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In comparison, this website sucks! Just because I registered to a free subscription that I am restraint from doing advanced searches? This is purely a scam! I upgraded my subscription to a paid premium membership to get a chance of sending responses to the emails that I got when I had a free subscription. To my surprise, I no longer receive any mails ever again.

I have the same complaint too. If that is the case then I can be Brad Pitt! There should be an added security imposed into this site. Registering into a 6 month old site is like owning an account on a test site. I swear this is what I feel after knowing that xPersonals.

How can I be so stupid in allowing myself fooled?? This site is a complete crap! There is no way will I believe on the comments posted on review in this site. I learned my lesson —I let myself fooled by the review last year. My frustrations seemed to grow every time I pay this site a visit to check on my account.

And I swear, I wish this site closed soon! I knew it that I will only be wasting my time registering into sites like this. Hear a review from a very dissatisfied member —xPersonals dating website is the home of lunatic assholes!!

If you are looking for an online dating website that worth your money, then spare this site! I made a comparison and it shows that this site failed in providing the worth of your paid membership. This site is a leech! What made me believe that this site is a scam is the fact that it is loaded with nothing but nonsense features and services. Whenever you are experiencing issues navigating no one is there to answer your questions. No customer service here?!!

I even concluded that this xPersonals. I certainly will not allow complications to happen therefore I will not register here! Oh gays in this site were good at pretending to be girls! This site gives them the reason to think that they are welcome in this world to act real women, when they are not! To satisfy my curiosity about the profiles of most women in xPersonals. Received 5 mails from different women immediately, sent them my responses —only 1 responded a day after.

Everything will just flow simultaneously, spontaneously —this site is the home to the dumb asses who wants nothing but to fake people! Fake site, fake profiles! The review on this site shows how this place sucks! Everything is obviously scripted. Tell me about it, but you must make sure to not give in! What the heck is happening here? I never really registered to any online dating sites like this yet I am receiving emails and all kinds of messages from women of this site!

This is a threat to the security of my account! Why would I waste my time in posting my review for xPersonals. Well, I just hope that after filtering a phrase will still show up that says —you suck!

Just as what we were expecting —there are hundreds of displeased male members out there and that includes us! There is but one word that can be used to define this site —SCAM!

Fake profiles, fake genders used, women with fake boobies! Are these all that I get for paying every month? I have been registered to two other dating websites but I never encountered extreme issues like what I am having here on my first day of subscription! I so freaking tired here! Trust us—none of that is going to happen here. We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our xPersonals review, and during that time, we sent out a total of chat messages to women we met online.

From those chat messages, we could only get a grand total of 18 responses. This was just really bad, and we were actually a little bit shocked about that number. From those 18 responses, not a single woman actually wanted to end up meeting with us, which really sealed the deal about how honestly awful the entire site was from top to bottom.

The whole site was basically just empty. Jack Scurvy Shelley February 14, at 7: Pasquale February 21, at 9: Silly Dog February 28, at 6: Clifton Conrad March 8, at 3: Vern March 15, at 9: Phys-Kix March 23, at 9: Scotty March 30, at Yodelers Dreaded April 7, at Erick Lear April 14, at Damien April 21, at 7: Bison Cute April 29, at Gene May 6, at 3: Wild Plutonium May 14, at 5: Adolfo Mang May 21, at 6: Delmer May 29, at Doggy Freaky Serpent June 5, at Art June 12, at 3: The Gutsy Sergeant June 20, at 3:

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