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When Xiao He heard that Han Xin had left, he immediately rushed to find Han and bring him back, and did not manage to inform Liu Bang in time. Xiao He eventually caught up with Han Xin and managed to persuade Han to go back with him. In the meantime, Liu Bang had a nervous breakdown after hearing a rumour that Xiao He had also deserted him. While he was relieved when he saw Xiao He returning with Han Xin, he angrily asked Xiao, "Of all those who deserted, why did you only choose to go after Han Xin?

Han Xin ordered some soldiers to pretend to repair the gallery roads linking Guanzhong and Hanzhong, while sending another army to secretly pass through Chencang and make a surprise attack on Zhang Han. Zhang Han was caught off guard and the Han forces emerged victorious, proceeding to take over Sima Xin and Dong Yi's kingdoms.

Xiang Yu turned back from his campaign in the Qi kingdom to retake Pengcheng and defeated Liu Bang by surprise in the Battle of Pengcheng. Liu Bang retreated to Xingyang after his defeat. Han Xin tricked Wei forces into cornering themselves at the border and made a surprise attack on Anyi present-day Xia County, Shanxi with another force, scoring victory and capturing Wei Bao in battle. Han Xin's army advanced further to attack the Zhao kingdom. He scored another tactical victory against the , strong Zhao army with a smaller force in the Battle of Jingxing.

Tian Guang already had the intention of surrendering but the attacks angered him and he felt betrayed by Li Yiji and had Li executed. However, Zhang Liang and Chen Ping cautioned Liu Bang against rejecting the request, because Han Xin may become discontented and would rebel, putting them in a dangerous situation. Liu Bang reluctantly agreed to Han Xin's request.

Meanwhile, Xiang Yu sent Wu She to persuade Han Xin to declare independence from Liu Bang and form an alliance with him, in hope of losing an opponent on the northern front.

Kuai Che also strongly urged Han Xin to rebel against Liu Bang, warning him that Liu was starting to distrust him because he wielded too much power. However, Han Xin refused to renounce his loyalty to Liu Bang. Shortly after, Liu Bang renounced the treaty and led an attack on Xiang Yu's forces, which were retreating east.

Liu Bang retreated back to his territory and strengthened his defences, while sending messengers to Han Xin and Peng Yue again, promising to grant them land and titles if they helped him defeat Xiang Yu.

He attempted to break out of the encirclement and eventually arrived at the bank of the Wu River , where he made a last stand before committing suicide. On account of their past friendship, Han Xin protected Zhongli Mo and let him stay in his house. A year later, Gaozu heard rumours that Han Xin was plotting a rebellion.

Chen Ping proposed to Gaozu to lure Han into a trap and capture him, on the pretext of ordering him to attend a meeting in Chen present-day Huaiyang , Henan.

Meanwhile, Zhongli Mo committed suicide to prevent Han Xin from getting into trouble. Han Xin brought Zhongli Mo's severed head to meet Gaozu later and explain his innocence, but Gaozu ordered Han to be arrested. Han Xin exclaimed, "It is true when people say: The hunting dog becomes food as well after it is used to hunt game; a good bow is discarded when there are no birds left for shooting; an advisor dies after he helps his lord conquer a rival kingdom.

Now that the empire is in place, I no longer serve any purpose! After his demotion, Han Xin knew that Gaozu was beginning to distrust him and become more wary of him, because Han Xin had proven himself to be such a brilliant military leader that he even had the ability to seize Gaozu's empire for himself.

Hence, Han Xin claimed to be ill and stayed at home most of the time to reduce Gaozu's suspicions. Not long later, Chen Xi rebelled and Gaozu personally led an army to suppress the rebellion. Han Xin was arrested and executed in a torturous manner in Changle Palace, [2] along with his mother, wife and close relatives. For your safety and privacy, this link has been disabled.

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Please enter the required information. Sign in to add this to a playlist. Sign in to remove this from recommended. You are now leaving Pornhub. As the rocket streaks off in its northeasterly flight path, booster rockets peel away from the craft in 3 stages and fall back down to Earth. That means the discarded stages of Russian rockets tumble back down on dry land.

The first stage usually falls within 90 kilometers of the launchpad, but the second stage flies for a full 14 minutes more, and lands with potentially devastating impact 1, km away in the Altai. Russian media estimates that over 2, tons of space debris have rained down on the region since launches began in the s, some segments as large as 10 meters in length.

During the Soviet era, the USSR took great pains to recover Baikonur booster rockets, partially due to concerns about leaking secrets related to the space program.

However, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, these pieces of space debris have increasingly been left to rust in the grasslands of Kazakhstan and the Altai mountains. A band of scrap metal dealers scan the sky while waiting for a rocket to crash. The launches have become a familiar sight for those who live beneath the flight paths.

Roscosmos designates a narrow strip of land across the region in which the rocket stages are supposed to fall. However, incidents outside the zone are far from uncommon. In , a piece of debris measuring 4. Debris rains down even when launches go to plan; failures can have much more serious consequences.

The rocket tumbled back down to Earth with its later stages still full of fuel, and hit the mountains of the Altai. The resulting explosion shattered windows up to km away , though no one was hurt. Local farmers, in dire economic straits, often use second-hand rocket metals to make farming tools.

While many residents fear the monthly rocket launches that pepper the region with debris, others see in it a unique opportunity. Resourceful scrap dealers wait for the announcement of rocket launches and then watch the sky with binoculars. They track the paths of debris and ride out on jeeps and even on horses to the crash sites.

With little protective gear other than welding masks, they use blowtorches to strip the wrecks of their valuable light metals, alloys of titanium and aluminium, as well as other useful components like copper wire.

Visitors to the region have reported seeing the roofs of chicken coops and sheds built with rocket parts still showing the original Proton insignia.


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