then they are illegal. If these are ponzi schemes then they are illegal. So, yes, the drug analogy still holds true. As far as the police not stopping crime, I agree with you! They should fight crime.

I know plenty of police men. You know how they fight crime?? Ready…they arrest and prosecute bad guys. You know what they do? I only care enough about this conversation to write a few posts. If I did, I would refute your claims if I could , claim slander, and take you to court or have you arrested.

Getting into a verbal spat in the comment section of a website will hardly do anything. Education is important, but who are you educating?

The people who want it, or the people who need it? Some friends of mine where in Uganda and noticed there were child soldiers being exploited. They filmed a video and brought it to the US to educate. However, education was not the end goal. The end goal was to end child soldiers. You know what they did, wrote their senators, congressmen, and foreign leaders. Traveled all around the country, got onto Oprah, got a bill passed through the US legislation and signed by the president, got written into UN policy and have effectively crippled the LRA advancements.

They had no budget, but found friends who did. You just need to find wealthy friends who are passionate about the same things you are. The google trend is gauging interest in internet searches, not company value.

Monavie is down in overall sales because the industry is cyclical. The top distributors go from one company to the next. The people making all the products for these companies. I did your same google trend search and many of these companies are stable and growing over the same time period. All up or stable over that same period of time.

Clearly, you are making money of this site. I good goal to say the least. It may not have started that way, but you have found a way to profit here. You have advertisers on here who are likely paying you to be here. According to spyfu and cutestat. Not a bad little deal for you. These numbers are almost year old and likely up if user engagement is up.

I feel pretty good in my success rate. I think meth is taking it a step too far. Again the refresher on that is at the FTC website: Same thing with these companies. Making the information available and helping consumers educate themselves is certainly the first step. One of the creators of the video ended up having to be taken to the mental hospital.

I know that the Google Trend gauges interest and not value. I cited other metrics for the other MLMs that I have covered significantly. Funny thing about website valuations… they are never very reliable.

Look at a bunch of bloggers laugh at one company trying to value it: You would be wrong in your guess that making money is my main goal with this website. I made more from my websites before I started writing about MLM. Banks, mortgage brokers, and other finance companies pay a lot more for advertising than juice companies — especially ones who prefer to use MLM instead of traditional advertising.

I sacrifice a ton of time engaging in these comments and that does impact the amount of money I can make from personal finance articles. I had a friend sell his site bargaineering. Two of my other friends GetRichSlowly.

I have effectively given up the opportunity to do what they did to help educate people about MLM. Clearly teachers should love children and work for free, right? How dare they accept payment for their work educating others?!?! They expose scams and they are paid. I go to work 10 hours a day and I take and get off work I am not as tired as I use to be.

Your a disingenuous little weasel employing gross fallacies in a pathetic bid to undermine the article. I contended that mlm was growing as an industry. Not the people you cover. Claiming you led to there demise is fine, but the people just move on. Your cop logic is the Same as people who say that the mlm stuff has helped them. You can only dream about making the impact that invisible children has done. And Jason is doing great now. Keep being awesome and bringing such insightful dialogue to the conversation.

No matter what people say, you are a winner. Some of the people in the MLMs that are collapsing move on, but not necessarily all of them. I think you need to review the cop logic. Fighting MLM, like fighting crime, is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Then there is the Education thing…. Who are you attempting to educate?

What is your passive aggressive somewhat obscure motive in all this? Maybe because you just like to say things and see yourself talk a lot? Just thought I would educate you a little bit, one educator to another. Let me try it…….

I really admire being able to know all those capitalistic things like that. And how can I forget, the comment that started it all…. I only relish the discourse we are having.

But since you appear to be wandering around a bit I thought I would join you on the walk. I explained my connection already, I print things for them all or try to, home skillet. I probably make more money off the products then the people who sell them, like the website owner does. My reason for engaging here is morbid curiosity. I was doing research for a meeting and stumbled over here. The only other place you find such determination to convince others they are right is on religion sites.

Oh Capitalist, your words…they wound me. Whatever will I do, having been judged and found lacking by a disgusting piece of sub-human gutter trash?

Guys with passion and no money making an impact. You quickly moved on from the fraud discussion when you were presented with it. I thought we established that I am making a big impactimpact at least by the best tools we have to measure. The Invisible Children is a much larger organization of people fighting a group that has considerably few supporters and I think considerably less than billion a year in revenue. Their cause was a lot more localized. There are probably several more reasons why it is a ridiculous comparison.

I liked your original economic thought as it was slightly unique, but it was easy to blow out of the water. I have been drinking the juice for 7 years.. You may look at my more recent review of the NutriBullet and see that I put fruit in a blender too. You ask where again the problem is. Invisible Children started with nothing more than a video camera and a cause. When they started, they had 3 dudes who were college students. I would argue that what they did is harder than taking Monavie to court.

I have no problems with the scholarship and point of your writings, I have said multiple times that the majority of American industry is simply semi fraudulently persuading people to purchase their products. Lexus has ads that promise you a better life if you buy their cars. Almost all marketing in this case including multi level is based on an unsubstantiated or barely substantiated promise of a better life.

You have basically proven that Mona Vie is just another company amongst many. Why pick them out? When I ask myself, why would a guy spend so much time focusing on a few companies? The answer is that they are easy targets for you to make some money off of. You have done a great job creating a group of followers, who then go tell their friends to come back and read. The more unique users and readers, the more American Express pays you to advertise. It sounds like you and I would have a good time discussing this over a beer and would probably have a much more meaningful conversation than can be had over the internet.

You will never convince me that you are doing all you can to bring these companies to their knees and I will never convince you that this is all quite silly and not accomplishing much. You may now have the last word as I have clearly lost this argument, but what did you win? Regardless of how convincing you may be logically. We celebrate the lives of people who make real change to real problems and do whatever it takes.

That will never be me. It will never be you. We both lack conviction and desire. Your view of the size of the problem and your conviction to change that problem are indicated by the length you will go to end it.

It IS however, a good way to get followers and make money, so press on, brother, towards your capitalistic end! MLM is an entire ball of wax. You have MLM companies giving politicians money to influence decisions in their favor. I never made an acknowledged that there is a better way to challenge the industry. They have two attorneys right there. As for the time I spend focusing on a few companies? I simply engage in the discussion as I do with all my articles. During that time a lot of information about how the company and its distributors are defrauding people have come to the forefront.

I wish you the best of luck. Let me know how it goes for you. What they get is people like Pat, who a few comments above tried to say that Harvard teaches MLM… a confirmed falsehood that has been repeated for nearly 30 years now. Some form of consumer protection exists in just about every civilized country.

Otherwise, perhaps you should embrace it. Maybe that makes it easier for you whose ambition seems to boil down to printing labels or some such.

His logic is inconsistent with capitalism, which basically dictates that the fittest survive. If a company like Monavie is so vulnerable to criticism that they can be killed by it, then the company deserves to die. The law of the jungle is harsh. What capitalist is arguing for instead is protectionism or stronger unions or something along those lines, where the jobs of bottlers and packagers are protected even though the company that pays them is unfit to compete in the marketplace.

Not surprising coming from a Monavie shill. You sound like a fine young gentleman with lots of friends. You totally nailed me. Congratulations on your fine win. Since you are such a winner with lots of friends…. I have a great business opportunity for you to make lots of money and be healthy! I cannot prove that it will ever work, but I do know that you will likely lose all your friends pursuing this dream. All i see are a lot of wild fruits… i say wild because many of them are not farmed?

The lack of water in the label has been covered in these comments in the past. The point is that there is indeed water whether the label says it or not. No one is debating this to my knowledge. Are you going to argue with the court documents or the newspaper that I cited in the article about it?

You know that the fruits are indeed farmed, right? If you really want to understand why it seems to work so well for so many people, you need to understand the same is true for MLM health products that contain none of these fruits like ASEA and Protandim. Since you are such a winner with lots of friends. To that, you reply back with this silly example of sarcastic love bombing. If you were a true capitalist, and supported free markets etc.

What better way to antagnonize an opposing viewpoint than to enter its realm and divide its sheep by posing as freindly fire. Or, you are one of those libra types that takes great pride in badgering the establishment just to amuse and bemuse. If under the age of 40 and from pretty much any colledge you probably suffer a serious taint problem. In the Democratic Party primaries, Jackson, who had been written off by pundits as a fringe candidate with little chance at winning the nomination, surprised many when he took third place behind Senator Gary Hart and former Vice President Walter Mondale , who eventually won the nomination.

Jackson garnered 3,, primary votes, or He afterwards stated that he had been handicapped by party rules. While Mondale in the words of his aides was determined to establish a precedent with his vice presidential candidate by picking a woman or visible minority, Jackson criticized the screening process as a " p. He also mocked Mondale, saying that Hubert Humphrey was the "last significant politician out of the St. Jackson was criticized in the early s for referring to Jews as "Hymies" and New York City as "Hymietown" in remarks to a black Washington Post reporter.

Jackson mistakenly assumed the references would not be printed. Louis Farrakhan made the situation worse by issuing, in Jackson's presence, a public warning to Jews that "If you harm this brother [Jackson], it will be the last one you harm. Jackson apologized during a speech before national Jewish leaders in a Manchester, New Hampshire synagogue , but an enduring split between Jackson and many in the Jewish community continued at least through the s. Jackson also made other remarks evidencing a negative attitude toward Jews including saying that Richard Nixon was less attentive to poverty in the U.

Shortly after President Jimmy Carter fired U. Ambassador Andrew Young for meeting with Palestine Liberation Organization representatives, Jackson and other black leaders began publicly endorsing a Palestinian state, with Jackson calling Israel's prime minister a "terrorist", and then soliciting Arab-American financial support.

According to a New York Times article, Jackson began attempting to improve his relationship with the Jewish community after In , Jackson again sought the Democratic Party presidential nomination. According to a November article in The New York Times , "Most political analysts give him little chance of being nominated — partly because he is black, partly because of his unretrenched liberalism.

Jackson once again exceeded expectations as he more than doubled his previous results, prompting R. In early , Jackson organized a rally at the former American Motors assembly plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin , approximately two weeks after new owner Chrysler announced it would close the plant by the end of the year.

In his speech, Jackson spoke out against Chrysler's decision, stating "We have to put the focus on Kenosha, Wisconsin, as the place, here and now, where we draw the line to end economic violence! Jackson's campaign suffered a significant setback less than two weeks after the UAW endorsement when he narrowly lost the Colorado primary to Michael Dukakis , and was defeated handily the following day in the Wisconsin primary by Dukakis.

Jackson's showing among white voters in Wisconsin was significantly higher than in his run, but was also noticeably lower than pre-primary polling had predicted. The back-to-back victories established Dukakis as the clear Democratic frontrunner, and he went on to claim the party's nomination, but lost the general election in November.

Jackson's campaign had also been interrupted by allegations regarding his half-brother Noah Robinson Jr. At the conclusion of the Democratic primary season, Jackson had captured 6. In both races, Jackson ran on what many considered to be a very liberal platform. With the exception of a resolution to implement sanctions against South Africa for its apartheid policies, none of these positions made it into the party's platform in either or Although Jackson was one of the most liberal members of the Democratic Party, his position on abortion was originally more in line with pro-life views.

Within one month after the Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade , legalized abortion, Jackson began a PUSH campaign against the decision, calling abortion murder and declaring that Jesus and Moses might not have been born if abortion had been available in ancient times.

M Howard, a black physician who made a living from performing abortions. In , Jackson endorsed a plan for a constitutional amendment banning abortion. Wade — the right to privacy — was also a premise that had been used to justify slavery and the treatment of slaves on the plantations.

Jackson decried what he believed was the casual taking of life, and the decline in society's value system. However, Jackson later adopted a pro-abortion view that abortion is a right and that the government should not prevent a woman from having an abortion. He ran for office as " shadow senator " for the District of Columbia when the position was created in , [56] and served as such through , when he did not run for re-election.

This unpaid position was primarily a post to lobby for statehood for the District of Columbia. In the mids, he was approached about being the United States Ambassador to South Africa but declined the opportunity in favor of helping his son Jesse Jackson Jr. Jackson was initially critical of the " Third Way " or more moderate policies of Bill Clinton, so much so that, according to journalist Peter Beinart , Clinton was "petrified about a primary challenge from" Jackson in the election.

On May 2, , during the Kosovo war, three US soldiers who had been held captive were released as a result of talks with Jackson. On November 18, , seven Decatur, Illinois high school students were expelled for two years after participating in a brawl at a football game. The incident was caught on home video and became a national media event when CNN ran pictures of the fight. After the students were expelled, Jackson spoke out arguing that the expulsions were unfair and racially biased.

He called on the school board to reverse their decision. Jesse requested a fourth pardon, for his half-brother Noah Robinson, who had been convicted of murdering Leroy Barber and sentenced to life imprisonment.

This was the only pardon Clinton disapproved as Robinson had submitted three pardon appeals prior, all of which were denied by the Justice Department. Jackson was a target of the white supremacist terror plot. In early , Jackson visited the parents in the Terri Schiavo case ; he supported their unsuccessful bid to keep her alive.

In March , an African-American woman accused three white members of the Duke University men's lacrosse team of raping her. The case against the three men was later thrown out and the players were declared innocent by the North Carolina Attorney General. Jackson took a key role in the scandal caused by comedic actor Michael Richards ' racially charged comments in November Richards called Jackson a few days after the incident to apologize; Jackson accepted Richards' apology [67] and met with him publicly as a means of resolving the situation.

Jackson also joined black leaders in a call for the elimination of the " N-word " throughout the entertainment industry. On June 23, , Jackson was arrested in connection with a protest at a gun store in Riverdale, a poor suburb of Chicago, Illinois. Jackson and others were protesting due to allegations that the gun store had been selling firearms to local gang members and was contributing to the decay of the community. According to police reports, Jackson refused to stop blocking the front entrance of the store and let customers pass.

He was charged with one count of criminal trespass to property. In March , Jackson declared his support for then-Senator Barack Obama in the democratic primaries. On July 6, , during an interview with Fox News , a microphone picked up Jackson whispering to fellow guest Reed Tuckson: I want to cut his nuts off.

In the several moments before Obama spoke, Jackson was seen in tears. Jackson has commended Obama's decision to support gay marriage and has compared the fight for same-sex marriage to fight against slavery and the anti-miscegenation laws that once prevented interracial marriage. Ebony Magazine named Jackson to its " most influential black Americans" list in Clinton awarded Jackson the Presidential Medal of Freedom , the nation's highest honor bestowed on civilians in August Jackson married Jacqueline Lavinia Brown born on December 31, , [84] and together they have five children: Santita , Jesse Jr.

Jackson's younger brother, Charles "Chuck" Jackson, was a singer with the vocal group The Independents and as a solo artist who issued two albums in the late s. Along with his songwriting partner and fellow producer, Marvin Yancy , he was largely responsible for launching the career of Natalie Cole.

In , it was revealed Jackson had an affair with a staffer, Karin Stanford, that resulted in the birth of a daughter Ashley in May In November , Jackson was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the civil rights activist.

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