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Sorry you got scammed from InstaBang.

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Instabang Reviews and My Personal Experiences on this Adult Dating Site

Also, check out this video review of Instabang to get a better understanding of what is this site all about. Usually the first sign of scam are the fabricated profiles that dating sites create themselves to fill up the otherwise empty site.

We often download several pictures from site members and run the through Google image search to verify if they have or have not been used on other dating sites. Typically, online dating services will create fake profiles to use them to send computer-automated messages through them to lure you into paying.

But, you are free from that kind of pressure on Instabang. Then, if you like you can support the site and get access to even more cool features by paying an affordable monthly amount. Here are your payment options:. These are two teams of people who work to make the site a safe place to use. I am going to work with authorities about this sight and all the sites like it. I will not rest until at least one of the jerkoffs goes to prison.

I have a lot of pull in this area as a prosecutor being my line of work. The reason I know one or more will go to prison: Phony web sites are my main target as a prosecutor and is the reason why I signed up in the first place. I have been extremely successful getting prison results as I thoroughly enjoy my work of nailing web site cheats. These people should be investigated for fraud and illegal activities.

Prison would be a good start! They are all fake. I would be leery of any Paid dating site. If you have to pay to get ass, thats sad but buy the sure thing. I dont see why sick people would do crap like that to other people! Insta Bang , Instabang , Instabang. The only way I found out about this is a friend of mine recognized my pic.

How do I contact Admin to get my pictures taken down? Learn about how to get InstaBang. The site does automate messages to get you to upgrade your account- once I upgraded my account I got more action.

I agree with Marcus that he said Instabang is a real site. I have met a few women and spoke to one on the phone from this site so they are real people.

If you know about these dating sites being scams, you should be careful but not all sites are scams. Not my experience on InstaBang. I get emails as soon as I signed up even without have photos in my dating profile. Ross and Marcus are both fake, and both from fling. This site, and fling. They both use fake profiles, and load the site up with non-existent people to draw you in with the promise of contact, and it is all fake.

How many of you went there and had messages and people asking to chat with you before you even put a single piece of data about yourself?

Now go signup for any other social site, and tell me how many people are CLAWING to talk to you without any information about yourself? Its pretty funny actually. I was able to login to his acc thru that email and retrieved the instabang acc password which matched his e mail password.

He says he absolutely has never visited the site and he must have been hacked. Think about it for a minute. Did you read the terms and conditions? Many of these sites are huge dating companies who will cross referance and unless one officially quits keeps the information after all they "own" it.

That means you don't know how or when. I have had email for a longtime so if i joined an allied co my profile might show up on another site. I joined a site that is like this one, only even faker. They took my pictures and distributed them throughout their network as is allowed per agreement. They may not update all of the information per site as you update the site that has the personal pictures, but they do have the pictures and will cycle them around as they did mine.

I think the chance of actually meeting a real person in this world is pretty low. Lol it's so stupid and their grammer is terrible. I have tried to email customer support about deleting my acount. It has been at least two days since I sent the email and I have not recieved a reply. Do they just not respond to emails on weekends? So far as I can tell, the only thing you can do is disable your acount. I got dozens of 'hits' from girls in Chana…..

It might have been helpful to know that "Instabang" is yet just another of what seems to be a constant shitstorm of renamed Fling before I wasted my time filling all the stuff out.

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