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They try to upsell to more expensive plans before resolving current problem. This always ends up being phony and a scam to get people to purchase monthly memberships to the faux dating site.

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COM has the largest member pool out of any other site in this category — by far. User Reviews found my best friend here. I found that if you read the profiles, you do get what your looking for.. Although, there are some great liars out there. I went through alot of ladies here, till i found the right one. She is honest, hard working, and beautiful.

We've been together now 5 years, 2 of which are married. Ease of Use It is easy to use, but seriously folks, read the profiles. Get to know them before you venture out. I had 2 bad encounters that i remember. Features if folks would read the profiles, it would be alot easier to navagate the mine fields of this site.

I simply mean, for instance, just reading what is written would be alot more helpful than looking at pics. I put, first line, that i don't date outside my race, but was bogged down by requests from ladies of another race.

I also asked that if you didn't have a profile pic not to contact me, but here again i was bogged down. That said, one has to wonder if people merely look at the pics and jump, rather than read and see if they actually have anything in common with the intended person of interest. I commented on Michangelo's? I am now dating a guy that I met on POF. The people tend to start cursing and talking about sex all the time and that gets sickening, the way they talk!!! The site instructs you to report a person if they are out of control my own words but they don't do anything and I feel it is because they want the people to become paying members and if they do boot someone it may give them a bad name Now for the site itself, it is good and there is wide option of people to meet.

You have to be on your guard at all times though because there is a lot of players on the site that lie about everything. That isn't the sites fault!! They do offer free ways to communicate with someone you find interesting to a degree because as I said above they do want you to become a paying member.

Over all, if you are interested in trying the site I say go for it. To each his own!! This website has two different levels of membership.

A free one that allows a member to send a "flirt" message to a member, whether they are a free member or have a paid membership. A paid membership allows someone to send an e-mail via the website's mail server to another member, regardless of whether or not the other person is a free or paid member.

Additionally, you can opt to have a free 30 day, money back trial period of the paid membership. But, sometimes, i get profiles for the same women, despite having not contacted them in the past, and they don't meet my specific search requirements. Search Advanced My matches Saved searches. Learn more at POF. You can sign-up for NoStringsAttached. The results speak for themselves. You know how we feel about this site.

So get signed up today along with 1 or 2 other hookup sites we recommend and start getting laid by HOT women! Our 3 Pick For Affairs Dating! On June 18, She has this slim, thick body, with a nice, round juicy booty and that beautiful Puerto Rican hair all wrapped up in a bun. They just were engaged two months ago. They been with each other since they were like 13 yrs. Man, imma tell, you all her head games is off the chain, the way she slurps on hers mans, BBC using that tongue and slurping and deep throating his cock.

She likes to get dick down hard and deep, so he was hitting it in different positions while her booty jiggling up and down and side to side. You all going to love this one hour long black teen porn video. So, join now and watch the entire video in the members area. You got to love the homie Jose.. He can get on my nerves sometimes but other times he just has me rolling. She was really terrified of Mr. Bunny especially him walking around hard and jerking off to her. She a real freak and has a banging body with a phat, ghetto booty.

Ludus was her superman who came save Lizzy from the evil bunny. She was loving swallowing Ludus dick, fucking her ghetto thick booty doggy style. He was laying the pipe on her sexy yella boned. You all going to love this black porn video. I got the King of Porn, the Legend himself..

I'm in the New Jersey kicking it with my Dominican nigga macana man. The women love his ass, and you all would never expect it but he got one of those dicks that dont make sense.. I mean monster 12 inch dick, bigger then Redzilla. Well, thanks to the homie, CJ he hooked us up with a fine, petite and sexy mixed bitch named Portia. She's 29, small tits that match her petie body frame.

This was her first time getting filmed and i know she aint going to forget this one! She was so damm sexy, Ron Jeremy jumped into the scene and started fucking on her.

She was getting a beat down from macana mans monster dick and she taking it like a champ. You all going to love this video The FULL videos is in the members area and its about an hour long. Woot, Woot we found the thickest, fattest big booty, shit talking ho, straight from Gary, Indiana. Her body reminds me of a younger Cherokee d ass back when she was in her prime.. This was the first time I am filming her and ill have to admit when i seen her with her clothes on i wasn't too impressed until she took her clothes off and showed her nice thick body, her ass is just perfectly thick, juicy and smooth.

One thing I like about this ho, she a shit talking, real cool down for whatever type of female. So, i thought lets do a gang bang. I had Dshot, Hennessy and Redzilla take her out. Man, when Redzilla seen that ass on her, he was her, she wasn't moving a inch without him being there.

That's what i like about Redzilla he was ready to tear that pussy up! Dshot and Hennessy joined in and tagged team her. This is a wild 1hour crazy,wild gangbang.

You all going to love Snicka. She a badddddd bitch! Its been awhile since ive been in Houston and man, thanks to the homie Buddha buddhabang which i got to say hes a stand up dude. He hooked me up and made sure I was happy while i was in houston.

I went with him and some of them fine houston girls he hooked me up with. I call them The Houston Five. They are some real freaks we went to CLub Utopia in houston and man it was a wild ass time, I couldnt stop filming them five were going wild especially Safarri and Jimmy D. Jimmy D was going buck wild, he was banging Safarri until the early morning.

Safarri was everywhere shaking her nice, juicy phat booty and fucking and sucking on Jimmy D. Their was some real chemistry in that club with them. This video is over 2 hours long SO, join Now and see it all.

Much props to Gary,Indiana for raising this beautiful, sexy red boned mixed Puerto Rican and black porn hoe in in the hood! She is a baddd 21 year old freak.. She naturally beautiful, this bitch dont need no makeup, weave or any of that fake shit.

Shes just an all natural sexy Rican red boned. From her cute face to them sexy eyes to that pinky pussy. Just a cute hood bitch and I luv these type of hoes!

One thing i liked about her, she was real down to earth type of bitch. She was down for whatever and didnt give a fuck! So, i had my homie Rome Major and Hennessy gangbang and tear that pussy up. She took them like a true soldier!

You all can watch the 90min video all in the Members Area. This is the one I have been waiting for Lady Queen. She is one fineeee mixed sista. Shes 19 year old bi-sexual, and loves watching porn. I mean what more can a man ask for, this is housewife material.. She reminds me a mixed version of Marilyn Monroe. Just look them sexy eyes and with her perky pierced tits and them Dick sucking lips and her tight pink pussy.

She's was born for porn. This is one of the few women that ever made me say I love you during sex. You know when you say that to a bitch during sex, she got to have some good pussy and this is one of them few sexy freaks that makes you say dammmm. The video is 90 minutes long and you can watch it all in the members area!

We got another wild ass female. Chicago born, Atlanta bred.. Beautidoll and yes you all, she is a beauty! She 28 yr old, mixed with Puerto Rican, black, Creo and gypsy. She has that nice, smooth caramel skin and them nice dick sucking lips. She has a little pudgy stomach but her phat ass booty makes up for it and she a straight freak!

Hell, her freakiness remind me of ladybug. Beautidoll, just the same but she can talk a lot of shit as well. She treated him like they were a couple in love. Now, Jovan was another story, he came to my place a little tired and cranky and this is the first time they both met. Once he felt that pussy, his energy kicked in overdrive and he was all in that pussy and beautidoll was loving that dick.

She was taking both their big black cocks in her pussy and mouth. She so dam flexible she was doing the splits while riding on their dick. They were hitting that pussy in every position. They loved that pussy so much they had to cum all in her pussy. It was the best cream pie she has ever going to have. So, join now and watch the full one hour of the best black threesome porn video you all have ever watched.

This was one wild show. I call her Ms. I had my home boy Mr. Shorty Big, fuck her She was a Freak!! We were at her house doing the video. The Picture above is her Bathroom. Yes, I know I always have something crazy going on in my shows. We been all over the world and now we back for All-Star Weekend in houston.

If you all havent been to Harlem Knights this is the strip club to kick it at. This is probably the best strip club in Houston, Tx, so You all need to check them out! Alot of fine ass strippers doing the most for a dollar. These strippers had bags full of money. We The Strippers wouldnt leave move around to no other customer, Security and the dj had to tell them strippers "get your money hungry ass out the way.

We also got Its some wild ass footage. If you ever in houston you all need to check out Harlem Knight strip club, Houston, Tx. That new girl u featured is a sexy ass freak. Her BF did a good job, but u can tell he was timid cause this is new to him. I need to see a lightskinned blackwoman fart and shit I love that I love love love love love love lightskin blackwemen alot.

I love the ones that only perfer blackmen. Hey habib what's up I like your site man I'm from Ghana myself been watching porn a long time being very interested in getting in the business , what do I have to do to join the team to get in the porn business habib , right now I'm a Carpenter and that's what I do for a living I really want to make porn my business because it's been part of my passions hit me back let me know what can I do cuz I'll want to join your team.

Hey habib what's up I like your site man I'm from Louisiana myself been watching porn a long time being very interested in getting in the business , what do I have to do to join the team to get in the porn business habib , right now I'm a barber I cut hair for a living I really want to make porn my business hit me back let me know what can I do cuz I'll join your team. Hey bro, it seems like i've been watching and enjoying your videos ever since my parents made the misguided decision to buy thier college freshman his own computer about 15 years ago.

For the first time ever i decided to google "who is the habib show guy" and i came across this page. I am suprised to find out that you are a guy who's life i can definately relate to. Its good to see you're still going strong after all tgese years! Get that ghetto booty! I am a African American female who stands 4ft tall. I would love to star in one of your videos. How do i sign up. Hi, I have a long, fat n big dick n I love fat ladies with big Ass, Boost n hairy pussy whether black or white n I can suck to the climax I want to be a participant whether locally or internationally.

Please call or email me on. I appreciate and respect your website. I've busted many nuts form your kiss ass scenes. My point in writing is to ask you to reconsider your use of the letters BBC. These letters are being used by white porn media - professional and amateur as short hand terms to refer to African American men.

We are NOT just our genitals. We are fully fledged human beings. Please reconsider and hank you for reading this message. Hi Habib, I would love to take part in a gangbang with all of your guys. How can I go about doing so? Or just be a Sex toy for your crew to enjoy for a whole day. Yo Stretch keep doing your thing and that balls deep action is the hottest keep doing that freakyshit! I love when you get on top and spread your cheeks.

It makes my pussy squirt! If you get mscleoxxx to do a scene then you will be the GOAT. Make it happen habib she on instagram and twitter. HiHabib, I want you and your friends to fuck me off camera, in my city Tallahassee.

My rules are 1. I don't support latin wemen with latino men 2. I don't support whitewemen with whitemen at all. I love love love love love love black woman and blackman couples and Blackman white woman couples or white woman that's a slave for her black master that what I love a lot. I got 2 wemen that are mine I will be staring a new adgenda they will be coming where I live I told them I need to smell their ass and I need them to fart in my face and shit on my dick while I nutt in their assholes they have my back against trump supporters and fetish haters so things will get ugly if any fetish haters or trump supporters keep talking shit.

I call them aswell. We are like a pack. I also love love love love love love love the woman called NATURAL I like her alot she loves blackmen that's a real woman not like these so called real wemen this is the kind of woman I will have kids with as a Blackman I need wemen like this.

I don't consider white on white porn to be ghetto. I would separate that. I only love love love love love love love love interracial and black couples and marriages and porn. I own my own company as well but white on white couples are not allowed at all im from the hood i do hip hop I write my own songs. I only support interracial and black couples and marriages and porn I don't like white man white woman pon at all.

I own my own company I'm a Blackman I will support any white or Puerto Rican woman that loves black men only. Call it like I see it fuck punk ass porn the women are ugly ass hell,that shit so stupid and ill moral can't believe people pay to watch that nasty ass shit. I really love your video,I really like to fuck some big ass wit my dick I live in Italy can you hook me up with some Italian big ass.

Fuck Me my pussy cant stop squirting all it want is habib I have an ocean of squirt dripping down my legs I want u to Fuck. Pussy ur pussy wants u. Please inform if you happens to visit India. We want to have a session with you. We are married couple aged 59 n 56, wife interested to join with you for the session in India. Having, my Guatamalan chick is bad. I wanna put her on your show. She want macana man or Rome or both haha. Is it possible to be in a video and have my face covered I wanna try the porn thing but need to get comfortable with my face being out in open but I wanna do it for the Habibshow.

Let me know what's up. I curently do adult like tp branch out more. I lost contact because I got new phone. But would love to reconnect. Im a Blackman i like lightskin blackwemen that doesn't date whitemen she must have a nice ass I need to smell her ass she must fart in my face and shit on my BBC while I nutt in her asshole especially where I live I need it now. Am Richie I love ur site and ur vidoes I will love to act in one of your porn movies I love to be a porn star am from Africa I have a lovely dick..

Long and thick that any woman would love to fuck I can send u a picture of my body and dick if you need them Hoping to revive your reply Are you guys hiring? We could use some cash and was thinking about letting my wife do this. It would be her first black guy. Here is a link to our xhamster account. As a male I want to join your business and act as a artist with whatever woman pick me to work with.

Puerto Rican and Dominican here, interested in being a part of your company. Would love more information and process. Damn lol I went down to bottom for a career section lmao. Didn't think I'd see a message center with loads of other people interested. Get me the scoop on how I can join the team. What happened to hood tatted Rican? We need more of him he is fine af and he need to Get his asslicked more. Film Redzilla with that KokoHonas girl. Not into the fat girls u film him with.

Nick G Thanks bro for supporting us. Chris Theres plenty more of lady queen in the members area DaBhaddest that would be some funny shit but it would never happen in my lifetime.

Cravin moorhead thanks bro.. Hey sir I want to become a pornstar by shooting free scene! Cos I'm doing nothing with my 8 inch dick lol The love I have job this is extraordinary? I would like to join this term am Tanzanian i have ability to see two women without use any kind of medicine. New previews will be added starting jan 8.

Members areas is still being updated weekly for paid members. I would love to join the team I have all the skills to do so and I am trying to get famous and get into the porn industry and I have been a long fan of this website. Im interested in making videos for you so email me if I can get a chance. I want to see bisexual men kissing and fucking each other and the female you have fine guys on your videos like Macana man, redzilla, stretch, major rome I would love to see them make out with each other and fuck each other.

I love your videos but you have guys fucking same girl I would love to see you record Bisexual men. Hey my name is aldontay in i live in Chicago I really want to be a Porn star how can I join your show. I remember thinking he's copying dopeman only to learn that was your OG I'm still looking to get in the game man I would pay you to sho me how to do the shit!!

I would like to be part of your show. I know I can do this Hay habib anybody can do a dumb ass porn movie what's so hard about it's all a bunch fake ass bullshit. Black man tryna do a little porn and bring girls into the business also.

Maybe get into the company and help irbid become better. I have a pretty black woman that wanna shoot videos she need some help how to get in this industry.

Hello habib I will love to fuck your big cock Guys in the room you can hook up with me Am in Nigeria. Da site is da real deal wld love to be a part of one or two scenes if u ever in da Big D let me know K. Please recruit Thebuttxxx or Sinnabunnz they're big ass in industry https: Hello Habib, can you hire this kind of pornstars? Habib, just go ahead and ignore these dudes trying to be "in the crew" they just want free sex.

I looking for the songs in one of the videos. Is it something that you have or they be downloaded. Please tell Miss natural to get in contact with her production crew at Magic productions Inc. Hellohabib, I'm a white girl. Hello, what's your real name? I don't mean to be a stalker, but you look like DJ Khaled. Are you older or younger than him? Put me on the show. I'm from Atlanta and I got Bitches all over that's Wanna fuck just hit me back Habib what's good bro.

I got a friend who is lonely and has not had sex in like 6 years. I have a huge crush on synamon! I have been broke 6 times trying to get rich. I fuck lots of girls already, they love me I live in Oakland, California.

I want to start doing it on camera to get paid I'm very good at fucking girls, I have lots of stamina, I'm not camera shy, I love PYT, and I'm very dominant. E-mail me at r. Good evening how are you I am a man of 26 years old I would like to have information about this company I wanted to participate but I am in Africa and how to integrate your company??

U should also post behind the scene footage. I'll love to hookup with maserati. She is my favorite star. T BOY All that negativity.

Darnell thanks bro SAM john fungai great!! My name is Pascal Lol.. Minnie mi sorry gril i dont celebrate peoples bdays. Blessed hit me up. Kimmy hit me up my numbers on my site. Bennie thanks bro Ace yes laylared in the members area 2 video so far with her.

Hard dick sorry bro break bread. Black women ain't shit and never was shit and latin women to they suck ass. Fuck all them stank ass cunts. Natural not too bright lit but she's a sexy bitch from GARY. Good day sir i am Pascal by name i am a guy of 24years, i want to let you know that i am in need of your help on my life sir i don't have much to say but i only want to work under you please sir help out my number is here for you 0 Hi, I like ur work n must say u rock. I would very much love to cum on board By writing u scripts so as to improve ur content n increase ur fan base.

A lot of people admire ur work n with my help I guarantee that ur movies will be a bigger followership. U can reach me via b. I film them all even though they are those are some SBBW u like. Nate Thuggishweedsta Tonio WHy you all ask the same dumb ass questions. ReRe hit macana up on twitter Crystal you must be cute and able to give good head on command. Hello I am writing this mail to make you a grievance I am one of your biggest fan I had in the past was a member of your website.

But I find that the girls you choose does not reflect the likes of everyone please tried to turn a scene with pornstar thebuttxxx or with sinnabunnz they have very big butt you could well have fun with it. You can contact thebutt from its website thebuttxxx and sinnabunnz through the mssuperdomebooty website by betting from temp to temp safe girls to big ass you will attract a wider audience.

But greeting and good luck for the rest. Ps sorry for my english i'm french. Randy My intention was just to use people i hang with which was mostly minorities but if there are some cool white boyz out their imma use them too! NO Jimmy good luck to you! Fsn Thanks, I think! John thanks bro Destiny hit him up on ig. Come on man, white people already dominate porn. The appeal of you guys is being nothing but minorities.

I got her in another video coming out in a couple of weeks with the first ever white guy on my site! Umsad hit her up on twitter. Pls and pls habib help me and let her see my message. I want phone contact with her pls thickred.

Shout out from the Motherland. Just got wind of Yo shit and digging it. How about coming to sample some of Africa's biggest ASSet. LatinKing yeah, should be going. Umsad lol hit her on twitter. Darreon Dodds munzy thanks bro but cant help you all. I was in an intense love to one of your client thickred. If there is any way you can help me pls to hear her sonorous voice would be higiy appreciated by me. One of my utmost life ambition is to only get in touch with her. I can be found at Thanks.

I am 24 and I just wanted to say I am a big fan of your work and I was interested in getting into the business my email is darreond. You cant its an exclusive crew. You all have to be Loyal like a Pit.

Chrisluv ademola sorry bro cant help you all Spoiled Sophie hit me up on my phone number its on the page. I have introduced many people to your site thy are asking how thy can join Can't get enough of these videos, white irish dude who relishes white women getting a BBC.

I wish you can come to Republic Biafra or Zoological Republic of Nigeria in a few days or months to come, Lets set up plans on how we can work together to make African continent a home of pornsters like America,..

Contact me lets discuss. And I hope for your advise. Good luck in your nationwide fuck. Thank you for what you are doing! My kik is dic I am an older guy traveling everywhere in my cargo van, and dream of pussy network. Fat older nymphomaniacs in different cities craving for cock even more than I crave for pussy. Can you Habib please help with that.

Wt up I was on twitter tryin to get a deal in the adult world I was told by thick red to get with you I'm a 36 yr old black male from clarksdale ms I bin in prison 8 yrs an I bin home on house arrest 4mths I need a deal I'm very good at this porn shit jus need some help I also rap if you interested pleas contact me. Located out of Philly! Interested in taking my career to the "next" level.

Been on your site some years Habib mane. Always wanted to be in a video. Lets collab and come thru. Sonia not for at least another year vals in brazil. Makhaya get a job Chris wyfer thanks bro Pete thanks honey moses Great thanks for the info. How am I being negative habib porn is negative ,what purpose does it serves,just people fucking like fool's for little ass money. That is all I have to say I won't come on your website again.

Erik yes sooon Hasidic jew hey bro not from NY, so dont reallyt come out there too often. Pete stop hatin with that negative shit. David you cancel anytime you like.

Sam All new guys got to pay for everything includes female, room and my time. Most you all dudes cant do it! You still going to lick her ass? Pete Macana does his thing. Stop hatin on him! Diakite Yep, so does everyone else!! Hay alguna forma de ser un miembro solamente por corto tiempo? I was wondering if you could help me and allow me to star in one of your films I'm a black male from the UK who is willing to travel to the states. Look forward to hearing from you s Sam.

Souf I already know that! Hi Habib do you do any shemale or crossdressing vids? I'm a passable latin tranny and I love those BBC.. Antwonette yes, i did.. We dont use 4k cause its only needed for big screens and i would be hard to stream online. What's with all these dudes askin u to get them laid haha no game.

Come to Youngstown,Ohio bro. Got all kinds of pussy out here. Victor you all have to break bread to be in a video. Pops dont hate on him. He good with me. Damn I see porn the best thang to do wish I can make a sex scense shit if u wont fuck casco cum clarksdale an get your freak on text let me know if u on the way im ready dick throbbing like water need sum girls to fuck habbi style. Dude you fucking rock!! I need to get your ass some hillbilly white chick from southeastern Ohio I will find you one and get it set up if your interested.

Bring you down here in the hills and party like a redneck, then get you some white pussy Lmk bro if ya interested. Theres alot of stuff that is done before we stasrt filming. You all going to have to break some serious bread to Join. Habib, I have to give it to you. Your hustle is a good one. Loved that scene with ladybug and BBC Rome

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